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Phil Nickinson, editor-in-chief

Phil Nickinson

Phil has served as editor-in-chief of Android Central since 2009. In a previous life he spent more than a decade in the newsroom of a two-time Pulitzer finalist newspaper in his hometown of Pensacola, Fla. In his current life, he's got the greatest job in the world, a gorgeous wife, two beautiful daughters and a mutt named Max. You can find him on Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

You can see all of Phil's posts here, and e-mail him at phil@androidcentral.com.

Jerry Hildenbrand, cowboy, United States


Jerry has been an avid Android fan since its public release in late 2008 and has spent the last few years writing about it at Android Central. He's all about open-source and responsibility, on both sides of any issue. If you were to check his pockets, you would find a Moto X or Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Look for him on Google+ here, email him at jerry@androidcentral.com, or check out all his posts here.

Alex Dobie, managing editor, United Kingdom

Alex Dobie Prison Mugshot

As one of our resident Brits, Alex cooks up steaming bowls of European coverage for Android Central on a daily basis. A reformed iPhone user, he now dual-wields a Galaxy S6 edge+ alongside whatever he happens to be testing or reviewing this week. Fueled by caffeine, a love of tech and a mortal fear of natural light, Alex operates our European desk from a dungeon somewhere in Manchester, England.

Find all of Alex's posts here, and offer him dubious pharmaceutical products at alex@androidcentral.com. He's also on Google+ and the Twitters.

Andrew Martonik, West Coast Editor, United States

Andrew Martonik

Andrew Martonik has been tinkering with computers, PDAs (remember those?), gadgets and phones his whole life. Living in Seattle, Andrew enjoys his Starbucks coffee and Sounders FC soccer matches as much as anything else. As for devices, it's a safe bet there's a Nexus in his pocket and several more within reach.

You can follow him on Twitter, Google+, find all of his posts here, or email him at andrew.martonik@androidcentral.com.

Russell Holly, contributing editor

Russell Holly

Based in Baltimore, Md., Russell's journey into writing started shortly after picking up an HTC G1. While the other mobile platforms aren't typically far from reach, Android is where he's been most comfortable. With a Moto X in his pocket and some form of wearable strapped to his face or body, you can expect him to always be ready to pick up something new and give it a spin. When not making words happen on the Internet, Russell can be found running through a field with a sword, playing getting shot at on his Xbox One, or getting schooled by his spouse in comic books.

You can find all of Russell's posts here, email him at russell@androidcentral.com, and stalk him on Google+ and Twitter.

Taren Gesell, social media director

Taren Gesell

Taren is our Social Media Director, supporting iMore, Android Central, Windows Central and Crackberry. Taren and his wife, Kim, and their dogs Graycie and Petey live on the Frozen Tundra in Winnipeg, Canada. Prior to Mobile Nations Taren worked in finance telling people how to manage their money, now he tells us how to create the best technology-related social media content on the internet. Basically, he's just bossy.

You can follow Taren posting about technology, business, and triathlons on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and his personal blog. He can be reached at taren@mobilenations.com.

Richard Devine, contributing writer, United Kingdom

Richard Devine

Working out of Lincoln, England, Richard joined up with Android Central in 2011 when Phil had a crazy idea to bring another Brit on board. With a love of all things mobile, you'll find him popping up all over Mobile Nations. When not playing around with phones and tablets, you'll usually find him at the race track either spectating or (attempting) to drive. And as a new dad if you see him, maybe buy him a coffee or two.

Catch Richard on Google+, the Twitters, find all his posts here, and email him at richard@androidcentral.com.

Ara Wagoner, contributing writer, United States

Ara Wagoner

Born and raised just outside Austin, Texas, Ara Wagoner dove into Android in 2011 when she bought her Samsung Captivate Glide, which she named Soarin after the Disney ride. She loved Disney so much, she went on not one but two Disney College Programs to go work — and play — in paradise. Ara is a twin — no, they're not identical — and spent four years at the University of North Texas with one foot in television and one foot in film. She became a huge fan of Motorola after falling head over heels in love with the 2013 Moto X. She started blogging on Google+ before coming to Android Central, and when she's not checking out new Android apps and Chromebooks, she's probably there indulging her fangirl tendencies.

You can also find Ara on Twitter, and all read of her articles here.

Brent Zaniewski, accessories editor, United States

Hailing from Inverness, Florida, Brent Zaniewski started as a picker at the SPE shipping warehouse in 2006 and worked his way up filling the roles of product returns, customer service, product development and now is a full-time contributor of Android Central and neighboring communities of Mobile Nations. He studied Game Design and Development at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando for 2 years returning home to take on new positions with Mobile Nations. When he's not dabbling in all things tech, you can find him writing music and playing shows with his band, Don't Look Back, sitting in a duck blind, or fishing bass tournaments on the weekends.

You can find all of Brent's posts here, and follow him on Twitter, Google+, or reach him by email at brent.zaniewski@mobilenations.com if you're looking for Android Central to cover a particular product.

Jen Karner, contributing writer, United States

Jen Karner

When she's not swinging swords and firing arrows (no, we're not kidding) Maryland-based Jen Karner is focused on all things Android. Whether it's running from digital zombies to get the highest score in a fitness app, loading up on AOE spells for whatever RPG game has crossed her desk this week, or slipping mindlessly into a connect four or gem pairing game, Jen's fingers are almost always touching a phone. Or a watch. Or a gamepad.

You can find all of Jen's posts here, and follow her on Google+, Twitter, or you can contact her by email.