80 Days coming to Android devices December 16

Literary adventure game 80 Days will soon be making its way to Android devices. The game takes the form of an interactive novel following the 80-day attempt of Phileas Fogg to go around the world. The game uses an art deco style and steampunk trappings in order to immerse the play in its world. The game will be available on the Google Play Store, as well as the Amazon Appstore on December 16.

You play as Fogg's loyal valet, Passepartout, helping his employer win his bet that he could complete a journey around the world in 80 Days. You'll choose your route, with some choices having a far-reaching impact on your journey. Track your progress on the 3D globe. In addition to the single-player game, you can meet other travelers, and challenge your friends to see who can complete their journey the fastest.

For more on 80 Days, be sure to check out developer inkle's website.

Source: inkle software