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Is 64GB enough storage for a phone in 2019?

Storage menu on the Galaxy Note 9
Storage menu on the Galaxy Note 9 (Image credit: Android Central)

Today, we're going to talk about one of the most fundamental features of any smartphone — storage. It's not particularly fun or exciting to talk about, but it plays a critical role in ensuring you can use your device how you want with all of your apps, games, movies, etc.

Every person has their own specific storage needs. Some can get by with 128GB, whereas others need 512GB. It all depends on you.

Many phones, such as the Pixel 4 (opens in new tab) and iPhone 11 (opens in new tab), continue to ship with a starting storage amount of 64GB. There's been some debate as to whether or not that's enough space here in late 2019, and taking a look through the AC forums, some of our members have a lot of thoughts on this.

Yes, I manage and it took a little thought to realize it would be okay. For my first Pixel, a 2XL, I got 128GB. Since then, I have done 64GB because I am finding I never use up the space. I realized I don't need to keep every photo and video on my phone. In fact, by uploading to Google Photos, they are much easier to search through, lots of sharing options, and they are backed up. I can...


I find it absolutely fine... I’ve c25GB of music stored for Bluetooth playback in my car and everything else is in the cloud etc... Space is easily manageable, but if you store a lot of pics/music/apps/games etc, you may use the space up very quickly. I do agree, 64GB is very small, maybe backwards in this day and age storage wise, but it still works


I have no problem with 64gb but definitely way flagship phones have higher storage now it definitely shouldn't be a starting point . My Note 10+ and 1+7pro start at 256gb and will never use that up . For the people that will have to buy higher cloud storage or something different.


Is 64 GB Enough? Depends on your needs. I know some that could live with 16 GB still.. and I know some that want a TB in a phone for w/e reason. Just depends what you do/store on your phone.


What say you? Is 64GB enough storage for a phone in 2019?

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  • Not in 2019, guilty as charged, Apple & Google, yikes!
  • Only according to cheap bastards at Google
  • I don't have any issues. Google photos for all my pictures and I don't load music on my phones. Now, are they priced appropriately? *cough* Pixel 4 *cough*
  • I might be able to get by with that if I had an SD card, but I doubt it. I think 128 is the bare minimum especially without an SD card. And even then I'd be struggling.
  • If you need more than 64 GB you are using your phone for the wrong reasons.
  • Any reason is the right reason. It's THEIR phone. If someone wants 100 GB of cat GIFs on their phone that's none of your or my business.
  • That's one of the dumbest replies I ever read here!
  • Right now, the system files (not including Google Play, Chrome & other GApps, or MS Office) on my phone take up 48.3 GB. Fortnite - 5.87 GB
    COD Mobile - 1.92 GB That's 56 GB right there. Add in Netflix HD video (each hour is approximately 1 GB & the default is to save to internal storage) and you can see why people would legitimately need more.
  • What??? So what exactly is the right reasons to use a phone LoL
  • More than enough especially if you don't use the camera that much.
  • 64GB is plenty for my needs.
  • I have no problem with a 64GB phone. Apps that don't get used more than 1x/6mo are deleted. And with Device Care on my S9+ the system is kept clean. Almost 2 yrs and I'm at 35GB used.
  • I could live in 64 GB, but the idea of a "premium flagship" that costs a grand or more coming with that much is a joke.
  • Fuzzy, I definitely agree, a 1,000 dollar for which the 128gb pixal4 XL is should have started at 128gb's of storage. You pay premium I expect it, yikes! Plus charging you an extra hundred for the 128 of storage is beyond ridiculous. Where's the value? There ain't.....
  • This is my main complaint when considering storage. Running out of space sucks, so a real feature is giving you that space at an affordable price which the Pixel does not. I've made the mistake of going with just enough on the OG with 32 GB and it made me upgrade faster. Now I'm going with 128 and keeping the phone for two years. I wish they would make battery size upgrade an option for the same sized phone.
  • 64 GB is plenty - pics and vids backed up to Google Photos and Spotify for music... Plus I only have apps on the phone that I actually use. I still have 37+ GB free. I've never come close to filling up a Pixel or any Android for that matter