6 Android Tablets You Shouldn't Buy (and 4 You Should)

Samsung Galaxy Tabs4 Hero
Samsung Galaxy Tabs4 Hero (Image credit: Samsung)

There are tons of Android tablets out there. Unlike the rival iPad, which has various iterations all made by Apple, Android tablets come from all kinds of companies and in all forms. Which means choosing the right one can be difficult. Sadly, however, a large number of Android tablets might seem tempting to buy because they are super-affordable. But is it worth it? Here are some of the more visible products you should certainly pass on as well as four that you can buy instead once you've saved up a bit of extra dough.

Buy these Android tablets instead

Now that we've sifted through that garbage, let's talk about the tablets you most certainly should be considering. You can't really go wrong with any of the choices in this selection.

Decisions, decisions

Hopefully, you've walked away with a better idea of what you should be looking for in a tablet. Throwaway brands, nonexistent support, and overall lousy user experiences — all the makings of a true dud. It's hard to know that just by browsing at the store, of course, so it's always worth researching the people who were unfortunate enough to find out the hard way. You're off to a good start here with some of our recommendations, though.

If you're looking to save some money and grab an older model, whether it's for the kids, as a secondary device, or just to use for specific tasks, you simply can't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. But the other recommended ones on this list are great options, too. When it comes to something for kids, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is affordable and will provide everything you need to let them browse, play games, and enjoy other content safely and securely. And if it's for an adult, the Amazon Fire HD 10 won't break the bank but will provide everything you need in a versatile and feature-rich tablet without the premium price.

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