The history for Android tablets hasn't been great. Whether that's due to Google being slow to adapt Android for the bigger slates, developers not bothering to support the things, or due to device makers just not getting imaginative enough, the Android tablet scene has never been able to make an impact like, say, Apple's iPad. Still, there are a ton of Android tablets out there, but a vast majority of them aren't worth buying. Aside from the obvious random brands you should steer clear of (seriously, if you can't pronounce the name of the tablet, it most likely isn't worth considering), here are some of the more visible products you should certainly pass on.

No Longer Cool: RCA Voyager

You'd be surprised at just how many RCA tablets show up on Walmart's list of best sellers. Do not buy it. The tablet is old, slow, and won't get a lick of support. Also, the RCA brand isn't nearly what it used to be, with its true manufacturer being another one of the dime-a-dozen Chinese manufacturers that make these uninspired devices. You might as well toss it in the pile with the rest of that junk.

$53 at Amazon

Software Hell: Lenovo Tab E10

The Lenovo Tab E10 doesn't sound like a bad device on paper with its quad-core chipset, up to 3GB of RAM, and HD resolution. But Lenovo's tablets are notoriously riddled with bugs and performance and battery issues. It launched with a fairly recent version of Android — 8.1 Oreo — but it's anyone's guess whether it'll ever get another meaningful upgrade.

$130 at Walmart

Red & Dead: Verizon Ellipsis 8 HD

It's criminal that Verizon is still selling this thing. The Ellipsis is a cheap ODM device that serves little purpose other than for Verizon to sell something for super cheap that they have 100% control over and earn ridiculous profit from. You know, because it's still the same company that could never stand to give up control. It also doesn't help that the tablet has well-documented quality issues and hasn't managed to get off of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

$250 at Verizon

Goodbye, Moto: Moto Tab

Motorola was the first manufacturer to make a mainstream Android tablet. How fitting, then, that Lenovo is using the Moto name to sell another one of its shoddy tablets. We don't even know why AT&T — the exclusive seller for it in the US — still keeps it around. Probably to sell you on DirecTV or something. You can watch your Sunday Ticket on any device you want, so don't fall for it.

$200 at AT&T

Forever Childish: Verizon GizmoTab

The GizmoTab is basically a neutered Ellipsis. Don't get me wrong, it's probably a great tablet for your little ones, chock full of fun apps and games, strong parental controls, and no way for the horrors of the internet to soil their innocence. But what happens once they grow out of it? Well, you can't even use it as a normal tablet, so you're pretty much buying something with a built-in expiration date. It's also just not very good, so there's that.

$250 at Verizon

Nightmarish: Nabi DreamTab HD

I'm not just picking on kids' tablets, believe you me. But I couldn't help but notice that Nabi's tablets sell far too well on Amazon for what you're getting: an Android 4.4 KitKat slate that's dead in the water. I beg you, please don't let Amazon trick you into thinking this is a hot item. Well, that is unless you plan on making it hot by burning it.

$115 at Amazon

Buy these Android tablets instead

Now that we've sifted through that garbage, let's talk about the tablets you most certainly should be considering. There aren't many, but this selection is rock solid and you can't really go wrong with any of them.

Top Grade: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The Galaxy Tab S4 is Samsung's answer to the iPad and our pick for the best overall Android tablet. And while we don't know that it bests Apple's slate, it certainly sits atop the throne of Android tablets ruling with its mighty hamm- er, perhaps its mighty S-Pen, actually. It'll cost you a grip, but the Galaxy Tab S4 is one of the few Android tablets doing it right.

$550 at Amazon

Affordable & Fun: Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon infamously shuns Google Play, but the Fire line of tablets is still one of the better buys when it comes to budget-friendly price tags. And just because it doesn't have Google Play doesn't mean you can't get tons of apps for it, with Amazon's Appstore

$150 at Amazon

A Step Up: Huawei MediaPad M5

It's 2018, and Huawei makes good tablets again. The MediaPad M5 is a very good option for those who don't exactly have Galaxy Tab S4 money. It may not be as powerful as some of the top-line stuff out there, but it has enough for all your apps, movies, and browsing, and even handles most games just fine.

$410 at Amazon

For Kiddos: Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

So yes, there's value in a tablet made for kids. It just so happens Amazon probably makes the best one of the lot. You can control what your kids watch and see, as well as how long they can play, thanks to FreeTime. It also comes with a nice protective case to protect it from the freakishly destructive hands of your little ones. And yes, you can use it as a normal tablet once they grow out of it.

$90 at Amazon

Hopefully you've walked away with a better idea of what you should be looking for in a tablet. Throwaway brands, nonexistent support, and overall bad user experiences — all the makings of a true dud. It's hard to know that just by browsing at the store, of course, so it's always worth doing research from the people who were unfortunate enough to find out the hard way. You're off to a good start here with some of our recommendations, though. And if we had to push just one, you simply can't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

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