Odds are that you have at some point in time heard of UberSocial, a rather large cross-platform Twitter client that is extremely popular amongst the celebrity variety. And if you know anything about the application, it is probably that 50cent is a huge supporter. With an existing theme available for the BlackBerry and iOS versions of UberSocial, today they announced that Android users can download the theme for their devices The theme is available in a free and paid variety, the paid version of the app (which you once knew as Twidroyd) being $1.99 and brings you additional features inside, and both can be downloaded immediately. Full information after the break.

Download the themes here.

UberMedia Brings 50 Cent to Android With Uber50

50 Cent and Hot Rod Deliver Sneak Peek in Exclusive Video


PASADENA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 9, 2011) - UberMedia, the largest independent provider of applications for reading and posting to Twitter and other social media platforms, continues its close partnership with music icon and entrepreneur 50 Cent with the release of Uber50 for Android, the latest theme for the popular UberSocial mobile Twitter application. To celebrate his launch on the Android platform, 50 Cent has produced a sneak peek video for his website, ThisIs50.com, featuring Hot Rod's newest song "Hot Girl."

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With this release, Uber50 is now available in all three major mobile formats -- iPhone, BlackBerry and Android -- in both Basic and Deluxe "G'd Up" editions. The BlackBerry and iPhone versions of the theme have been downloaded more than 300,000 times.


  • UberMedia announces the debut of its popular Uber50 theme on the Android platform.
    • The iPhone and BlackBerry versions of the theme have been downloaded more than 300,000 times.
    • 50 Cent is celebrating the new version of the theme with a special sneak peek video on ThisIs50.com, featuring Hot Rod's newest song, "Hot Girl."
  • Features of Uber50:
    • Basic Edition
      • Custom icons and colors
      • Quick access to G-Unit Twitter lists and media portal
      • Attributes tweets as "sent via Uber50"
      • Exclusive artwork as background within UberSocial
    • Deluxe G'd Up Edition
      • Welcome to the Gritty Darkside special theme
      • Special sound effects created by 50 Cent
      • Exclusive wallpapers for your phone or tablet's home screen
  • By forming partnerships with well-known personalities and associations, UberMedia is able to deliver inside access to exclusive content and inject new value to the Twitter ecosystem for users and brand marketers alike.