Is 4GB of RAM enough for the Pixel 3?

Google officially announced the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL last Tuesday, and although hardly any specifications were mentioned during the company's keynote, it's been confirmed that both phones ship with just 4GB of RAM.

That's the same amount of RAM found in last year's Pixel 2 series, and with phones like the OnePlus 6 and Galaxy Note 9 shipping with up to 8GB, the Pixel 3's RAM count is looking pretty lackluster.

However, is 4GB of RAM really too small or is it still just fine for most people? Here's what the AC forum community has to say.

It'll be OK now, but it hardly makes the P3s future proof. It will be comparatively small and potentially inadequate well before the supported lifespan of the device ends.


The ideal would be 6gb to more ram, but with 4gb it will survive. I'm using an og pixel XL and it has 4gb too, it isn't that bad, usually I didn't remember it is just it of ram and it is going great

Thales SF

My s8+ still runs well with 4gb of ram. I think that's fine for a smartphone right now. They're not gaming rigs after all...


It makes a huge difference how well the ram is optimized...... and Google are the Masters of software, just like Apple... which is why the top of the line iPhone also only has 4 gigs of RAM. A lot of companies toss numbers around to make sales, but huge amounts of ram aren't necessary if it's optimized properly. Remember the pixel line is designed to run Daydream, that's a pretty intensive gaming...

J Dubbs

What do you think? Is 4GB of RAM enough for the Pixel 3?

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