HTC ThunderBolt kickstand

Not the sort of thing you want to see on a phone that's not even a couple months old, but it looks like the HTC ThunderBolt's kickstand has a little protective coating that's not going to stand up to the test of time. No, it's not a plastic film that we forgot to take off (though some phones are ridiculously covered in that stuff); it's just some sort of thin coating that's starting to come off. (You can can see it on the end of our kickstand above, as well as where it meets the phone.)

End of the world? Not hardly. But for as much money as we all spend on these phones, we could do without the cosmetic defects.

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Paradox says:

Not quite as bad as seen above, but definitely enough to make me spit, since ive only had the phone for a month.

Terrahawk says:

"we could do without the cosmetic defects" - especially true now that Verizon will ding you in the case that you need to exchange a device.

htcdude84 says:

Htc makes good phones. I wonder why they wouldnt put more effort in the kick stand. Hope mine dont start to look like the one above! Cuz it gives the phone a unique look when its closed

fatboy97 says:

Not at all... it looks as good as the day I picked it up... which was the first day it was in stores.

0pusX says:

Has someone contacted HTC in regards to this?

Zapote21 says:

Nothing wrong with mine or my wife's...

RichardClark says:

Some moderate chipping on the end, but the rest of it looks fine.

flashpiti says:

Mine is peeling too, not bad but enough to bother me. Between the battery life, call quality, and quality control issues, I'm pretty disappointed in the phone.

I got mine on release day...and it is also pealing. :-(

I got mine on release day. But I am using a rubber case. Resting it on its back, the kickstand doesn't touch anything.

Yep, mine's peeling as well. Hope Big Red makes note of this before charging owners some bulls@*! fee to exchange it...

skeet43169 says:

yup mine is pealing too and its been in a case were the kickstand dont touch nothing but the phone

squane123 says:

Peeling here as well but only presently at the opening point. Keep in mind this is my second phone since the first didn't survive a 1 foot drop.... Screen went kablooey 3 days after getting it... didnt even get a chance to purchase the Seidio Case.... Boooo

I saw this happening on a demo phone slightly before the release of the phone and I thought this is probably not going to happen on the actual phone...I was wrong, mine is peeling but not as bad as I've seen. It would be interesting to know what HTC thinks of this.

krayzee2k9 says:

I scraped all mine off. Use the round end of a paper clip or something similar. It will make a horrible scraping sound that makes you think your scratching the crap out of it, but it does come off, mines all shiny now :) abd yes the Google logo stays on, it's lazer etched apparently. btw DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, Dont blame me if you scratch yours ;)

inuchan says:

That’s a shame that this phone is just having so much bad luck. It is a nice phone but it seems one thing after another with this thing.

fsv57 says:

Mine is peeling a little where it opens, but not as bad as above. Really doesn't bother me. The speed and capabilities of the phone I think offset the few issues that have been found. I also got the extended battery and it makes things better. I like how the phone fits in the hand with the extended battery.

Mine isn't pealing at all.

ace060782 says:

Nothing new here I have a htc g2 and the battery cover is made of the same kind of metal with the protective coating and mine looks even worst with the peeling, but at least mine is a battery cover that can be replaced easily.

Masheen says:

Hahaha "best device I've ever owned...(alot better than my moto razor and other flip phones from the late 90's"

qdigga says:

Too bad they didnt make the kickstand like the Evo's, brushed metal without a coating. My Evo never peals. The pealing makes the phone look kinda cheap...

evilempire says:

I have had my phone since day 1 and have had no problems at all. Well the battery is bad, but the 2750 battery is AWESOME!!! I can go all day with heavy use and still have 70% at night. Yesturday I took it off the charger at 10am and at 11pm still had 60%. Well worth the $40 big time.

Masheen says:

That's Great! If you don't mind holding a 5 pound brick to you head.

bdragon says:

My kickstand is peeling too. It's not about being scratched while laying on the back, it's more of when you try to open the kickstand and your nail chips the film away.

Why not just a brushed stainless door?

esmitty225 says:

Thanks, I had not noticed in until you pointed it out...
The tip is just starting to peel (that sounds so dirty!)

Rpatton says:

Yes just as bad and i hardly use the thing


Ghost Armor is your friend, have been doing Zagg and Ghost full bodies since Storm1. My kickstand looks perfect!

Firespyer says:

Just noticed mine was the other day oddly enough.

Meh, just happy to have the kickstand

thisisbenji says:

The metal backing on my G2 is doing the same thing!

dhyamato says:

My three week old TB is still pristine as day one. Granted, I did purchase a Seidio case for it and rarely use or "play" with the kickstand. Although, the temptation is always there to flip it open from time to time...

No peeling here. Got mine on day one.

cguella says:

Peeling. I think when you try and open the kickstand your nails gradually beat on that covering. If you are really careful or don't use the kickstand often probably not a problem. The real issue is that this phone needed a 1800-2000 mah battery. That is really the problem though. They should have made it a hair thicker to support such a thing. I ditched my 2750 because of the size and no case. I like having a case as the phone is hard to hold without it. But this thread is about peeling. I digress.

c_live_lee says:

Mine is peeling slightly on the end. Not bad at all though. I actually had to squint a little bit to see it. But, the fact remains, as much as we pay for these phones, there should be no issues like this at all. And It's not like this is the first ever phone with a kickstand. They know how to make them by now.

Can we please stop saying "HTC makes great phones?" This is my third and its a POS.

rippley05 says:

HTC does make great phones. They need to step up the QC and battery life tho.

Hero= blown speaker less than 2 months, iffy battery life until rooted.
EVO= light leakage, blown speaker in about 3 months, horrible battery life until rooted.
Thunderbolt (Haven't owned a TB tho)= Horrible battery, peeling kickstand.

Yea, I love HTC, but, they need to step it up.

soccerfon711 says:

Yup, sadly it's peeling. Had it since day 1 and it started peeling about a week in. :(

stangmatt66 says:

Mine is peeling as well. Starting to look pretty bad.

twd1946 says:

This is crazy, I noticed mine was peeling just three hours before I saw this on here. I agree that it isnt a big deal, but for how much this device costs it shouldnt be a problem. I almost want to think that it will look better when it all comes off, doubt it.

rmwilk says:

I just noticed it yesterday and was wondering if anybody else had that problem....

shynepo says:

I love HTC phones, but they honestly dont make the best hardware, if I remember right the nexus one had the same problem with peeling, so did the EVO 4G and the Sprint htc hero..........

dloseke says:

Mine is doing it as well...started about a week after I got it when I dropped it on the concrete. The kickstand also got bent but I was able to bend it back to either right at the same or close to the same as it was. I thought it was peeling becase of the abbrasion of the concrete and I'm sure that's part of it, but it's good to see that's not the whole story.

MOTOX2 says:

Barely, a little, on the bottom of the there anyway we can go get a new one? mine shuts off on its own....

m4bandit says:

Mine is peeling pretty bad.

thaghost says:

heeeey. is that whats happening on my g2x after only 2weeks?

angel35 says:

No pleeling on my phone

twofourturbo says:

Time to start buffing it off and polish up the kick stand. polished stainless looks great anyways. 5mins of work and everything will be great.
*edit* - decided to polish the kickstand and put out a little how to with pictures if anyone interested. Check it out..

canesfan44 says:

Mine is much worse than the one in the picture, but that doesn't bother me at all. I love my Thunderbolt. Yes, the battery should be bigger, but I have no other complaints. It is just so effing fast. I download songs in less than 5 seconds on LTE. I get a solid "4g" signal everywhere I go here in South Florida. It's faster than the internet in my apartment. With the exception of the battery, I can't see why anyone would have any complaints, other than an HDMI port which most people don't like or use, but I would use it all the time.