Logitech Revue

The Logitech Revue never quite lived up to its potential as the first set-top box to sport Google TV. That much was made clear by Logitech in late 2011 when it was said to have "cost us dearly." And now the Revue has officially been put out to pasture.

Logitech posted its Q3 2012 (they're on a weird schedule) today and in doing so it repeated that sales figures were negatively impacted by the Revue -- and that it no longer has any units on hand. Here's the official word from Logitech:

A major factor in the 8 percent decline in the Americas sales compared to the prior year was Logitech Revue for GoogleTV. We began shipments of Logitech Revue in Q3 of the prior year and delivered sales of $22M that quarter. Sales of Logitech Revue this year were down by $15M due to the combination of a significant price reduction in Q2 of this fiscal year and our previously announced intention to exit the category. We are now sold out of all new Logitech Revue units.

So that's it, boys and girls. The Logitech Revue is done. Finished. Kaput. It is no more. But that's not entirely true, of course. A good many of us still have Revue units, and they still work relatively well, if a little underpowered, and they're actually running the latest version of the Google TV branch of Android. Treat them well. (Or at least try not to fear them too much.)

And as for Google TV, it's not done yet, either. We're already seeing the likes of Vizio coming out with new products, and we're willing to bet more are on the way. Sit back, relax, and get ready for Android to take over your TV.

Source: Logitech

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drhere says:

Have a Google TV I bought last summer for $100. Not disappointed (fully) with the device, but I have had issues with the Netflix app (basically unviewable after rebooting etc countlessly), so I got a Roku to view Netflix, podcasts etc.
I don't like Logitech at all, past crappy products, and that should've been the warning. I am not selling it, but hopefully the dev community (and Logitech) will allow us to root the bloody thing.

lightyear420 says:

great news for people who have been waiting for a price drop :) Yeah, $100 is cheap...but cheaper is better, imho ;)

ecaggiani says:

The real question is whether we will be getting any more software updates for our Revues going forward. If so, will they come from Logitech, or can Google push updates to it?

arcadelion says:


I'm perfectly happy with my $50 Revue running Honeycomb
All I really needed it for was to play Netflix =P

blackbyrd says:

My unit stutters a lot. When watching movies on amazon or crackle, I often have to reload my page because the flash crashes.

But when it works, I like it. Worth $100. I saw a coupla poverty for free.

i1der says:

so long... my revue is POS... Browser crash before loading a full page, netflix reboot like mentioned, no apps, slow... great kb

VDub2174 says:

I love my Revue!! I use it to watch movies on Amazon and it works perfectly for me.

trlovejoy says:

Guess we'll see it on Woot shortly...