You could win a Moto 360, you just have to Yo

Motorola is giving away a full twenty Moto 360 smartwatches, and they're doing it via the messaging app Yo. You remember Yo, right? The app that let you send your contacts a message that consists merely of Yo? Yeah, that's the one. And Motorola's using it to give away a score of the Android Wear-powered circular-screened Moto 360s.

Here's how it works: You send a Yo to MOTOROLA in the next 24 hours (deadline is 3:59 pm US eastern time), and if you're one of the winners, MOTOROLA will Yo you back. No, really, from the plainly-written but unintentionally hilarious official contest rules:

Entrants must Yo Motorola via the Yo app before 2:59 PM CT on August 28, 2014. Motorola will Yo back a link on August 28, 2014. Entrants must be one of the first 20 users to successfully complete the entry form to be eligible to win.

Half an hour after that deadline passes, Motorola will pick their 20 winners, ping them over Yo, and get the ball rolling on their price. Motorola's also more-or-less confirmed the $249 Moto 360 price by stating the same in the legally-required contest rules again.

So, if you want a shot at a free Moto 360, get to Yo-ing. Yo.

Source: Motorola


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You could win a Moto 360, and all you have to do is Yo


Yo dude!

I'm beginning to understand why the InterWeb is the breeding ground for haters. Few, if any, of life's satisfactions are fulfilled electronically.

I just lost a bit of respect for Motorola for doing this.

Also lost respect for myself for enrolling in this.

I was ashamed of downloading instagram a year or two ago but this is definitely a new low for me. At least I can delete it in 24 hours.

Umm, do you mean "... get the ball rolling on their priZe" as opposed to "... get the ball rolling on their priCe"?

Well in the rules it does say "Entries may not contain any offensive or vulgar language nor depict any pornographic or illegal act"

So basically they said "Ladies, no nudity pleaseeeeeee"

Wel, someone took the username (jonathan3579) that I've been using EVERYWHERE for the past... I dunno 15+ years. It all started with AIM.

I feel your pain. I had a user ID that got stolen WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the AOL days. Now I use a variation of it for every site but this, but it is just not the same.

I'm not downloading that stupid app just to register. Can someone tell me why Motorola would do this giveaway with app?

What would be the advantage to them?

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The difference is that OnePlus did this for an invite to buy their product. Here you're actually entering to win the watch. Second, I don't see how this is as bad as spamming your G+/Twitter/FB feed (what OnePlus asked people to constantly do for entries for an INVITE)

I've had Yo installed since the beginning, though I only know one person who also has it. I now feel vindicated.

That's what I'm trying to figure out. The contest rules say they will be emailing the address provided in the entry...does anyone know how to pair your Yo account with your gmail?

That's my confusion too. When I set up my Yo account it had me use an email to verify the account, which I did via Gmail, but it gave the impression that that WOULDN'T be stored. So I'm at a loss as to how they get my Gmail address.

I think I figured it out. There's actually a way to send links through Yo. I didn't know this. I'm guessing Motorola will Yo the link to the winners where you will fill out the form and provide your email address.

Thanks. I couldn't find any sign of the ability to do more than send a Yo, so that's why I was confused. That simplifies it.

YOing, taking "nude selfies" in order to get certain invite, dumping a bucket of some liquid on someone's head and calling it "charity",.... That's why we can't have nice things, especially not on the interwebz

I'll circle (I can control it). I'll like it on FB (I can control it). As much as I'd like the watch, I DON'T install apps for promotions. Motorola earns suck credits for this.

Yep this is the new way to do contest based off of useless apps no one wants to use. I'll pass and now I will pass on the Moto 360 as well. i don't think it will be anything special anyway, I'll hold out until the second or third generation of wearables.

Not understanding the rules. They require me to have a Gmail account too, talk about an "entry," but nowhere do they explain how they'll get my Gmail address to email me the form to fill out. Something's odd here.

I think that will on the form they send you to fill out..if they pick you at all
So YO to you

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Motorola: Entrants must be one of the first 20 users to successfully complete the entry form to be eligible to win.

So someone tell me if I'm wrong. There's isn't no point even entering really because only the first 20 get chance to win.? Right?

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Can non-US residents enter?

Problem with this is, even if I am selected to get the link from Moto, it'll probably be late at night and I'd be asleep, so I wouldn't be one of the first 20 people to submit the form....

No. It's U.S.residents only.

You could have just read the competition rules to get that answer.

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Yo..I don't think they're telling us everything ...YO Mama
Ok enough do I get my invite?
Do I wait for my phone to call me tomorrow afternoon with my invite
Or should I go to Motorola to pick up my moto 360.
Does this device tell time or just send texts? Can I call the people over at YO and tell what I think of their really dumb app?
Hey YO YO You hear me

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It is worth 250.00 to me not to have to download a totally useless app to enter a contest I am not going to win. Yo-Yo

This is lame unless I win then its the greatest customer interaction a company has ever done

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No yodeling here after seeing what LG is going to be delivering.
Moto, I think you have missed the boat. too little too late.

Damn YO for not remembering my name and password after the update.

How the hell am I suppososed to remember that?

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I really hate myself for falling for this, but what the heck? Why not? My coworker says I have a problem, but I say that its only a problem if its diagnosed.

well then you should have read the part in the article where it said 30 minutes after the end of the contest... the Yo's went out at 4:30, I entered my e-mail almost immediately and won

they yo'd me a few minutes ago, saying i won a moto 360, i entered my info and then it said they were all already given now they have my email address etc. to send me BS and i get nothing. what a Scam.

Well, I read the rules and read where they would begin sending Yos at 430 Est, so I had my phone in hand waiting. Got the Yo at 432, and clicked the link. Got the "sorry all gone" message and the clock still said 432. That was quick.

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I did it as soon as I received the YO as well and won, so it was not bullshit, but it seems like they sent the yo out to way more than the 20 who would actually get one.

Same happened to me. Sounds like Moto scammed a whole bunch of us by giving up our email addresses for nothing in return...

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Anyone else here who actually got their e-mail address in on time, and won? I did, but I haven't gotten an e-mail from Motorola yet, and now I'm worried I entered my e-mail wrong in frantic rush to do it fast

I got a yo also but when i clicked on it nothing happened. WTF i think this was a scam the first 20 people after yo's was sent no the just picking 20

This actually just made me not want to by it.

Just a "me too". The "Yo! You won a Moto 360!" was pretty clear. It didn't say "may have won if you reply quickly enough". Annoying.

just got my confirmation message from Moto. So stoked on this. Thank you android central for keeping me in the loop, this is the first thing I've ever won!