Custom inscriptions return to Motorola's design tool as well

So long, exclusivity. AT&T's had it for months. Verizon went live overnight. And now everyone's gotten in the game and you can design your own custom Moto X for Sprint and T-Mobile as well with the Moto Maker online studio.

What do you get with this newfound power? A whole bunch of permutations, that's what. Choose from 18 back colors. A black or white front. Seven accent colors. And — making its long-awaited return — you can have a custom message inscribed on the back.

We are, however, still waiting on wood.

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You can now design a custom Moto X on all four major U.S. carriers


Looks like it's blocked for everyone, last I checked. I noticed last night at Best Buy that their woven white display model backing had begun peeling and that the "woven" texture was in fact cloth underneath. It felt different from the black woven one which was softer in texture, so maybe they're trying to fix it before selling again?

Not really.... I expected to feel that way when I got I it but after a run through settings and getting everything tweaked I'm actually liking it quite a bit.

It's overly busy at first but some of the features (like pop up SMS texts) are quite nice, I've grown to like how apps are arranged and managed, and I like its camera software just as much if not more than others I've used.

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Agreed. I really wanted to buy a Moto X for a few months because of the color customization and form factor, but then I bought a Nexus 5 instead. The size isn't as good but I saved $150 and got better hardware, so... yeah. Nice thoughts Moto but please keep up with tech for your next phone (for the curious, the problem isn't that it's dual-core, but that Snapdragon 800 has a revised CPU on better lithography). If they released a Moto X 2 tomorrow with the same form factor but MSM8974 and a 1080p screen, I'd pay $700 for it easily.

TMo doesn't list this phone on their website, at least as far as I can tell. So I'd say no.

Honestly the N5 seems like a better value anyway. TMo wants $500 for this when you can get the N5 for $350 on the Play store. Even if you go with TMo financing on the N5, it's $50 cheaper than this at $450.

I have the Nexus 5, but I'm tempted to get a T-Mobile Moto X, if I can "finance" one. I'm not sure, why they refuse to support it.

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I bought a carrier unlocked (AT&T version) Moto X when Amazon had its glitch for $199. I'm using it on T Mobile and I'm alternating between the X and my Nexus 5. I've realized that I use the N5 more, but when I know I'm traveling on long road trips and want the Moto Assist function or if I'm traveling and I know I'll need the extra battery life, I use the Moto X. I like them both.

This. The ability to use the Moto X hands-free, while driving (which I do a lot of), would make it the "perfect" second handset to have, for me.

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Yeah. I have both the moto x & the nexus 5. Both great devices and I like both for different reasons.

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I know most will disagree but in my opinion this is a good thing. The T-mobile version is completely unlocked and no carrier modifications what so ever, meaning you can use the stock tethering (which I always prefer). And I've noticed that the moto x updates always come to the t-mobile version first even though I'd imagine very few people have this version of the phone. Plus with T-mobile plans not including the subsidy at least if you pay upfront you can have a cheaper monthly bill.

I'm still trying to decide between the moto x and the nexus 5 (really wish the moto x was cheaper) but I just thought I would throw in this potential silver lining.

They won't take my credit card (CC says they've approved it multiple times already and there are no blocks). One other poster on the forums seems to be having the same problem. Not sure what's going on here but it's getting frustrating!

Live chat support wasn't able to help at all and now I'm waiting on a phone call back from their support to figure it out.

Got a call. In my case it was a problem with shipping to my work address (something I've done a ton before with other companies). Rep said they were working with the IT folks on this, made it sound like it was a bug on the Motorola end of things. There appear to be no actual problems on the credit card side.

Edit: got an update from them, and now it looks like they were autocorrecting my address slightly (just syntax) and it was causing a mis-match. Still working on it.

It's about time! Been waiting for the Motomaker function to go live on Verizon so I could order a 32GB Moto X. Looks like my Rezound will be retired soon.

Agreed. I keep returning to my Moto X from my N5 and part of it is the way it fits in the hand. On the other hand, my HTC One feels better in the hand than the N5.

Its a good phone, but should be $300-350. After all its hardware is not impressive at all. Both Moto and Nexus are Google-made phones so why not make the price right.

it makes absolute sense.... iphone sells for $670, S4,HTC One, etc... sells for more than $600. why is there no complains about that??

You're not thinking about people on Verizon. People who want a "Nexus" like phone and great coverage.

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Me too. I wanted blue accents or cabernet back, couldn't decided. But old phone was cracked and had to go for black.

They suck- don't use them! Just throw it away when you get it. The magnet messes your phones compass up.

Who's bright idea was it to rub a magnet all over a phone every day?

Since compasses in smartphones use the gyroscope, not magnets, I have to believe you don't know what you are talking about.

It looks like they're using Best Buy to handle the sale... Is this normal? I don't really need a fourth party involved in the sale. Verizon, Motorola, and myself should be enough...

Does anybody know if this is suppose to make an appearance in Canada? For the past couple of weeks I have been seeing quite a few commercials for it here which is leading me to believe that it will show its head at some point for Canadian users.

...Or it could just be that I was watching an American channel and it showed up because of the American feed.

Kinda bummed I was impatient & already purchased one...mainly bc I'd prefer to have 32GB, but oh well...still love my Moto X.

After chatting with Verizon and Motorola, I'm told that I can't use MotoMaker on my Verizon Business account. This stinks...

Does anyone else feel like the Moto X is too small??

I don't know if it's I'm just used to my GNex, but anything smaller than that feels awkward in my hand.

The HTC One felt amazing. I'm kicking myself for not getting the $50 deal on a Blue One from Best Buy.

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That's very subjective... I'll toss in my two cents tho, I'm 5'10" and have fairly long & skinny fingers. I'm a touch typist, a programmer, and a gamer (G500 mouse). I bought a Nexus 5 for a number of other reasons but I actually prefer the size of the Moto X. I like a lot of things about the Moto X, if I wasn't midway thru a contract and/or the X was a Nexus device (and a Sprint spark device) I'd probably opt for it.

I also hate HTC's top mounted power buttons (even though I liked my last three HTC phones, all the EVOs). The Nexus 5/G2 and Moto X sold me on having on screen buttons, they finally managed to make smaller phones with comparatively larger screens and less bezel, and Android's new API for full screen apps sealed that deal (along with OEM's penchant for playing with the button arrangement).

I really really hope that A) Google gives Moto plenty of latitude to keep making interesting devices even if they're borderline profitable and B) Moto keeps putting out interesting designs in more compact form factors. There's plenty of choice if you want a larger Android phone, not so much if you want a smaller one. The whole ecosystem benefits from more variety.

I feel it. I know everything in technology seems to be subjective. Maybe I need to hold the Moto X again without the security system on the back. I wish I had the luxury of getting a Nexus 5 (I'm on Verizon) I feel that it would be the perfect device for me. I loved my GNex for the most part. I just can't leave Verizon right now. I would have loved to get a Dev Ed Moto X, just don't have that kind of cash on me at the moment.

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Just bought a used Moto X this weekend and I absolutely love the size. The screen feels more like a 4.5" phone due to the software buttons.

I hope Moto gets back in the tablet game, I'd love a custom tablet... Though I don't know how easy it'd be to compete with Samsung, Apple, and the Nexus line without a subsidy model. Stuff like touchless controls would be quite useful on a tablet that's always siting within reach at my desk or the living room tho.

The joke is getting old NoNexus. By the way I thought if there was a 32gb Nexus 5 you would change your username

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Haha, we actually gave him some time, to think of a good username. Trust me, no one has forgotten, lol.

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Good. I guess well wait til Tue N5 comes back into stock on the play store than he has to change his username. How's that?

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The camera is VERY shoddy.

But when all is said and done, the 5 is the phone that it should be.

Do I have to make another account or just change names

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Really? I thought you could change your username without losing your account.

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How? I can't figure it out... granted I haven't put forth much effort behind actually finding out, lol ... I still wouldn't mind knowing

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I'm sure Jerry could change it for him... How about Yarrell Richard? You can just post the opposite of everything he says and bring balance to the Force.

Kidding... OneNexus? SiNexus? Cinco de Nexus!

If Motorola had done this at the launch then they would have sold more phones as compared to now they will sell in total.


So you're an accountant at Moto or a big carrier? I think someone like that is the only person who can say that with any degree of certainty, and even if the Moto X went gangbusters and sold a ton you don't know whether it makes up for whatever deal AT&T offered for exclusivity, and even if it did that'd be a gamble vs a sure thing upfront deal.

Point is, only Moto knows what's best for them and how accountable they have to be for their finances now that Google's signing the checks. I do wonder though, I've always assumed summer is the most popular time to buy a new phone since that's when most new flagships come out and most enthusiasts have lined up their contract dates to coincide with that...

However, maybe the holidays or something are way bigger amongst the rest of the market? Maybe the average Joe that couldn't care less when the SGS4 actually came out is actually more prone to go shopping around the time the rest of the world goes gift shopping? I'd love to see some concrete numbers on that.

It's common sense. So only people who work for Moto can speculate and form an opinion based logic and reasoning? Ridiculous.

Only they know how much AT&T unloaded out of their pocket for exclusivity, and no amount of logic or reasoning can escape that fact. Not sure how common sense factors into this, common sense dictates exclusivity deals suck for the consumer but consumer's needs are not always in line with what's most profitable or immediately viable for a company.

Such a pretty phone. When the holiday deals come, it shall be mine! Turquoise, red accents, and a white front. -Ara

Or the inverse is true- no need for insurance if you get a good case. Whichever you prefer.

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If t mobile had the wood 1 at launch it would have been done and done now I'm just waiting on my N5

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I will give you my opinion soon. I have been switching between my one and moto x. Now I am spending some time with the new nexus 5.

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I will wait so that I can pair the rich mahogany back to all leather bound books I have. #stayclassy

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Anyone know what the deal is with insurance in regards to a customized moto X? Like would the insurance company just give you a black or white refurb?... or would you be able to file a claim and receive a custom one like the original phone you had? Anyone have experience with this yet?

They may as well forget the wood at this point. Phones have such a short shelf life it just seems like a moot point.

I do really like the X though, beautiful phone imo.

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I want this phone man. I don't know, there is something about this phone that attracts me. I have One and N5, but until I get Moto X, I will not settle down.

That's funny. I had the htc one, then bought a Moto X, and the n5 third. Switching between the three. I have been super impressed with the moto x. Active display/notifications rock. Super useful, and spoils me. It really is unique. That combined with the form factor, and the moto x is hands down one of the best devices out. I still don't see anything replacing it as my phone of choice.

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Why do people still complain about TouchWiz UI? That's why they make custom launchers for your phone. Which means for the retarded people you can get a stock looking phone and at the same time keep TouchWiz great features. The best of both worlds(stock plus great features). Grow up and no it doesn't slow my phone down. Snapdragon 800 processor enough said

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My bad to the moto x people for off topic . But saw a comment that piss me off

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Custom launcher doesn't address the fact that Samsung replaces a million other things besides the launcher (contacts, alarm, calendar, icons, etc etc), as do most other OEM... Some of those may be for the better, others not so much, but you have no choice in the matter outside of a custom ROM which comes with it's own sets of issues.

I lived thru this for a few years with Sense and I didn't mind too much because it did add some useful features, I liked now days stock Android has incorporated so many Sense/TW features though that I rather not deal with either if given the choice. Outside of the better OEM cameras stock Android has very little to envy anymore, and it's usually less buggy.

These days I'd much rather OEMs throw the baby out with the bathwater like Moto did and just incorporate a few small but really polished custom features that genuinely enhance stock Android, andthen one stestep further and update as many of those as possible thru the Play store to keep them current and bug free (again, like Moto).

kmt really wanted a moto x but its all the way in America so Im going for the next best thing The Nexus 5 which I know will work here in Jamaica. The only prob I'm having now is finding a site to order it frm and to get it by Christmas since I cannot order it thru the Play Store

It's a damn shame T-mobile doesn't allow customers to finance the Moto X. It's definitely not worth the $500 unlocked price. This is the only thing keeping me from going after one. Instead, looks like it will be the Nexus 5 for me.

I have a wish for this:

I wish that this had at least 256 colors to choose from. More would be better. I know that it means they'd have to do up single runs of the colors, so it would be more expensive. Maybe with 3D printing, it'll happen next time.

But the ability to have a phone in your company's colors would rock. My company uses yellow & blue, but the yellow offered isn't even close.

Also, the ability to upload a wallpaper so that the phone arrives looking very corporate would be smart, and should be fairly easy to take care of. That's an easy fix that would appeal to people as well.

Finally, add the ability to place a corporate logo in the notification bar. I wouldn't want this on my home phone, but for a corporate phone, makes sense.

Except that people who are trying to get corporate phone upgrades are not able to use Motomaker.

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