Yahoo Mail on an HTC One M8

The Yahoo Mail app has been updated to add Google Now-like personalized, at-a-glance news and information. With one tap, you can get sports, national news, your local forecast, and more.

Your news and information is now a swipe or tap away. Swiping left or right will move you between the inbox, news stream, and Today tabs. The Today section is where you'll find your personalized news and weather, along with popular videos and and photos powered by Flickr.

The update is available now through Google Play, though the new Yahoo Today and news features will be rolling out to all Android users in the next few days.

If you've received the update, tell us what you think about it below in the comments.


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Yahoo Mail on Android now includes the news, weather, and sports


I'm not typically one to worry about app permissions but the update includes a record audio permission to which I wasn't comfortable agreeing.

if your on a custom rom download an xposed module called: app settings. then you can control app permissions.

If you aren't comfortable with it then use a regular mail client for your Yahoo account. They have supported IMAP access for some time now, and it works nicely for me.

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Funny thing is the new features are showing on my phone, but not my tablet. They must be rolling it out by individual install and not account.

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

Personally I don't care about the extra stuff added. I just use it for mail and that's it. I have other apps I like to use to get my other info. This was a waste of an update on Yahoo!'s part.

It's a waste of an update just because you don't really care about the new features? That is ridiculous. I personally think the new features are nearly enough to make me use the app again, so there you go. But I wouldn't go saying anything 'definitive' like you did.

I downloaded the app to use it for mail. I have many other sources I'd rather use for weather and sports. Therefore it is a waste of an update to me to have these features I will never use. I am allowed to have that opinion.

Oh and when you put quotes on "definitive" it makes it sound like I said it, and I didn't say it.

I said definitive as you did not say it was a waste for you personally, you just said it 'is a waste of an update'. Which is a pretty definitive sounding opinion, as if it couldn't be useful to others.

Also, I'm just in a mood about some stuff, so, I also apologise about being nit-picky.

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It is okay. apology accepted. we've all been there. Just smie and have a nice weekend and this will be forgotten :)

I just wished they allowed push email or at least once a day syncing of email for the native android app.

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I updated the Yahoo Mail app and noticed the new Today and news stream features. They were one and two swipes from the right. The next day, the Today and news stream pages are gone, leaving me only a screen listing my folders and a screen with the emails in a chosen folder. I can't find any settings functions or a Google Play app store update. I could try un and reinstalling the app, but considering how long it took me to get the M8 to play nicely with Yahoo services, I'm hesitant to do so. I also noticed that the Theme I chose showed up when I opened Yahoo Mail on my lap top. That strikes me as odd.

Would be nice if Yahoo offered one big app that could automatically set an Android phone to work with all of Yahoo's services the way it works with Google services....