Yahoo Finance is for the stock market junkies

Yahoo's Finance app for Android devices has received a major update today that brings with it a revamped user interface along with some new features for financial news and information junkies to check out.

Yahoo offers a quick summary of what's included in the new 2.0 version:

For Android devices, our team rebuilt the app from the ground up, bringing you a new home experience organized around your stock quotes and company news. The new app also delivers push notifications about relevant breaking news and provides enhanced interactive charts for any quote.

In addition, the app now has a News tab that lets users get quick access to stories from Yahoo Finance. In addition to the new Android version, there's also a revamped app for iOS devices as well.

The new Yahoo Finance apps is available now from the Google Play Store. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Source: Yahoo


Reader comments

Yahoo Finance redesign will satiate your stock market cravings


This is great news for those of us who stay on-the-go and need our financial fix. I'll be downloading it in about 2 hours!

Fait Accompli

It was a really sad state of affairs with Yahoo and Google's offerings on Android, especially considering how good their respective websites are. It's great that Yahoo stepped up and updated their Stock app for the first time in 5 years. Now Google needs to do the same.

Is it just me, or is there no access to "settings" in the app? I just got my first push notification, and I can't find a settings menu to turn them off. Anyone else?

I think we will hear in the very near future that Yahoo is buying Mobile Nations. AC and it's partners are reviewing and praising Yahoo Apps on a pretty regular basis the last few weeks. The last time I said this when they reviewed a Yahoo app a few days ago I was told I was crazy. But I say with some confidence Yahoo is paying for these reviews (mentions) or they will be announcing some time in the near future they have purchased Mobile Nations. There is nothing wrong with what AC is doing but we should be told these are really sponsored reviews.

Please take a look at the Yahoo offerings the last few weeks.

Awesome, I was just thinking about downloading the old version this morning because I miss the great info on Yahoo finance but can't stand the website anymore. The UI on previous version needed serious work and permissions for location and record audio seemed unnecessary, so glad there is this to try.

Google Finance (simple portfolio sync) and ScottTrade's apps are enough for me. Would like to see Google Finance's charts improved, of course, add a quote/alarm in the notification would be nice.