Yahoo! and Rockmelt have big things planned for the ways they deliver media content

Yahoo! has announced that they are purchasing Rockmelt, makers of a once popular desktop browser and current Android and iOS applications. We had a look at the Rockmelt app for Android upon it's release, and found it an interesting and well-made way to find the great content the web has to offer in a highly-tuned mobile package.

Yahoo! and Rockmelt share a common goal to help people discover the best content from around the web. We plan to integrate the Rockmelt technology into Yahoo!’s experiences, and the Rockmelt team will help us to reimagine how we deliver our media content in new and exciting ways. 

The excellent job Rockmelt did with the mobile app for Android wasn't enough to make up for the sting of dropping the desktop offering for some folks, so we hope that today's news means great things for all involved -- especially the users. We'll know more as things progress.

Source: Yahoo!


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Yahoo! acquires Rockmelt, no word on what the changes may mean for the Android app


Don't forget Astrid. The New CEO stays that it's so they can incorporate the talents of the devs into Yahoo's internal talent pool

Well, I nailed that one:

"They completely abandoned the original desktop users with little or no notice and it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth - especially as they shifted all support to an iOS only version for quite a while. I'm reluctant to give the mobile version a try because of it.

I think I'll give this a few months to see what it becomes before I become an early adopter again."

Never did get around to downloading it, guess I never will now.

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i half expected the title to read: "No word yet on when the service will be shut down."

The curse of being bought by Yahoo, seems every service they buy gets shutdown. I'm thinking Tumblr's days are numbered.