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It looks like Germany isn't the only country getting an early chance to pick up the Sony Xperia Z. The phone has just gone up for sale on the Sony Mobile France online store. Purchased SIM-free, the 5-inch, 1080p-toting handset will set French buyers back €649 -- that's not cheap, but nor is it significantly more expensive than the average high-end smartphone.

The phone is available in black and white -- the purple version isn't being offered unlocked, as it's exclusive to the SFR network in France.

The Xperia Z should start appearing in brick-and-mortar stores before long, starting with the Sony Store in Berlin. Other European territories are expected to follow around the end of the month.

Source: Sony Mobile France; via: XperiaBlog


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Xperia Z now on sale at Sony Mobile France store


not only new designers , it need to put better display , better camera driver and lenses , better software , better speaker , faster updates

etc :D

had a look at this phone today at phones4u and the 1080p screen does look nice but viewing angles were poor, loses alot of colour and the whites become yellow. felt quite big compared to my s3 as the the z was very angular with no curves and definitely does not fit into the hands as well as the s3...was hoping for the device to be smaller because of on screen buttons but the s3 imo actually had the bigger usable screen...personally i wish the zl would come to the uk because that actually has the 5'' screen as well as being in a smaller body than the s3.