After a long wait, AT&T and Sony Ericsson have finally launched the Xperia X10 here in the States. As a refresher, the phone sports a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4-inch TVT LCD screen, 8 GB of on-board memory paired with a 2 GB microSD card, and an 8-megapixel camera. Also important to remember: the phone is running on Android 1.6 ("Donut") right now along with Sony's Timescape and Mediascape UI's. Sony has been vague on when it would see Eclair and has made no mention of Froyo yet.

AT&T will get one into your hands today for $150 with a two-year contract, or you can get it off-contract for a surprisingly low $350. If you are interested, make sure to check out our hands-on of the phone from way back in April. [AT&T]


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Xperia X10 now available on AT&T


This is going to be a short-lived phone. Took too long to get to market and releasing with 1.6?!

This model will definitely have a short shelf life, I give it 6-months.

Another fail. Both Sony and Dell should be shot for releasing 1.6 android phones. It gives all the apple fanboys something to poke at.

I just dont get why any one would release a phone with 1.6 and on AT&T.Sony and dell have no idea what they are doing.Why would anyone buy this old ass phone with old os

I don't make this claim often....


To not even mention Froyo as an update, and to be elusive about the Eclair update, it's ridiculous. It's like selling a Lamborghini, but putting a governor in it limiting the top speed to 65 MPH. All the horses, none of the pull.

Sony Ericsson: Brilliance in obsolescence

Well, took a walk up to the local AT&T store today at lunch. They had the X10 powered up and ready to use. After about 10 minutes of hands on here is my short review:

Slightly thicker than the Galaxy line but felt good in the hand.
Screen plenty bright, but not as amazing as the SAMOLED.
Interface seemed sluggish all over, some icons required multiple taps to get the app to launch.
No Pinch/zoom. Too new to droid to know if that is an OS version thing or if they just didn't included it for some lame reason.
external camera button. push it to launch camera app - cool. but slow to snap pics.

Overall, a very disappointing performance for a very slick looking phone. Seems like the guts are there but the OS is just not up to the task compared to newer phones. Very surprising that they didn't do regression testing on 2.1 or 2.2 and just release it with that. Could be a cool candidate for someone who wants to root the phone and put a vanilla install or cyanogen rom on it.