Always figured them for more of the Resistance crowd. Go figure. (And be sure to check out our Ingress forums!)

Source: XKCD

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sensory says:

Uhh.. what?

Wait...does he have FIOS? . . . I don't get it.

scobb says:

If you don't get it, you aren't enlightened - well, you are not resistance either.

jpimentel99 says:

Clearly the guy has electric weed growing in the back yard.

Gimik says:

The guy has 4 Enlightened portals in his backyard, so he's very popular. It's from Google's new AR game called #ingress.

return_0 says:

I can finally enjoy this now that I've got my Ingress code. (A week ago I'd be extremely envious)

brendilon says:

Phil, xkcd IS Resistance. The point is he wants to go over to the guy's house to take down the Enlightened fields. Clumped together like that they're an easy target.

Icarus4219 says:

I came here to say exactly that.

brendilon says:

It's kind of mind-boggling that anyone who has played the game would read that and reach the conclusion that they're Enlightened. You can hack portals anywhere. The only reason to go over is to knock them out and establish Resistance portals.

rlhammon says:

Thank you. Only reason I clicked through was to post what you already have.

joebob2000 says:

If I am ever going to play an AR game, Google needs to figure out how to make a magnetometer compass calibration algorithm that works even a little bit. Google sky maps is useless on my top-of-the-line S3 because the compass is NEVER calibrated right. I have to spend a good 5 minutes before i can even use it, futzing with the goddamn compass. Please tell me Ingress has fixed this, otherwise my phone wouldn't survive 2 seconds of playing a game that completely relies on it.

brendilon says:

The compass really does squat in the game. That said, it still sucks.

Ohhhh Got the invite still haven't played it.

If you don't want it I'll take it. ;)
I've been waiting to play this game for weeks!

abtxpress says:


Tonio21 says:

joebob2000: Doesn't Google maps and navigation use the compass as well? Works fine on my Galaxy Note 2 when I have to use it. I assume you use sky map with GPS on as well ? Brendilon is right to, the compass isn't needed in ingress really, distance matters more with the way it's set up and it does get somewhat wacky even on GPS.

lightyear420 says:

maybe more people would understandthis comic if the devs would pull their heads out of their asses and send out some damn invites before everyone stops caring about the game.

brendilon says:

They're getting interest many times over what they need... I don't think the developers are too worried about fading interest. It's not gonna kill you to wait, don't be such a baby.