Xiaomi, the new home of Hugo Barra – remember him? – is relaunching its official home on the web today with a new url that's much easier to spell. From this day forth Mi.com will be where you'll be headed for all your Xiaomi needs. The new name takes cues from it's popular MIUI software.

And that's all there is to it. The site is still in Chinese by default, so you'll have to run everything through a translator first or add /en to the URL. But at least you'll not have to keep trying to remember how to spell it.

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Xiaomi gets a new homepage that's easier to spell


Shame they have to do this because we're all too thick to spell a Chinese brand name. Still easier to spell than cyanogenmod

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Having a different name than the company for the webpage? Not a great idea... Unless they plan to change the company name, but again, changing identities before they even take flight is also not a great idea.

"Tiny" Hahaha. Sorry, what I meant was that they're just taking flight on the rest of the world. . And let's face it, of they changed the name was so that especially English-speaking folks could handle it better. In any case, changing identities is never an easy thing to do for a company and it can be extremely dangerous. Just look at GAP and the backlash they got just for changing the typeface of their logo...

I just cannot see how Xiaomi breaks out of China without substantial changes to their business strategy. Right now, they sell phones basically at cost and make up for it with their app store. This works in China because the Android marketplace is a mess without anything like Google Play to unify it.

I don't see how they overcome Google Play in the rest of the world. They're going to need to up their prices substantially, which they can't really do without doing the same in the Chinese market because it isn't exactly difficult to import them.

I'd imagine Barra has a plan, but it's certainly beyond me.