Wunderlist has finally made its way to the Android Market. Great timing as well, since they have just surpassed 1 Million downloads. If you're unfamiliar with Wunderlist, it's a personal task manager application that is available for Windows and Mac users that lets you synchronize all of your tasks from your home computer to your mobile device or vice versa. While the idea itself is rather simple, it's the simplicity of it all that makes it my preferred task manager application.

You just simply fill in what your task is, when you need it completed by and that's it! If you wish to go further with it, Wunderlist also allows you to sort your to-do's by date, mark completed and even "star" special events that you need reminding of-- and of course, once completed you can check them off as such as well. Toss in some added cool stuff like customizable backgrounds and a web accessible version and you have a pretty complete tool at your disposal.

If you need to maintain a to-do list or task manager give Wunderlist a look. Again, the simplicity of it when added with the extra functions makes it a great overall application. Wunderlist is available for free from the Android Market and the desktop versions can be downloaded from their website. Jump on past the break for the Android app link to get started.


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Wunderlist for Android - Sync your tasks on the go!


Does it do reminders? Can you have it remind you to do a task not only only a certain day, but at a certain time as well? (e.g. Wednesday at 5pm)

I'm using Astrid Tasks to sync with Producteev and doubt I'll switch, but I'm always looking for something better just in case. :)


I also use Astrid Tasks to sync with Producteev and love it.

The one feature all Task Mangement System must have before I use it is support for repeating tasks.

So do WunderList support repeating tasks?

You might also consider Due Today. It syncs with ToodleDo and has a desktop version. It has reminders, a daily overdue reminder and start/due dates (just no due times, though you can use the reminder for that).

It's widget blows every other task manager app out of the water (it's in the paid version, not the lite version).

I struggled to find something to sync between iPad, Android (Atrix), and Outlook. Tried Wunderlist... It is ok. Currently using Google tasks, but it is just ok. I need something that syncs with Outlook and includes flagged email... Coming from Blackberry, this was something that is a core part of my daily work routine... Any help?

I know right?! I got one completed lol. The other is almost there just needed and extra day haha!

I like GTasks. If you use Google Chrome's "Create Application Shortcuts", you can create a very clean simple window on your PC Desktop that will sync Google Tasks with your Android GTasks app, Gtasks widget, iGoogle and Google Calendar. By using Google Voice to input new tasks you can have a 100% "Google Experience". Even my iTunes colleagues are impressed when I dictate a task into my phone and moments later it shows up on my office's PC desktop or vice-versa, type a task into the PC and it shows up on my phone. Will give Wunderlist a try since its also free.