The popular to-do app Wunderlist received a nice update today, bringing along some features that will certainly keep it at the top of its game. Thanks to a redesign and some backend changes, Wunderlist 3 now offers public lists and real-time sync — allowing users to immediately see changes rather than waiting for a 15 minute refresh. Making lists public also moves Wunderlist 3 away from a personal to-do app, into a better, full-on list app with even more uses.

Users of Wunderlist can now create and share shopping lists, checklists, wish lists, and more — all in real-time. The lists are searchable and can all be shared to social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The company behind Wunderlist, 6Wunderkinder, plans to release the Wunderlist 3 API in the coming weeks in hopes of competing with bigger services like Dropbox and Evernote.

Wunderlist 3 is available now free as a free download.

Source: TechCrunch


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Wunderlist 3 adds public list sharing and real-time sync


I've been using any. Do with the cal app from the same.. Been serving my purpose just fine.. I just miss a desktop app so that I have my list handy all the time.


Can anyone tell me if they have added a persistent notification feature? Something that keeps alerting me to past due tasks, even after notifications have been cleared? That was one thing I really miss about Astrid.

@whitenack -- I've been using TickTick for persistent notifications. Seems to be the best reminder app I've found as far as making sure you don't miss something. n'4get Reminder is another good one but I think the dev has abandon it unfortunately.

Thanks. I have played around with TickTick but haven't jumped in with both feet, hoping Wunderlist will come around since I have all my stuff on Wunderlist. Sounds like I need to stop waiting around and port everything over.

I wanted this, but it doesn't sync with Google Tasks. Besides GTasks, are there any other good options?

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