In case you missed Steve Kondik's tweet a couple days ago after the Ice Cream Sandwich source code dropped, the CyanogenMod crew is now working on CM9. (CM8 was Honeycomb, which, of course, ain't really gonna happen.)

Do note that while Steve says "check back in 2 months," that really doesn't mean CM9 will be final on Jan. 14, 2012. It means things take a little while, so check back. It'll be ready when it's ready. Meanwhile, let's all look forward to CM7.2. (But here's to hoping for some ICS CM love in January.)

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Asbjörn says:

Here's to my Epic 4G Touch!

Hbomber110 says:

Looking for a Eee pad Transformer port !!
With Supernote, i love this thing.

SteveB2 says: do know there will be an official update from ASUS, right? And probably in the not to distant future....

romma says:

I run Cyanogen as well as MIUI.. I have to give some credit though to that OMGB/OMFGB character that beat Cyanogen to the punch. While Cyanogen has tweaked GB nicely since it came out, OMGB/OMFGB was up and running probably a couple weeks before Team Douche.

I admit I haven't run anything but aosp Cyanogen based roms since it came out with GB, but it was fun to play around with OMGB before Cyanogen was ready. Let's Go!! Get us some ICS!!!

joshua.worth says:

Don't forget guys there will be earlier buggier ports to help you feel content.

I love how Phil always tries to dampen things in his posts. He's basically always trying to say, "let's not all get crazy..." I understand where he's coming from, however. We Android fans are a pretty rabid group.

ses2017 says:

Can cyanogenmod show some love for the D 3? My wife's underpowered DINC 2 is has a mod, but the mightiest of the non-4g phones doesn't?
What gives??

myester says:

It's called a locked bootloader

Lttlwing16 says:

An ICS port for the Fascinate is in the alpha stages... a lot working, a lot not. Namely 3g. Looking forward to having it on there. .

krstnsn says:


Logic is hardly news worthy. Slow day?

HAAS599 says:

Just twiddling our thumbs till 5pm ET

wpavlik2 says:

Other than the obvious "pour me something cold and strong..."
What happens at 5:00pm today?

krstnsn says:

Android tmobiles event.

Thadrow says:

Hopefully the rezound gets CM9 love.

romma says:

Google Music Store?

krstnsn says:

I agree. I've been shuffling through the bionic and razr waiting for the Nexus. Boy do I miss CM.
My trade in time is running up.... if no nexus shows up by that date ill have to settle for the rezound.

fremen567 says:

Yes they started work on it, but for what devices? You can never be sure that ur device that has been officially supported in one build will get another build in this case ICS.
I think SGS Vibrant peeps already felt the pain, no CM9for them.

tnh196 says:

I tried cm7 on my 3d but it's not a rls yet and I find that I like viruses work a lil better for my taste so I wanna c what team synergy will do with ics but that's just me

Paul627g says:

Good news.... Can't wait to check it out on my NS4G

kevlars9 says:

I'm curious to know what they will do with the launcher. Whether it be left stock or adw. Or maybe even a new version of it ; )

slbailey1 says:

Can't wait to get a custom rom for my 16gb Touchpad. The only use I currently have for my Touchpad is as a ditigal picture frame.

huskers15 says:

Do u know that the touchpad does have cm7??

brshoemak says:

It does and it's frickin' amazing for an alpha, but it eats batteries like a job. I tried it but I'll probably default to WebOS until CM9 is released - at which point ICS will be loaded immediately. :)