Words with friends for Android

We all were excited when we heard Words With Friends for Android was being released, but things certainly cooled down when all the bugs started popping up.  We're not pointing the finger at Zynga, it's a huge undertaking to port about a gazillion lines of code from one platform to another, and they have kept working on it, offering up several bug fixes that addressed force close issues.  These solved many a users problems, but a quick peek at the Android Market comments will tell you that more work was needed.

Zynga hopes to address a lot of that, with the release of the 4.0 update of Words With Friends, which promises "Awesome new features, lots more friends, way less bugs".  The 4.0 update for iOS brought Facebook integration, zooming features for use with tablets, and and updated games list, so we're assuming we'll see similar changes.  Of course, the best of the news is the "way less bugs" part.   It's great to see developers accept the issues, and work to get them under control.  As of this writing, the version in the Android Market is still 3.41, but Zynga has contacted us to let us know that version 4.0 is available for Android.  I suspect we'll be seeing it in the Market shortly.  For now, the download link for the latest version is after the break.

Update:  After speaking with a representative from Zynga, we'll have to ask you to ignore most of the above.  The update being discussed is for iOS and we received and reported it as an Android update in error. 

The good news is that we hear the developers are hard at work on the Android client, and we should be seeing an update in the future that does address many of the bugs in the current version.  You can still download the latest version, and while there are some annoyances, it's a great game and one all of us here love to play. 


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[Update] Words With Friends updated to version 4, promises 'way less bugs'



The ONLY problem I have with WWF is the flippin' adverts. Wtf Zynga. Offer it up already!

I love scrabble, especially playing on phones, but this is the BUGGIEST android app I've ever used. By a long shot. No other app even comes close. I still use it--but I hate it. Only way to play with iphone friends. . until recently anyway (Wordfeud).

yeah sorry arizonaguy jump the gun on that one.....so where you from i'm from tucson, working down in green valley right now enjoying all the wildfire smoke

I swore off Words with Friends since it was force closing so much. I'm on to Wordfeud now. Now I'm back to playing against the wife who uses an ipod touch.

What is missing from this story is that the dev's sent out an email this morning offering v4.0 to Android users, me being one of them. Really poor marketing from a rather poor dev team. I'm still amazed an app built this poorly ever took off. Scrabble really sh*t the bed on this one. I'm still winding why they don't have an Adobe Air app for iOS, Android and BB.

Sorry Zynga, it's way too late. I've moved on to WordFeud and it's MUCH better.

But geez, even the iOS version of WWF has a lot of bugs still???