Words with Friends

With well over 50,000 downloads in just a few hours, Words with Friends for Android is already a huge success.  Yes, there's a few kinks to work out, but we totally expect Zynga to get everything sorted in short order.  They're Zynga -- games is what they do.  Like you guys, we've been waiting for this one to hit Android and now that it's here we've set aside a small fenced in area in the forums just for it.  In the Words with Friends Lounge you can forget all about the carrier discussion, debate about who makes the best Android phone, and even the endless hacking some of us like to discuss after we've broken things customized our phones.

Jump in and find someone to play against, discuss strategy, do a little friendly trash-talk, and anything else WWF related.  And if you have friends with an iOS phone/pod/pad/thingy, invite them over -- we love everyone in the lounge.  If you haven't already, you can grab Words with Friends for Android after the break. [Android Central forums]

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Jeepzor says:

Love the game but getting force closes on my Dinc and my girls D2 when we are playing, no big deal we just open it right back up and keep playing. Good to see this made it to android!

li2327 says:

I get a lot of force closes too. That didn't happen on my iphone. Either way I love the game! :)

ricbon says:

Love this game!!!!! I'm playing with my wife on her ipod touch and my coworker on his rooted eris. @jeepzor i get force closes on mine but no big deal. just make sure report it, o and by the way playing on dinc.

goblueboy says:

keeps giving me a network error everytime, liberated 1.5 droid x

goblueboy says:

fixed, looked in FAQ's reinstall the app

tailsthecat3 says:

this game is so broken.

fc's, ads, no options, the push is horrid, no friends list. a terrible effort by a terrible chinese dev.

jonyah says:

ya, it works, but not all the time. still really buggy. would like a paid version because the ads are horrible on this.

Thisguy89 says:

Tried it out. I'll sick with Wordfeud.

There is no way to shut the game down (notifications) the only way was to shut the phone off. What's up with that? Droid X. The game didn't even register under the running application list.

dcreed says:

Really buggy on the Nook Color. Sticking with WordFeud.

mmark27 says:

WordFeud FTW. Words with Friends is incredibly buggy, it took them forever to launch this and it sucks.

Didn't care for this version. Couldn't find many options including showing how many points you would get before you make the play. I thought the UI was cluttered and too distracting. Also, how do you disable the sounds entirely? Sticking with Wordsmith. Uninstall.

onixblack says:

lol at the picture and the word hoe

ricbon says:

you think thats funny...one games started on my wife with:IFUCKIT. i have the picture to prove it.

noszero says:

Its buggy and has ads at bottom of screen and full screen ones after ever turn, which is frustrating because it FC when loading ads a bunch. It is fun and I like being able to play w iPhone people. I haven't gotten all my friends converted from the dark side to android yet.

briankurtz79 says:

The only reason I'm playing this game is cause I have 2 friends with android and 20 with iPhone. Hopefully they will update promptly. There isn't even a notification sound. The push also doesn't work very good but that could just be juice defender.

roodisdagr8 says:

had this on my iphone, finally out for my droid and it doesnt work. i have an Evo. i uninstalled and re-installed about 5 times, turned my phone on and off and nothing. keeps force closing as soon as i put in my login. as you can see i would really like to finally play this game on my phone again. any suggestions?

Brian_d says:

I really want to like this game but after playing less than an hour... this game is just a hot mess! Force closes, (Dinc) no menu controls, intermittent push, no push sound notification, pop-ups, etc. etc. etc. I've got to wounder - did the OP or anybody at android central actually TRY the game?!?

tasberyfil says:

This game is really buggy on Droid. The first time it came out, it was smooth sailing. But then after I've installed the recent update, I can no longer access any of my games. I click on the games and it stays trying to load for a very long time until it finally freezes. I've done a reinstall, but it's still the same :(.

Is anyone else having a problem on their iphone with the new OS7 operating system?