WordPress has just updated its blogging app for Android devices to version 3.0, adding a number of new features along some specific bug fixes as well.

The change log for the 3.0 version is listed below:

  • Swipe between posts in the reader
  • Geotagging feature redesign
  • Get help by chatting with Automattic support
  • WordPress.com blog list now auto updates
  • Opt in/opt out setting for analytics
  • Bug fixes: upload picture crash, janky animations, Hebrew devices displaying the app in English, SNI + shared ssl certificate fix, rare reader crash, ...

Being able to swipe left to right to read individual WordPress blog post is certainly a welcome feature, and being able to opt in or out of the service's analytic tools is helpful as well.

Do you use the WordPress Android app for keeping up on your personal blog and if so what is your opinion on this new 3.0 update?


Reader comments

WordPress for Android 3.0 released with many new features


Whilst I never considered it to be broken in the first place, I never really use it to its full potential, instead just doing random updates on my daughter's blog/site. With the option to swipe between followed blogs (if I'm reading that right?), I may actually just sit down one night and do that

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I have the app but don't use it much. I tend to work on my blog from the computer. I'll take a look at the new features though.