Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Kiet Thai says:

I want to win! :)

veloracer says:

I'd like to win an S4!

Awesome!! Hope to win for the first time

Jeff Story says:

Yes please!!!

roeblatt3 says:

My Droid X is hurting... Please pick me so I can finally upgrade!!

rgbg says:

The odds of winning are 1 to approx 700 000, but wth :P, i'm in !!

lorocignetti says:

What a way to create illusions, I want it!

Hells ya!

thekendog says:

I heart Phil.

buck101 says:

Mine! I wanna win!

rogueJedi234 says:

It would be my pleasure to take that lovely S4 off of your hands.

thekrayze says:

I love Samsung devices. the galaxy 2 series is where it is at.

wildcard30 says:

I would love to win an S4

A Galaxy S4 would be so nice :)

poqeteer says:

Sure why not...

Mark4christ says:

samsung blow's the iPhone to another Galaxy.

ngc says:


I Want one!

bliger241 says:


Seskima says:

Me please :)

deadlydreamx says:

i hope i win please please please

Me wantzz

firefyte says:

Wait, this isn't officially launched, and we can win one?

CalgaryGuy says:

I am so stoked for the Galaxy S 4!

I have a Galaxy S II now, and have been unhappily avoiding buying an S3, so I am really excited about the S4!

mpeg09 says:

Really? This is awesome AC!:) Good luck to everyone! :)

Virshla says:

Never won anything in a contest of this kind, imagine this time things change...

Count me in!!

Jay Hall says:

pick me, pick me!

brent86 says:

Can't resist a good contest

Robert Elg says:

I've never won anything in my life before but here goes nothing! I'd love to have an S4! ;-)

Cherenkov says:

a single comment


Posted a comment.

Crossing my fingers for a new SGS4!!!

jobu3434 says:

Sounds like a great thing!!

rahul79 says:

This should be interesting. Would love me a new device. It is time to retire my HTC Sensation.

Hopefully they keep up this trend of great phones!

karn101 says:

Hakuna Matata!

idoesdroid says:

Samsung rules!! I want one!!

spotlight79 says:

Pick me, pick me, pick meeeeee!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeaseeee!!!! And here´s why: I´m stuck with a two year contract and there´s no way I´ll be able to buy a new phone this year and I really would love to be a proud owner of this phone. I´m a geek and there will surely be so much good new stuff in this phone! Aaaaaaand... phones in my country are sooooo overprized! Aaaaand... did I say pretty please??? Pleeeeeaseeee :)))))))

jobjohnny says:

I predict 30,000 comments. What an awesome giveaway!

Would love an IV for my first smartphone :-)

Dnomyar220 says:

Not sure what I'd do with my S3 if I won, but I'm sure I'd find a use for it

SoSquidTaste says:

One more link in the chain!

makaveli28 says:

Thanks AC, I would love to win a new Galaxy S4.

Mr Security says:

would love to win this phone, would be my first ANDROID device and I am looking to leave the dreaded "Blackberry", pleas please let me win!!!!!!!!!!!!

noonzie says:

i'm in it to win it.

almo40192 says:

I want this so PLEASE give it to me

sjenkins1009 says:

Would love a shot at a new SG4, hopefully it will land on Verizon so i can replace my Bionic i am back to using.

Scotty Olsen says:


johnglad says:

I'm thinking I'll be trading my Note II in for this bad boy

Shadow53007 says:

I haven't won a contest yet, and this would be the BEST first win EVER!!

amir800 says:

I can't wait. What an amazing phone it will be!

A Galaxy S4, you say? Why yes. Yes I would like.

mmgmike says:

I want one!

jj2339 says:

Love me some galaxy s4 goodness

SecularRhyme says:

A comment.

otisblood says:

I know the odds are against me but here's to optimism.

Dragonblade says:

"AC" you guys Rock, an S4 for a simple comment? Heck Yes... :)

abnormal1379 says:

I say yes to a freebie!

n0ppw says:

Pick me please! I've always wanted to try the Galaxy/Samsung experience! :-)

Maybe i will be the fists AC winner from Norway

Katie Young says:

ooooooo *as eyes get very big* what an amazing opportunity Thank You!!! *fingers crossed!! :)

Matthew Su says:

I'd love one :)

I don't know what it looks like, and I don't care. I just want it :)




jetsaredim says:

New phone would be nice...

kurt711 says:

3 weeks to go and already 1400 entries...dwindling chances!!


jeffreii says:

No upgrade until January 2014 so please give me a free S4 to hold me over! Thanks!



Cruzad3r says:

Pick me - I want the new S4. THanks

Jaye36 says:

OHHHH Snap! Some GS4 goodness...

AndroidJDG says:

I would love to have one of the first Galaxy S4's.

J Torch says:

Still rockin' the Thunderbolt. I'm definitely due for an upgrade.

Excited to actually see this device!!! hope i win though!!!

jharo says:

Man, there has to be something wrong with me...I gotta have a new phone as soon as it comes out.

Hipgnose says:

I need to upgrade! :p

Mbrady667 says:

Please sirrrr, can I have some moreeeee? Whaaaaaat? A galaxy s fourrrrrr plz:)

lsjay says:

Winning is for winners! I wanna be a winner!

mfriedman79 says:

1 in 1500 (current post count) chance to win. Done and Done.

All your GS IV's belong to me.

I'm still using a Galaxy 550 ...probably time to upgrade huh ;-)

360Mobiles says:

I'd be happy to be the first person to win the first galaxy s4 giveaway!

Last Ride says:

I want one!

PaulyZinATL says:

Ooh... Samsung Galaxy S4. In mah pocket...

As I type this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab v1, winning a new Galaxy S4 would jive so well with my tablet and Samsung LED TV. Please help make my tech circle complete.

dusoccer10 says:

You had me at first!

Bobert_123 says:

Ill bet a SGS4 that I won't win :D

Thanks guys!

mark13568 says:

Awesome contest! Great job Android Central

deadaim00 says:

Hoping to win to help out my brother here! Just broke his droid 2 and could definitely use an upgrade! Thank you guys so much!

clott2 says:

I would love to win this Samsung. Thanks for the chance.

mark06067 says:

My Evo 3D is getting old and tired. His Memory is full of good times and can't handle anymore excitement. he would love an early retirement party.

johnm323 says:

my DINC is getting old...would love a free upgrade!

rsan88224 says:

S4 woooooooooooooooooo

iamkraz says:

yes please.

jokeefe10 says:

Can't wait to get my hands on the S IV!!!

Time to see if the S4 can turn this long-time iPhone user. :-)

conway125 says:

Had to purchase last two Samsung Phones outright, would love to get one for free:)

thatsteveguy says:

This is my single comment. Thanks!

kea423 says:

New s4... here I come!!!!!!!!!!!

SirLance99 says:

Oh heck yes. This would go great with all my other Samsung products.

belogical says:

Here is to my 0.00001% chance of winning!

Droid Stew says:

Simple. I like it.

gtorrontegui says:

I'm in :)

jhhoffma says:


Mario Leuang says:


I been a fan of Android Central for a while and a big fan of android since my first, Verizon's first LTE, the Thunderbolt. I would be a fan of Android Central forever if I got an SIV. I will give a kidney, or organ if needed. Also willing to name children. Not above making old girlfriends perform "favors". No pressure but I know people I'm not above threats either I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE GIVE ME MY SIV

TheDachshund says:

Hmmmm.... Galaxicious!

gev75 says:

Please pick me. I would love a new S4.

acuda27 says:

This would be incredible! Thanks Android Central!

Mbrady667 says:

Please sirrrr, can I have some moreeeee? Whaaaaaat? A galaxy s fourrrrrr plz:)

ksat says:

What could be better than a brand-new GALAXY?? Absolutely nothing!

AC - you rock!

ahmadshawki says:

I have a feeling this phone will blow our minds. I won't mind getting one...

lundy#AC says:

I would love to win a new phone!

cellobrian says:

Me me me me me me me me!

I'd be stoked to win one, because I'm going to be buying one regardless.

I'd be stoked to win one, because I'm going to be buying one regardless.

leadwind says:

Yes, please!

I'd be stoked to win one, because I'm going to be buying one regardless.

pjunk says:

I'd love this phone. Then I can hand my GSII down to my kids!

bazinga says:

I'm crossing my fingers!

I'd be stoked to win one, because I'm going to be buying one regardless.

funlap38 says:

I would love to win.

dharris007 says:

want. kthx.

OWestereng says:

single comment

Jonas Slivka says:

I'd love to put my hands on this amazing device. Pick me!

Nick Hitt says:

Sexy, sleek, stylish, sophisticated, the 4 S's for wanting to own the Galaxy!

socaltyger says:

Sweet! Would love to win the next big thing.

Nick Hitt says:

Sexy, sleek, stylish, sophisticated, the 4 S's for wanting to own the Galaxy!

Nick Hoadley says:

Please please please let me win! I never win anything :(

Nick Hoadley says:

Loops dp

MrBuilder123 says:

I must say the Samsung Galaxy S4 surpasses any other mobile. Best of the best.

ut00wj says:

I love the Galaxy line!

Fhoorntje says:

"You're blocking my sun" , said the elephant to the mouse.

I would love a samsung galaxy s4 so I scan get rid of my DROID pro

major payne says:

I could really use this.

Please hook me up with a Galaxy S4, my Skyrocket is getting tired!

Jerry Bolton says:

A comment! Would love to upgrade my wife's phone (I have a Nexus 4, she's using a Nexus S).

Naiyer Asif says:

I would like to have one.

- To check out how it feels to own a bleeding-edge smartphone. Possibilities. Endless possibilities. :)
- To test my novice apps on a top-level hardware. (I have already got a bottom-level hardware). It would nicely complement the spectrum.
- To boast. :)

chuckdz3 says:

I would love one!

kkhanmd says:

What are my chances of winning, I hope I do, for I would love to win and have a brand new S4. Please please

Nanchomex says:

as an original Galaxy Note owner, looking forward to switch back to a smaller size superduper smartphone, pretty please S4 don't disappoint me!!

Mobius360 says:

March 14th is my lucky day

Victor Pham says:

I want a galaxy siv,,,

gonzo009 says:


phillygrl says:

Thank YOU!!!

amaguk739 says:

Please let me win

bsannes says:

Yes please I'll take one :)

MashaDanki says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

schulzjt says:

Love my GS3, Would love a GS4 even more!!!

ricebw says:

I'm in!

dowenprs says:

Pick me please. Thank you!


myscharnet says:

Would love this :)

JT918 says:

I want one.

I need one!!!!! Please give it to me :))(

ardreissig says:

I would love to win! Sign me up!

The Rambler says:

Would love a GS4 :)

meyerweb says:

WOOT! Here's hoping.

Goicetty says:

Gonna win!!!!

dwade62 says:

Been loving my GS3. Would love a GS4 even more!! Who wouldn't want a S4? Well, maybe that little girl in those Capital One 'What's In Your Wallet' commercials...

Agape02 says:

I would love to have this phone. Pick me! Pick me!

rtsevier28 says:

Thanks for all the great giveaways AC!

bauger34 says:

Submit a single comment to this blog post.

RockYork says:

Pick me!!!!!

mballs4life says:

Pick me for the next big thing!!

Christoph300 says:

Awesome chance! Sign me up.

Wesley1 says:

Oh yeah come here my new Samsung Galaxy S4!

cessnao3 says:

A Galaxy SIV would be a great replacement to my dated LG Cosmos II and would give me the chance to try out an Android phone! Thanks!

Viewman says:

Woe and pity not for me, but since my S3 was stolen a S4 for free?

gpchess2k says:

S4 Comon! =)

epic1 says:


Simon Rutter says:

I want one! Count me in! :-)

anjustice1 says:

please let it be me that wins.

mlr_90 says:

Love the Galaxy line!! Gimme that phone!! Lol

beathookup says:

Sprint's version for the win! Pick me and make my wife happy!

jamesrmca1 says:

My Phone is getting somewhat "long in the tooth", I would really like to get this as my new phone and be up to date with the new Android OS and new hardware!

Cody Fyler says:

Count me in...

Vizualize says:

I want to get Samsung`d!!

selims88 says:

Oh my goodness oh my goodness GOODNESS!! Can I please have a S4 so I can take super-awesome pics ans super-awesome vids of my super-awesome pit-bull and upload them to a super-awesome support page for super-awesome pits like mine, and then browse this super-awesome website at super-awesome speeds, and leave moarr super-awesome comments like this one!!!! =) YES? <3

sranjanm2002 says:

I Love Samsung Galaxy S4.

swimrage says:

I wouldn't mind seeing if the grass is greener on the Sammy side...

Vizualize says:

I want to get Samsung`d!!

dahova44 says:

Looking forward to see how Samsung can top last year S3

CliveCleaves says:

1/1600+ Chance of winning? Sounds like my kind of odds.

s3lambert says:


sslacker says:

Mmm S4

Rodrigo Rosa says:

I'm in!!!


eRod v1.0 says:

Heck ya! Sign me up.

Freshy#WN says:

Love contests like this even though I never win lol

derek5l says:

In for 1.

adler187 says:


seabadger says:

Count me in

tillerrw says:

Let's do this.

Sakuran says:

I want one! Please :)

krispy521 says:

Please pick me. I need one bad.

fordnando says:

It would be sweet to get the next best thing and always be ahead of the Iphone crowd B-)

silverdemon says:

i loved my captivate and my galaxy SII - skyrocket. the SG4 would be a great way to continue my samsung device line

cav22 says:

I am due for a new device and will be considering this either way. Hoping it will live up to its hype... Count me in for the contest.

drivermcgee says:

Love the S3 and would love to get my hands on the next great phone......

I have a 1 in 2000 chance, but let's give it a shot!

Icipher says:

Totally down to win a free phone.

rahilanath says:

Been looking to upgrade my Razr Maxx and would love to win :).

sdouglas3673 says:

Daddy needs a new phone..

sms5690 says:

a single comment huh..

driedsponge says:

Pick me please!

Droid hungry says:

I'm totally down for this. I need a new phone anyways!

daydesign says:

I love some Galaxy S4.

Jai Kannan says:

It would be great to have a S4.

IgorPunck says:

If i win Galaxy S4, can i get an AndroidCentral t shirt with it? PLEASE!!!!

And massive thanks for a wonderful site guys!

BobsXJ says:

Winning a Samsung Galaxy S4 is WAY better than buying one.
Just sayin...

screech113 says:

You can send it my way. I would make great use of it.

ShinKen says:

4 times as nice galaxy s4 baby

Verizon CDMA/LTE model por favor! I would love the chance to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus to a newer device all without losing my cherished Unlimited data; help me make Verizon eat it!

Miguente says:

Booyah!! Come, S4!

Traxion says:


benmcf says:

Pick me!

mbrasher says:

A new Galaxy S4 would be awesome.

JosephN says:

Ummmm yeah so yall are going to pick me right. I know yall want to.

Alan Nero says:

Sony took way to long to release Xperia Z. Now am on Board the Galaxy S4 Train. Pass me one. Thanks

mine mine mine!

RSchmidt624 says:

Pick me!!!!

Damendash74 says:

I need one! Im ready to make the permanent switch from IOS to ANDROID.

taz88ny says:

Woohoo, an S4 for me!!!

Silverd77 says:

Ooo! This would pair up perfectly with my 10.1!! Starting to LOVE SAMMY! Can't wait to see this s4! Add me to the contest please! ;-) thank you Android Central! Cool contests like these is why I cone to this site for my news, etc...

AZBrowncoat says:

*throws name into hat*

The_Finja says:

This would be perfect, I can give my wife my s3 and grab a new s4

Ace4 says:

I would like to win

baconkid86 says:

It is worth a try right?

Yes sir I'll take one

rupam95 says:

posting to enter. good luck.

orlanka says:

If I don't win, I'm killing a beautiful butterfly. The choice is yours AC, choose wisely.

mactzzy says:

Here is my comment even though no color ever gets picked, smh

suavehouse says:


Mikey D_PhD says:

I just got a Droid DNA, but I'll gladly take GS4.

allyn274 says:

I'm hooked on my S3,but can't wait to get my hands on the S4!

MNanimefan says:

This is total inS4nity!! But what the hell, its worth a shot...

wileyknoch says:

I'm In!

sryan1983 says:

1 in 8,000,000 odds...I like my chances.

ivrimon says:

I'm in!

chiefs72 says:

not begging... android is my life if you do pick me thanks..

GIMME!!!Thanks in advance. Awaiting my email to confirm my shipping address.

timib40 says:

Really excited to see what samsung has in store.

Yay would eat my Shorts for the sgs4

sammyesparza says:

I'm still using an S2, couldn't afford to upgrade to the 3 or the G-Note 2. I could use one

Lanhoj says:

I'm definitely down to win an S4!

timib40 says:

Really excited to see what samsung has in store.

mikec8785 says:

Yes, please!

tinosaurus97 says:

Wooooo samsung galaxy s4, imagine the things I would do with it. :)

one comment eh? this should be an easy win !

jgav71 says:

Im in it to win it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aturkewi says:

this is perfect. im looking for a new phone

seattlethfc says:

Yes, please!

zodiacus85 says:

I hope. I'm looking forward to see it :D

Innersoul33 says:

I want to win a Galaxy S IV

stlfan1974 says:

When I first saw the logo for the contest, it reminded me of bacon.

srazzak says:

I would love to win :-)

Vangsterz says:

i'm in

iamblob says:

You had me at Win! Had to do a double take for a second there and search AC for news about the SGSIV because I was pretty sure nothing officially was posted about it yet, only the March 14 invite. Got to say you guys are awesome for hosting the world's first SIV contest! Good luck to everyone and AC and me!

Larzzzz says:

I would be foolish *not* to try winning this. :) Especially how quickly my daughters are using up their hand-me-downs.

JulioGM says:

I'm in!! I could really use one right now, my S2 is about to die, it needs to be replaced soon :(

jimmyw916 says:

I would love to have a s4!

jimmyw916 says:

I would love to have a s4!

cheeta186 says:

Count me in on this one!

I love my HTC but it would be killer to have a brand new gs4 at launch!!

masetas says:

Sgs4 for me !!!! Woud definately make a great replacement for sgs2 and a great device to make all ios lovers cry... will be like look my phone does this and this maybe yours will also one day maybe when they release ios20....

jonathan3579 says:

I had a dream that I won. Let's make it a dream come true. :)

jamis_snyder says:

Generic I want to win comment

Ari Ben Zayn says:

Count me in :D

Xzaf says:

X fingers

VyprNoch says:

Four years after my first Android phone and it to be SGSIV. Sounds great.

jdiamjr says:

I'm in!

haiinguy3n says:

Wouldn't mind winning my first contest EVER be this First Ever S4 Contest!

kenyee says:

OMG ..awesome :-)

galatians51 says:

Here we go with my entry. Thanks AC!

shahid99 says:

Omg I wanna win this soooo badly . defiantly I'm totally would be so cool to win this one. my first ever contest win.

MotoMudder says:

I could use this.

srkmagnus says:

Here's hoping Android Central upgrades me to an S4 when it comes out :).

Winning a Galaxy S4 would be PRETTY cool!

alila2 says:

I'm a 36 years old orphan , if i win the S4 it will really helps my allergies because my middle toe get longer than he rest when i dream walk on a thursday's noon.

Aikuchi says:

Third Fisherman: Master, I marvel how the fishes live in the sea.
First Fisherman: Why, as men do a-land; the great ones eat up the little ones.

I'll take two please.

franek88 says:

I'll take one !

Marcos Lins says:

I want to win the new S4!!!!!!!!!!!

dani_cain says:

This is the winning comment ;^)

MasterRy88 says:

WOOOO I love contests!

cbbartley says:

I'm ready for that Galaxy S 4 so let's make it happen Android Central.

naixent says:

I'm in!

Phil73 says:

Looking forward to a new GS4

cmiller4848 says:

From the most unluckiest of guys on planet EARTH! Please android central pick me and make me feel whole again. It would be like winning the lotto but better. S4 here I come

can i have it i don't have an android phone just an old nokia 2700, smart phones in my country are very expensive

cinoromyxo says:

Ready for the newest, biggest, fastest, bad boy from big S. Verizon version please

drnggaj13 says:


alex954 says:

I want a S4!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bizzle69 says:

I want one do bad! I would put it to good use! I would help the dev community for sure!

Raul_B says:

Jag vill vinna!

f1usgp says:

I need a new phone.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

bjsstranger says:

This would definitely solve my dilemma of s4 or a one