Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.


Reader comments

Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 in 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest'


Please don't give me an S4. That would be just awful. I mean with all that fancy tech and stuff. Pure torture I tell you.

Best regards,

Brer Rabbit

Umm... Have I won yet? I'd certainly like to replace my battery gobbling S2X.
Thank you, g'night!

Let's give it a shot!!!!! wow if i win that Samsung Galaxy S4, it'll be a great great thing!! once i love to have one! and it'll be a great tool to enhanced my devs skills!!!

Thanks Android Central , and ofcourse good luck to all!!! :)

Hope to be the winner!

I would love to get a new phone. I always loved Samsung my first 5 phones were Samsung. I want to win a Samsung phone

I'd love an S4, just a tiny bit better in every way than my S3 - but the 1080p is calling out to me!!! If only AC had 1000 to give out!!!

Even though I would love to have one of these, if I won it I would give it to my friend who has an out-dated, under-powered carrier Android. He is a talented developer and is helping me with an app we hope to launch soon, but he was downsized a few months ago and hasn't found steady employment yet, so it will be quite a long time before he can afford a top of the line Android phone!

The Samsung galaxy s4 is so remarkable it turned me away from apple and towards android, not to mention that it occupies my mind every second of my day. Having it will be like having heaven in my hands.

I hope I can win this one I love Samsung they're better than LG in my opinion and always got the best ui

I've found this post browsing Currents App on my afordable SIII Mini. Can't wait to change it to brand new SIV, I would have wait like for ages or eons to buy :)

I want it soo badd!!! I read all the rumors and specs also saw all videos related to the s4 to see what was going to be like!! Now i cant wait to get one!! Please im dying for one! I REALLY REALLY WANT TO WINN!!

Hook me up with one... PLEASE with jelly bean, ice cream sandwich, donuts, froyo, gingerbread... and hopefully soon... key lime pie.. on top.


Z... Xperia Z was the phone i wanted....
But now i think sony is no good and my current device is sony neo...
Struck with sony plzzzzzzz want my first super amazing s4

UPDATE I said i couldnt afford the S3 I have the S3.what i meant to say was i cant afford the new S4.Due to being locked into a 2 year contract.Had a typo(got excited i guess)

It's going to be a hot competition between the HTC One and the GS4. One's got more beauty and class, but the GS4 will have better support and software options.

The S4 is not as vig an upgrade as I hoped, but the new hardware, screen and UI features are simply epic. Well done once again Samsung...

I've had every iPhone since the 3g and even had the GS3 for a short time. I love the flexibility of Android phones and think it might be time to make the switch.

I'd love to upgrade to this device. Was looking at note 2 but I think screen size with a smaller phone would be awesome! Hope I get picked.

I like try out the new camera features and video calling, using both cameras during the call. The Samsung hub will be great feature. The octa-core sounds awesome!

Buying one for sure, but winning one would be awesome! Will still buy one though for my dad. Pick me please!

Can't wait to own this phone. I would many so many pictures and videos of my cats lol. The internet needs more cats :)

I'm in too! My Dad needs his first smart phone to be awesome, and it will be. Take it from me I've been using it for a while now! The S4's for me! :D

Hope Google and Samsung fixed the calendar sync issue with the S3 or at least it's not an issue with the S4!

I would love to win this phone. My gf has the S3 while I have the old Droid x still.
Just finished watching the galaxy 4 unveiling.. Great looking phone!!!!!!!

I Hope I won, I Been Dreaming of an Android Phone for a Long Time, I never own an Android Before, Samsung Galaxy S4 would be one of the Great Gift for my Graduation Day! God Bless!

I would love to win one just like the others. If I win one you would also save me from my wife getting upset at me getting a new phone when we are saving for a new house right now. :)

Another Contest Another Try From My Side, As Always I Hope I Win This Contest. Give Me The Galaxy S4

Definitely time for a new phone. My Bionic is getting so slow it seems like it's as old as Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers.