Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

grrr says:

Umm... Have I won yet? I'd certainly like to replace my battery gobbling S2X.
Thank you, g'night!

caps10784 says:

Pick me :)

Nino Sidari says:

I could use an S4!

wkj says:

I gave up my S3 to my wife! I deserve a S4! Please and thank you.

psyjohn says:

I sure hope I win!

netnative says:

Perhaps I will have luck with this contest.

Mark Buckley says:

I would like to win please

WizardBGR says:

Please pick me! :)

dragid10 says:

S4 FTW!!

t-b says:

It's definitely going to be me this time!

scott shaw says:

Looking forward to getting my new S4!

rick28092 says:

I really need this phone.

videorx says:

Yes, please. I need a new phone badly!

gmalvim says:

Yes! Time to throw out my PT550! This S4 is mine.

I wish to throw my hat in the race

techieTroy says:

Please oh please, rock my mobile world!

I'm READY 4 the next GALAXY!!!!

curiousj87 says:

This is the greatest thing since taco molds!

KahneFan says:

Here goes nothing.

wfa31 says:

Let's give it a shot!!!!! wow if i win that Samsung Galaxy S4, it'll be a great great thing!! once i love to have one! and it'll be a great tool to enhanced my devs skills!!!

Thanks Android Central , and ofcourse good luck to all!!! :)

Hope to be the winner!

theermine says:

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

dharper06 says:

The phone looks awesome

Kevin Moe says:

I would love to get a new phone. I always loved Samsung my first 5 phones were Samsung. I want to win a Samsung phone

sbnkdp says:

if i had one wish

abu3ali602 says:

I will win.

calvin nikko says:

I dreamt last night i have won samsung galaxy s4.

cheidt76 says:

Never had A Samsung before, but only because I can't afford one! This would be awesome to win!

mitaino9000 says:

I want one.

If I win an S4 I will donate my Inc2 to a needy organization.

im gonna win it

Drubban says:

Hello :>

kiramitsa says:

Want the S4 badly!!!

kygator13 says:

Pick me! It will help fund my htc one purchase.

rajshah94 says:


rajshah94 says:


Mighty_Red says:

I'd love an S4, just a tiny bit better in every way than my S3 - but the 1080p is calling out to me!!! If only AC had 1000 to give out!!!

ivaldry says:

Goodbye Galaxy S3, hello S4. Looking forward to getting the new phone

Shrey Mehta says:

time for my nokia to retire :P

Even though I would love to have one of these, if I won it I would give it to my friend who has an out-dated, under-powered carrier Android. He is a talented developer and is helping me with an app we hope to launch soon, but he was downsized a few months ago and hasn't found steady employment yet, so it will be quite a long time before he can afford a top of the line Android phone!

XiriX12 says:

Hoping to win this!

cjones says:

I would like a GS4 PLEEEEASE!

The Tick077 says:

Would love to win!

T3chnic133 says:

For some reason Android keeps getting better.

artworx02 says:

can't wait! I need a new S4!

dalikas says:

come on, S4! Daddy's waitin!;))

Androiduser3 says:

Maybe I could win it... Maybe

kevinchai says:

The Samsung galaxy s4 is so remarkable it turned me away from apple and towards android, not to mention that it occupies my mind every second of my day. Having it will be like having heaven in my hands.

Styv says:

I'm ready

PrimozR says:

Ping. :D

Brad Haubert says:

Been thinking about coming back from the iOS dark side. This phone just might do the trick!

A S4 for me.

A S4 for me.

Azad Hajar says:

Can I win? Please, can I?

JCollardBovy says:

Can't wait to have the new Galaxy S4... *drooling*

md0600 says:

I want one! Pick me!

alexmihai12 says:

S3s, come to papa!

redtruck1 says:

I would love to win this phone.
Thanks for running this contest.

phince1 says:

Hook me up!

Zanakard says:

I think it's about time I sign up on AC =)

edkafes says:

I am looking forward to my new S4

id love to win!!

mfloan says:

Would love to have one to replace my GNex!

Profidd says:

Galaxy S IV rules.....yeah!!!

altd says:

For the Love of Lloyd! Pick ME!

WDH says:

looking forward to this phone!

justdubya says:

Challenge accepted!

bjstevensen says:

I want one of these bad boys

lee_what2004 says:

Is it unlocked unit ?

meethere says:

i wanna win this phone, greatest.

mattb5#AC says:

Man, I want one of these so bad! Pick me! ;)

snscomp says:

Count me in for the S4

grn4frk says:


milkb1 says:

I'm loving the new S4!

oneillperson says:

Love at first sight really does exist!!

P0d4G says:

hey android please make me winner for galaxy S4 ....:)

nosmohtac says:

I want one!

b_lightamor says:

I have a HTC Glacier... would love to have an updated phone. Thanks

techeretic says:

I need this 1080p screen...

McNutty195 says:

Hi android central your awesome!

wkupike2000 says:

I'm due for this!

biictorr says:

Yes, please!

datdudeukno says:

I love the giveaways here. Seriously, who gives away an S4 before it's even available.

cp chaudhary says:

the evolutionary cellular the great SAMMY....keep on...make more easier life-style.....

mike770 says:

I'm in!

I'd love to win an S4!

draddo11 says:

finally .. We can win something big ..

draddo11 says:

finally .. We can win something big ..

markuslee says:

Oh me likey!

JosephN says:

I hope I can win this one I love Samsung they're better than LG in my opinion and always got the best ui

Gerynar says:

It would be very nice if I would win this.

sinnigam says:

Fan of the galaxy, have had each one. Hoping that you guys provide me with one.

airupthere23 says:

Fingers crossed. Thanks for opportunity Android Central!

airupthere23 says:

Fingers crossed. Thanks for opportunity Android Central!

airupthere23 says:

Fingers crossed. Thanks for opportunity Android Central!

f1bonacc1 says:

Let's try :)

tyoac says:


222psm says:

I'm in for a S4

I would like one please!

I would like one please!

LordZog says:

I would love one of these.. Count me in.

rytymu says:

Will Lady Luck give me a break this time?

onick says:

want one.

chiefrelief says:

Please gimmie one!

Bill Fisher says:

I promise not to use it while golfing.

retnuh says:

I'm in.

TSwindler says:

I'm in

Cephas1 says:

I mean, if your giving them away!

enjoylife949 says:

I want a Galaxy S4!

The new Galaxy S IV will put iPhone on its place: the drawer :)

NIUHuskie says:

Pick me this time? Please.

sabrekeeper says:

me me me. Please me

Kasswara says:

mite b cool

I'm mad for this one to hold in my hand...

Maurice315 says:

A smartphone that must be tested and, in my opinion, always kept with themselves!

NadiaN28 says:

Here goes nothing 8)

pinger05 says:

Still rocking an original Nexus. What an upgrade if I was able to win!!

Anum_N says:


Wiktor Baka says:

I've found this post browsing Currents App on my afordable SIII Mini. Can't wait to change it to brand new SIV, I would have wait like for ages or eons to buy :)

JinaYobie says:

getting tired of my samsung gt-i5510, so, pick me as a winner of this giveaway? hehehe ^^)v

Dakorgan says:

Hey I was just thinking my s3 is looking pretty long in the tooth

ItascaBill says:

Sprint S4 FTW!

Tree10 says:

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I would like this phone, thanks.

I want it soo badd!!! I read all the rumors and specs also saw all videos related to the s4 to see what was going to be like!! Now i cant wait to get one!! Please im dying for one! I REALLY REALLY WANT TO WINN!!

I'm in! pick me :) ! SAMSUNG rules!

I would be very grateful if I get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S4.:-)

Adriano Wahl says:

Please help me get rid of my Motorola Backflip!

gomezl says:

I love it. A new S4. That simply amazing

Yes, would love to have one of the first fresh shiny new galaxy s4's off the line!!

Please pick me,As i am locked in to a 2 year contract on my S3 and i sure wont be able to afford to buy the S3

Nikita Lylyk says:

You have to pick me!!!

AirAngel911 says:

Hook me up with one... PLEASE with jelly bean, ice cream sandwich, donuts, froyo, gingerbread... and hopefully soon... key lime pie.. on top.


azngoose says:

I'd love to continue owning Galaxy devices. Samsung's on their game and have been for a while now!

salsreloded says:

Z... Xperia Z was the phone i wanted....
But now i think sony is no good and my current device is sony neo...
Struck with sony plzzzzzzz want my first super amazing s4

Kvoth says:

I hope this is international :)

Octa-core or Snapdragon, I'll be happy either way :)

mactruck says:

I could take the next step up from the Galaxy SIII.

UPDATE I said i couldnt afford the S3 I have the S3.what i meant to say was i cant afford the new S4.Due to being locked into a 2 year contract.Had a typo(got excited i guess)

Mr.Mcgoo says:

You know you want to pick me.... C'mon just admit it...

vgelfand says:

I am in (will have to buy HTC One if I do not win S4)

HumbertoH says:

I have to win! D=

Bittrblue says:

I would give it to my wonderful wife whose S3 has had nothing but problems...

I'd love love love to win a galaxy s4 :-) :-)

Louey says:

Hmmm upgrade from S3 to S4..meh why not...Pick me!!

mikebrodesky says:

Ladies and gentlemen I'd really like that device

es-06 says:

Whoo Galaxy S4. For the WIN!

Shane Millan says:

I thing it's time to retire the original...Galaxy Epic 4g...hopefully with the S4!

Numberjuan13 says:

I WANT ONE, Official Entry.

lolgamerfifa says:

+1 s4 please.

jobrown22 says:

Mine mine mine! Pleasee

eisenhulk says:

Please and thank you.

mathjack22 says:

It's going to be a hot competition between the HTC One and the GS4. One's got more beauty and class, but the GS4 will have better support and software options.

EC8547 says:

I would love to upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy Mesmerize to the Galaxy S4. Good Luck to all!!!!

fortizd says:

Waiting forma muy new S4. I'll send you some pictures.

its so good,i wanna take a small bite of it!

Help me retire my iPhone 4 :)

KSUJedi says:

I want one!

Thunderm says:

I hope I still qualify for this awesome prize!!! Gimme gimme gimme gimme!!

knmfaust says:

would love to have one....

khrima says:

This would be an awesome phone to have


Pretty please

Mioshaman says:

I'd like one Please.

jeuw says:

Would love an S4 to replace my out of date Galaxy Note.

pkdiver2 says:

It would be great to win a new flagship phone from AC.

AndroidDave says:

This would be awesome! I need it!



ManDroidUser says:

Hells to the yeah. International version or North American though?

cmdrkeen86 says:

Awesome, always enjoy the chance to win something.

This would be my first Samsung

nitin1009 says:

Would love to win a galaxy S4.

blais213 says:

Omg freaking god! Its time to win!!

I'd love to win this.

stewbug says:

Well, I will post a comment even though there are 15000 already lol. I want this phone!

tapfumam says:

When i win this you will all be jealous :-)

dev2nsu says:

This phone is amazing! Good luck to everyone

Eric Warren1 says:

Sam has sung and I will be singing also when im picked

Bubbademon says:

what everyone else said, plus 1.

I am glad that they kept the NFC in the S4.

bluefalcon13 says:

The wife could use an upgrade, I'm in :)

bluefalcon13 says:

The wife could use an upgrade, I'm in :)

Blowntoaster says:

The S4 is not as vig an upgrade as I hoped, but the new hardware, screen and UI features are simply epic. Well done once again Samsung...

jezzabel says:

I'm about due for an upgrade, I'll be happy to take this off of your hands.

jakub kotal says:

apple is going to have a lot of problems since this phone is out

Me... Me...! ^_^

the gator says:

Better then a Palm Pre.

poloruiz714 says:

I want that S4!!! :) I'm want to retire my S3.

FrogVomit says:

I deserve it more than anyone!

kiborgai says:

Big suprise

Yo lo quiero! PORFA!! :(

I enjoy free things. Please pick me. Thanks!

Pick me i want one

eibbed0001 says:

Thanks for the opportunity!

violeaf says:

Can I have the phone please!

Jim Shank says:

I've had every iPhone since the 3g and even had the GS3 for a short time. I love the flexibility of Android phones and think it might be time to make the switch.

i'd love to have one. i want it :)

subject18 says:

I would be eternally grateful to AndroidCentral if I were to win this GS4. All the best and take care!

dakhath says:

Help me replace my S2 with a S4.

sexyhex says:

Go go Galaxy S4!

lapdog101 says:

4 out of 5 Capuchin Monkeys chose the Galaxy S4 over Iphone 5. Number 5 works for Apple...

sgp77 says:


I want the S4!

I would love to have this incredible device ! :))

Gello9240 says:

got me an S2, held off on the S3 to wait for the S4... I'm MORE than ready now! Pick me.

spiky82 says:

ooh pick me pick me!!! pick me!mememe =)

chiles007 says:

I really want an S4!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please make my Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wrcdriver says:

Fingers cross.. I want one

lichking99 says:

My girlfriend needs a new phone bad!

Thanks AC Team! Fingers crossed!

CTREV21 says:

I'd love to upgrade to this device. Was looking at note 2 but I think screen size with a smaller phone would be awesome! Hope I get picked.

kilo720 says:

I can always use another upgrade from my galaxy s3

YanceyJ says:

Need a new phone badly...This would work!

wood3073 says:

I like try out the new camera features and video calling, using both cameras during the call. The Samsung hub will be great feature. The octa-core sounds awesome!

kenneryeo says:

wish I can be one of the first to own the s4...

enyce9 says:


muzmurad says:

Buying one for sure, but winning one would be awesome! Will still buy one though for my dad. Pick me please!

Masires says:


It suits me perfectly.

hippocat says:

woooooooo Galaxy

Anabel Blas says:

Can't wait to own this phone. I would many so many pictures and videos of my cats lol. The internet needs more cats :)

Reggie says:

Please allow me to go from a Samsung Note to the S4

area52 says:

I'm in need of a new phone. The best one available for free would be fine :-)

eltico40 says:

Yes count me in, honey u can have my S3 now

I'm to poor to buy one, I would be elated to win one!

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

Still using a Galaxy Nexus S. Maybe it's time for a change !

702mike says:

I'm in too! My Dad needs his first smart phone to be awesome, and it will be. Take it from me I've been using it for a while now! The S4's for me! :D

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

11Jag says:

Hope Google and Samsung fixed the calendar sync issue with the S3 or at least it's not an issue with the S4!

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

I need this!

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

AndrewakaMJ says:

Why not? I'm in.

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

Ajeet Gill says:

Life companion

redheaded18 says:

I would love to win this phone. My gf has the S3 while I have the old Droid x still.
Just finished watching the galaxy 4 unveiling.. Great looking phone!!!!!!!

cmurgia says:

Pick ME!!! Please?

mdck7768 says:

I watched the broadcast live and would love to win a new Galaxy S IV.

striker1213 says:

Galaxy S3 has a cracked screen, would be nice to upgrade straight to the S4

llamabomber says:

I need myself a nice upgrade... I'll take one please!

Sabakhan786 says:

I would love to win itt!!! =]]] samsung is so awesomeee

SlushySolid says:

I would love to win one of these bad boys! The skyrocket is starting to get old!

Still stuck with my ages-old Inspire 4G...wishing for a GS4 or One :D

slywalk says:

Android central,you're crazy (: I'm so Robert Downey for this contest.

aplw says:

S4 is no bore.

dacatalyst41 says:

Count me in for this beast!

Justin Benz1 says:

This is the blog post that will win me a Samsung Galaxy S4!

pagehite says:

Gimme! C'mon, gimme!

saraSmile says:

i really hope to win!!!
Pleeeeeeease pick me!! :D

pick me :)I want Galaxy S4 :)

pick me :)I want Galaxy S4 :)

pick me :)I want Galaxy S4 :)

pick me :)I want Galaxy S4 :)

Akhil Sood says:

Pick me, pick me, PICK ME GOD DAMN IT.

utmed95 says:

Can't wait to get mine thank you very much.

What more

smuncky says:


The S4 is pretty impressive kit...

cruizen says:

I have a strong chance. 1 in 1s4s4.

njcoutinho says:

You guys are awesome .I want mine with Lloyds picture behind it.Thank you guys .

robdunaway says:

Please pick me!

I'd love one...

Xfan86 says:


Vladabeast says:

I'm in let's go

Church313 says:

Can't wait to get mine!

geoffzilla says:

One in fifteen thousand? Those odds really aren't that bad...

pompuspb says:

i would love one

EmilVee says:

Jimmy cracked corn and, somehow, I find the strength to not care.

br1ang says:

Throwing my hat in the ring for a chance to win.

Allallon says:

I want to win to give it to my girlfriend.

tetsuo says:

i would love to have a sgs4!

Evan Noe says:


airmandeluxe says:

I need one.

roelsamson20 says:

I Hope I won, I Been Dreaming of an Android Phone for a Long Time, I never own an Android Before, Samsung Galaxy S4 would be one of the Great Gift for my Graduation Day! God Bless!

oluseun14 says:

Hope this comment counts!

fady michel says:

I'm comment # 15516 LOL
Strong chances here :)

N0sferatU524 says:

count me in. Galaxy S2 owner ready to upgrade.

David1NYC says:

I want this phone!

volodar72 says:

i just noticed this contest after signing up for android central!

Krisg88 says:

s4 please :)

Neal Veen says:

I would love to win one just like the others. If I win one you would also save me from my wife getting upset at me getting a new phone when we are saving for a new house right now. :)

I'd like to win a gs4! :-)

John Dsilva says:

Super Like

Eric379 says:

Me, me, me! Pleeeeeeeeeze!

ogonba says:

I want one , S4 rocks!!!

erbe232 says:

Sure sign me up I'd love to have one!

st_7 says:

Another Contest Another Try From My Side, As Always I Hope I Win This Contest. Give Me The Galaxy S4

dunnkers says:

I want to win!! Great phone!

JacekW says:


abranch352 says:

White please

Uday mishra says:

Pre-Launch ad was so creative and thoughtful so as the phone ssmart and trendy.

jacobjanzen says:

Ermagerd I want one!

martain says:

Definitely time for a new phone. My Bionic is getting so slow it seems like it's as old as Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers.

locajun says:

Would love to win.

kantoben says:

Count me in.

Kanyrew says:

I want one.

Ringo C says:

I want it!