Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

i4get75 says:

I need one! I'm broke :)

4mooo says:

Give me, give me, give me!

123rob123 says:

Pick me! Pick me :-)

mrushie says:

Please pick me. Currently I have an Atrix 2 that drops Wifi and dies in half of a day. Choose me to win a "real" phone. I won over my entire shop to Android with an Atrix 2. Just think with a Galaxy S4 I could rule the world...(evil laugh). Well at least show them the Google world. Liberate me from that, phone, please!

MidMoMonkey says:

Yes please.

tcai534 says:

Pick me,pick me!!!!! Would really like a new and shiny GS4. :D

crowrb29 says:

Yes please

TOKEN25 says:

Pick me

Jason Grove says:

I would use this only from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.

sharpinator says:

yes please!

retnuh says:

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Stemkroywen says:

Win or lose I'm getting a S IV!

Hellbound#AC says:

Ill take one

NOSAINT64 says:

I need to win this Galaxy S IV. My life depends on it. Peace out!!!

doovid184 says:

Pick me!!

I wanna win :3

DoUknoGREG says:

Can i haz the Es4? :)

Down with android central and Samsung galaxy s IV life!

i want that phone!! :)

A895 says:

Would love to win one!

xs228 says:

Just be sure to gift wrap the Galaxy IV when you send it my way :)

Madness says:

This counts as a comment, right?

bsharitt says:

Yes, please

Kibhen says:


hahaha650 says:


Adam Barrera says:

Lets do it! My mother will get my s3 when I win this! =)

TomStretton says:

Love you guys! <3

My first android phone was a Samsung I love to win the gs4

jasonraustin says:

Please pick me. I desperately want the SIV. Probably more than everyone else. ;)

NateCam2 says:

Wicked if I win

Hojosmad says:

Oh! You know i want dat GS4, son!

85royals85 says:

I'm ready to upgrade my S2

Jimmy Nguyen says:

I hope I win a Samsung Galaxy IV!

CoronaDoug says:

Baba Booey! Baba Booey!

hindustani8 says:

I'm still using Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. I could really use S4!

3migo says:

I want it!

rodfarva00 says:


Matt71 says:

Most definitely, WANT!

Guilledroid says:

I really need to win an S4! Androidcentral you rock!

magnuson23 says:

It would be pretty cool to win a Galaxy S IV.

Nodnerb says:

Holy crap that would be cool. I never win nuthin. Please me please!

a429n315 says:

in it to win it...

shahin7631 says:

i wanna win this s4 .....hope so :D

jpullins says:

Hope to win..... That would be a great. It would go great with my other Samsung products.

beetex says:

I would love to win a new galaxy!

skippyrulzzz says:

yes, please!


Gryfter says:

It'll be interesting to see what internals are used, and how well developers get supported with this model.

mhmmdy123 says:

I never win anything, but I am hopping I`ll this time........ Please let me.... I love you AC all.

bluetroll says:

i must win new phone. this would look mighty good beside my z10

Can't wait to see what this phone is going to look like.


thank you.....thank you.....thank you....if you give me one.

revliscrazy says:

Easiest. Contest. To enter. EVER.

Android Central, I love you.

jboogie1289 says:

Samsung Me!!! From the old Sammie slider all the way up to the Awesome Note 2, by way of the Galaxy Nexus and through the Galaxy S3!!! I'm bout it, bout it!!

stab244 says:

I'm down for one. Would be nice to have something right when it comes out.

TorontoMike says:

So excited for the S4 announcement.
Definitely hoping the rumours about an S4 mini are true!

Arden B says:

Finally SG4 destroys iphone 6.

kenansadhu says:

Indonesia needs to see Galaxy S4 first =)

sindizzy says:

From an S3 to an S4. yes i will take it.

rv5555 says:

I want this so bad!

binkly99 says:

Sign me up!

nashi#CB says:

Here is my shot, I hope I win!

ofthecats86 says:

a spectacular contest from the best website! id love a gs4!

joerusch says:

oy oy oy!

bmoresbest55 says:

I would definitely love to have this phone! Samsung Galaxy S4 for me please!

vinny jr says:

I have the SGS3 and absolutely love it. I am a huge fan of anything Samsung and my posts show it. Samsung has done a great job giving us Android nuts everything we ask for in a smart phone. Innovation, innovation and innovation, Samsung has without a doubt turned up the heat. Every day there is something new that I find. I would absolutely be so thankful if I won the SGS4. It is amazing the amount of members on Android Central, I watch and listen to all podcasts and editorials. The videos are fun to watch and what else can I say but thanks for what you guys do.
Thank You Android Central,

Me too, or should I say Me 5638? Thanks for the great site and viewer service. You answered a Q I email you last year on the podcast, and I bought an iPad anyway, with a zagg keyboard case. Now I understand sandboxing, and my daughter is not going to get an ipad when she gets a tablet in next few months. You guys are great - watch/listen every week - Keep up the great work, hope MWC didn't kill you.

PaulQ says:

May I win?

dgarcia1220 says:


robbloyd says:

Ok fine I'll bite. Good luck to all y'all! In the immortal words of JT and N*Sync.... "IT'S GONNA BE MEH!!!"

roberttk1967 says:

Would love to win this for my daughter...PLEASE :)

tire_007 says:

i want one.

renene76ar says:

Can't wait for GS4, sooo tired of my Iphone4 and boring IOS!

cadlacky says:

Mind if I look at that new s4?

theoctillion says:

I guess we can add this to my illustrious history of groundbreaking ac posts (where I fail to get cool stuff for free).

The Lip says:

Winning would be nice.

Demodave says:

Yes please!!

bemasterized says:

testing my luck.... :)

thank you for the opportunity though!

bemasterized says:

testing my luck.... :)

thank you for the opportunity though!

bigrednemo says:

I'm definitely in! Thanks for the shot AC!

prycem22 says:

Hi from Kingston, Jamaica. Heres hoping I can win that S 4.

cullenmq says:

Hope this works! Samsung is awesome

DDRundo says:

Me me me, pick me! :D

AC ROCKS!!! Good Luck everyone!!

kh4fun says:

Would love to win this phone. I have been reading rumors for what seems to be forever. Really starting to need a new phone. Been holding out for the "next big thing" and this from the rumors sounds like it.

huichan says:

Can I pleeeeeeeeeeease have it?? Testing my luck !

salhadef says:

Is this some kind of new phone?

Schroomie says:

After all my lurking on this site, a free Galaxy S IV is what it took to sign up.

It would be killer to win one of those mofos.

twitch27#AC says:

Long time lurker, and my galaxy nexus is getting old. Could really use a new s4.

Tim Norris says:

Freakin' A, I would LOVE this. I can't wait to see what is coming.

jas2743 says:

Um...PLEASE!!! I'll email you a hilarious video if I could please win this, lol. I'll appreciate it greatly :-D

migiloburly says:

I would like this phone.

dubdrop says:

Well this would be a great way to get my first Samsung device

trappdaddy says:

I need a GS4!!!

jakeinthebox says:


upr0ck1718 says:

S4 forma verizon. Sick of the galaxy nexua battery life..

mled203 says:

If you pick me, all your wildest dreams will come true.

jsfbay says:

Yes! I would love one!

DustL82 says:


pitchersduel says:

i wanna win! choose me...just do it.

oatsss says:

Please save me from the battery of the galaxy nexus!

I live and die with Samsung .. everything sammy. An S 4 is just right.

knemchak says:

It is going to be legen........wait for it.........and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is.....DARY! LEGENDARY!

caifan805 says:

The S IV will look awesome in my hands!

Mramos860 says:

I Don't Even Have A Phone Cause I'm So Poor!.....PICK ME!!!!

n64kps says:

S4 please!

M Hage says:

I'm in

corrifa says:

My One X is getting pretty stale. And I miss sammy from my Gs2. Please Phil?

headbuzz says:

Me me me me me me me me me.....

Me me me!

Me me me!

trainplane3 says:

I will love you eternally if I receive said GS4...hahaha aka MEMEMEMEME

arcticfreeze says:

This is going to be a sweet phone.

Stychill says:

lol, another day another great android contest. i need a new phone so i'm entering them all

Prisoncop says:

I was the first one at my local Verizon store to get the Galaxy S3 ! Would be great to keep the (first) tradition running !!! hint hint ! :)

AndroiduserT says:

I'm in! I plan to finally retire my Galaxy Nexus when this comes out!

wishing us all a galaxy of good luck to get the S4

I hate my iphone.

Mh4130 says:

Android Central Rocks!

xaml says:

Where 4 shouldn't I make it this time, dear Galaxy?

johnday23 says:

Love my S3 so Im sure the S4 would be my next favorite

memphisboy says:

Pick Me!!!!!!!!!!!

SpookDroid says:

I want an S4! :)

SpookDroid says:

I want an S4! :)

Love the Samsung S(any number) can't wait for the S4

Euan Tan says:

But I'm not single how can I leave a single comment haha

djoneal says:

AC Rules! i got the S2...S2 skyrocket...and me and my wife got a S3 and we are in love with this divece line!! simply amazing wating for the S4

traumaboy says:

I would like that i am still using an HTC thunderbolt.

l00natic71 says:

Woohoo, I Hope I win.

ErlyD says:

Good luck to all!

Haley3274 says:

pick me! I want this phone bad!

BrianTufo says:

Free you say? Sign me up!

That would be pretty awesome to win a brand spankin' new GS4!

Pick me! lol

jman222 says:

Galaxy who??!!

Cherese19 says:

i hope i'm randomly selected lol

kcoan3 says:

Gs4 is 4 times as good!

sciguy82 says:

my precioussssss! :)

jmyaer says:

Throwing my hat in the ring from North Dakota

Mike McHale says:

Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!!

Haley3274 says:

pick me! please!

jaw4bama says:

Would love to win a Galaxy S4!

hormosapiens says:

5434 th yeah. i got bored with S3.

I'd be the happiest person on earth if I won this. Good luck to everyone!!! :))

rmejiaborja says:

Good luck everyone!!

afolgueira says:

I think this is going to be like an Apple iPhone 5S, no major changes, but Guess what I WANT IT!!!!

1Baldman says:

Of all the low down, dirty, rotten, underhanded, sleazy, inconsiderate, cheesy things you guys could do to me... getting me an S4 :) Cool !!!

Ratnok says:

I want to give my Nexus 4 to my wife and rock my new S4!

techmunkey says:

apple tree mimics
quicksand jumps, bordello boasts
laughably, quickly

Khairul Azim says:

I want it so bad :D

shadowbent says:

I would love to win an S4! I would cherish it always.

darkw1sh says:

I want one how do i weeeeeeeeeinnnnn

Ahhh I love Samsung Galaxy!!! <3

Electriccars says:

(read with melody in mind)

Oh I wish I was the owner of a galaxy s4, a galaxy s4, a galaxy s4, for if I was the owner of a galaxy s4, I would be the happiest member of android central for ever more! :-D

JChinault says:

I'm in. Definitely ready for a new Galaxy!

speedtrap63 says:

Drop my name in the hat!

fifasarajevo says:

what are we commenting on ?

ryan1972 says:

Oh I would love to win this!!

sooby77 says:

Good luck all!

QUIK_LS1 says:

As I was walking up the stairs, I met a man that wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away.

Roy Rosa says:

Mommy please, I want one!!!

stomi911 says:


I could use a new phone, why not the best for FREE!

Dog Farts!!

loveismuse says:

My Birthday is March 14! A GS4 would be the best bday gift ever! My first smart phone was the T-MOBILE Galaxy Vibrant! Still the best phone I ever bought! GalaxyBoy all the way! But an update is always welcomed

sdotsmiley says:

i hope i win

btc0526 says:

Please give me a galaxy s4!!!!! I want it so bad

rcwass0n says:

Pick Me. Pick Me!

Chaos.Zero0 says:

Doing it for a free phone. Nice.

J_Droid says:


RikoOnWeb says:

In for one!

psychofox13 says:

Sorry guys, but this is the winning comment.

ayordan says:

Let's go!!!!

Corbyn Payne says:

Take me through the Galaxy!

rayleg says:

I'm gonna win. You guys are very nice to give away a Galaxy S4. Thanks.

ac1tr0 says:

Android Central has been a daily read for me now going back almost 3 years! I love your content, insights, reviews, videos, forums, and your overall achievement in creating this wonderfully informative community. Keep up the great work!!

bigw34 says:

My comment will win!

DaVince says:

Can I win? Even if I'm from the Philippines? :)

dungerleider says:

Please thank you.

nfl46 says:

I'm in it to win it! Let's go!!

Buz Russell says:

I would like a new phone

Slimtoby5150 says:

I would love to switch from my Droid Charge to an S4! Pick me please!

Pedro2NR says:

This will be the top phone of 2013. I hope I win!

Livia. says:

I'm in! :)

bhemi73 says:

Yes, yes please.

vinsr2 says:

I need

vinsr2 says:

I need

dougtheneard says:

Hmm...around a 1:6000 chance right now...yeah. No chance I'll win.

acstewart82 says:

Vote for me and all my wildest dreams will come true.

bp240 says:

Just commenting in hopes of maybe winning the next big thing.

jryock says:

A S4 in my pocket would be nice!

uultramann says:

Winner. Bam!

Think I deserve it, this is the first site I go as soon as I open my eyes! and a huge samsung fan

Think I deserve it, this is the first site I go as soon as I open my eyes! and a huge samsung fan

I'm in!

brewkelyn says:

...and I would love to win 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest'

Oh yeah!!

dataquest#IM says:

Is this thing on? Oh, hi there. Yes, I'll take one please. Thank you.

iMills says:

Would so love to be the first in town with one of these.

or0213 says:

This is the best phone yet... hands down.. this phone is the one to beat out the IPhone. . I want this phone. .

sibenj says:

Galaxy S IV FTW!

Prozak says:

I would like to be randomly selected. Thank you.

honex97 says:

I would like to win

Tito Doni says:

Wew.... This is something, Samsung galaxy 4, I never tried any samsung 4. and this is my first... :)

COWABUNGA...pick me guys!!

yodathe3rd says:

I would love to win Samsung's new phone i love what they are putting out and can't wait to see the phone reveal very soon.

I for one would greatly appreciate a new phone, Obviously I am a great choice!

SheenaDumo says:

I would love to have the S4! I'm sure it'll be just as amazing, if not better, than the S3! Never disappointed with my Android :)

shehjadi says:

I'd love to get this phone...

This gonna be a piece of cake ;)

daniel2744 says:

Please let me win something for once lol

I am here to win Galaxy s4.

return_0 says:


pushpak1990 says:

Send ont this way!

I want one!

Brb49 says:

I'd like to win a Samsung Galaxy S4!!!!!

spaided says:

Man, it would be super sweet to win an S4....Or, anything else, I am not greedy!

efellers says:

I think it's time for an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus...

Ed 115 says:

Lemme get at that touchwizzzzzzz

jevan555 says:

Yes please, my wife just killed her phone.

yalkowni says:

mann if i in it i would run run a circle with a tutu and post it here


thunder2132 says:

It would be awful nice to have a shiny new Samsung :)

Nice... Save one for me!!

Debbieg says:

Please pick me!!!!

mosborn519 says:

Please me! ;)

camel78 says:

Dear Crackberry...I need and want bad....please!!!! I promise be good and reveal everything I learned at apple. Apple = Hipster Barista!!!

smd3c7 says:

I'd love one of these bad boys! Proudly rockin' the S2!!!

gameaddict8 says:

Sprint GS4 ftw!

pmjj says:

This would be a wonderful new device!!

kilarican says:

Never won a free giveaway but this will be a great memory to win a S4 for free. Good Luck Everyone!!!

KineticMD says:

There sure are a lot of posts here.

Awesome contest! Hope I win!

S4 will be an amazing phone.

adamantan77 says:

I would love a new SGS 4! Pick me, so I can put this iPhone in the drawer...

This phone is going to be soooo freaking sweet!!

Hi. That is all.

return_0 says:

*gasp* YOU COPIED ME!!!

Kyungie says:

Can't wait to see what Samsung has done with the S4!

I'd love to win!

Tony L1 says:

Count me in. thx!

jod1 says:

I'm n

scaarg says:

If I win, I'll give you amazing photos of it. Just to brag.

dzbez says:

I need this!!

chasg2013 says:

Hello Galaxy S4! I Love You! I Need You!

balthuszar says:


KoDeOnE says:


This would be great!

blacksuntzu says:

cmon...give a brother a nice gift and upgrade!!

ericj10 says:

Android Central Rocks!

I want a galaxy note 3

sumasshu says:

This phone is gunna be awesome!


anthonok says:


etp_rapgaroo says:

I need one!!!
^0^ DONE! I'm in!! haha!!

eloy35 says:

I'm in it to win it!

ariessilva says:

Good luck to me I guess.

alsip1023 says:

Please pick me!! I can't take the horrible image burn-in on my Samsung GNex anymore! It's awful watching a movie with a keyboard overlay!!

bbsemiaddict says:


bogeypro says:

sounds like a good deal to me...

yehoni says:

Why do I already want this thing?

Pick me!!

stcloud99 says:

Crap! Do I preorder now or wait until I win this one! Oh what do I do!

Fanatix85 says:

SURE, im in!

DarthPope says:

Here is my entry. Thank you for such a great contest

GabyDemers says:


S4 S 4 ME

Count me in! Please!

3mp3ror says:

Obligatory post.

rajachawat says:

My next phone :)

danielkx says:

I wants one!

Ricky Moran says:

If Chuck Norris came between me and a brand new GS IV, well let's just say things would not go well for Chuck Norris.

mc_gusto says:

ES Four

bignfuzzy says:

Single comment...

Tito71 says:

Good luck to all, would sure welcome a S4 in my hands :-)

qmtc83 says:

Please I'll take one....I need rid of this horrible iPhone

shawnh77 says:

I could finally get my wife off the Iphone4

qmtc83 says:

Please I'll take one....I need rid of this horrible iPhone

wurldfamuz says:

if I win a Samsung S4 then i wont have to deal with deciding which phone im gonna get!

viper31573 says:

winner winner chicken dinner

aaronmy says:

man if i win a SGS4 i would definitely switch my phone to it ASAP

swolf76 says:

It's my lucky day, a new phone!

joeyyamms says:



whelan4006 says:

Would love to win this phone!!!

wonkman says:

a single comment

v3rdict says:

Awesome! I'm in!

khanhlnq says:

I so want one :)

ry4meck1 says:

would love to upgrade my droid razr, and step up with the big boys. please pick me!

Kokwoe says:

Does this contest valid for for international reader? Is yes, then I can't wait to be the first to receive it! Go go S4!

Roland Co says:

S4, please blow me away.

markandmyia says:

In win it :-) (fingers and eyes crossed)

noahbloom says:

can't wait!

I'm game, sign me up!

sharkknuckle says:

I wouldn't mind getting one. At least I know it would be future proof enough to run Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse. Yep that would make my day.

paul0r3nz0 says:

I would love to win one for my wife!

cbenet says:

Here's my comment.

DarkenHell says:

Pick Me Please! =)

gomezl7 says:

S4 for LIFE....Send it my way....

Can't wait to see the next flagship phone! Wouldn't mind holding one either.

vg13 says:

Yeap count me in !!!!!

Elbert Lim says:

I've never won anything amazing before. Will you be my first, Samsung Galaxy S IV? =)

June17CP says:

I'm all in!