Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

amarquart says:

You had me at Samsung... really WIN!

sfobrien says:

S3 for sale cheap after I win the S4 !

Maybe I'll be the lucky 3000th commenter!

HellRa1SeR says:

It would be pretty sweet to get my hands on one.!

justinterry says:

i dont know what i would do without yall /
imma ball till the day i fall

i really need the new Samsung Galaxy S4 i am getting bored from Galaxy S3........ :)

dschachm says:

My phone is dying. Could really use a new one!! This would be awesome.

ptheisen says:

it is time to replace my galaxy s 3

no1lefty says:

Perfect timing for an upgrade!

Jeff Kinslow says:


sixpkjoe6 says:

I need to get ride of the EVO 3D

Count me in!

jonny42188 says:

Woooooo let's get a galaxy s4

atmaui says:

As well as everyone else, I want IN too!!!

Great contest! I sure hope I win.

phoenix260 says:

Pick me please

deenoo says:

I have never own a Samsung phone before. I have been HTC fan all along, maybe this is the chance to see what Samsung phone can do

Zooks64 says:


Did I hear FREE PHONE?

Hook me up!

Eric Bogle says:

I was thinking of buying an S3 AFTER the release of the S4 so I can get it cheaper. Maybe this is a better way. I hope I win.

John Beaver says:

pick me! winner winner chicken dinner.

Prince Ntim says:

I can't wait for this bad boy to come out for me to win. The competition is stiff this year with HTC, Sony, Apple etc but as a samsung galaxy user for these few years. I hope I win so that I can stay on board the train. Thanks

schneck1343 says:

SGS4 in your face, b*****! :D

Azholio says:

LAWDY, I loves me some Samsung Galaxy S4!

vishaljanani says:

I am in sir.. hope I make it this time...

No wonder AC is the best forum site.. the contests keep getting crazier... How else can you have a contest on a device yet to be launched :)


gid13 says:


MalachyNG says:

Do want

qshio says:

Horse meat.

ycamejo says:

Me :) me :) Me :) Meeee please :)

Gottafixthat says:

Sweet! The Galaxy S-IV would be a great upgrade from my G2.

effreyj says: bionic doesn't work anymore

EVIL--- says:

It would be awesome to win a new s4

cshrader says:

Love the S3. Sure the S4 will be even better.

TeePoppa says:

Crossing my fingers in hope that I could win the new Galaxy S4!!!

BigDinCA says:

Nearly 3000 posts in less than 2 hours? Yeah, I like my chances...

Juan Orozco1 says:

Awesome!! always Samsung On top!!of everyone!

gkjdc24 says:

Let's do this!! :)

2funjags says:

Android central rocks, wish me luck.

FrankPerito says:

Yes please.

BRIANR2 says:

S4 i can feel it in my hands already

Uselessbass says:

I'll take one please ;)

luke.arran says:

Me too :)

IDC7 says:

Well, I'm here again... This time I'll be the winner!

fegaa1985 says:

Fantastic contest!

Nino Almeraz says:

Love samsung phones and android central

Davinmj says:

I'll take one. On VZW though

sly says:

If I don't win the S4, I'll take an S3 as a consolation prize!

afazel says:

I might consider giving Samsung a 3rd chance after 2 previously-failed attempts to like them (Epic 4G and Verizon Galaxy Nexus).

Beenyweenies says:

YES! I am ready to ditch this iPhone and get back to android!

StaticRio says:

I want to do awesome things to this phone!

mriemer says:

I could use a SGS4, My Gnex is getting a little rusty.

cadzilla74 says:

Wow! 3000 comments already. Get back to work you slackers!


Count me in, too!

StevePerkel says:

Thank you so much for my new phone.

TechMitchell says:

Only Android Central would do this, so happy I visit so often!!!

I want one

Mr_Twist says:

Oh yeah baby new S4 would be great, thanks AC.

ivan_lampa says:

I hope I win!!!

MD-berry says:

Im gonna with this

Make my year... ^_^

SQ609 says:

A Single Comment...

bseblman says:

I like boobies like they do at the oscars, and I would like this phone. Boobies and Galaxy S4 ftw!

kyrexstone says:

Samsung s4 should be wonderful phone. Lots of improvements from S3.
Just hope the good S3 camera gets improvements. Better battery life, and better stereo speakers.

goldengurl says:

I would absolutely love one!!!!

willjet says:

Good luck to all!!!!!

GUHoya94 says:

This would be fun. Thanks for the opportunity.

mirdones says:

I want mine.

Cenzo says:

Love Love!

Sparty73 says:

Let's DO THIS! Leeeeeroooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jennnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkinnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssssssssss.

DjSingh says:


jshuler says:

I need a new phone!

yojimboj says:

Imanawinmea S4!

Recklace says:

Put Some shooters in the game coach!!!! i.e Galaxy SIV please!!

Thank you AC! (in advance!)

gattzzz says:

Don't hesitate to send one this way!

bradleynj219 says:

Please let me win a Samsung Galaxy S4! I'm languishing here with my slow, old Motorola Droid Razr!

dragonsamq says:

May I please have a free Samsung galaxy S4. Thank you.

bc2k says:

This comment is certified single and not even dating.

eahinrichsen says:

I'll bite.

pankui says:

Thanks for this opportunity and I really appreciate what you guys are doing giving us a chance to win an s4

Awesome to win it..Thanks

BSG75 says:

Lucky comment #2,569...

WizardBGR says:

Please pick me! Hope that I'm lucky enough :)

I want to win one!

DrifterX7 says:

It's been a year since I got my Galaxy Note. I wouldn't mind an upgrade.

austriak says:

I hope I win it. I will renounce the iPhone if I do.

epps720 says:

Awesome giveaway!

elnoor says:

i hope i get lucky i would love to win one

I would like to enter this great contest!! Thanks.

mvpilot172 says:


DrLouie says:

Great contest. Sure hope I win!

Tvallthetime says:

I'm on a galaxy S2 from T-Mobile. I previously had the vibrant. My wife had the vibrant before moving to the Note II. I have a Samsung 3D TV hanging on my wall. It only makes since for me to move up to the Galaxy S4.

Viper says:


I'd love a new s4 thank you very much.

Riboflavin says:

Galaxy Quest, go!

I Be Zachh says:

I wish I could hold a whole Galaxy in my hands..

qfnol31 says:

I'll add in my post for a chance to win, absolutely.

Framamind says:

Me likey.

bassdelux15 says:

S4 the win?

j bell1 says:

I'm in it to win

bballjohn32 says:

May I please have a Galaxy S4? Thank you!

Rcrdude64 says:

As many contests as I've entered to not win a single thing, let this one be the one I finally do....

Docspeed786 says:

This should be fun! Can't wait for the launch.

Docspeed786 says:

This should be fun! Can't wait for the launch.

Docspeed786 says:

This should be fun! Can't wait for the launch.

I need a S4, please!! Thank you!!

Docspeed786 says:

This should be fun! Can't wait for the launch.

Docspeed786 says:

This should be fun! Can't wait for the launch.

Docspeed786 says:

This should be fun! Can't wait for the launch.

N0sferatU524 says:

server crashing with the most comments ever to an article!

Ready? Set? GO!!!

I'm ready to upgrade my S2 bring it!!!

Docspeed786 says:

This should be fun! Can't wait for the launch.

Stefansk1 says:

awesome contest! Hope to win the S4!

joeyn123 says:

I'm in!

smotrs says:

I'm in, thanks.

eggzackary says:

Hook me up!

time to retire my s2!

Ant Skrebsky says:

I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4! Thanks!

smaccrea says:

I'm in

Karlzweb says:

With my EVO 3d on its last leg, I could really use a new S4!

cliffy223 says:

Contract is over in the middle of April so if I win then it will be perfect timing!!!!!!!! Let the contest begin.

Hooterz says:

oh man ooh man sensing something

PSamLA says:

A new phone would be great!!

jlok says:

def need this!!!!

irishgsxr says:

oh HECK yes!!!!! i could use a FREE Galaxy s4 IN AND AROUND MY HANDS, or somewhere in that region!!!!!!!!!

tonoi888 says:

Me me me me!! Pick me!! :D

The Tick077 says:

I really hope to win this, my S3 screen is cracked and could use this!

biln says:

i has cheeseburger? i mean phone?

Milad6923 says:

Pick me plz :)

Pick me pretty please! :D

marioc says:

I would love a Galaxy S4!

GDotHello says:

Pick me! I want to be a winner!

Maybe one of these days I'll win a contest.

dalewl says:

I'm really looking forward to the new "Knox" security features on this phone. So, count me in!

redhawk24 says:

Just upgraded to the S3 at the first of the year, would love to be able to go to an S4 quickly!

Kylecore says:


S4 for nothin' and your chicks for free.

chawoogie says:

Me! Me! Me! Pick Me!

snobum says:

Over 3000 comments already? Wow.

Good luck everyone!

dannyjd says:

An S4 would be a great birthday gift! Even better that my birthday is 8 months away! Good luck all!!

thehustleman says:

I never win, but count me in...Hey, that rhymes!

Paul_Cousins says:

This is an awesome opportunity. go Android!

Gasman429 says:

I need a new phone Baaaaaaaaad, i need to win the S4

dhedrick says:

This would be fantastic - pick me please!

rhino3081 says:

It would be so awesome to win one!!!!

Can't wait for the new galaxy I know Samsung has got something special in store. Oh and is just like to say thank you to everyone who has posted comments and unlucky bcoz im gonna win!! :) i hope lol

necorbin says:

Who should win a Galaxy S4?????? This guy!!!!!

mariokadi says:

Would be an amazing gift for my Gf on our 1st year anniversary, i got her the S3 but fell and broke, with no warranty in Lebanon, the screen costs 300$ to be repaired :-( Fingers crossed...

jay flores says:

S4 winner!

ScissorXify says:


coolz28 says:

Go AC!

gersaad12 says:

I want the Galaxy S4 :D Give it to me :D

greets from Germany :)

ivkovifi says:

Android central is da best <3 :D

O.K. sounds great, count me in.



Silvestre_iv says:

I wanna win

tarichar says:

Yes Please

Been waiting for the right moment to jump from iOS to Android. This would be just the nudge I need. HOOBASTANK!

Rigers Tulja says:

AC is the best, S4 would be a great gift for me.

Slangpetter says:

Please send onte to Sweden!

DJock93 says:

I love Samsung! Please pick me! Broke college student and Air Force officer in training!!! Thanks Android Central!!


I will take one Samsung S4 please. Thank You. Samsung makes a quality product.

McRoth says:

I'd Love to get one for Sprint!


dmoney17 says:

Ready to win a new Galaxy phone (fingers crossed).

reeper55 says:

Whats that you in a million shot? I like those odds!!

dratsablive says:

Hope I win :)

eck303 says:

i need new phone

smunson121 says:

Why not.

Chidoro says:

Sure, sign me up.

justguff says:

Consider me entered.

drewa81 says:

I like turtles.

qeffrey says:

would love to win something for once =)

rclatter says:

I can't wait to find out more about this phone - would love to win one.

hurricanedt says:

I don't know what it looks like or what features it has, but I want it.

mpazevedo says:

Can't wait to see the Samsung announcement on March. Good luck everyone!!!

Sean W says:

No comment.

sskelton90 says:


englhard says:

Here is my comment.
I'm not going to say anything earth shattering or anything new.
Just one, short, small comment, so I don't turn blue.

Android Central Rocks!

mrjaymillz says:

Perfect timing Samsung & Android Central, my Galaxy Note 2 was starting to get a little stale.

joelisenat says:

Send one my way! Gotta stay on the cutting edge.

rico8421 says:

I would love to have this phone

morami says:

It would like this to be my first......

northglade says:

Perfect timing... My old samsung galaxy S 4G needs to be put out to pasture.
Oh wait, I never win anything. Well, there's a first for everything.

nanosman#AC says:

this is going to be crazy

kraski says:

The the leaks make the S4 sound like one sweet phone. I definitely want to win.

I'll be a fool if I don't try this contest

Raztyre says:

Magic Bananas!!

poproks says:

Grrrr !!!

I am a huge fan of Samsung Devices, and I love my Samsung Galaxy S III, so I definitely want the Galaxy S IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stevieraveon says:

Why is everyone wasting their time, I got this!

johnnybe65 says:

Would love a Galaxy S IV!!!

jaschar says:

winner winner...chicken dinner. Can't wait to see the S4!

JManekia says:

Winning anything on this website would be awesome, let alone a Galaxy S4

seanlongoria says:

Pick me please


Up for renewal and currently using a Charge. If anybody could use an S4, it's me.

DarkNebula99 says:

I would really love to win a Galaxy S4. It will make me happy after owning an S3 since June. :)

SD_HVAN says:

In for the new S4!

hodan says:


chiefrelief says:

Two please!

king_kay says:

Awwww yeah!! Some S4 goodness. Wish everyone good luck. Thanks Android Central for this opportunity!

Hollywood74 says:

Can't Wait! (Bart Scott voice)

TheG1 says:

I would love to win. :))

qkhang says:

I want a S4...please?

shanky0612 says:

Can not wait to get rid of my iPhone and get this beast. I hope I win.

tetsuo says:

gs4 would be the perfect upgrade for from a gs3

ripcity00 says:

Sign me up. Thanks!

kentuc794 says:

I will try my luck. Always can use a new phone to play with.

cprater02 says:

Free stuff, no body got time for that.......ok maybe I do :)

bkbooth says:

Samsung is on a roll for setting the standard for smartphone's with it's Galaxy S series, I expect nothing less from the Galaxy S IV. I'd love to take one off your hands!

Tazio Nuvo says:

My wife has a Galaxy S3. I've got to have the S4 to stay ahead!

poolman756 says:

Thanks for the opportunity!

Chocu1a says:

Holy Moley there are a zillion posts already!!!

microbeatle says:

Entered! If I won this phone I would rock out with my...well...Let's just say I'd be pleasantly surprised.

wilfreb says:

meeeeeeee i need the GS4

judasmachine says:

Add me to the mix.

ultravisitor says:

I'd love a Galaxy S IV. I've never had any of the Galaxy series.

Justadye4 says:

Single comment

Derrica03 says:

I need this to live life

Buzzsawchaos says:

With my new, more powerful GS4. I can take twice as many cat videos at double the resolution!!!


shanky0612 says:


BradFalkner says:

I need to win THAT.

GeneD says:

Great contest and would love to win it!!

jtrainmar says:

It'd be great to win this

hollywould says:

Oh man it would be awesome to win. I've owned every Galaxy since the S1.

smartyjr says:

I would love to have one!

Reborn58 says:


kylboy06 says:

I can't think of any phone that would be a better upgrade than the S4!

HugoSan81 says:

Lo quiero para miiiiiiiiii

semaiuto says:

I've been in college the past two years without a smartphone so this would be pretty cool to win :)

noname2062 says:

Yipee Ki Yay! And Good Luck everyone!

adam8810 says:

This would be a great surprise present for my beautiful wife :)

New phone! New phone!

WOW! I would love to get an S4 and still be able to keep my Unlimited with Big Red! I have had 7 DROID 1's (all replaced due to software or screen issues), 4 DROID 2's (also replaced due to software issues), and now I have the RAZR MAXX (which has been a pretty decent phone), but I would love to get a Samsung! Talk about AWESOME!!!!

So excited for this!!!

jedah says:

I still love my GS2, and I have no doubt the GS4 will be even more awesome.

Fable says:

Im due for an upgrade! Don't taze me bro.

(Insert sob story of why I should win a Galaxy S4 here)

Umass021 says:

This would be a dream come true.

lehman44 says:

What do we have to do?..

babywarez says:

I am winning this contest ;)

danski says:

I'd like a new phone, my screen is cracked.

Dalton37 says:

In, thanks for the chance!

wiezewee says:

Send me that GS4 please!

Sir Anthony says:

I hope to win the new S IV!

xemtra says:

You guys are Awesome!

rchapman80 says:

Your winner has just posted.

jrsharp70 says:


mhinc says:

Winning something would be cool, giving my GF my old phone after winning something, even cooler!

pome1013 says:

We a great surprise, thank you so much!

RemyBuB says:

I want to win. I like phones.

i really need to get rid of my S2

ibbyj says:

"Everybody got time fo dat."
-Sweet Brown

rkeenan says:

This phone is going to be awesome!

djsindt says:

Please select my post!

cjohn4043 says:

S4 here I come!!

iCpt says:

Will Samsung's S IV finally pry my iPhone 5 from my hands???

GameOver69 says:

Me for the win please! :)

honki24 says:

My wife needs an upgrade!

Socrates11 says:

Big Samsung fan. My refrigerator is Samsung! Would love the GS4 I'm sure.

bellamyepl says:

You guys are awesome.. best android site on the planet.. (does flattery increase my chances?) GS4 Por Favor

rickyromero says:

Ah would really like to win the GS4, can't wait to go back to Android.

Can I take a rain-check and instead get an S5 by year's end?
I only got my Nexus 4 3 months ago and still enjoying that...

jjusino89 says:


suave85 says:

All your phone are belong to us!

benurd says:


In for one!

karlito24 says:

Its a star, its a sun , no it's me smiling when i'll win the galaxy S4 :)

Jason003 says:

waiting to see it!!!

The Next Big Thing... would be me winning an S4!

Gimme gimme gimme!

esotericsam says:

This made me sign up for a forum account. I wants one!

This makes Me ill ! Only 3000 comments so far this will be easy!

Raamfr says:

She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine.

Tech Sa Vee says:

Whoo Hoo!!! Galaxy S4!!!

RoccOn16v says:

I can't believe I won!

brockpsu says:

Wow, this it too easy!!

Pedersenld says:

I'd like a new phone :) Thanks

jack.11 says:


Jayblodg says:

I wanna win a Galaxy S 4! Thanks for letting us have the opportunity to do so!

Schattenan says:

The S4 would be great present for graduating from school :-)

I'd love to win the Galaxy s4. I'm such a fan of Samsung!

VOOLO says:

WoW, this is gonna be a big prize!!

ya better pick me... you dont even know how many times i bragg to my friends on how much better the galaxies are to other flops like iphones

bosscib says:

Thanks for the opportunity Android Central. I'd love to win a new S4.

Luis Pezoa says:

i want the S4, thanks!!

msft0682 says:

Can't wait for my Galaxy S IV!

shahr says:

It would be like a meteor hit to win the Galaxy S4!

jwseris says:

I'd love to win! You guys are GREAT!

Doktorvampir says:

I want this GSIV

Feldhege says:

Please pick me. I would love one.

JoeKacz says:

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense
Galaxy S4

PhilipC#AC says:

Jeg er sikker på at du brugte Google til at oversætte dette...

Awesome. My upgrade is so far away

kanyewesttx says:

Yes! I finally won!

juan velazco says:

I win!!!!! From mexico

Do I want to be the first person ever to win a Galaxy S4? UH YEAH!!

Jeremy Ott says:

Well...don't mind if I do.

y0shi57 says:

Best contest ever !
I'll take my chance

yLev says:

S3 to S4 - let's do this!

yLev says:

S3 to S4 - let's do this!