Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

My name is rod, and I like to party.

cbprod says:

id love to win this phone!

billr says:

I'd love, love, love to have a new SGS4!

shkim698 says:

First Galaxy S4 Contest and I will be the first Galaxy S4 owner :)

Karim Elemam says:

I want an S4 :-)

jerfel says:

I need a playmate for my Nexus 7.

rbilello says:

I want to be a WINNER!

This. Would. Be. Awesome.

Iced2313 says:

I need a new phone bad!

renster721 says:

A single comment

Sarrod says:

Bump :)

e800 says:

Waiting for that High- Tech . Maybe is mine :-)

rjt246 says:

I want one!

plemelin says:

Just once can I win something.

KG_KS says:

plz one

bartclan says:

Woo hoo! Another great AC contest!

DarcyTallGuy says:

I've been waiting for the S4 so I can dispose of my blackberry 9900 - so convert an old blackberry user with a new S4

ramze90 says:

I want this biznitch!

cme333 says:

I want me some Galaxy S4!

redhawk79 says:

This is wildly simple and outrageously awesome!!!! You guys are the best!

bryanw504 says:

I'll take an S4.

Thanks in advance

alexjarvis says:

I would love an S IV. My III has something faulty in it causing text to display weird sometimes.

Mr. West says:

oh man thats a lot of commments. and its only day 1 wow

ovd says:

Count me in

nameproblem says:

Wow another first for android central, great comps and good news. Count me in :-D

The MOJ says:

Me, me, me!

mkashen says:

I'm here for the S4.

rockxzy says:


edzhtc3vo says:

Pick me! Pick me!!

MotoMan78 says:

I never win these things ... Oh well lets try this again .

This is my comment.

HAAS599 says:

S4 me baby!

jmk32 says:

My next phone. Sounds like a beast!

jimbocho says:

Sure, I'm in!

Nero Jagger says:

Winning this would make my year like 20% cooler.

othercents says:

I need a new phone. Pick me.

ReaperChief says:

Even if I win this one or not.. I'm getting the S4!

lakreda says:


ashwincr says:

Can't wait for the announcement on the 14th!

thanthalin says:

Worth a shot! Count me in.

geeforce1 says:

Yes, I would very much like one. Thank you for asking.

phantomog says:

in please

Brandimc283 says:

I'd love a GSIV!

Androxoom says:

absolutely my turn!

fiat1.4 says:


gcwj says:

I would love to win an S4!!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

Arasin says:

Oh my goodness yes, I would love to win and S4, Samsung has had a great line up and I have owned all of the flagship devices.

JRPP20 says:

Omg omg pick me pick me!!!! The S4 has to be mine!!!!

SirTristanCA says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S IV, as a recent convert from iOS to Android I can't wait to try out the next generation of superior phone tech!

Also, NOT that it would help my odds at all, but my birthday is March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, I'm an Irish guy, and I'm ginger. What I'm trying to say is that if I don't win this contest I'll lay the Leprechaun's Curse on all your Lucky Charms for the rest of your lives, and you'll only get marshmallows in every third spoonful. ONLY EVERY THIRD SPOONFUL.

Think about that.

hypersnail says:

Me please!!

illbebaek says:

i'll take one

I hope I win

sciroccohsd says:

SG4 Please.

phrenom says:

comment left!

dswatson83 says:

Amazing! Please let me win

vhira82 says:

S 4 Me?

my evo 3d needs an upgrade

Eion says:

Throwing my hat into the ring! Cannot wait for the S4.

Samsung S4. Yes, that sounds quite nice...

rage151 says:

Ima fixin to win a SG4!

I would really love to have a new GS4.

tubasparky says:

Sounds good to me. Sign me up!

ccarlinsr says:

Would love to win

enb123 says:

I can't be rocking a totally out-of-date S3 (awesome phone, btw!) once the S4 is available! What will my friends and family say? Please help me, Android Central!

rdjr74 says:

Love me some S4!

datdo0d says:

C'mon, I need a win.

Mateusz Sawa says:

My S4!

Winning an S4 would be sweet!

wayneg51 says:

Sure would love to test drive one of these babies!

datdo0d says:

C'mon, I need a win.

ccarlinsr says:

Would love to win

Huggie87 says:

I would LOOOVEEE to win an galaxy s4 please
Thanks android Central foe this great opportunity your the best!!!

Torchedqwe says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 competition all ready!?! Count me in!

BlackAce says:

Now y'all know I wanna win!

crazy_els says:

I'm ready to win it

krid says:

Woo hoo! New toy!

helmet1001 says:

Hoping to win an a Samsung Galaxy S4 so I can leave Verizon for T-Mobile Prepaid and all its goodies (including future LTE)!!!

I love stuff! Cuddles x

tjmackie says:

Oooohh I want one!

uw says:

pick me.. i want a gs4..:)

mkjsr757 says:

Ain't nobody got time for that give it up it's mine

KillerTurtle says:

Single Comment

I am in! I want one!!!

I've given up on HTC. Yay SGS4!

mrbates says:

Yes please!

Harry Mayeux says:

Bring on the GS4!

Rhiscar says:

Me me me!! Let me be the first brazilian to have one SIV!

TimJ100281 says:

I just my GS3 a month ago but I'mm take a GS4!

mariogarcia9 says:

My SGS3 is so outdated...I want the new one! :D

rcdeck says:

Galaxy S4 ftw!

Merschz says:

Hook me up

Barton82 says:

Wow, there will be like three billions of comments here.

nutzareus says:

Sure, a nice upgrade from Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

PHADE says:


Good Luck Everybody But I Hope I WIN!!!

jmoski says:

I would like a GS4.....My current phone is a Motorola Dynatac 8000X i borrowed from Zack Morris. No LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC or Google play store. I believe I'm past due for an upgrade ;-)

My wife needs a new phone

Yes please!

SCaptivatePR says:

Me likey!!!

desilva says:

Mondays...can be great

JCfromtheBAY says:

Sounds fun - I wanna win one ;-) I have a bro that would flip for one of these! :-)

fzammetti says:

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! I NEED it, unlike the rest of these people! Why? Because all I have is a lowly SGS3 and my coworker just got a Note2 and now I have serious phone envy... help a brother out, won't you?!

grayfox99 says:

I'm wanting to win one of these great phones!!!

i want itttttttttttttttttttt

aallison1882 says:

Definitely wouldn't mind a new S4!

micl9 says:

Galaxy S - had it
Galaxy S II - had it
Galaxy S III - have it
Galaxy S IV - WANT IT

Yes, please and thank you!

ksb63 says:


tx_jaycee says:

Me want!!

Fury#AC says:

Our Father - Who art in Heaven - Let me win this Phone - Amen!!

Mike Drenth says:

I need a new Samsung Galaxy S4. Your contest just caused me to drool all over my Galaxy Ace and short it out...

scotth23 says:

A comment

gligor_kot says:

Count me in pretty please!

ZipKicker says:

Here is my official egg get

magnuma1 says:

It would be cool to have a GS4. :)

Armada says:

I don't know what it'll be like but I probably want it. And so this entry came to be.

unklsckness says:

I will take one, no sharing either!

Widows Son says:


kaufmansm says:

I would post on my companies web site for the world to see I won from the new GS4.

praxisist says:

SG4! Pick me

Silas0220 says:

This one's mine.

Jihun Lee says:

Me too.

variousme says:

Galaxy S3 was amazing as it is, just imagine with the Galaxy S4 will bring to the table!

Rweddy1 says:

I would love to win a S4, nice upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus ; )

MiXoLoGiSt says:

Would love to win an s4

AlexMartin0 says:

What's up?

Itaiamon says:

i want one

GoGetemB says:

Looking forward to seeing the S4, I love how Samsung is innovating their phones and overall quality of their products. I can definitely see me using a S4 and really using all the features...
This multitasking-media monster-communication machine would so good in my face paced life...

Thanks for a chance to win Android Central keep up the good work!

polonica3 says:

Yes please !!!

raygronas says:

Would love to win

Snizzle snizzle snap snap snap....

Pronixx says:

Pick me! :)

I want to be the first winner of the first Galaxy S4 Contest!

Dhe_ReliK says:

I wouldn't mind winning the Galaxy SIV

Nino Sidari says:

me FTW

I'd like to win one of the first Galaxy S4s

Comment? I'll give you a comment!

Do want.

MattyIce2013 says:

Wouldn't mind an upgrade out of this blackberry! Red Rover, Red Rover send the S4 over!!!

pmt says:

I want to win a galaxy S4

tixxix says:

gimme gimme gimme

Benny Lopez says:

Damn,that's a lot of comments... this is gonna be tough

Nick Morgan says:

Please, please, please, please, please !

Remel Pugh says:

Sign me up.

hackacrack says:

Woo hoo. Thanks AC. Good luck to all.

Coldheat#AC says:

I want the SGS4 for sure! Please pick me haha..

RamoneLy says:


akajester says:

pick me!

cyberoid says:

I would like a Samsung Galaxy S4

preangel_18 says:

Sounds like a dream! I'm game

SoCalMario says:

I want the SGS4!! So I can hand me down the SG3 to my wife (since her SG3 didnt last her a week before she broke the screen)


Hmmm... this would be nice

mtbrosin says:


nairnzy#AC says:

This is why I love Engadget! Galaxy S4 please

krx100 says:

Let it be me this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SamerBerjawi says:

it's gonna be me.

dkpike says:

My Nexus S 4G is really ready for replacement!

One for me, please!

dcvanderbush says:

Hit me up!!!

arcadelion says:

I'm in it to win it!

yzf600 says:

I'll throw my hat in.


Thanks for everything you do AC! S4 please :)

gentaman says:

"A SGS4 is best for me"
M. Lee

olupet2 says:

O yes, another reason why I love AC! ...Galaxy S4 for me

dpend says:

Trust me.. I know what S4!!

Yah buddy, this will be my next phone even if i don't win this contest, but i REALLY hope i win!

I would also enjoy a nice Galaxy S4!

paulmike3 says:


steinerhippo says:

i'm in :)

I want the S4 to,please.....

s0ggyrice says:

I win!!!

Mochiman says:

I love my Galaxy Nexus but an S4 would be awesome!

Amazing contest for android fans . i want super s4 device,testing my luck!!!!!

coolbreeze says:

Awesome contest, I hope the phone is awesome too.

-pól- says:

My GS2 is dying... GS4 please!

jamisonwalsh says:

Sweet. Hey if I win, you can have my S3.

Jak2732 says:

Yes please !!!!

Swag is good!

Just a single comment to this blog post?

That's crazy!

ejohnnyk says:

Pick me.

what a free s4? why not

G2 owner says:

I'm down to with this for my girlfriend.

ksumanth says:

S4 is 4 me.

PrinceMike says:

It's all mine!

Bivouac010 says:

Me! Me!

ncdave77 says:

I'll take one :)

decke003 says:

I'll take one please. Thank you

goofy1973 says:

The planets have aligned and the mighty Galaxy have bestowed to me the S4 yipppppeeee

iamsachin says:

I am the winner :D

Daniel Covey says:

*Do the lucky dance*
Cmon Galaxy s4! I work in the industry and had my S3 stolen so now I use a Palm Pixie! It be nice not to be made fun of lol.

mookster says:

Here goes!! I dropped my S3 at work and cracked the S4 would be the perfect screen replacement!!

CED423 says:

My S3 is not good enough anymore, give me my S4!!

Shadowli03 says:

I would like one!

simrebel says:

Love my S2, but time to move up to the S4

Kris9907 says:

LOl @ millerliteboy for holding on to the bionic thats an real trooper there I had one before I got my GS3 If we had to vote for someone I pick you lol

MZaza says:

That's easy!

richro says:

Been waiting for the S4!

If I win it will be my wife's phone and I'll get the future Note 3 ;)

katart23 says:

I enjoy my S3, I'm sure id get kick out of the 4.

murphious says:

Since Vodafone is almost stopped all GNex updates, what better way to stay in the family and receive a S IV. Yes please!

luis2100 says:

Comment left.

imblk27 says:

goood luck guys

jmreed97 says:

Comment!! I don't know exactly what this phone entails yet, but I want it bad!

Ziryab says:

Hope i win :D

Jason Norton says:

I want!!

neme5i5 says:

Pick me!

jeffkinn says:

Hopefully this will get me an S4 in the UK. good luck everyone.

sjn5639 says:

Can't wait to see this unboxed! I would love to win one!!!!

HyoImowano says:

Woohoo! This would be awesome to have!

eupher15 says:

Aloha...pick me please :)

kngsxvigil says:

Bring On The Win

Dbeck49 says:

please pick me

bigjobber69 says:

I would great enjoy this device. Thanks for picking me.

jate322 says:

OK I'm ready to win this time.

plepleus says:

Insert generic comment here

Sgtblack says:

Winning a GS4 would make a nice replacement for my Bionic. :)

mcdan333 says:

Thanks Android Central!

rflores5432 says:

So many comments to choose from. Pick mine please!!!

joem5636 says:

My HTC Ace is nice, but a Galaxy would be better!

I surely needa new classy phone now!

thanks AndroidCentral!!!

piercer967 says:


HoosierPop says:

I need some of that Samsung love!

izU53kKv says:

Love the site.

therixon3700 says:

I would love a samsung galaxy S4!!!

alkthree87 says:

Even though I just got my S3 in November, I wouldn't mind an upgrade to the S4 already.

Meraklis56 says:

i want the s4!

VFreitas says:

It is now that I am going to win a Galaxy?

jdcastro84 says:

I need a good reason to retire my ONE X and this is it right here!!!!!!!

vidasandroid says:


Mass_Monster says:

Retire the Nexus 4 if I win a Galaxy S4?

mhenson75 says:

Here's my comment

would love to win a samsung galaxy s4. please pick me!

Droidonic says:

so the s4 sounds sweet

Omen87 says:


stantonian says:

Hello world!

tysqui says:

So you're saying there's a chance...?

procure says:

Hope I win!

Delu50 says:

I'm in too :-)

fanrat10 says:

My Sprint Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G (yes the origina) is getting really long in the tooth. Would love an S4.

tehgreatdink says:

S4 please!

I like shiny new toys!

idoc21 says:


MadCow1 says:

New phone would be awsome!

maneo9 says:

I Would be so honored to win such a device! =D

Zimeron says:

A free S4? Yes, please.

burnnhell says:

Just like everyone else, I'd love to win one. I will keep my toes crossed for a win since I wouldn't be able to use my current device if I did typical fingers crossed.

Rage06 says:

Wow, now this is what you call a competition :D
Good luck to everyone :)

marka_450 says:

Omnia i910 WinMo - hated it
Galaxy S - didn't have it
Galaxy S II - didn't have it
Galaxy S III - didn't have it
Galaxy S IV - WANT IT

Andyrue says:

That would be pretty sweet. Thanks!

mally101 says:

Samsung galaxy S4 will be the phone to conquer the universe

Marius Zotea says:

I have to win!

albertzelaya says:

O wow. A new S4. I hope I win. Good luck to all.

zpasc002 says:

Please take me away from HTC

Love the chance to be picked for S4 ! THANX A.C.!

bjinpark says:

I want to win this phone!

BRIVERS73 says:

Count me in...

Jays2Kings says:

Sure why not

jake044 says:

I'd love to win! :)

Noob Cydroid says:

Please pick me!

Solban says:

Come on

danibal says:

This is my comment....please let me win.

Yes sir!!! I'm in

Fuckin_Eli says:

i need an upgrade!

Dzoser says:

I want one!

androidaw says:

I'm in!

drauks says:

Could use an upgrade.

thefastz says:

This guy!

EmilDencher says:

This could be too awesome to win!
I'm totally addicted to smartphones and apps... and because of that i'm a writer and reviewer on a danish app- and gadgetsite called

I'm used to an old crappy phone, and because of my "job" and my passion this would be awesome to win!!!

That was all from here ;-)

cicatriz63 says:


eze036 says:

please pick me :)

edd247 says:

I would love this!

moates4 says:

yes please

kjyc says:

Please S4!!

Rockdog97 says:

yes yes yes. s4 all the way!

taino375 says:

Well, here is my entry. I have to be in it to win it. Thanks Android Central for all your great sweepstakes

phalkon30 says:

Love my s3,would love the s4 even more! How do you guys do all these contests?

qbngator says:

(Using Jedi "waive"...) "These are not the contestants who will win the Samsung Galaxy S IV. You will choose me as your winner."

moises1204 says:

man i am not very lucky when it comes to winning anything but i hope my luck changes this time, come on GS4 come to papa.

bccbryan says:

I'm down for a new phone!

sluma says:

What can be better than a GS4? a Free GS4 :D

damindra says:

WOW!! A Galaxy S IV would be amazing! Will allow me to use my S3 for more messing around for development and Rom installations!! These devices are EPIC!!!

unlvjoe says:

I'd take one.

imarek3 says:

I'm in it, to win it.

Soycrema says:

I'd love to win a S4!

colombos75 says:

Hook me up android for life you guys rock following on
Twitter can't go 15 min without checking on the latest
News send me that Phone Samsung rocks

kaiafa says:

Thanks for another awesome contest! :)

Minacious says:

Quite a few comments here. I am not at all surprised with the chance of a free phone on the line. That phone being the next in line for what has become a solid series of phones makes it all the better.

glazedfaith says:

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?

Spartoi says:

I wanna win, but will I win?

michaelholey says:

It would definitely be nice to have an S4!

mosez_o says:

Wow, it's time for an upgrade.

Pick me!

omark258 says:


PamelaBB says:

Please I have verizon and have to pay full price to keep my valuable data this would be great

delesh says:

Need some luck on this one. Come on S4!

lkspencer says:

That is it, I am leaving a comment. This will be *the* phone to have this year.

Chris8414 says:


mkc509 says:

Yay S4.

epauli says:

I love my GSII

Would love a GSIV!

Snipperdo17 says:

I'm in

badmonkey68 says:

Would love me some shiny new Galaxy!