Win Phil's Nexus One

Gotta say, you guys are getting weirder and weirder. And no women want a Nexus One? C'mon! Anyhoo, second batch of contest entries (here's the first batch) is after the break for your viewing pleasure. Reminder: Comment all you want, but we're going to officially vote at a later date. And there's still time to enter. Here's what you need to know.

Fernando from Brazil ...

Nicholas gets a little clippy on us ...

Steven goes sideways in his entry ...

Mohammed brings 4 videos to the table  ...

Carlos from Guatemala is back ...

Yeah, this is Carlos' second entry. When it comes time to vote, he's gonna have to pick just one. :p


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Win Phil's Nexus One: Second batch of entries [contest]


This girl isnt entering because phil's phone isnt CDMA compatiable and therefore useless. Come on Verizon hurry up and release the freakin Nexus One.

So far my vote is on Nicholas even tho I really dont like it, lol sorry dude, he is the only one really tryn to be creative.
People :
-leave the bubble cam
-scrap the powerpoints
-scrap the pity me
I think I speak for most all AC fans when I say we want to see something AWESOME not by brother has a cool phone, or mine may get stolen but pick me anyways please please please .... please for pikachu?
Make pikachu fight our lil green android bot, or make a android versus Guatamalin thugs (ie. good vs. evil) something, nething !

Hey, I think you've watched too many Hollywood movies. You should go and ask some scenario writers from Hollywood to write you something, that you want to see and make a video yourself. LOL

I think you want to see an alien from mars, saying that, that kinda phone used his grand grand father. LOL

Guess my other comment got deleted...anyhoo I say give it to Carlos. Sounds like he has a better use for it if he's really planning on doing What he says. No N1 in my country!