Win Phil's Nexus One

Gotta say, you guys are getting weirder and weirder. And no women want a Nexus One? C'mon! Anyhoo, second batch of contest entries (here's the first batch) is after the break for your viewing pleasure. Reminder: Comment all you want, but we're going to officially vote at a later date. And there's still time to enter. Here's what you need to know.

Fernando from Brazil ...

Nicholas gets a little clippy on us ...

Steven goes sideways in his entry ...

Mohammed brings 4 videos to the table  ...

Carlos from Guatemala is back ...

Yeah, this is Carlos' second entry. When it comes time to vote, he's gonna have to pick just one. :p

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androidgirl says:

This girl isnt entering because phil's phone isnt CDMA compatiable and therefore useless. Come on Verizon hurry up and release the freakin Nexus One.

I'm still going for Samat here. I mean the dude just had his government toppled.

tropper says:

So far my vote is on Nicholas even tho I really dont like it, lol sorry dude, he is the only one really tryn to be creative.
People :
-leave the bubble cam
-scrap the powerpoints
-scrap the pity me
I think I speak for most all AC fans when I say we want to see something AWESOME not by brother has a cool phone, or mine may get stolen but pick me anyways please please please .... please for pikachu?
Make pikachu fight our lil green android bot, or make a android versus Guatamalin thugs (ie. good vs. evil) something, nething !

sniper says:

Hey, I think you've watched too many Hollywood movies. You should go and ask some scenario writers from Hollywood to write you something, that you want to see and make a video yourself. LOL

tropper says:

which video is yours so i can vote it down lol :-)

sniper says:

I think you want to see an alien from mars, saying that, that kinda phone used his grand grand father. LOL

tropper says:

maybe I do ? Either way these are pretty lame, and Phil asked for creative

AndroidBoi says:

Guess my other comment got deleted...anyhoo I say give it to Carlos. Sounds like he has a better use for it if he's really planning on doing What he says. No N1 in my country!

Sorry. Had a slight, erm, accident with a handful of comments last night. :/

Thanks for the vote!