Win Phil's Nexus One

OK, folks. The Android Central Win Phil's (and Dieter's) Nexus Ones contest is closed, and after the break we have another great round of entries. And we've got one more batch after this.

Trey sings for his entry

Jiro comes to us from Latvia

Mitch is a disgruntled Android developer

Jonathan spells it out for us ...

Imad's trying to get rid of his Galaxy

Brianna brings 8-year-old podcast skills

Luis gives us three reasons


Reader comments

Win Phil's (and Dieter's, too!) Nexus Ones: (almost) final batch of entries [contest]


Nah. you werent creative at all. didnt dance or sing. all you did was talk. and its obvious your making these fake accounts lol. people voted for me because i actually did something. and plus your doing a good job Promoting yourself lol. Trey FTW