Win Phil's Nexus One

OK, folks. The Android Central Win Phil's (and Dieter's) Nexus Ones contest is closed, and after the break we have another great round of entries. And we've got one more batch after this.

Trey sings for his entry

Jiro comes to us from Latvia

Mitch is a disgruntled Android developer

Jonathan spells it out for us ...

Imad's trying to get rid of his Galaxy

Brianna brings 8-year-old podcast skills

Luis gives us three reasons

There are 30 comments

Bcream90 says:

I'm voting for trey. I like his song it was kinda catchy trey FTW

Bcream90 says:

Trey ftw

AjsiaVang says:

I like treys video best I'm voting 4 him

Treyy says:

Thank you guys for voting for me hopefully I win

jiro#AC says:

I vote for Jiro......

i vote for jiro.......

dev#AC says:

Jiro for the WIN, I vote for Jiro.

samatbek says:

Vote for me please.

JB#AC says:

I'll go for JIRO

jõevaal says:

for jiro

stoch says:

i vote for jiro, let him win

freaky#AC says:

i vote for jiro

pepperest says:

Please VOTE FOR JIRO.....thank you all :)

tilo says:

i vote for jiro

tilo says:

i vote for jiro

appleander says:

funny how all jiros supporters seemed to appear at once =\ come on guys play fair :(

jiro#AC says:

Please stop hating....just vote for JIRO. :) Thanks

Treyy says:

Yeah they all voted at the same time. Come on jiro

miniZ says:

multiple accounts, one person. haha

Treyy says:

Lol that seems whats happening by the way Trey FTW

OHHH I WANT THE NEXUS ONE lol trey you got my back

Treyy says:

i think you mean that you "have my back" hahaha thnaks

Andriy says:

I like Jiro. I vote for Jiro

Treyy says:

damn jiro talk about self promo haha

jiro#AC says:

U should vote for JIRO will do you no harm :)

Treyy says:

Nah. you werent creative at all. didnt dance or sing. all you did was talk. and its obvious your making these fake accounts lol. people voted for me because i actually did something. and plus your doing a good job Promoting yourself lol. Trey FTW

Wright111 says:

i vote for Jiro for the Nexus one phone. Jiro you have my vote 100%

mohemeda says:

Jiro my friend I vote for you. Asha Allah you most win

jiro#AC says:

Thanks my friend.....

sopka17 says:

I vote for Jiro