HTC One with a dbrand skin

We have a really special giveaway for you guys this weekend! The team over at dbrand has sent us an HTC One with their awesome skin in Ferrari red and black carbon fiber already installed, and one lucky Android Central reader is going to win it! We'll get to the contest in a minute, but first let's take a look at the dbrand skin on the device.

Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!

Made from 3M vinyl, dbrand’s skins are precision-cut to match the cut outs and shapes of each specific device. With a range of textures including titanium, carbon, wood, and leather, and a variety of colors for each finish, you're sure to find the perfect look for your device.

One reason I personally like to use a skin on my device is for that added layer of protection. Many people don't want to cover up their beautiful phone with a bulky case, but no one likes to get scratches or dings either. While skins can't do much against drops, for daily wear and tear on your phone skins are a great solution.

HTC One with a dbrand skin HTC One with a dbrand skin.

While I don't have experience installing the skin on the HTC One, as it came installed on the device we're giving away, I have installed one on my BlackBerry Z10. It's not a complicated process, and if you take your time and follow the instructions dbrand provides, you will be assured of a perfect fit on your device. The skins are durable and will stand up to normal wear and tear so you don't have to worry that it's going to start fading or coming up at the edges. However, if you do decide to remove the skin, you will be pleased to know that the 3M vinyl won't leave any sticky residue behind.

All-in-all, dbrand has a great product for a reasonable price. A skin like the one installed on this device will run you $20, but since they are so durable and carefully crafted, it's money well spent. Also worth noting, you don't have to purchase a full skin. The pieces are sold separately, so you can mix and match the colors and coverage however you like. You can check out all of the options over at their website and keep up on their new products and other announcements on Facebook. You can check out our review of the LG Nexus 4 dbrand skins as well.

Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!

Now, about that contest. As I mentioned, dbrand sent us the HTC One you see in the pictures above, with their skin pre-installed. This is the Google edition of the HTC One, so it's not tied to any carrier.

To enter, leave a comment below. Just one comment. If we catch you spamming and leaving multiple comments you will be disqualified from the contest and probably banned from future contests as well, and nobody wants that. The contest is open world-wide, but it's up to you to make sure this version of the HTC One will work on your carrier. The prize is just the phone, and the winner is responsible for any service and accessories. Good luck everyone! We'll announce the winner next week.

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Oooooh, this is exciting! :D

DJ_fisher says:

Hey, free = awesone

rdubb says:

Oooooh Ooooooh Mr. Carter pick me! pick me! pick me!!!!

vinhtantran says:

Yeah I want it

smooth4lyfe says:

That looks sweet!

Beautiful, me aprovecharé de él.

franky_402 says:

I want it

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dsheep says:

My God is that beautiful, HTC ONE truly is a masterpiece

John Afolabi says:

Looks nice, I want it!

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Fvin Bareng says:

This would be an awesome phone to have.

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bigpapa2001 says:


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Mr Mister says:

Good luck to all, and to all a good fight.

Kim Kwa says:

Dbrands got some other awesome skins. love the look on the htc one

stevemasta34 says:

Woot winning a phone contest! GPe htc one #PhoneoThYear hope I win

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Westicles74 says:


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Taherabdair says:

I love HTC One <3

I just bought a Google nexus 7, but I have an iPhone. Please help me break free of Apple and give me a beautiful Android phone to go along with my tablet! Hugs and love. ;-)

skylarlegend says:

Excited! Thanks for the giveaway!

nodnarb1974 says:

Wow. That's awesome looking. I would give it a good home.

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banditbreck says:

Pick me pick me!

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Htc one and Ferrari........That goes Vroom Vroom Vroom!!!

I've been planning to get an HTC one for ages... this sounds great :D

firemere says:


I wantttt itttttttt

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firemere says:


Seven2k says:

Great phone great skin

ducttape47 says:

Sleek looking phone! I've been wanting one!

Mexico619 says:

I hope I can win it!

doucour says:

I have seen a lot of cool skins and covers and cases but this skin is very unique I never heard of dbrand before I always purchase cases and covers on amazon but after reading this post I went and checked out the dbrand site and man their products are nice I'm going to order me a wooden skin or leather skin thanks guys for keeping us updated on all these cool staff

I love Htc One and the skin is great !

I want that HTC one here in Costa Rica with me!!!

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area52 says:

That's a good looking device. I be very happy sporting that :)

whtdragn says:

I have an iPhone 5 but my oldest son has the HTC One and my youngest has the HTC One mini...I'm jealous and I want my own HTC One and this one looks so sweet!

caliber177 says:

I'm in!

alex_wedo says:

it looks cool and i hope i will be the winner ;)

Tony Pinto says:

Htc is he best brand out there in the market concerning quality and specifications.I have the wildfire S got it 2 years back no problems so far only that the internal memory is less anyways it was the only phone i could afford from Htc. Since i saw the Htc one I'm craving for it!!!! but unable to get one.The Htc one is one bad boy!!! Htc Rocks and about the "dbrand" their skin's look awesome especially the one posted above in the pic !!! I would vouch for htc any time :-)

Htc1Nonlyfan says:

My HTC Inspire was my first smartphone, loved HTC ever since. :]]

Ferrari style on a great phone! a must have in Italy ;-)

MBSMD says:

Boom. I'm in. HTC One GPE here I come. Right?

Posted from my Galaxy S4 via Android Central App

Beautiful ! I want! But goodluck to everyone

betaXmachina says:

Looks like a great skin and the HTC One is an excellent phone. I'd love to have this one!

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fixitspain says:

Nice one

Impressed with dbrand and their products. Keep up the good work. Good luck everyone with the contest.

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lordzida says:

Just being a little greedy. This is my address P.O Box KN 1399 Kaneshie-Accra Ghana -West Africa . Good luck to everyone. :)

jds5445 says:

I want one of these pretty badly. AC can u make my day?

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Abraham Long says:

It looks so amazing! Good luck everyone! I love AC

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aduncus says:

Ok, that is a good looking skin. A great phone with a great os + a great skin as a protection, what else could you possibly want more? That is just the perfect combination for mobile. Keep the great work guys


engineer_m says:

Best mobile ever

I need a new phone. Lol. Gimme gimme!

Abraham Long says:

It looks so amazing! Good luck everyone! I love AC!

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bacong says:

I would loove this :D

Abraham Long says:

It looks so amazing! Good luck everyone! I love AC!

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Cap Brown says:


Droid_Dizzy says:

Who would of guessed i have a chance to win my favorite phone i want to own with my favorite color combo!!! Thank you Android Central and Dbrand for the opportunity.

John Grief says:

Will it help if I beg?

Didn't think so..... Skin looks wicked.

Nissim Malka says:

Win win win

Melvin1995 says:

Damn , beauty just got better .

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Confide says:

Would be awesome so I could give my wife <3

ericizzy1 says:

looks really cool, maybe will get lucky :-)

Omg omg omg this I WANT! HTC ONE FTW!

crayon_stars says:

Really hoping I win this!

sforsyth01 says:

I want one.

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From my Droid MAXX that NEVER dies!!!

sony0619 says:

google HTC one with dbrand skin even more sexier....:)

dinot says:

You guys give away too much stuff. We're spoiled.

djashk2 says:

plllllllllllllllllllease im so desperate for this phone
plus ive tried many a times i reaally want a droid thatll last me years for free
i havent got anything for free
and i havent used a droid b4.....
pllllease give it to me with beats please......

Ken Muise says:

Well, I did my best...

elmar1969 says:

How cool is that! I love it!

juke23_kth says:

That cover makes the phone look faster than it already is.
Have enjoyed f1 by itself, have enjoyed One by itself but them together looks very tempting. FOne seems like " The phone".

delthor7 says:

Best phone. Bad ass skin.

Let me win pls lol

godfrey2000 says:

I will donate my nexus 4 for charity if I win this One.

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androidRR says:

Me like one, still using Note 1. Much mahalo from Hawaii. Aloha!

juicepaper says:

I want oneee

ylap says:

It looks amazing! :-)

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kobe24b says:

Wow that actually looks really good.



Arig says:

HTC has always been my favorite brand for a phone. The reason being they just make the best looking phones out there, and they try something different with each iteration, unlike some others. HTC One in itself is a wonderful piece of artwork and most of the cases-skins just used to look wrong on it. But NOT this one. I never thought it possible, but this red-black pattern design just made the HTC one even more desirable. Kudos to dbrand.

Amazing phone.. would like to have it since it lost my HTC One............

straub27 says:

dbrand? I'll have to check it out! Thanks

martyah says:

Thanks, AC and dbrand, for the very cool Google edition HTC One giveaway. Cheers.

cody Spence says:

Apple should have stayed the fruit that it is! HTC is the only way to go!

dscott23 says:

Yes please

HTC ONE and only !

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hrismich says:

Love the lambo red! Got the car now I just need the phone!

What's the fox day?

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AssettoCorsa says:

HTC One me up bro !!

chris_havard says:

That skin does look awesome. Would be nice to own.

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greenmonster says:

It's about time to retire my Nexus S.

Thanks Android Central, for this opportunity that you gave us to win an elegant beast
I really would like to change my old phone and upgrade my self with the HTC One , I'm really thankful that you care about your clients experience and happiness.

komeilkarimi says:

Another sweet giveaway, would love to win the pimped out One

AkkiTechie says:

It looks AWESOME!!! Hope to be the lucky one getting this

artnoc310 says:


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juicepaper says:

I want itttt!

That's got to be one of the sweetest looking skins I have seen for a long time!! And on my planned upgrade phone too, couldnt be any better

I love your shows. The One would be a plus.

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I need this phone! My one x is broken :-(

Pew446 says:

Awesome skin!

EngmanJK says:

Very nice looking One! Good luck to all!

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rekoji says:

what are the odds of me winning?

I love the skin on it gives it a great look


deluxe92 says:

Count me in!

Locked, cocked, and ready to rock!!! Looks amazing! Definite conversation starter and attention grabber... Whoever gets it will be lucky!

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GallopingCow says:

Love it. Pick me!

talbenmoshe says:


jzrl says:

Im in.

Athul S says:

I want One ! :D

Motorhead302 says:

This would make an epic gift for my wife. Hook us up!!

Shrek8421 says:

HTC one. All the way to india. Let me be the one . Thanks android central.

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suggz says:

Looks unreal in that wrap would love this :-D

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dessyteneva says:

I want HTC One!!!

kalel3038 says:

Hey how is it going just stopping by to say good day to u all and wish u all luck!!! But I hope I get too thanks

Ae Ree says:

I want THAT phone!

chs80 says:

With 2 kids now in college a free upgrade would be awesome! Thanks AC!

Ashari Mason says:

How cool would that be.

Cap Brown says:


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HTC One Google Edition, The Vice in Red and Black adition!!

DaveGuz14 says:

Never won anything before and this would be awesome :D

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PIck Me I want one!!!!!!

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johnp888 says:

That's a cool lookin skin! Good luck everyone.

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guailifit says:

The Carbon Fiber look stunning!

loscacas says:

That looks awesome, but I'm sure it'd look more awesome while I'm holding it.

cubskru says:

I'd love One

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mozart2300 says:

Ooooh, purdy!

jafdawg says:


JFish92 says:

Would love to add this to my quiver!

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paulkww says:

As the owner of a composites company this would really set a tone in meetings. Please let me be the One with the carbine One!

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jeeves744 says:

I could really use a new phone. My original Note is getting a little too old.

frubin says:

Pick me, pick me

arifanwar says:

I love HTC One and with goodgle edition it's a bumper, please let me win this one :)

binxiboo says:


Posted via Android Central App with my HTC One

perd hapley says:

my droid DNA screen has been cracked for a few months ._.

One HTC One woul be nice :) .......

a_nin_a says:

This is the coolest phone ever! love it!

mhinc says:

Excellent contest! COOL Skin!

bryceh7 says:

Looks awesome! I'll pray to the Android gods for this one.

Nicholas Lin says:

Looks super awesome! Hope I can win this.

nhimawan says:

surely One of the beautiful phone meets a heavenly-ferrari-feel's a perfect match.
if only i could have this One

Thanks for providing great android news and resources. Would love the phone. But either way keep up the good work.

Carlo Lim says:

Can I have this? :)

Zhi Leong says:

HTC one! A dream phone in a dream skin of my dream car! :D

andha1101 says:

Sweet skin!!!

glndea says:

i want one!

mmm1st says:

I love to get the HTC one GE!!!

SNAFU says:

This Just Goes to Prove.......

"Their is More than ONE Way to SKIN a SmartPhone"

lionslamb says:

I want to be the one who wins this One.

mr_driftr says:

HTC one and me skin

Posted via Android Central App

tommyweston says:

Smiley Face :)

benass49 says:


Posted via Android Central App

WOOW!! Count me in, Nice colors!

Emeraldisler says:

HTC One!

skatopias says:

I would greatly enjoy this magical device

cbprod says:

damn didn't think the one could get any sexier but it just did!

aramis says:


weirdoty says:

This is nice! I want one!

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VictorMun says:

Thank you guys for the contest! It's a great phone :D

Uhm yes please!

Zaktulipano says:

I have an xperia arc that was second hand with a smashed screen. I will literally cry if I win.

SouthRedford says:

this should hold me over until the new Nexus drops.

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ecbnjaxfl says:

It looks very nice!

SpyderHawke says:


I want one!

Thanks for the contest

Nick_Cap says:

K'mon i just need one, htc :)

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profchaoss87 says:

Fingers crossed...

RazvanAndrei says:

Awesome skin, it looks very nice. Can`t wait to win this thing :)

HTC ONE and dbrand:

Love the skin you're in.

I love HTC! Been using HTC for almost 3 years and would love to have this year's flagship! And with dbrand Ferrari skin, even if it's not the car, it's already like owning ONE!

Posted via Android Central App

mosenturm says:

Looks great! I wish it could be mine.

r3dal3x says:

It's got to be said
I love black and red.
Especially when free
please give it to me.

I am a new android user. I drank the apple kool-aid and had every iPhone except 5. I decided when the Galaxy s4 came out and my contract was up to see what all the commercials/hype was about. It was either s4 or HTC One. I just couldn't waste my money on an iPhone 5. I was tired of being locked down on my device. I wanted to upgrade from a See N' Say. I chose S4 and I am happy with the phone but I really want to see what the HTC One will do. Good luck to all but I hope better luck to me! :-p

medic078 says:

If any phone could take me from my beloved blackberry,this could be the one. Only ONE way to find out;).

loopht says:

It's really cool, can't wait for the other textures! ;-)

HansiAC says:

Awesome looking phone! I love it!

ZPM101 says:

Hydro Turnip Carnage! Yes please :]

agarciagonz says:

One for Spain, please

micmanx says:

I never win... Good luck to everyone though

Bigsal82 says:

I wouldnt mind one. been eyeing this phone since it came out. Been an iPhone user since the first one and have been android curious for quite some time. My brother has a nexus 4 and have been somewhat jealous of the screen size and pure android experience looks like something i can get used to. This would be the perfect phone for me to make the jump to android. Pick me

I must win this phone it would make an awesome gift for my recently retiared mother!

homiegloc3 says:

That is the greatest phone ever made! And stock android, I would love to own it!

Tanged says:

The One looks so sexy in black and Ferrari red :P Wanted this phone for a while now

TheWuternal says:

Baller status.

FatRobot says:

rocking a 3g phone, I really hope I win so I can live in the present. :-D

Woow A HTC one with that skin. I want this phone.

Posted via Android Central App

rogue5 says:

Love the skin and its in my favorite colors too. If i win this, i will finally replace by droidX.

jasonamx says:

Winner Winner

TADgilli says:

I'd be happy with a free skin, much less a phone too!

rakshak says:

Loving the colors ... Can I have one pls . Ill hug hit and pet him and call him george :)

jeddo45 says:

Let me win please! HTC one FTW!

Posted by someone who thinks Apple sucks

BayRican says:

amazing phone plus that sexy case Thanks android central for the opportunity.

this would be awesome

Posted via Android Central App

Dbrand ftw!

Posted via Android Central App

sasha4ster says:

Would love to win such a beautiful device

Posted via Android Central App

ktwiegele says:

Sweet phone. Would save me from buying the LG G2=

Posted via Android Central App

fqbhla says:

Wow - that's a hot HTC One!

Anidh Singh says:

Hey best lick to all of you.... uff!! Auto correct I meant to say best luck to all

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Kasnicov says:

Google play edition and skin! YEAH!

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erikcave says:

Looks fast

Rcrdude64 says:

i need a new phne! mine is shattered :(

Ben Lefeber says:

Great phone can't wait to win it!

dougeetx says:

If it hadn't been for cotton eyed Joe, I'd been married a long time ago. Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton Eyed Joe?

Abraham Long says:

My comments aren't showing up....hmmmm...anyway one more try. Love you guys!

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BldyIdt says:

And I thought this phone couldn't get any better o.O

Posted via Android Central App

Pete V says:

Sure would be great to win this im working in Afghanistan at the moment and my phone fell and shattered and now dosent work right.

Jimmy Cheng says:

Nice skin!

This could be my way out of sprint!

Stryder64 says:

Gorgeous! I'll give it to my lovely partner if i win!

Posted via Android Central App

tweetyscute says:

This would be so perfect since my daughter just broke her phone and needs a replacement and we dont have insurance

Zaki says:

looks awesome!

fmoosa says:

looking good

jfafard81 says:


ONE good luck!!

702DROID says:

Nice give away

Posted via Android Central App

rizaldi w says:

Really good design!! :D
love it

Jay876 says:

That skin looks really good

Posted via Android Central App

Wordless says:

That HTC one looks so sick!!!

Hey, this is awesome. Pick me!

garrim85 says:


Please :)

Bobhfx says:

pick me pick me

Hey, this is awesome. Pick me!

please let this be my first AC win

phamduc89 says:

Awsome phone!!!!! I will be on vegetarian diet for the whole week and give my gf my current HTC One if I win :)

vir7uall says:

Great phone!

Wsness says:

Thanks, I'm in! Good luck to all :)

Posted via Android Central App

Android Central you are awesome no matter what!! What an awesome looking phone.

tdamocles says:


rkkdk says:


Roshane0 says:

Winning this awesome phone would make my son's day, because he'd get handed down my Galaxy S4. This has to be the most awesome phone I've ever seen...

wickedchandy says:

HTC one is the 'the special one' and I am the 'chosen one'. So it's a combo made in heaven. Thanks android central for giving me this awesome phone.

Posted via Android Central App

This would be so awesome....

Sent from my 2012 EVO via Android Central App

Larry Rettke says:

Would love to have this for! Girlfriend I have one and love it


Posted via Android Central App

bduran727 says:

Great giveaway!

Posted via Android Central App

kasespace101 says:

I love my phone, but my wife is stuck on a junky old iPhone 4 and HATES IT! please help her!

Rishi Suri says:

Waaanntttt!! Best of luck everyone! hTC and android with such a skin is an unbeatable combination!

Posted via Android Central App

allen Brown3 says:

Lost my s2 please let me win

Great review here about the skin you can put on your phone! If I don't win this one I'll have to buy one for definite! Thanks for the review!

Posted via Android Central App

slak33 says:

I rarely try on these things, but I'm trying now.

ReallY wanna get the damm good thinG....!!

finbaar says:

I have a yellow DBrand skin on my Nexus 4 and it is awesome.

Posted via Android Central App

Steve Blair says:

The One is top of my upgrade list at the moment to replace my One X. Would be great to win one. My son would also love it as he'd get the One X!!

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to upgrade from my One X to a one!

masseurca says:

Would love one of those

Posted via Android Central App

Ron Moore says:

All I can say is awesome!!
I want one please

Posted via Android Central App

geopatr says:

That looks great!!!

tamirda says:

Wow, this is such a sexy skin for that amazing device. I want it!

Joe Bailey says:

Would love to get this and install the MoDaCo switcher.

chicoboi99 says:

A Red and Black ONE...Nice, Real Nice!!!

ibleedbloo says:

Heck yeah!

Posted via Android Central App

shivangpatel says:

Did I win???

naixent says:

Comment! That's only one!

I'd really like the HTC one. Custum skin looks amazing.

Posted via Android Central App

plee3ac says:

Enter me into the drawing!

Juan Paulino says:

What a beautiful device

ValinEndac says:

Here's hoping I win my favorite looking and phone, from my favorite company.

Posted via Android Central App

Nath Ward says:

Me please!

samxgarcia says:

Looks pretty sweet

Posted via Android Central App

kohanzo says:

HTC One rules!! For once let me have this one please

xmas88 says:

Looks cool, may I have it ? :)

sher9501 says:

It'd be great to win this phone, I'd love it. Unfortunately I can't even afford it as of now.

Posted via Android Central App

Shay D. Life says:

If I win this, I would give my device to someone who is just as less fortunate as I am. Seriously. Good luck people.

abhishekcal says:

World's best phone with world's best os with world's best skin on world's best site makes world's best offer.

This is know as GIVEAWAY


Av_Crazy says:

Will trade for my Note 2 :D

zizu101 says:

Oh my...the red, the black, and that dash of white; this GPE HTC One goes VVRRROooomm!

Posted via Android Central App

I Want It <3 Awesome Phone And beautiful Cover <3 i wish i win <3

vorlorg says:

I would love to get my hands on this.

Mark Mejia says:

Really? I mean we don't must say something good
About of this brands, this sound to

Alexander R1 says:

Looking forward to my first phone upgrade in six years. Thank you, Android Central.

Arcerzi says:

That is one damn fine phone!

dbrand is truly the best accessory maker, ever.

Count me in...

TMW78 says:

What an absolutely beautiful piece of hardware! Job well done Google Edition!

Magnetic_dud says:

I love my BlackBerry Z10, but with this skin, the HTC one looks nice


Posted via Android Central App

bigtank says:

no thanks

roonstars says:

Please, old HTC one X lost in the post,am currently without smartphone, liberating in many ways but this phone is too cool

g0fwk says:

Mine mine mine mine mine. Googley googley Google

raptordj says:

Me please :)

ericcjr says:

That skin really looks great on the phone. Wish I could win one...

I bought a skin recently from dbrand for my Nexus4 and it is amazing. This one here is amazing too.

Hells yeah! Gimme Gimme! :-D

Zlateway says:

I'm the ONE to get the ONE! :D

The Bard says:

Give it to me, please....

Custom phone with Google Edition...whats not to love!!!!!!!!!!

The Bard says:

Give it to me, please....

busterdroid says:

sweet skin on arguably the best phone you can use..

Kingfroman says:

Htc one!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

The Bard says:

Give it to me, please....

noechan79 says:

It is really beautiful. I love it!!!!

rnich120 says:

Really nice phone which hopefully will be mine.....(hint hint)


Hope I vvin :)

Amski89 says:

The Ferrari of Smartphones - HTC One!

Posted via Android Central App

deltatko says:

I'm getting ready to go to Europe for work for the next few months and could really use this. Being on Sprint really isn't good for the international travel.

Posted via Android Central App

Riley Shier says:


krishna r1 says:

Really great!

HTC... Simply Amazing

They have really outdone themselves here.
Hope i win

The HTC One is a powerful device.

dbrand + AC = Everybody is a winner!!

From the other side of the globe.... The Philippines!! ^^


Gafar Sarumi says:

The phone looks absolutely awesome, HTC are so innovative with their designs for their phone, from desire to one.

wolftail says:

Yay! I want it! The fact that it is a Google Edition device make this contest even more awesome.

tDotm says:

Heading over to dBrand after this to check out there stuff. Had good experience with skins myself already.