Only three days left to enter to win a Motorola Xoom!

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is looking to be the Android tablet to beat so far -- check out of first look at CES. And if the rumors are correct, it could well be launched in the next few weeks on Verizon.

And that means it's time to give one away. We're teaming up with Wyse Technology, developer of the Pocket Cloud app, to deliver one unactivated -- and free -- Motorola Xoom tablet, running the Honeycomb version of Android. Hit the break for the full details and instructions on how to enter.

The contest details

First things first -- we don't yet know when the Xoom will be made available on Verizon. Rumors have it at mid-February, but that could well change. Also be aware that the Xoom will launch as a 3G tablet. Verizon has said it is expected to be upgraded to be LTE-capable sometime in the second quarter of the year.

The Xoom is being purchased and delivered by Wyse Technology, once Verizon makes the Xoom available for purchase.

You must be a U.S. resident at least 13 years old to participate in this contest. For complete rules, click here.

How to enter

It's simple: In the comments of this contest post, tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better.

The contest ends at 7 a.m. EDT Sunday, Jan. 30. Wyse will cull the entries and choose a winner, which we'll announce later that week. Remember to answer the question. Merely replying "Yes!" or "I want to win!" will not get the job done. And we won't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do. So don't waste your time.

All that said, have fun, and good luck!


Reader comments

Win a free Motorola Xoom tablet from Android Central and Wyse Technology



We have 300 users needing secure access to their computer, PocketCloud is a simple and effective way of "taking" their computer with them in the palm of their hand, taking meeting notes, getting emails on the fly and updating the status on project meeting they just attended, This make sitting a desk to update information obsolete.

I don't like to take my laptop places for fear of having it stolen. As a student, this can be pretty troublesome especially for those days when I bring an essay to turn in and realize it has typos, or isn't done correctly. In times like these, Pocketcloud by Wyse allows me to remotely access my laptop (which happens to always be on in the dorm, on my desk) and pull whatever files I may need so I can edit them. As an art student it has proven to be even more helpful, giving me full access to my photos and editor from anywhere. Thanks Wyse!

Having added music technology to my high school teaching schedule, my students now have the opportunity to blend creativity in music with the advances of computer technology. With PocketCloud in my aresenal, I can easily overcome budget shortfalls by allowing students to collaborate without the need to purchase multiple bulky machines running hefty software. This app provides flexibility and affordability to students of all levels, while inspiring creativity and productivity. Thank you, PocketCloud!

PocketCloud will help me whenever i forget a task to do on my computer and manage it where ever i please securely on my android phone.

Pocket cloud means I can access my home computer from the field and help my children with their homework from anywhere.

PocketCloud was one of the first apps I actually paid for on Android. It's been a fantastic tool which helps me avoid the need to have an actual laptop with me at all times.

The PocketCloud app has saved me... quite a few times. The time that I'm the most glad I had it was probably last week. My English class was required to submit a rough draft of an essay to the teacher to prove we were making progress, and like an idiot, I forgot to print it out. Instead of giving up and making a 0, I pulled up the app on my phone and got on my desktop. I showed the teacher the paper on my phone, and not only was she impressed by my tech skills, she gave me an A. I'm the forgetful type, and I sort of feel like this app was made for me. I would love a Xoom tablet.

I don't need to any of you... An android Tablet with PocketCloud would and will absolutely be a dream for any IT administrator. Pocketcloud is great already, but on a 10" screen......... *drool*

Pocket cloud lets me access documents for work when I forget to bring a copy. It also helps me when my mum needs help on my desktop at home. I can fix and run things for them when they can't. I also like how pocketcloud uses google to help me find my computers.

I could have used pocket cloud today to retrieve some information from an excel file on my commuter. As it so happened I emailed it to myself old-school style (well, not very old at all, but there are better options) but couldn't actually open it with my phone or tablet. Pocket cloud would let me view that info and more after a simple setup.
[p.s. and winning the Xoom will help!]

Ooo....and will I be able to better control my home media computer attached to my tv?

I would consider myself a hard worker, currently majoring in web design at a local university. So when the semester was ending and after months of preparation I was making the final touches to my end of year portfolio review. I transfer the files to my flash drive and leave the house expecting for the presentation to go well. I get to class plug the flash drive into the computer and realized quickly that I had not transfered right folder. Of course I freak out initially, family isn't home and the house is almost an hour away. Lucky for me I have Pocket Cloud so I was able to retrieve my files and finish the quarter off right. This app means that much to me it helps someone like myself who has horrible short term memory to finally keep everything on me. Now if only I could find my keys..

I travel alot for work so being able to access my home PC would save a ton of time and headaches. NO more emailing docs and info to myself just so I can access it on a work computer.

Pocket cloud will save my ass when I forget to save my 45 page essay to my USB during Finals Week at Cal State Fullerton this May!

PocketCloud will let me carrying my music and videos around where ever I go. I will be able to watch The IT Crowd whenever I am on the go. But not only would it help me for entertainment, but I would be able to upload my school assignments and be able to access them without issues via school network or through my android phone.

PocketCloud will help me in many ways. first off i am a vendor and travel all over the country, and since i have a habit of breaking laptops, i usually use my phone to handle what i need. By being able to access files on my home computer i will be able to help people quicker and get problems solved in a timely manner. I also sell Life and Health Insurance and it will work the same way there. people often call me to get their account numbers and group numbers and such. I do not keep all that in my phone but i do keep a lot of important stuff on my computer. again i will just be able to pull it up from anywhere and get them the info, as opposed to sitting on hold with the companies for however long.

I am excited to use this app as soon as i get an Andriod tablet.

As a father of a toddler, a lot of what I do is entertaining my son. I think that Pocket Cloud may allow me to finally stream episodes of Dora the Explorer to my android device through Netflix. I never thought of remote desktop as a way to solve the Netflix ban of Android devices until this contest! Thanks for the inspiration because roadtrips are miserable if we don't have mobile access to Dora.

Wow, where to start. I only have a PC. I don't own a laptop and I usually do most everything on the go with my evo. Having a tablet would really help me on the go since I am doing more and more work away from home and really dont want to lug around a laptop. I have been looking at tablets for some time now, just haven't found the right one yet.

As an Android user, this improves the pure experience of Google. As a college student, this amplifies my organization ability, and as a techhie this makes me drool.

Why pick pocketcloud over the other app that does the same function? The simplicity and feature. I am not a office worker or a app developer i am a regular person. A person who like to keep everything simply and easy. I have a friend how live in the Caribbean who those not know much about pc. Pocketclod help me teach him skills on how to learn the basic. Pocketcloud app have it on the phone pc and tablet.

PocketCloud would be ideal for me to use during my commute on the train to and from work every day to access my stuff at home while I'm out. The Xoom seems like a great platform for an application like this.

PocketCloud lets me avoid worrying about remembering to backup a document or put it on a usb stick. As a student I'm always on the run and being able to fire up my desktop and view or send a file during the times I actually need to rather than spend so much time doing so just in case is great. It also means I don't have to walk people through things at home, like when my sister can't figure out how to download a song. I can take control and do it myself.

The possibilities are endless!

I am the GM of a restaurant, and I believe Pocketcloud could help me a lot!!

I would love to be able to access my Reservation system on the go, or while walking around the restaurant. I would also love to access my wine list, and other menus from home. These are stored on the work computer. I would have more free time because I wouldn't have to drive into the restaurant every time I needed to access any of these. I could also access these from my DroidX whenever My Xoom is not by my side, but I don't see this as being a very frequent occurrence.

PocketCloud would help me troubleshoot my friends and clients pc's very easily. I think it would be a great addition to the tablet! Hope I can win this one! Android Central rocks!

DUDE ive been using wyse from the day i got my Evo, and it has allowed me to access my computer from anywhere, making my phone 10x more effective then anything ive ever used! It helps me turn in last minute projects that i forget to turn in, and that is a TOTAL LIFE SAVER.

I could check on my downloads and windows home server , also i could make sure my wife isnt cheating on me lol j/k !!!

Dear Wyse Technology Judges,

I'd like to share my Pocket Cloud story.

I'm traveling to New York City feeling great about a talk I'm going to give for a new job.
My smugness quickly fades when I realize that I brought the wrong version of the Powerpoint, with the updated one still on my iMac at home.
I stare out the window dumbfounded when I see the sun bursting through the clouds in the distance.
My smugness returns. I've got all of my Powerpoints in my pocket.
I've got the Pocket Cloud app.


Being an IT guy I have found Pocket Cloud to be invaluable. It has allowed me to correct production issues that have impacted my business and restore services with ease. This app has enabled me to do my job in places previously impossible (i.e. car rides, restaurants, or parks to name a few) and having this app at my disposal makes on-call much less restrictive. It has also allowed me to support family IT issues on the go. Pocket Cloud w/ a Moto Xoom makes for one mighty road warrior solution and would make my life that much simpler! I would love to win, send me one! :)

Pocketcloud help me access by business documents,files or picture & Music on the fly without having to have a laptop with me all the time,so my phone feel more a mini computer in my hands

This will be a huge asset if I can talk our IT dept into implementing this for field phones. To be able to access our desktops from out in the field, we can trouble shoot and provision equipment while being onsite. Let alone being able to work my own home network and have my own machines working away while I'm Working!

Thanks for a very productive application

Telecommunications IR TechII.

The Motorola Xoom looks like an amazing tablet already, you couple that with the pocket cloud app and you don't even need to sit at the PC anymore to finish your work. I can leave my desk and still be able to finish working on my estimates from home. If I ever forget a file I can just bring it up on my Xoom and I'm ready to go! This looks great.

It can let me remotely to checkups on my servers and other services I have when I need them remotely.

I would use Pocketcloud for work. I am in the Environmental Equipment business and i get calls all the time for equipment. Not having a device that is big enough to see and portable makes it hard to get my orders in. So on the Xoom with the size that it is and the portability that it has would be perfect. Alot of times if im on the road or at the store i would have to stop or go home or back to the office to put the order in for the job.
Thats what id use it for..

PocketCloud will allow me to never fear walking into court or into a meeting hoping I didn't forget to print the right documents because I don't have the proper technology to bring them with me electronically. PocketCloud will further allow me to cut down on paper waste.

How will Pocket Cloud help me? In a word... freedom. The powerful combination of Pocket Cloud, Honeycomb and the Xoom will set me free from my on call chains by giving me the freedom to do my job from anywhere without having to lug a laptop around.

Cogito ergo Xoom!!

Being a full time student and maintaining a full time job leaves me with very little time to complete all my daily tasks and having this tablet paired with PocketCloud would make life much easier. A tablet would be great and lightweight to carry around, but with PocketCloud I also get the full featured OS that I use at home. My lifestyle demands mobility and organization and Pocketcloud will bring just that. I have been using this past week and it is great on my phone, but having a full featured tablet would be such a better tool. Thanks for your wonderful application Wyse Technology!

My job requires me at times to be able to be in multiple places at once. We're also attempting to move to a paperless environment, not only to become more eco-friendly but also to reduce the amount of overhead spent on office supplies. PocketCloud would help me do all these things. I'd be able to access critical reports and / or monitor my staff when I was away from my desk. It would also reduce the need to print and carry reports, saving the company money and increasing our bottom line, but would also give me time lost to printing reports back for more critical work functions.

From a personal standpoint, it takes the secure sharing of information electronically to another level. PocketCloud would allow me to share things like pictures and family information in an extremely secure fashion. I wouldn't need to worry about privacy settings on a website or the potential for having my password hacked. It's mobile computing in it's purest form.

Our company has multiple computers needing to access the same set of data, so Wyse technology will help us get the information we need while on the go.

Wyse has let me see who is doing what on my computers and keeps me in control by seeing what my friends and siblings are actually doing
Its helped me catch people watching crap on my computer and truly see who is giving my computer viruses...
Oh and not to mention... wyse turns my device into a portable computer by allowing me to take control of everything

PocketCloud is a terrific bit of software that will allow me to monitor my home PC from anywhere I travel!! Thanks for the chance here Phil

I work in the information technology industry and I recently helped a client move all of their servers to Amazon's "cloud" based services. This allowed be to setup all of their computers for remote terminal services. We have several hundred users in the field who remote into these servers, but there are talks of buying tablets to replace laptops. I have currently been testing an iPad using PocketCloud as one of my apps. It has lots of support for different features and so far proves to be a very competative RDP software. It works great for terminal services and gives the user an experience similar to a windows RDC. I would love to get a chance to use an Android tablet before this company decides to use an iPad. I think there is so much more that could be done in a corporate environment with the openness that is Android.


The combination of the Pocketcloud app and the Xoom tablet would make my business much more efficient. I own a small home restoration company that does work with insurance companies, and if you have ever had any dealings with any homeowner policy claims, then you know what a great addition this would be in aiding to cut down on some of the wasted time. These two great offerings would be invaluable in being able to do estimates on the spot, without the feeling of being cramped in the cab of my truck trying to use my laptop. And besides, you know how fun it would be to announce the winner as FUGLYBADGER!

Pocketcloud will allow me to use work with documents on the go from my mac. Mac is not compatible with some platforms so pocketcloud will bridge that gap

I am student in need of a mobile device that will help get me through my daily classes. The Xoom would be perfect for the task!

Being able to utilize Pocketclouds capabilities would help my small business out tremendously. The fact that having a computer on me at all times is very unpractical, the ability to use aspects of it from my phone is. This will definitely help my business run more efficiently without the hassle of lugging around cumbersome hardware all of the time. Plus it seems to be a fun tool to mess with if nothing else.

I unfortunately injured my back several years ago and cannot sit in a desk chair for very long without back pain. I work from home and often have to leave my computer to take a short break to lay down. This leaves me returning to my computer forgetting what I was in the middle of which causes my productivity to suffer at times. If I had the xoom tablet coupled with pocketcloud I would be able to easily keep working during these breaks. I have used pocketcloud in the past when I am in a tough bind and need access to my files. I was able to quickly gain access to my files from my phone when I needed something for an important presentation that I forgot. I know how well this app works and would love to be able to use it on a tablet.

PocketCloud will help me sync my phone and computer better so I'll be able to access files on my laptop from my phone while I'm at work, or anywhere.

I think pocketcloud will help everyone significantly, for college students they would be able too transfer files easier and if they forget it they would be able to recover it, for me, being a sophomore in high school, it can be very useful because I have really bad memory and I'd be able to recover some documents. It would also be good for people with jobs such as doctors, nurses and more since they can transfer files easier without the hassle.
I would very much like to win, i feel like i can do so much on the tablet and i think honeycomb looks amazing, i've been in love with it since day 1 i saw it at ces. And my samsung fascinate does still not have 2.2 yet ):

This device and Pocketcloud would make an excellent tool for helping my family on the go and out of town. The family usually contacts me and needs me to help somehow and it would be great to be able to do it from anywhere and help my family in any way possible. I would really appreciate this device and pocketcloud. And of course it doesnt hurt to visit androidcentral frequently on it with that nice big screen.

PocketCloud allows me to connect to my trading platform while at work and school where I cannot bring my desktop computer. It allows me to make rapid decisions based on quickly updating information portal by a program that is secure and easy to use when time is of the essence. Thank you

As an engineering college student, Wyse PocketCloud has been an extremely helpful tool to furthering my studies and my mobile lifestyle. It allows me to avoid bringing my laptop around as I can access my desktop configuration from anywhere I have a cell signal.

The worst feeling is realizing that you left a file at home on your computer, and wishing you had emailed it to yourself or put it on a flash drive. I have run into this situation multiple times, however after discovering PocketCloud, I can easily retrieve the files without having to make the long trip back.

Another benefit is being able to initiate a process on my desktop while I am still on campus, such as downloading or installing a new piece of software while I am away so that it is ready to go when I get back.

In summary, PocketCloud makes me a better connected and more efficient college student by saving me time and providing the convenience of reducing the number of devices I need to have on me during the day.

PocketCloud is a wonderful tool to keep productivity going from anywhere. Together with the Xoom I will have access to my important work documents, I can manage my torrents, I can keep my website updated, but most importantly I can keep an eye on my wife through the webcam to see if she is cheating on me. Thank you PocketCloud!

This app looks cool. If only I had an android device. It would be awesome to remote control mah PC.

I love Wyse RDP, I used it for the first time this week on the iPad. It helped me QA when I could not install a RDP application on my desktop. This worked smoothly on iPad and I can just imagine how it would work on some dual core.

Shocking! That I never knew about PocketCloud's existence until just now. Being the "super geek" as my relatives always put it. I'm always the first one to call whenever there is a B.S.O.D. moment, or a "Spinning Wheel of Death" ravaging my household. With PocketCloud I will now have the power and functionality to properly save the day without countless amounts of face palms and ongoing frustration trying to solve the problem over the phone. No longer will I appear psychotic while out in public yelling at an electronic device like the Incredible Hulk. We've all had to be THAT tech savvy person at one point or another, PocketCloud will become a huge weapon in my tech arsenal (and many others as well) that will undoubtedly allow me to help someone, and give me the personal functionality to be more productive. To know that now I can use PocketCloud on a variety of devices and OS' alike, makes it that much more amazing. Now everyone can truly be "Wyse" (Pun truly intended) Thank You and goodbye.

In today's business environment, you must have access to your data where ever you are. Pocketcloud will make this possible. No longer will I be calling back to the office to get the staff to read a document to me or attach it to an email and send by way. Pocketcloud is the future. The future is now.

I would finally be able to fix bugs while i go fishing this summer. without taking my desktop or netbook.

Pocketcloud combined with the xoom would literally cause me to throw my I*ad out the window, whilst videotaping the whole event. This would assist me in my daily job by allowing me to connect remotely to my work PC. I would be so jubilant!!!!!

Wow, I just tried PocketCloud and it is possibly the most polished piece of software I've ever used! Using it on the Xoom in conjunction with either my laptop or my desktop will prove to be extremely helpful For example, if I forgot to download/print out an assignment for a class, I could access it and email it from my Xoom using PocketCloud.

Pocket Cloud will be a great way for me to keep my photography portfolio up to date. I hate having to copy my photos to multiple devices so I have access to them when I need them. It will be MUCH easier to keep them at a central location and use pocket cloud to get when I need when I need it. A real time saver...and a space saver too!

Pocketcloud means I can "check in" to the office from wherever I am without a laptop, and in between games.

PocketCloud allows me to leave my laptop at home permanently. Studying on the go and not worrying that you forgot something on your desktop at home is a thing of the distant past!

I am the go to guy on all computer issues in the family, so pocket cloud allows me to remote assist family an friends when they need it. Most importantly, I can watch football from the coutch on my tablet and provide support at the same time!!!

pocket cloud... where should I start? as a student, it would help me complete my work better (especially when using a tablet), since I would be able to work on assignments anywhere. I would never have to worry about leaving a document at home, as I could always just pop over to my computer and send it to me. of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg. hey, this kind of technology might even help me find a cure for cancer! (not that i'm looking for a cure, but hey, you never know. stranger things have happened.)

i do feel that a xoom would help me even more, though. android 3.0, a larger screen, and some all around amazing features might just make it replace my laptop (which is about three years old now). of course, this is only in the event I win it. I'll always have that sense of awe, though. it is truly an amazing device.

I currently use Wyse Pocketcloud to help me with my administration duties on multiple servers. From anywhere in the building I can turn on Wifi and, while walking, eating, etc, update a forward lookup zone, add a new active directory, whatever I need to do - as if I was there.

I also use it at home for helping out family members on their laptops without getting out of my chair. :)

I am forever in debt to PocketCloud, it has in some ways saved my life. So if I already owe PockketCloud a life, why not owe them a brand new xoom tablet as well?

Pocket Cloud will allow me to access the information and tools only my desktop can provide, through my phone. What more is there to say? : )

I am forever in debt to PocketCloud, it has in some ways saved my life. So if I already owe PockketCloud a life, why not owe them a brand new xoom tablet as well?

Simply put, PocketCloud and the Motorola Xoom will help work when I can't be at work. I am a Health Information system administrator and sometimes I just need to be connected to work when I can't be there, whether I am on-call or just need to be out of the office I can still fulfill my responsibilities to work and my family.

PocketCloud has helped me many times. I am a college student doing research in robotics and many times I would leave whatever research work I was doing at home while I was in the lab or vice versa. I have been able to remotely login and get any files I needed and has made life much easier. I really would love to win this tablet because I am a college student without a laptop and am looking for a tablet so that I can carry it around easily.

I only recently found out about PocketCloud. Wow! I did not realize that an application existed that does what Pocketcloud does. Business wise, I am certain it will be helpful, but more importantly from a personal perspective this application will be invaluable. I don't know how many times in the past I needed access to something on my home computer and of course no where near my home. The cost is incredibly low for the value. Is it perfect, no, but other than a hot Krispy Kreme donut, what is?

I am a music teacher. While I travel around, I tend to have to lug a lot with me (including instruments and a laptop). Using this app, and the tablet, I could reduce the load I use, while better serving my students.

That and it looks epic.

PocketCloud and the Xoom are two products I'm dying to see together in action. I am on a team responsible for remote solutions for a Fortune 500 company using VMware View as well as internal solutions to VDI machines such as thin clients. We are just getting some of the evals in and starting in our mission. PocketCloud and the Xoom are exactly the kinds of technology that can make this "next generation" remote user experience come to life! The BT keyboard for the Xoom will actually make this practical when a lot of typing is necessary.

I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be bringing this home every night and using for both business and personal use. I think the Xoom is going to be the first competitor to the iPad that will start eroding sales and start the Android tablet momentum the same way the original Motorola Droid did on the smart phone end.

Ready to start testing!

First of all, the Xoom is awesome! Thanks AndroidCentral and Wyse Tech for this great opportunity. PocketCloud will help me be more productive on the go by helping me keep files (pictures/music/documents/etc) accessible at all times! I will be sure to use PocketCloud on my Xoom if I am lucky enough to win! Thanks again!

Pocket Cloud will enable me,in the comfort of my home, to do the boring, tedious paperwork from work. Phone calls, interruptions, etc frequently prevent these things from getting done in a timely manner.

I am currently a Sustainable Development major at Appalachian State University. Being a college student with only a dorm room desktop to work from can be quite frustrating. I often find myself using the new computers in our library, but am unable to access files from my desktop computer that I need. I've tried to use programs such as Dropbox and Box to sync to the cloud, but I find them inadequate. I will forget to sync an important file, or upload the wrong copy. This has caused more problems than I would like to admit, and I'm sick of showing up late to class because I went to print out my paper in the library and it wasn't in my Dropbox folder. PocketCloud would allow me to access my desktop at all times, never again would I find that I didn't have the right copy or that my Dropbox account had no more space. I am also waiting to receive funding for a sustainable urban agriculture initiative in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. PocketCloud would give me access to all the files I will need from my desktop while I am living abroad. I want to change the world, I want PocketCloud to help me.

Hilton Hotels Worldwide should be jumping on this ship. I work in Sales and would love to be able to share this technology with the entire company if given the chance. The fact is - we are always out and about on trips all across the country (and some the world) and would love to have on location for all of the important information that is needed to be able to properly sell. PocketCloud would do just that. To have all Sales Reps carrying around the Xoom would be a huge step toward the future and a giant jump ahead of competition in the sales arena.

I would put PocketCloud to work... that is for certain.

PocketCloud looks like a great app that will allow me to leave my laptop at home while still allowing me access to it wherever I am. I can work on my apps as long as I have my phone or my Xoom(hint, hint) handy! PocketCloud seems to be a great tool for someone trying to build a business 24 hours a day, and many people seem to agree based on reviews in the Android Market!

Pocket Cloud is a great way to access files needed when i'm on the road. It is also reassuring that is is secured access. I would love to be able to do more from the road on a Xoom using pocket cloud. That would not only make accessing files easy, but I would also have the screen real estate to actually be productive with a spreadsheet.

As both a IT pro and a student going back for my masters in Physical Therapy, the Xoom would streamline both work and school (and play) into one package allowing me to cut the cord from the desktop, and Pocketcloud would enable me to work seamlessly with my windows and mac machines with out having to resort to a flash drive.

I'm a high school senior who is thinking about getting a tablet for college instead of the usual laptop. A tablet is more intuitive, has a better battery, and is much more portable. Yet, I am afraid that I may need to use windows software for some of my courses, PocketCloud will help bridge that gap between my desktop and a tablet without the lag that is common on many remote desktop apps. I am always eager to push new technology but with my current budget it looks like I will be using an old laptop. I appreciate that AndroidCentral and Wyse Technology is offering this tablet and hope that you consider me.

I work on electronic medical records at a nation wide hospital. I have had the idea of using a remote application like PocketCloud to access patient charts via tablets. What we are missing is extra funding to test tablet access. There could be a huge contract between PocketCloud, Motorola and Android. I would love to test the epic / endless possibilities. Thank you.

PocketCloud allows me the convience of being able to leave my laptop at home while using my droid to access all of my information on the go. I find it to be the best of it's kind.

I love the PocketCloud app for Android! I am on the go all the time and this app it essential. I love accessing my computer on the go. It is the best remote desktop app I have ever seen. For example, if I need to see a file for work and I don't have my laptop with me, I can just open the PocketCloud app and I have the file. This app is a lifesaver and have saved me in many places.

This will be even better on the Xoom! I have always wanted a tablet and am excited for PocketCloud for tablets. I will carry my Xoom around and I will be able to access the files from my big, hefty desktop.

Once, this app literally saved me. I had a project due that day, and I forgot it at home. Luckily, PocketCloud was there to save me

That you PocketCloud and Wyse Technology!

If I were to have a Motorola Xoom with Pocket Cloud I would finally be able to be a paperless student. Right now I need my laptop to access all of my notes and a paper notebook for notes that would be too difficult to take on a computer, like in math and chemistry. I have been attempting to live a paperless/digital life since my first smartphone. Pocket Cloud allows me to be forgetful, numerous papers and assignments have been handed in just before their due date. I live far from my school and cannot casually drive home to grab a forgotten assignment. With Pocket Cloud I can!!!

This would be LIFE CHANGING! Pocketcloud would keep me in touch with my office and people in my new re-vocation of the death care industry! Being an old dog, I'm looking forward to using some new tricks to help folks plan for the inevitable end! I'll be last to let you down!!

For me, the main problem with tablet has always been functionality. They can only be used as large phones, not as mobile computers. With PocketCloud, however, my over-sized phone can reach its full potential and become a mobile workstation.

In my line of work having computing ability on-the-go is a must. With PocketCloud and a Motorola Xoom I will finally be able to satisfy this necessity with out lugging around a ball-and-chain-esqe, bulky, over-sized laptop.

I realize that there is the equivalent to those last two paragraphs in virtually every post here, however, I think it is still necessary to say these truthful things.

PocketCloud and a Motorola Xoom is a match made in heaven. Like the mind-bending solos of Slash coupled with the awesome vocals of Axel Rose. Like a tortilla chip and a dollop of guacamole. Like android and the creative skill of Matias Duarte. Like a Motorola Xoom tablet and I.

Plus, if all of this wasn't enough this contest ends at 12:00am January 31... MY BIRTHDAY!!! Believe it or not that is the truth!

Pocket Cloud would allow me to access the sample code that I have developed on my home computer when I am at work. I currently have been trying to access it with my EVO 4g, but that is a less than ideal situation to look at my home development environment. As a developer, the more resources I have access to, the better and faster I can develop the code I write for work.

The Xoom will be my pc. Consider i have work and school on my plate. that would be perfect for my use. HELLO MOTO

As a store manager of a cell store, PocketCloud has already and will continue to help me sell more Android phones. Being able to control my work PC through my Android phone means I can respond to any situation that arises at the store -- even when I'm on vacation. Great app, definitely worth a 5 star rating :-)

It's simple. Wyse Technology's Pocket Cloud app finally makes cloud computing happen the way it should have all along. I am a high school Business and IT teacher. Pocket Cloud has changed the way I live my life. No longer do I have to worry about leaving home and having a file saved on my iMac that is irretrievable until I get home (45 minutes away). With Pocket Cloud, its more like 45 seconds!! I tell all my students about mobile computing using Pocket Cloud. There is no reason to get to school and realize that you have lost your flash drive or forgotten a paper and be in a bind. Many are leaving for college and getting new computers while leaving their home computer behind. If they find they need a file hours away from home Pocket Cloud turns that problem into a simple solution. If I were to win the Motorola XOOM, there is nothing I couldn't do between Motorola's awesome android tablet and Pocket Cloud. It would put an even richer version of our $2000 iMac in my pocket... uhh backpack at all times. Whether I win this contest or not... WAY TO GO WYSE and THANKS FOR A INNOVATIVE, QUALITY PRODUCT!!

PocketCloud is the best and most useful app in the android market. There are so many different reasons why, but let me just explain a few. You see Im a full-time college student and i also work 40 hours a week and im absolutely never home. Im the only one in my family who is technology savvy. Im the one who constantly gets called for problems with computer. You see my parents were in the dark age with the oldest computer alive, running windows 98!!!! So after saving money forever my brother and I were able to get my parents a brand new laptop. As happy as they are with it, they have no shame in calling me every five min with questions. Im happy to help but it can be frustrating trying to help them and giving directions and they have no idea what im saying and i cant see what they are doing, so most of the time i had to go over there for the smallest things lol. Its funny to me because a lot of times its such basic things like i cant get into my email, or find this picture. But then i discovered an actual remote desktop app that works really well Wyse PocketCloud and it was like aaaahhh moments. LIke omg i found the greatest thing ever. So what did i do installed remote desktop protocol software on there computer and when i see "mom" or "dad" on my phone, there is no more "mom go to start" or "click on chrome". I can just take care of the issue and everyone is happy.

Also because im never home and i dont like carrying my laptop everywhere. I tried it for a while but it was not worth it, because i have work right after class so then i have to take my laptop to work cause im not leaving it in my car. Pocketcloud allows me to have the full desktop experience right from my phone. Its so convenient and because i dont run anti virus software on my laptop because of the performance issue, i dont have to worry because pocketcloud is so secure. But easily one of my favorite pocketcloud moments. I had been let go from my job from lack of sales (best thing that ever happened) and i was interviewing with my current employer and during the first conference call interview we were told to bring resumes, but preferably email. So of course i forget, and if its not bad enough im nervous for my interview. So im sitting there waiting for my turn and then i remember OMG my resume, i never emailed it. So what do i do, go to the bathroom immediately open pocketcloud. take my resume from my computer and email it to the hr department of the job. SAVED!!! I dont look like that idiot that came to an interview without sending a resume. Currently been at that company for 6 months loving it and really without pocketcloud that would of not been possible.

Like i said im a full time college student having access to my computer has saved me , how many times do i forget to print out some paper for english. No problem with pocketcloud send it right to myself, and print it out, awesome. I mean honestly Wyse Pocketcloud has saved me soooooo many times.Its just so useful to have the full desktop experience in my pocket. Its hard to point out just one way it helps, when honestly there are so many. Having the Xoom would make life even better. First of all its like everyone in classes have ipads, so im sitting there with my phone and pen and paper, and although my phone works wonders, i would love to have the bigger screen and dual core power and finally show the true awesomeness of and android tablet with pocketcloud from Wyse. I want to thank Wyse for making such a awesome useful and secure app and for getting with android central to give one of us lucky android lovers a chance to win the most awesome tablet ever (honeycomb, dual core amazingness).
I know chances to win are super slim, but winning would be beyond indescribable. Regardless though, android central is still the best android site ever, and Wyse pocketcloud is easily the most useful app in the market and has benefited me greatly =)

PocketCloud helps me at work when to test inbound access to our corporate network. I can't get an external internet point, so having access to a remote system allows me to verify firewall and proxy settings, doing it from the data center without a big clunky laptop is convenient.

This would make my life a million times easier. Being an IT engineer on the road 75% of the time, a laptop becomes very cumbersome, especially in tight server rooms and datacenters. The Xoom tablet would become a huge asset when troubleshooting problems and working in those environments. I could RDP using the Pocketcloud app to a server, take pictures and upload them, or even create a trouble ticket right at the customer site without turning my computer on.

PocketCloud is only mildly interesting on a handset, but it's a killer app on a tablet. It brings together all of my content wherever I go.

Pocketcloud saved my job! I had a trip to Canada to visit a supplier of one of our child companies and I had a presentation to do. I saved the powerpoint file on my home PC where I was working, and something must have gone wrong when I tried to put the file on my network drive at work. I got to Toronto and I didn't have my presentation! I used pocketcloud to email the file from my home PC to save the day (and my job)!!! Go pocketcloud!!

PocketCloud delivers on the promise of the Internet by eliminating distance from the equation. With easy remote access to any of my computers no matter where they are, I can take my data with me on the road. No matter where the file I need to access is -- Chicago, Dallas, even Tokyo -- I can pull it up easily. And the extra-large screen of the Motorola Xoom will make using PocketCloud even nicer, as I'll be able to see more parts of a spreadsheet on the screen at once. Like peanut butter and chocolate, the Xoom and PocketCloud are "two great tastes that taste great together"!

I work in Public Health for a local health district and Pocket Cloud has been the best solution I’ve found for staying connected to my office PC. I’ve even introduced it to some colleagues and they love it. It allows us to stay on top of high-importance alerts 24 hours a day that we wouldn’t normally get on the weekends or evenings. This has reduced response time and allowed us to more effectively handle emergency issues from the convenience of our Android phones, which we carry with us all the time. Gone are the days of having to find a PC to log onto just to try and access our e-mail or calendar at work. Now, we can access our entire PC and our network which allows us to send out blast faxes or group e-mails from the security of our own work machines! I’ve recommended Pocket Cloud to other emergency providers (police and fire) and they appreciate the simple user interface and stability that many other providers just can’t match.

As for the Xoom, we started providing online foodworker cards for our restaurant workers so that they could watch the educational portion, take a test, and print out a card from the comfort of their home or office. For the few that can’t access or afford a PC to get online, we would use the Xoom to allow them to access the program from our office. We’ve tried other solutions (including the Ipad), but the online software is FLASH based so it simply doesn’t meet our needs for our clients. Our hope is to buy several Xoom’s when they become available and as our budget allows for them. Having even one available though would make a huge difference to our efforts to reach as many clients as possible with educational efforts designed to reduce foodborne illness and protect the public.

Thanks for your consideration.

I'm the head of Application Development at my firm and we are currently looking into providing our users with a more mobile remote access solution to our corporate network. Pocket Cloud looks like it would fit right in with the WYSE terminals and VMWare solution we are currently using on their desktops.

I have been watching this tablet develop over the past little while and I am very excited about it - and a bit disappointed all at the same time. I am a bit concerned that they may have rushed this table to market before it was "filly baked" so to speak, but even without the 4g being installed yet, it is far better than anything else out there. If I am chosen as the winner of this tablet, I hope to use it in my home in conjunction with my home network (which is rather extensive) so I can not only enjoy access to the internet wirelessly, and not have to grab my laptop, wait for it to boot up and use the net. Additionally, I hope to be able to stream video from it to my Dell 50" plasma screen. Not sure if it will work or not, but I am willing to give it a go. This would be my first tablet, and I hope to win it, and even evaluate it for use with my companies software application. I hope you choose me!

Life in the entertainment industry, can be tough to juggle especially being a parent! Between managing a recording label, being on sets, photoshoots, remaining socially interactive, and seeing the family gets a lil tough AND that's not to even mention touring! "Juggling" all these responsibilities, it's made easier by innovation which I'm very aware. Things such as "facetalk" and hi-def photos/videos definitely make bridging some gaps closer however, it's still a lot to go through dealing with just a cellular device at times. The company I work for is making a big step "going public" not to say we already wasn't public, just stepping up the operation! In doing so I was relaying to the owner that we should invest in tablets for our promotional "street team" to keep everyones statics in order. This week has truly been a blessing, securing our new establishment after "year'S" of waiting and then to get on my Android device and see them giving away a tablet, the last day before entry...had to see what my stars hold, lol. But, honestly though the Xoom tablet would be an "on-time" addition not just for me personally, not having to live my "life" on just a cellphone, but my companies as well!
~Thank you

We are looking at ways to make it easier for our mobile work force to be able to access our secure apps that require a pc or notebook. I would love to see if this will help us use a truely portable device.

It's really annoying being a high school computer science student (soon to be comp sci major in college!) and having to always be using a flash drive to access files from home. I tend to misplace my flash drive often, and then fail to hand in work. In addition, our computers are SUPER slow at school, and barely load anything newer than a windows 98 file. PocketCloud would help me IMMENSELY with my school work. Also, it is possible that I would be attending the University of Southern California after high school. This would make it highly impractical to help my friends and family with computer problems at home here in PA. PocketCloud would be an amazing asset for these types of problems.

Thanks Wyse Technology and Android Central for making this all possible!

I would like to win the tab please. i want to look on the internet while im in the woods working.

PocketCloud will help me get to all my importer document, will make my office portable no nee to bee in the office all them time. I will be able to work form any place.

As a student dentist managing patients of all ages and needs at multiple dental clinics, being organized and having secure access to information critical to patient care is very important to me. PocketCloud on the Motorola Xoom would be a dream come true when it comes to patient access to information on the go, from clinic to clinic to clinic. Not only would this help me better serve my patients, it would make dental school that much more bearable. a poor, overworked, overstressed, broke student out! I <3 WYSE POCKETCLOUD + MOTOROLA XOOM!

As an IT support, Pocket Cloud from Wyse Technology makes my life more productive by having remote access available anywhere and anytime. I have been using it with my Archos 70IT and I love it.

PocketCloud would help me out a lot! I work out in field doing mechanical equipment replacement and repair. It would be extremely helpful for me to have to ability to log in to my PC at the store and put together a quote for work on the spot to show to the customer. I also manage my home network which is about five computers, two gaming systems and our Android phones. It would be amazing to have the ability to help my wife with any sort of PC issue even if I wasn't at home to do so, as she is just starting a graphic design business out of our house. I'm excited to be able to use this tech, and it would be extremely helpful, especially in the former of the two examples given, to have a large screen to view all these little tidbits of information. Thanks for offering us this contest!

Pocket Cloud is awesome. I could get things done from home or where-ever, without having to come back to the office all the time. Best of all, Pocket Cloud and the Motorola Xoom would get me one giant leap closer to BB to BB (ie: bye-bye to Blackberry)!!

PocketCloud would be a nice gift for me. I haven't bought myself anything since college started... I work part-time to pay my college tuition.

Let's be honest, PocketCloud on Xoom will help me monitor porn downloads on my computer. J/k it'll do much more than that.

GL everyone.

As a banker, helps me keep tabs on my clients anywhere, anytime. Seemless and efficient...thank you Go Pack

PocketCloud will allow me to access documents I need while I am mobile. It gives me easy access to any files that are on my computer.

As a firefighter, Wyse Pocket Cloud is the only way I can be in two places at once.

Pocket Cloud allows me to provide tech support to my wife, my parents, and my friends without ever leaving my Firehouse.

Each computer I'm routinely repairing and troubleshooting is accessible from my Android phone, so when I'm needed by a friend or loved one to help with computer woes, they don't have to wait until my next day off to connect.

No driving, no blind guessing, and no frustration. A Xoom tablet would make my life so much easier; any Android device is better than the alternative, but I often need my phone to be, well, a phone.

A new Xoom from Wyse would be so awesome, and would get used constantly be me and the rest of my crew, both on and off duty.

Pocket Cloud will help me because it's,like my PC in my pocket. This will help me with my family SOO much because they always need help with something. I could just pull out my phone and show them what must me done or I could do it for them! It's going to save me a lot of time and let's say I forget an important paper for school or something, I just wip out my phone and WALA! Thank you Wyse Technology for developing Pocket Cloud this is going to make my life a lot quicker. :D

My work is spread across 4 computers and one android device. PocketCloud helps keep everything in check. Never again do I have to wake up at 3 am and drive to an office. Now I wake up, turn on my phone restart servers. THEN GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!

I'm sure the Xoom's bigger screen will help my workflow, GREATLY!

The way I would use the xoom and pocketcloud is to access my 3D CAD program on my desktop at the shop while I am in the field with customers. I would be able to show them the coal mining drums that I propose to build for them and be able to rotate and zoom in to show off the details of my designs. This would be a great sales pitch that my competition does not offer.

A fast and user friendly product to streamline all of your devices weather your at home, school, work, or virtually anywhere. Takes the hassle out of your daily tasks. It is great that all your machines can be accessible at any time no matter what machine you are on. PocketCloud is a great product that will save me time and increase my productivity! What more can you ask for?

Pocketcloud will help me multitask between work and school. It will enable me to remotely access information from work in a pinch while I'm at school if need be or vice versa, if I'm at work and need to submit an assignment that is on my home p.c I can do that thanks to Pocketcloud.

Wow! With a Xoom tablet and WYSE PocketCloud I can stop killing trees for my grocery shopping lists! I can't wait!

I could even do work on the go ... erm, that is if I actually did any work.

Wait! Maybe I could play games on my home computer while on the go ... that would be far more productive!!

Wouldn't it???

PocketCloud lets me write code in any IDE i want......from my phone!!! Simply Amazing, thanks guys!

I just got a job as a Network Technician at Insight. With PocketCloud, I could VPN into my computer at work and configure our clients Cisco routers from anywhere I have a secure internet connection. It would be a perfect productivity tool.

Though racked by age and infirmity,
I still love my technology.
With Tablet Xoom unrooted,
And Pocket Cloud downloaded,
I can leave my 'puter untended,
With all my data still appended!

I am an optometrist. I am trying to transition to a paperless health record system. This will allow me to go paperless as well as desktop and mouse free. I would love it, my staff would love it, and my patients would think that I am so up to date.

I'm an IT professional who was a former Palm user for years and switched to Android when the OG Droid hit the market. To be honest, I was unfamiliar with PocketCloud - so I checked up on I plan to take a closer look.

While my business doesn't yet support remote connections with Android, it is on their future timeline...but I have several 'side' support businesses that would be a perfect fit for PocketCloud. I support a travel office in my spare time (hardware, software, and networking) and I often get calls while at my regular job. Due to firewalls and policies, I can't help them directly...or at least before I couldn't. With PocketCloud, I can connect via my Droid and respond almost immediately.

In addition, my wife and friends are on the 'iPad' kick - while I'm holding out for an Adroid Tablet. I've been following the Xoom since it's unveiling at CES. I suspect the combination of the Xoom and PocketCloud would present a singularly uniquely opportuity to provide a excellent support model for the Travel business, my local highschool Band booster program, several small business websites I support, remote access to my 'paying' gig...and do it all with style and particulaly impressive WOW-factor!

Whether I am at home, at work, or on the run, Pocket Cloud will allow me to access my documents from anywhere. As a software developer, the convenience will be tremendous.

I guess the question is not so much how PocketCloud will help me do what I do better, but really how Wyse Technology can integrate it's platform into an entire industry desperately in need of a technological upgrade while improving my own productivity. I am a financial advisor and the cloud computing tools accessible to us are both expensive and lack the up-to-date technology necessary to increase our productivity. How will it make what I do better? PocketCloud has the ability to deliver fast and seamless cloud computing and connectivity between devices, whether that be a smartphone, office computer, or tablet pc. Not only will PocketCloud give me access to all my client information, calendar appointments, and email, but it will allow me to continue performing my job in the most efficient way possible. For better or worse, I will always be connected to what I need most. How can Wyse Technology position itself for growth? Assuming Wyse TEchnology can integrate a VPN or BES like service major financial services companies can trust and depend on, PocketCloud has the ability to position itself as the #1 product for cloud-based computing and connectivity, serving financial advisors around the country with a product guaranteed to increase their productivity and constantly keep in touch with all important matters at hand. I hope this commentary sparks enough debate within Wyse Technology to earn myself a free Xoom. Thank you

Being a novice Android developer, PocketCloud could help me with a lot of things. If I was testing an app on a device (such as the Xoom :D ) and I found an error, I could use PocketCloud to access my development environment and make the necessary changes. Then I could send the .apk to the tablet to update the app. This would improve my development process greatly. I could also use Pocket Cloud and a Wii remote app to play computer games using a Wii remote. :P

One of the features of Android that I have enjoyed the most is the increased productivity I've been able to have with my mobile device. I hadn't heard of the PocketCloud app, and now that I have I can honestly say I have not been quite this excited about an app in a while.

PocketCloud looks to take the already productive Android device and increase it exponentially. Particularly in regards to programs that do not have a corresponding app available, PocketCloud will enable me to be utilize the functionality of my main computer with the freedom of my mobile device.

Thank You Wyse Technology and Android Central for bringing this wonderful app to my attention and offering this extraordinary contest!

This is my first introduction to Pocketcloud. Looks like this will really help with presentations. What a treat it will be to be able to pull up any of the files I need where ever I am! Sometimes it is just too hard to anticipate what is going to be needed and this definately will offer a lot more freedom and peace of mind.

Being on-call for weeks at a time PocketCloud would help me be minimizing how many devices I need to carry with me. The ability to RDP into my work machine and take care of a quick issue without having to lug a laptop around or leave whatever event I am at would be a life saver.

Thanks for the contest...
Im a machinist...and the machine operate is an okuma lt200my..(google it..if your interested)
anyway..the machine controller on this machine is based on windows xp...and it would be awesome to use pocket cloud in this scenario...
Right now I often use my droidx to log in remotely ...and check for alarms and part...even watch the part simulation...but its fairly limited...because of the smaller screen...
With a tablet and pocket cloud...I might even be able to edit code on this machine...all from my couch...
now that would be awsome!!!

Let me start by saying I'm a jack of all trades in my company. I dj, i'm in charge of our graphics, I also handle our IT. There are several issues that a product like this would solve. One of the biggest, and most obvious, would be when I'm out of town, either on vacation (ha!) or at another event, and we have a problem with a computer I can't always walk my guys through fixing the issue. Sometimes it's because I need to get my eyes on it to really understand the problem, sometimes it's because I'm the only tech savvy person in my company. Either way, being able to remote in from a device I'm more likely to have on me wherever I'm at would be amazing. The other, and I don't think as obvious use, would be if I have to fix a graphic and I don't have a comp with photoshop on it with me. I am notorious for missing a spelling error here and there, and if I can get that fixed and up on the big screens and projectors at a show, that would be a huge help. I don't like lugging my laptop with me everywhere anymore and this would free me up quite a bit.

Oh wow, cant believe I never heard of this program. This would be very helpful as it pretty much would make the tablet into a pc. I would love to be able to run this on my new Xoom(thanks btw!). Accessing my Mac while away would make things alot more convenient for me. I could open up that excel file that I somehow forgot to save to my sd card or email :)

Using PocketCloud I will be able to access all my databases at home without having to carry always a copy in my pocket device. All my data will be secure, updated and in a single location. I will be able to consult data on the road, check my databases of movies, CDs, check all my pictures, videos, and interact with the files I needed, where ever I needed. Way to go!!!

Previously, I carried a laptop and a power supply around with me when I traveled, in case of work emergencies. Now, I've got PocketCloud installed on my Color Nook and I can do emergency maintenance on my Windows, Linux, and VMWare systems from anywhere I have a wi-fi connection. 3G would be about the only thing to make it more useful.

Having Pocketcloud will allow me to work with documents on the go from my mac and sync across devices! Would love to utilize this technology!

I am a mechanic in the marine field. The technology in the diagnostic equipment always lags behind the technology in the motors. A lot of people in my profession are reluctant to accept that technology that is available to them. I, on the other hand, love it. The Pocket Cloud app and my Droid2 have made my job easier. When I go on a service call, it is vital to have access to my computer. Knowing the past history of that motor is important. It is great to be able to show my customer what work has been done on his/her motor and what work needs to be done. That benefits both myself and my customer. The ability to access previous diagnostic reports and compare them to current reports makes diagnosing problems easier. It even helps when I am working in the shop. Even a laptop can be cumbersome to carry around the shop. But having my computer available on my phone (or a Motorola Xoom, even better) makes my job so much easier. The Pocket Cloud app may not have been designed for me but it works great and I can not imagine being without it.

I normally don't enter any contests because my luck sucks but I figured this opportunity is too good to pass up. I rarely post, but I enjoy reading all the articles and reviews from everyone as well as the the forum messages. I'm not very familiar with Pocket Cloud, but I would like the chance to figure it out especially as I just got promoted and will need to be able to do more from my phone than ever before. I hope I win, but even if I don't, congratulations to whoever does.

Being a young author, with half my family living all the way in Panama. I'm always looking for new ways to be productive. Pocket cloud would be the epitome of productivity for me. I'm always searching for new technology to help me easier pursue my dreams in whatever form or fashion. Too often I end up sending the new stuff I do get to my family outside of the country. Working on my second book, while trying to pursue a degree in the medical field and always being a great admirer of anything technical. A pocket cloud device would be exactly what I need to put me at optimum productivity. With the amount of different projects I've been trying succeed in doing I always have to use a bunch of different things. It would be great to have one powerhouse piece of equipment that would push me above and beyond where I'm trying to be. If I win it I'd be greatly appreciative and i would put it to work the same day I receive it. If I don't then I would have to thank you guys for a great opportunity.

Working in maintenance within the military, you have a lot of manuals you have to refer to, meaning keeping them within arms reach. You have to be able to track all of the parts you not only keep on hand, but also the ones you have to order to complete your jobs. Having all the information at your side at all times, no matter where you are would greatly improve productivity, and therefore the safety of the people I support.

pocketcloud will be the final cog in my digital tools... since i dont want an ipad which is too big. i would be the most productive person in the world

Pocket Cloud will help me in all the aspects of my life. I am an art/architecture student and a photographer. PC will help me work on my images and art anywhere I can get some inspiration. Also it will be great when showing a digital portfolio to prospective clients (along with a brand new Motorola Xoom). It will also help when I am helping my mother (not the most advanced in tech.) when she calls me up needing help. Basically Pocket Cloud will make it easier to progress in the various professional personal and social aspects my life easier.

I am a T4 Parapaligic 26 year old who came across this contest while I was researching the Motorola Xoom. I have been researching the Xoom for some time as I am looking for a device in which will allow me to go back to school and keep me connected to my husband who is a soldier and is scheduled to deploy again soon. With my disablity I am unable to write like I need to for notes and classwork so carrying a laptop is a necesity for me. However, my husband would have to come to school with me alot of the time to carry such a heavy and akward piece of equiptment for me that i dont have the strength or balance to carry let alone books and classwork (which when in a book bag tips me out of my wheelchair) To be honest I feel really dependant on my husband because of that so with his deployments I have had to quit college until he returns again or at least so I thought. After reasearching the Motorola Xoom with the Pocket Cloud application I belive I could carry such a device being lite and less awkward and with the application all my school work would be there with a touch of a button that I could print without worring about carrying it and lastly I could use Ebooks or PDFs for most my classes books. This would allow me to finially gain independece and finish my degree.

I must say that is not my only motive as the Xoom is versitile and would allow me to stay in touch with my husband online while he is deployed and family in other states when he isnt deployed.

I belive Motorola Xoom with The Pocket Cloud application will be so benificial for me that after all my research; it is exactly what I need...If I win I will be so ecstatic to finially gain my independance back. Thank you for your consideration.

with pocketcloud i would be able to go portab;e with my pc at home, all files can be "xoom"ed to my xoom in case i ever need them on the go

The pocketcloud will help me do all the computing i want! I love computing,so then i love pocketcloud! Thanks pocketcloud! You are the greatest! :)

You can always make a better mousetrap huh. Truthfully the app has a very limited market. If your at your desk, who needs it and if your away more than a few days and your a regular traveler, you'll bring the laptop you assuredly own. So it's the person who spends their day being mobile, walking or driving around, needs to be in touch with their desk but can't carry their desk with them.
Although I do want the Zoom I cannot pay that launch price, so I have learned to do without. Being a court receiver, travelling to the roughest neighborhoods, collecting utility accounts, stopping at lawyers offices, Kinkos and you name it, the smart phone it getting tired. I do drive around my cities and county all day long, collecting accounts, scratching out written notes and updating my office computer in the late afternoon or evening.
I met a gent 10 years ago who loved to access pornography from work but feared leaving a trail on his employers terminal. Viola! Problem solved. GoToMyPC came to the rescue. Well Pocket Cloud will do the job better i'm sure but the lesson is, the people who needed indiscreet access were the market. Now with the advent of the tablet, it's not just that guy looking for entertainment at the office, it's me too. Who else, i'll leave it up to Wyse to figure but they have the dominant product to sell. For me, it would be more than a novelty and yes, I would love the Zoom on it's own but do believe I really could get some good mileage out of this combo.

It is not fair to limit the contest to US - I can put a Xoom with pocketcloud on it to so many secure and casual uses that my contest entry could look like a "documentary from the near future".
I also tend to "guess" there is open source software combination that already has the functionality - a topic that merits a review. Give me a Xoom and I will help writing it (the review, I mean).

Pocketcloud helps me to wow my clients. I'm a freelance web developer and am constantly meeting with clients to discuss there needs. With a tablet in hand I no longer need to drag a laptop with me to show site designs and software solutions. With Pocketcloud I have access to all my files at home, on the same devise, without having to sync up a laptop before I go.

I use pocketcloud in order to do my school work while on my way to sports games and parties. It allows me to enjoy my college life while still getting my work done and getting good grades.

I work in IT. Pocketcloud could finally help me prove why we should support Android mobile devices within our corporate environment. Anyone who thinks that RIM's Blackberry is the only enterprise option hasn't seen what Pocketcloud can do for them.

PocketCloud on the Motorola Xoom would effectively replace my laptop that no longer works. With funds being tight, having something light, connected, and so functional would benefit me in my work as a Senior minister in very "high Tech" church.

Most often finding myself away from my desktop, my only away to make quick modification to clients web-based systems is via an LG Ally via web based utilities or *gasp* unsecure ftp downloads and text editors. It's bad enough that I can always work at my desk, trying to work on a 3.2" screen to keep cliens happy and generate some kind of income while my wife makes me muck horse stalls makes me pray for something better. Good Luck Everyone.

Being a web developer, having access to my with computer on the go would be indespenssible. I hope I get the chance to try it out.

So many reasons PocketCloud is awesome! First to have the ability to service my computer for my family when I'm out of town. Have open access to all of my programs from anywhere on a tablet or my incredible gives a certain freedom to not worry about leaving something at home. While there are apps that will edit excel documents most do not allow for macros and a number of formulas to run; with PocketCloud I can just work on those files as they are in the windows environment normally. It effectively increases my storage capacity by limitless possibilities. With that storage increase in mind, having all my media at my fingertips is pretty sweet! The streamlined approach that Wyse uses is phenomenal and not at all as convoluted as other solutions I've tried in the past. And finally, PocketCloud paired with the XOOM has got to be nirvana!

I do IT for a living and remote administration is my bread and butter. Using Android and PocketCloud will show my peers what this technology can do and they will most likely follow suit. We're forward thinking with many technologies in our enterprise and mobile is becoming a focus. The Xoom will be a great platform to showcase this all.
Good luck to all.

I've been using another RDP app for a while to access my home PC on the go. I just downloaded PocketCloud and am impressed. I'll use it to get files I leave at home, move music to my NAS, and more.

This would help me as a paramedic, EMS Instructor and father.

As a paramedic it would streamline how I provide patient care giving me immediate access to the most current treatment procedures and my protocols I operate under. Currently I have to carry a book bag with multiple different books to refer to. With this this is all I would have to carry to have everything at my finger tips.

As an EMS Instructor this would (as mentioned above) keep me up to date so I can pass on the most current information to my students. Plus being able to link it to my schools computer system I can keep all my student records and teaching material on it so that way I again don't have to carry a book bag with all that information in it. Plus I am currently enrolled in a bachelor's program and it would be nice to have this so i can have all my degree program at my finger tips.

As a father this would help my wife and I stay on the same schedule and better schedule time together as a family.

I'm a new attorney, and I spend much of my time in court and traveling to meet with my clients. I've just started using Pocket Cloud, and it has really helped me with my practice. Before using Pocket Cloud, I had to either carry lots of files with me at all times, or rush back to the office if something came up with another one of my clients while I was out of the office. Now, I can just scan everything in to my computer, and pull up my files if I need to view them while I'm out of the office. And the fact that it is a secure connection ensures that I'm able to keep my clients' information private. I'm able to better serve my clients, and I'm not tied to my desk at all times.

PocketCloud is an amazing app that allows me to remotely access my computer on the go either by my phone or tablet.. Its a huge convenience because when I am out and about I don't want to carry my laptop or have access to my desktop but I would be able to pull up those pictures I have to show friends or coworkers and I forgot them on my computers at home. Plus with the Motorola Xoom it will be very fast with 4G LTE coming to the device. My tablet is light and also have my Motorola Droid X so have multiple ways to access information.

**Xoom contest**
Signing up for and downloading the process was easy. I tried this app out on my nexus one it works as adversed, but do it my small screen size i found it hard to navigate. but I can truly see that is app a potential. because i also used it on my t-moble vibrant and just having a tad bit larger screen helped navigating and accessing word file on my desktop was very cool. I can't wait to try this on a larger screen.

So now, with Pocket Cloud, I can work on the same wonderful document that sits on my mac (and not try to figure out which version is the latest version), and I have less of a chance of escaping the writing that I should be doing.

And a Xoom would make ever so much more lovely.

PocketCloud on a tablet would help me get more work done from the field instead of having to wait until I get back to my office pc to get documents finished and printed out.

Looking at the PocketCloud demo, I see many opportunities for use at work and at home. Perfect for the professional or home business user that can't carry a full laptop!

I was at my cousin's last weekend helping him give our beloved '70 Chevy Malibu Classic a tune up when I received an urgent notification from work informing me that one of my top clients web server was down. Before Pocket Cloud I would have been in a panic, but since Wyse Technology is on my workforce, I was able to remain calm and get on my gorgeous 4.3" screen that's powered by some of Motorola's top notch hardware... the Droid X, and resolve my clients issue with little downtime. I was able to remote into my office pc and resolve the issue as if I were right there at my workplace. I was back under the hood in a matter of minutes. This is one of several incidents that this revolutionary mobile software has made my consistency and promptness even more valuable to my clients. I feel as if I have already won a prize from Pocket Cloud.... I bet it would be even more fashionable to get to experience this on a Xoom! There is a lot of entries, good luck to all!

It changed my life, I cant live without it. I cant spend one day without my Phone with all widgets and instant updates. Now I use my Phone as a Navigation System to guide me, Camera to capture the wonderfull moments, and an internet device to communicate with the world......

I belive the Motorola Xoom with PocketCloud will get me MORE dates with smarter and sexy women.. When I show up at Starbucks and whip out my new Motorola Xoom with PocketCloud.. The ladies will flock around me ..and want to check out my new HOT MOTOROLA XOOM w/Pocketcloud from ..Android Central.

Thank you for making my dreams come true.PocketCloud.

So when I get it I will send pictures of the hordes of woman I get .

Being a part time student and working full time the xoom would greatly help me. I am currently saving for a laptop the xoom with pocketcloud would be a great alternative. I can use the xoom as an e-book reader for some of my textbooks. I can use it with pocketcloud to transfer and print my notes and projects from anywhere. At work the xoom would help me set appointments and keep track of clients. In short the xoom with pocketcloud would greatly increase my productivity at home, work, and school.

I'm no stranger to remote access programs on my devices, but the nice thing that pocketcloud will do for me is integrate more than one type into one easy to use program. This clears up a lot of clutter for me and I dont have to learn 4 different programs for each different remote access protocol. Thanks guys!

Pocketcloud helps me do school. I'm a college student so I'm always on the move. For some reason, though, my school doesn't seem to understand my mobile lifestyle (or the overwhelming number of college students with smartphones) so the website they use for school emails, assignments, and even registering for classes doesn't work on my Droid. Pocketcloud let's me log onto my computer at home and check my emails, register for classes, and see what books I need to buy from the bookstore. And as an added bonus, if I forget to bring my assignments to class, I can log onto my computer at home and email them to myself on campus. I love it!

I think that PocketCloud computing is the most groundbreaking, helpful, resourceful, handy, innovative creation that man has devised and invented in terms of increasing my productivity in my work life, increasing the time I spend in my social circles and getting in touch with my loved ones, developing healthy habits through easy access to information regarding healthy lifestyles, or even simply enjoying relaxing moments such as watching movies and listening to music wherever I am. The power of cloud computing or even much better, the PocketCloud computing, which is actually a "Computer in my pocket" is unimaginable. It will pave the way for me as an ordinary citizen to harness the power of my desktops from wherever I am be it in the field, in my workplace, in the middle of the farm, in the middle of the stadium or simply anywhere. As a healthcare professional doing homehealth care, the ease of access to articles and information through PocketCloud could save the lives of my patients through timely and instant provision of healthy living information that I could give in a timely manner. Also as a student learning Computer Programming, 3d animation and multimedia, I have access to the power of my gaming desktop which could help me learn more effectively and efficiently and be more creative no matter where I am. I could access my desktop anytime when I feel inspired to create something. Also as a pianist and composer, the ease of access of my applications and music softwares will make me be more creative and help me in my music writing process. I think PocketCloud computing is a revolutionary technology that will change the way I work, spend time with my family, spend time in leisure activities, and more importantly the way I relate to my maker and my God, The Lord. I have instant access to the most important book ever written "The Bible". In times of trouble or trials my PocketCloud application will pave the way for me to read the "Word Of God" right where I am and have access to the most important book to guide me in my daily life and give me insights and inspiration to live right in the sight of the Lord and be a better member of the society. The potential of PocketCloud computing is so vast that it could change the way I live to the very best! Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and innovative minds. Through your efforts you are changing my world to be a better place and making me better in what I do! Thank you.

I would use the VNC features to be able to lay on the couch and do stuff "on the computer" without needing the actual computer in front of me.

You know, as much as I would Love to win something of this calibre,and as I read through this thread, there are a handful of you are in much greater need for what is being offered on this contest. I can't say that I'm in a position to afford the Xoom at any point here soon and I certainly agree that Pocket offers a fantastic service that I would definitely utilize both in my professional and personal life, there are a few here that border on deserving something of this nature. To those select few, I wish you good luck. Thank you to Pocket and AndroidCentral. :)

My reservations to cloud computing will be answered by PocketCloud’s enterprise grade security and SSL encryption. With VNC support, I can connect to my desktops at work and at home, regardless of Operating System from my Android cellular or tablet devices. I will finally be able to get as organized as I need to be as a writer, web designer and programmer. The, custom keyboard, mouse touch pointer and multi-touch gestures will enable smarter selections and more precise manipulations with my handheld devices. With both a free and enterprise versions, PocketCloud is bound to become the key desktop App, so I can’t wait to load it on my brand new Motorola Zoom!

I spent a long time writing this, please read:

A gentle breeze surrounds my body, feeling the need to indulge, my goosebumps reveal themselves with a sense of delight. Eyes closed, I feel the warmth of the sun and smell the crisp cool air. Comfortably positioned on my back, I lie there with not a worry or sense of frustration in my mind. I am weightless... so wonderful — where am I? this is pure bliss... a dream turned to reality — Wait, am I dreaming? it's too good to be true!

With crab-like pincers, I reach down and give myself a hard squeeze. "OUCH!," I squealed. "Hmm, if it isn't a dream then I must be in Heaven," I thought. I quickly open my eyelids and to my astonishment, I am floating! Yes, floating high above Mother Earth laying on the most comfortable thing known to man, a cloud. But not an ordinary cloud, it was different than any other I've seen before, outlined in white and filled with a grey center. My body comfortably sinks into the fluffy mass. I instinctively look above my left shoulder and see an orange kite-like figure that appears to be hovering just above me. "What a beautiful sight," I think to myself.

Still wondering if I am in Heaven, my head circles 360 degrees looking for signs of apparitions, or holy figures. Unable to see anything that'll give me clues of my whereabouts, I suddenly notice a 10 inch hunk of beauty right underneath my stomach (or rather, on top of my belly). Awestruck, I stare into it's gorgeous display and see a little green man with its arms confidently crossed. With a smirk on his face, the green figure reaches around his back, pulls out a shiny red apple, dips it into a bowl of honey, and devours it.

After the show put on by the green icon, he notices me gazing at him. It opens it's mouth and says in a robotic voice, "The future is here". Not understanding the meaning behind it's words, I suddenly hear another voice. This time the voice wasn't coming from the mouth of the green man, instead it was the cloud who was speaking.

"Indeed, the future is here," it said with a captivating voice, "I see the look in your eyes, you seem confused, let me explain: The beautiful device in front of you is Xoom; crafted by hand from some of the most skilled Beings in a technologically advanced World. Now, the cute green figure inside Xoom is Android. Android is an advanced system with features unlike any other." My face filled with even more excitement. "And I am PocketCloud," he continued, "developed by the global leader in client computing, Wyse. Think of me as a type of magic carpet, I can take you anywhere you desire. All you need to do is hop onto my soft center with an Android powered device like Xoom, and you'll experience my electronic services".

PocketCloud continues to talk about its brilliant features and I listen attentively. After hearing about all of its stunning abilities, my mind wanders off and I daydream about how PocketCloud will help me as a twenty year old college student. In my thoughts, I am on my university's campus, miles away from my workstation, which is sitting quietly at home. In my scenario, I'm sitting in a large classroom with an old professor lecturing a bunch of young ambitious people. I need to be taking notes, but all I have is the ancient pencil and paper combo. But then I remember; I hop onto PocketCloud and it Xooms me miles away to my workstation, were I am finally able to take notes like a civilized present day human being!

I blink and another scenario fills my mind. After a hard days work, I am tiresome and need to rest. But I am still on campus (where I spend most of my time) because I need the entire night to study at the campus library. I reach into my bookbag looking for an important study document as well as my homework assignment, but I can't find it! I don't panic however, because I remember about PocketCloud. I fall onto the fluffy cloud and it brings me home and onto my desktop, were I access everything with ease.

In my final scenario, I am again on school campus (told you I spend most of my time there). However, this time I am enjoying the sun and laying on the green grass. Class is finished for the day, and this is when I like to fulfill one of my hobbies, my huge passion, writing. During this time I like to write long stories, stories that tire your hands if you write with those ancient pencils that I curse. So again, I jump onto PocketCloud and this time it takes me to my "Story-station" where I am able to write without aches and pains. "Wow, PocketCloud will help me be a better college student and young writer!" I say to myself.

My eyes slowly open. Suddenly, the fog clears my mind. The darkness and blur in my eyes quickly fade away, I now see everything crystal clear. I am laying on the green grass at a nearby park, the sun and air cover my entire body. I am no longer floating on a cloud, no longer hearing mysterious voices. Was it all a dream? But I don't care, because my attention is now on the Xoom tablet sitting in my lap. I pick it up, wondering if I'll see the same green figure as before, but this time the picture inside the display is different. The image looks just like my desktop computer. It is my desktop computer, a smaller and more portable version. I begin playing around with the Xoom and the seamless remote desktop experience provided by PocketCloud. I then open the browser to Android Central. At this moment, I realize that I am indeed in Heaven.


No worries, no frustration. With PocketCloud, the future is here!

I would use pocket cloud to connect to my HTPC from anywhere. I could schedule recordings and manage other software whenever i needed to. Thanks for running another great contest!

I am currently the IT guy for my Grandparents and this would help me to get them through issues when something goes wrong on their PC. Most of the time it is something simple and being able to login to their PC and take a peak would be a lot faster than driving to their place after work.

I promise I will still visit them.

Pocket Cloud makes managing my home network and syncing PC's effortless. I don't have a epic story of why I deserve to win. I just love technology with a burning passion.

this tablet will help me and my wifes business. We are always out in the field and this would help our work performance a 1000%, this tablet is going to be a work horse espicially for a business like ours. Great job on product thats coming out . And cant wait till its in our hands.

I am constantly getting calls from friends and family to look at their computers. Even when I'm on the move. PocketCloud would allow me to fix those quick issues without having to make an effort to get home any sooner.

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