Only three days left to enter to win a Motorola Xoom!

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is looking to be the Android tablet to beat so far -- check out of first look at CES. And if the rumors are correct, it could well be launched in the next few weeks on Verizon.

And that means it's time to give one away. We're teaming up with Wyse Technology, developer of the Pocket Cloud app, to deliver one unactivated -- and free -- Motorola Xoom tablet, running the Honeycomb version of Android. Hit the break for the full details and instructions on how to enter.

The contest details

First things first -- we don't yet know when the Xoom will be made available on Verizon. Rumors have it at mid-February, but that could well change. Also be aware that the Xoom will launch as a 3G tablet. Verizon has said it is expected to be upgraded to be LTE-capable sometime in the second quarter of the year.

The Xoom is being purchased and delivered by Wyse Technology, once Verizon makes the Xoom available for purchase.

You must be a U.S. resident at least 13 years old to participate in this contest. For complete rules, click here.

How to enter

It's simple: In the comments of this contest post, tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better.

The contest ends at 7 a.m. EDT Sunday, Jan. 30. Wyse will cull the entries and choose a winner, which we'll announce later that week. Remember to answer the question. Merely replying "Yes!" or "I want to win!" will not get the job done. And we won't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do. So don't waste your time.

All that said, have fun, and good luck!


Reader comments

Win a free Motorola Xoom tablet from Android Central and Wyse Technology


This would be great for me!

I've not used PocketCloud before, but once I'm able to get an Android tablet, I can see how this software will be indispensable for what I do.

I frequently have to remote into different computers & servers which requires me to have a bulky laptop with me. With one of these tablets and a network connection I'd be able to leave my laptop at home and have much greater flexibility to help clients while on the go.


With my job, I am constantly having to stay in touch with our routers and servers. With a quality tablet and VNC/RDP software it would enable me to not be so "tethered" to the desk and allow for overall better response time.

I am a photographer for a living. I tried this app for the first time the other day and was floored that I can actually EDIT photos using this app using Photoshop or Lightroom... right from my X. This will save me a few trips home, and a lot of headaches. Can't help ut to think a bigger screenw ould make this process easier.

I will use pocketcloud to access my computer at home while I'm at school so that I could take notes in school. This will be greatly beneficial since I will be starting grad school and the pocketcloud and the Xoom will allow me to use the MS OneNote program to keep all my notes organized while helping me succeed in grad school!

When my boss shows up and asks to do "one more thing" before I go I can just leave when I'm supposed to leave and finish the task on the train ride home with PocketCloud!


I believe this device and the PocketCloud app will benefit me immensely because of my profession. I am an asset manager and travel a lot on the road. I hate carrying around a laptop and then logging into citrix to access my work files/desktop. With this product and the PocketCloud I wouldn't need to lug around an 8 pound machine, and logging onto citrix (GOD HELP ME). My company was thinking about making an app for the iPad so we can carry those with us, but with PocketCloud we wouldn't need to waste time and money into building an app. Other than for work purposes my current laptop does not have a web cam, and with the front facing camera on this I can easily stay connected to my family. They all have google accounts and google talk on this device would be amazing. This would easily replace my lap top and I wish that you guys consider me as a top candidate for this device.


I'm currently at my Mother's hospice bedside. I used PocketCloud to connect to the PC at home and help my wife print a weird format script for a school play. PocketCloud allows me to be in two places at once.

What I do is I love to record music for Jesus at my church, but I have to run upstairs to the sound booth and tell the computer to start recording then run back down. That was until I found Wyse PocketCloud, it's on the awesome page of my EVO! I just connect to the computer from my phone and game on, recording from anywhere, and they I'm able to play it back. The only problem is that even on a 4.3 inch screen, I'm still wanting more in screen size, a XOOM would greatly improve that and make apps like PocketCloud even better.

The PocketCloud app will help me organize and manage my desktop without too much hassle. Being a college student, I cannot readily afford a netbook, so a Xoom tablet will easily fill my needs for mobility.

PocketCloud has completely changed my life. When ever I forget file I need on my home computer I just RDP and email the file to myself. Or if the file is too big for email I can still RDP and put the file on Dropbox and gain access to it through the Dropbox app on my phone. Gone are the days of having to worry if I have every file I need for a presentation or meeting, thank you PocketCloud for making me appear as if I have it all together.

PocketCloud Pro is ideal for hands-on administration on the go.
Though we have special Android network administration applications, it takes time & effort to develop tools like that.

With Pocket Cloud administrators can have a customized admin environment accessible on the go. You can arrange a dashboard of monitoring tools of your choice and check status of your network/hardware infrastructure with ease and convenience.

You can launch terminal of your choice, run any reporting tool instantly and do basic administration even on smartphone screen.

And with a tablet and LTE/4G speeds you would be able to have your daily admin tools at hand anytime anywhere!

PocketCloud gives the right amount of freedom that our crowded work environment needs. You can have total access on the run specially with the Android platform. I am using PocketCloud already on my phone but I can just picture how great and powerfull it will be to work with a XOOM tablet and using PocketCloud to have full access to remote systems... Great Software combined with Great Hardware is the way to go...

There are a few things that I love the most from Wyse are
Custom keyboard with function and shortcut keys,
Multitasking support,
VNC Support and 128-bit encryption features. This app is really rock.
I would definitely use it for my operations.

As an IT engineer that does consulting for many hedge funds, the Xoom really seems to be a laptop replacement considering the things I need to get access to. Plus it has an amazing form factor that's easier to port around than the laptop I have to lug. Most of my clients have Citrix and all of them support RDP to their servers. The Xoom could honestly be my one-stop everything device. I'd love to make the other engineers at work envious with a hot new Xoom.

i would use pocket cloud to be able to remote into my desktop from work, and also my home network to access files and videos. it would be awesome to all of that in on machine. i think the multi function pointer is a awesome idea i wish i had it on other devices.

Oh man, where hasn't PocketCloud saved my ass. I've been called upon at work to jump into one of our Windows Servers or a workstation, and having the means to log in to both RDP and VNC-ready workstations without two separate, poorly implemented clients saves me on space and time. It's always funny hearing my coworkers wonder why their mouse is moving while i'm fixing their machines remotely.

PocketCloud on a tablet computer would be a groundbreaking change for me. I'd get a greater amount of visibility of a remote computer, and much more local memory to play around in!

I hadn't heard of PocketCloud until I saw this contest so I downloaded it to see what it was all about. I have to say, I will use this all the time. Using my Google login and having a list of all of my computers right there could not be any more simple. Having access to my home PC when I'm away will be invaluable. Having my entire music, movie and picture libraries accessible from wherever I may be is great. I am a Law Enforcement official and have installed the software on my desk computer. I am frequently called by Officers in the field requesting information on individuals they have contact with or suspects in crimes they are investigating. Sometimes the information can be very vital to their investigations and time is of the essence. With PocketCloud, I can remote in to my work computer and access our databases from ANYWHERE to provide the information needed. Having that access on my phone alone is awesome but to have it on a slightly larger device, such as the Xoom, would be even better!! Great work Wyse, keep it up.

Letterman Style!

"Top 10 List"

10.) I can leave the mother-ship without my macbook and have no worries.

9.) PocketCloud + Xoom Tablet = Laptop/Desktop Replacement.

8.) A product that business and consumers can use with ease!

7.) In the next year PC will be known as PocketCloud not Personal Computer.

6.) Finally a piece of technology that is up to par with my flying Car.

5.) The greatest thing that Steve Jobs didn't think of first.

4.) Finally I can seemlessly be in 2 places at once.

3.) Sounds so much better than “LogMeIn”

2.) Personal Data/Possession Security!

1.) Saves me & Makes me Money!

Thank you!

PocketCloud will give me access to my work computer (documents, files, media, etc) while working from my XOOM Tablet. This will effectively allow me to travel "light," leaving my bulky briefcase, laptop, and peripherals behind. PocketCloud will also give me this same access to my home computer. All-in-all, PocketCloud will allow me to be more productive (and save my back from lugging around a heavy laptop, files, and books.) Essentially, it allows me to be in more than one place at a time.

As pastor of our church, PocketCloud will allow me to access the pc in the multimedia booth without having to go back to the booth and the pc in the church office without having to be in the office. If only I had a Zoom so that I could use it more easily and effectively than on my Droid. Both the Zoom and PocketCloud will allow me the mobility that I need in my day to day activities for the church as well.

If I win this Motorola Xoom, PocketCloud will allow me to manage my absolutely insane life. I work 3 jobs and go to school full time. Needless to say I have a hard time keeping track of all my files, music, and everything else I need just to make it through each day alive. It's really difficult to have everything connected between my droid, macbook, work computer, nook color, and ipod. ITS INSANITY. Not anymore though, with pocket cloud I never lose a paper, email, song, anything! My life has been much more organized, and would be even better with the Xoom. Thanks! Love the site.

My mom & my aunt both live in Chicago. At least once a week, they call or text me about things they are having with trouble with on the computer (i.e., Internet Explorer is not working, how do I copy music off of my iPod, etc.) And they usually call me while I'm at work. Because of the the corporate firewall, I can't help them out until I get home from work. And that 2 hour difference can be challenging when you are trying to help women who are 45+ & 50+. Therefore, PocketCloud would allow me to help them with there computer worries no matter where I am; no matter the time of day.

PocketCloud would be great for me so that I could have access to all of my movies and music on my main computer from anywhere. The Xoom would be perfect for this love that tablet(just not for $800).

I'm working on a couple of different blogs, a book and going back to school. Sometimes you forget something on your computer at home that you typed up and need to read on the go. Now I can just get on my pc anywhere and get what i need without having to wait until i get home. Its a nice time saver and helps with efficiency. This is why i would really like to with the Motorola Xoom, then i can take this to the next level and really keep things moving in the right direction.

As someone who works in R&D, and with other business units, i am frequently traveling or on the go. I have a host of virtual machines and physical computers that i need access to and sometimes all you have on you is a mobile device such as your phone. PocketCloud really makes this whole process seamless and so much easier than before. Ive used other remote login software such as logmein and gotomypc etc, and they all pale in comparison.

The UI on PocketCloud just makes it that much more easy to manipulate your remote environment when you quickly just need access to some important information and you don't have time to fiddle around.

I serve as the resident support guru in my family. Knowing that all I would have to do is install the client to their PC and then have this app on my Android would make it *much* easier to help them when I am not near a PC.

Prior to reading this post, I've never heard of the app both readily available on iOS and Android. I use LogMeIn app on my iPhone but I can give the app a try. I will be sure to check PocketCloud out. It will be useful to me that it can allow me to control my computer using iPhone (or iPad) when viewing from my couch in the living room without going over to the laptop. It will also be a great use to me to assisting family when I'm away from any physical computer.

With PocketCloud I can have the convenience of using my new Xoom tablet (hopefully) anywhere while utilizing the power and file storage of my home and work PCs. I can't wait!

With my work i am in my car a lot trying to do work on the road. With PocketCloud i could access my work computer and get a lot more done. It would also make my life easier than trying to access everything on my Evo.

PocketCloud will help me provide tech support for my Grandma. It's not easy showing her how to use the Internet from 3000 miles away.

As a Realtor, using PocketCloud to access my computer while out in the field would give me that competitive advantage. Being able to access contracts, disclosures, and the like while right in a home I'm showing will allow me to save my clients time and make their homebuying experience go much more smoothly!

While studying at my university's library I often had to take breaks and walk around. Instead of packing up my laptop each time I just used PocketCloud to watch my laptop's webcam from my droid and kept an eye on people interested in my computer. PocketCloud is a great way to protect your laptop!

PocketCloud would allow me to truly automate the inventory process I have put in place with my foodservice restaurant customers. As a sales rep, it will free me from having to do some of the tedious tasks, and let me work on building better relationships.

pocketcloud has helped in managing servers remotely when they've had issues in off hours...being able to do this via a phone is amazing :-)

the ability to access my content whenever i want is going to be so awesome. I use a cloud like service just for my music and would definitely love being able to access other stuff from my pc as well. Pocketcloud would definitely provide THE solution for me and using it along with the XOOM is going to be... wait for it....LEGENDARY!!!!

I would use it to show customers there open balances and also previous payments. Also to show history of items purchased. Its also handy to do a purchase order while on the road and placing a order to the vendor.

Our On Call staff uses PocketCloud for remote troubleshooting to better react to problems which avoids, in most cases, the need to drive in to the office or even unpack a bulky laptop!

We will be looking to expand its use for user access through tablets later this year.


As a webmaster for my organization, I am expected to be always online and available for emergencies. Adding PocketCloud to my web aura of a Motorola Xoom and my Android smartphone ensures all my remote emergency tools are literally at my fingertips when I am on the go and need to know.

My wife, mother, father...heck, my entire family is pretty computer illiterate. Often times I spend my precious time after work fixing everyone's problems when I should be relaxing with my kids. Now, I can fix their problems on my XOOM during slow days at work...errr...I mean on my lunch break while I am not on the company's time!

Pocket cloud allows me to access Lotus Notes email, freeing me from Blackberry Enterprise Server, along with accessing office files, and edit them. All without carrying a clunky Windows laptop.

As a photographer and graphic artist it would enable me to get into my studio computers and access my pictures, contracts, and designs for customers. enabling me to share albums and designs with current and future customers.

PocketCloud helps me to be able to work without being in my office, and it is easy and simple to use.

I am a photographer, Pocketcloud would greatly ease my ability to show clients photos from my desktop back home without having to host every single picture I take. This xoom would be a very big asset in my business.

I'm excited to see how PocketCloud will extend IT administration task to the remote/mobile workforce. If it can integrate with existing enterprise security and remote access technologies as well as the Android and VNC stack, it holds promise as a powerful tool.

Pocket Cloud would help in all aspects of my business, because I would be able to conduct that business anywhere. Gotta love technology!

If I have forgotten something that I needed it would be great to get it with ease. I sure hope I win this.

I would leave my lap top and important data home
where it would be safe and yet with pocket cloud it would still all be on the road with me

A kick-ass tablet and a kick ass app to remotely access computers, apps, and files - this is a no brainer.

Having these two means my laptop can become a nice paperweight, and I can enjoy having everything at my fingertips thanks to Pocket Cloud.

Pocket cloud seems to be something that i have been wanting for a while now. I have only tried the free version but i am sure the version for the xoom will be awesome. luck be a lady tonight.

PocketCloud will help me maintain my client's servers from anywhere I'm at, with my Android. :)

I am student that just moved from serbia to america not to long ago , about 8 months ago . I am very familiar with Android because I have had a android phone over there and here now . Now i am planning on going to college next semester. And to has how pocket Cloud will help would be with school and access multimedia files, Log into my computer so many features to say, I mean OMG that is SWEET . I mean what is NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THIS. It would be so great for me to show my friends and family what america can do for you !! In my country i think the most thing i would win would be some box of chocolate and some Homemade Liquor we have here . SO please androidcentral PICK ME !! It would mean the world to me and would be greatly appreciated.!! and in Serbian MOLIM VAS IZABERITE ME!!

I think that the Pocket Cloud app by Wyse would help me be more responsive to my website maintenance customers by keeping backups of their sites' data in the 'cloud' where I can retrieve it from a mobile device such as the Xoom or my Android phone. Their emergencies always become my emergencies whatever the time of day and wherever I may be. I enjoy being their knight in shining armor (with glasses)!

PocketCloud had the potential to make being on call easier. If I can remote my laptop without having to carry it with me everywhere, I'm a happy camper.

As a student being able to print and manage documents on the go will finally release me from the laptop chain o am stuck too. With a Xoom it will be the perfect combo!

Haven't used PocketCloud but I could definitely see it as being useful as to allow me to be even more of a slacker at work...only this way without actually having to go into work!

Being a manager of a retail store, PocketCloud will allow me to manage my store more efficiently whether I am in the store or out, allowing me to spend more time with my wife and 5-year old daughter. It will help me keep my business moving while enjoying precious time with the loves of my life. Thank You PocketCloud!

I'm away from home two days a week, and PocketCloud (along with a great new portable Android tablet!) will help me access important data and files on my computer when I'm on the go. It is an absolutely necessary piece of software for me.

This would change so a lot having a brilliant tablet like the xoom the cloud app is so awesome it would change everything and i mean literly everything please i want this so bad i dont even have anything close to this tablet a zune is all i have.

It will really mean I NEVER have to carry my work laptop with me. It's currently a VERY cumbersome process to log onto my company intranet. I could leave it home, logged on and have access to every tool easily while I'm out in the field.

I came up with an awesome use for Pocket Cloud! I'm a 3D animator so most of my life is spent sitting, waiting for my computer to render. What I can do with pocket cloud is really cool. I put all of my project files into my dropbox folder. When I'm at work, I work on my projects and when I'm done, I just hit save and it automatically updates on my home computer. Then I can use pocket cloud to remote desktop into my home computer and tell it to batch render. Since the rendered images end up in my dropbox folder, they instantly update on my work computer too. It's amazing! Almost like having my own render farm! I don't have to go out to get a coffee while my work computer renders. I can stay at my desk and work on my other projects and get more stuff done while my computer at home does all the dirty work!

As a Writer/Blogger and Novelist, I could use the Pocket Cloud to do my job anywhere at anytime. One never knows when the muse will appear.

PocketCloud will help me remote access my PC on my Xoom. This way, I can access files from home when I am out and about.

pocketcloud brings the desktop that I can't carry around to where I need it.
the XOOM will let me carry it with me.

I would love to say that I would use Pocketcloud on the Xoom (that I hope to win!) to be productive in school or work. But lets be honest, I would use it to access movies and photos on my computer. I would share them with family and friends. Also, I would play Angry birds and other games!
Since it uses flash, I would be able to play Facebook games, like Mafia wars and Farmville!
I hope to win, because Androidcentral and WYSE are the best!!!!!!

I am a senior manager and have found my IPad to be maddeningly limited in function. I am looking for a way to free myself of the limited IPad model coupled with an ability to utilize my desktop resources. The Xoom along with Pocket Cloud would enable me to meet both goals.

To be able to access files and applications on my desktop will open me to increased productivity and connectivity. I look forward to being able to use a Xoom and Pocket Cloud to organize my work and tasks.

PocketCloud would definitely make it much easier for me to access my computer from a remote location (not to mention take a good five pounds off my back!).

PocketCloud would let me be able to remotely access desktop computers at home no matter where I am. I'd be able to have access to all of those files no matter I would be.

Pocket cloud would help me with scouting and family readiness volunteering by keeping my documents at my finger tips

I plan on using it to facilitate my need to be more mobile and administer systems while on the go.

PocketCloud would seem to be the best seamless merger of my engineering drawings to a mobile device portable enough to carry in the field so far, and the XOOM Tablet would still have enough screen real-estate to be of any worth.
I really like this latest crop of devices...some are starting to make sense in everyday situations.

Have a nice day. :)

I just installed pocketcloud on my phone and im waiting on the download for the computer. The app will help me if i forget a file on my computer if im at school, this app is a great idea and i am positive it will work great! I am going to start college really soon and im working to save up money to buy one before then, If I won the Motorola Xoom, It would help me so much in many different ways for school and my job.

It allows me to play games on Facebook with any android or ios device while I'm away from my desktop :D

Pocket Cloud and the Xoom will allow me to switch from Logmein. Pocket Cloud is made for the tablet PC from the ground up and will allow me to better log in to my home computer while at work or on the road. I frequently have info that I need on my computer at home and need to get back to it to retrieve the info.

Gary W. Brown

The Pocket Cloud app brings your desktop or laptop to your smart phone by letting users remotely access their computer. As a recent graduate and future educator this application will be extremely helpful. Forget a lesson plan, documents, homework, grades, letters, and pictures? No more rushing home or rearranging you're schedule just use pocket cloud app to save the day. Even as a student projects and paper no longer need to be late just access your desktop save it to your phone, email it to your professors, colleges or to yourself and print it from another computer. This app will help a multitude of professions like lawyers, business, retailers, educators, investigators and anyone that uses a computer for work and play will benefit from this app. Owning a smart phone is like having a computer but using this app makes it your computer away from home. Go to the android market and download Pocket Cloud lite and try it for free and once you notice you can't live without it buy the full version.

With a new xoom and pocketcloud I will no longer have to worry about carrying around my laptop. I will be more likly to get some work done when I can do it on my Xoom. My boss will love that and I will love angry birds on a bigger screen.

I am a systems engineer at my company and we are in the middle of an iPad proof of concept. Validating the iPad as an administrative tool for accessing servers, etc... Would go along way with the use of the pocket cloud application. It works sweet on our wireless to connect to servers without having to carry my laptop around all day long. Rock on pocket cloud.

i would be able to make my home and work one. My life would be so more simpler and would not have to worry about syncing every time I left the house. Wish me luck.

PocketCloud would certainly boost my work productivity. I'm frequently at a customer location and need to reference something on my work PC, PocketCloud will make that process much easier than lugging a laptop around with another remote app.

Great contest fellas, hope I win! :)

Many a time have I wanted to work on something on my pc, browse through pics, or watch a video while on the crapper, but couldn't because my laptop is a little too big. Lo' and behold, Wyse Pocket Cloud emerged offering access to everything on my pc from the comfort of my Droid X. Taking a dump can be extremely boring at times, but I feel that with the power of Wyse and a brand spankin' new Moto Xoom, for those 10 minutes or less, I'll be free...

Look, I am just going to try to keep this short and sweet, there is too much to benefits about having PocketCloud on the Android system.

As a Real Estate Agent, I am hardly ever in the office, always out and about doing market appraisals. So the only think to keep me connected with the PC and me is Wyse's PocketCloud. No matter i need to change something on the marketing campaign or to adjust some photos on our company website or even doing a on the spot market report. It is that easy. During my time in the car or out at lunch. I repeat, it is that easy.

Even though I am not a U.S Resident (I am Australia resident), that I am not eligible to enter this competition. But I still like to express my customer feedback for Wyse's PocketCloud and how it benefited me.


I want to win a Xoom! I use Pocket Cloud from my Galaxy phone to control my home computer. One day I forgot a very important power point presentation at home and the only thing that saved me wad Pocket Cloud! An interesting thing happened while I was accessing my home computer for the file though. I was able to"watch" an interesting conversation my daughter was having with a friend through a chat session! Lol! I love the android and love technology! All my iphone friends would be soo jealous if I won!!

I work at a retirement/ health and rehab center for the elderly as Clinical Nutrition Consultant and Dietary Manager. I manage and keep track of weight-loss, weight-gain, doctors orders for food recommendations, allergies and tolerance. Hell, I even keep track of likes, dislikes, and even portion sizes for every individual patient. As you can tell, that is a lot of data. But the only problem is there are so many clients that I can't help everyone in a single workday. Pocket cloud would help keep files where I could have access everywhere I am, so I could always be just a quick call, email or text away. When a patient or family member need a quick answer about what to eat and what to avoid, I can give them guidance no matter the time or place. Everything I may need to help them could always be in my pocket. My epic 4G and xoom tablet will help me stay in touch on the go or at home and the only place I would have to use a pc is at work(unless I take the tablet to work also lol)

There is something to be said when technology such as PockerCloud comes around. It revolutionizes the way we interact with our surrounding technologies. Being able to operate separate computers from other locations on a mobile device has been something I've waited patiently for. Now when there are computer problems on my homes growing network I can help my family when they have troubles. Also with PocketCloud I can access my personal media that I have stored on Hard Drives at home. It seems like my computer never leaves my side now in days.

As a 3rd year Biology student I have a lot of books that need to be accessible on the go. I used to lug a giant 60lb backpack around with all my textbooks and notes but soon after getting a Samsung Captivate I put all of my notes onto my phone and found the ebook version for all of my textbooks. This solved the problem of having a huge backpack. While it's convenient to have in my pocket at a glance, it's not so convenient for when I have to read more then a few chapters from a textbook. This is where the tablet and PocketCloud would come into play. I would no be able to access all of my notes and files in full form from my computer. This convenience along with having a tablet would make my time as a student much more comfortable.

pocket cloud...making the lap top obsolete......making a tablet worth the purchace and saving me money.

PocketCloud would help me mesh Ubuntu and my HTC Desire seamlessly and help me push my music and other files without having to plug a USB cable in.

I could really use this tablet to save my life and others. I work in law enforcement in a small town and you can imagine our budget is small. The tablet could be used for search and rescue by providing maps of location to me and other rescue personnel. Our department is so small the we are often cross trained in fire rescue search and rescue. It would also help us capture wanted persons. I could go on and on about the ways it could be beneficial. Please consider helping a small town law enforcement department. Thank you.

in the manufacturing industry pocketclowd can save you a looottt of time when you wonna check up on windows operated machinery. you really dont wonna be without because of the noticeably increase in production run-time.

it's simply sweet and effective.

I have been using this app for a while but I can honestly say it is one of the most robust RDP applications available for android. I work in Healthcare and all my CTO keeps hearing about is how IPad/IDevices are leading the way in the tech realm for healthcare. It would be great to show him that our cyrrent technology provider(wyse) has developed an application for a tablet device that doesn't have the limitations of the Ipad and other similar devices. You have developed a tool that can be used acroseed the board, especially with systems supporting direct virtual app support through windows and the use od RDP to access them can not be beat. Why wait for vmware for a solution to come when Wyse has a solution now. If I win this tablet you can bet my CTO will see this device and I will demonstrate it's use not only within our IT department to help cut on site support cost, but a way to see the future development of terminal/virtual devices use in the healthcare system not only locally but spread to those places outside by example.

Thanks for this opportunity and I hope to this product and just being sponsored by a company that my company currently uses. Well that is just icing on the virtual cake.

OMG! I'm an accountant for KPMG in their NY office. I audit many other firms so I'm always on the go and could not even describe how useful PocketCloud would be for me! I'm in the process of switching to an Android phone just for this app! and to also have the Xoom, well!

Having the ability to give me more time, now what's more precious than that, and that is what the Pocket Cloud will give me with all it can do...and do for me!

My wife wanted a galaxy tab to help her with her motherly duties. My one year old son constantly grabs her laptop while she is looking up recipes, reading helpful parenting tips, or just listening to her music. We downloaded pocketcloud as well as ...the other product which is comparable. we kept pocket cloud as it fulfilled her needs completely leaving her laptop out of the reach of my son's active hands.
Now I've noticed how useful a tablet can be and would love to use one in my classroom to present all of the information on my pc. I cant afford another tablet (ahem...teacher's salary), but would definitely use one with pocketcloud at work. We never thought that a tablet could actually replace our trusty laptops. Technology is unbelievable!

PocketCloud really saved my ass last semester!!! I stayed up all night working on my final project which was due the next day and it was a program worth a big chunk of my final grade. I stayed up until about 4 or 5 in the morning debugging it trying to make it run smoother and I finally finished but forgot to put it on my flash drive from how tired i was and didn't realize I had forgotten until i got to school in the morning. Thanks to pocketcloud I got the program and passed that class! Pocketcloud saved me time and money, its a great app its helpful and very handy to have for many reasons!

Thanks Wyse technology!

The Pocket Cloud app from Wyse Technology is an amazing innovation as it allows students to always stay connected around campus. I am currently majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Art and Design and this app allows me to access all of my projects from a central location without incurring duplicates. I absolutely love Pocket Cloud and this on top of the the new Motorola Xoom would give me another reason to abandon the idea of getting an iPad..#teamDroid!!

Using Pocket Cloud would help out greatly when travelling on vacation. Using my HTC Incredible as a hotspot to share out my internet connection is cool as well as reliable and fast. I can't even imagine the endless possibliites that could emerge from using the awesomeness of Xoom, hehe.

I can't wait to have an Xoom for myself to use on vacations and to promote Android, Google and Honeycomb to my family and friends.

Since I work in the field PocketCloud would help me a lot. Being able to access my home computers will allow me to be much more effecient.

I will be able to Log in my computer and control it, also do some small production work. Will be able to do a lot more on this device than I currently can with my phone on my computer

Pocket Cloud allows me to do many things easily from my phone. Not only can I manage my PC's files remotely like I was there, I can fix my Homegroup/Network Sharing properties (which don't seem to stick on my Win7), can help my wife with the PC when she's in a pinch, and I can check to see who's on Steam all without having to go to my gaming rig!

I use Pocket Cloud today to get into a variety of my servers that i use for both home and work. It is by far one of the best "Remote Desktop" applications for Android. I have recommended it to all of my co-workers as well as anybody that has asked. The only thing that would make it even better is to be able to use it on a larger tablet device, preferably the Xoom, which i am quite excited for, rather then my EVO.

I would like to roll out tablets to 1000 plus physicians at my medical center in NY. PocketCloud will allow access to clinical applications. Electronic Medical records and other enterprise applications and services. In addition our IT staff can maintain servers faster with PocketCloud.

With the PocketCloud and a great tablet I could rule the world! Or at least my company's infrastructure. Who needs a desk when you can support from your couch? I use Wyse products and I know they can deliver quality products. I can't wait to be set free.

PocketCloud has freed me from the chains of a desk and computer. I could now check work email or access that all-important remote work file from the road or the comfort of my couch.

Thanks for the freedom PocketCloud!

In my life, I play many roles and wear many different hats. I'm a family man, working man, a student, a lay clergyman, an IT guy (for my computer-illiterate family and friends), and a tech nerd. PocketCloud helps me in fulfilling all of my duties... and doing them better than I have without it.

Making long trips to my in-laws' or a family member's house to help with a technical issue used to be a hassle... or impossible, depending on how far they live. Now I can help them ANYWHERE I am... whether it's from my computer or from my Nexus One and PocketCloud.

One of the worst feelings is to have worked so hard on a term paper or a presentation I needed for school, work, or church... and then forget it at home. I've been saved on a couple of occasions by this app... just access my PC from P.C and email myself the document and it's as if I had it all along.

My wife isn't very computer-savvy, so if she needs a hand to get something done on our pc at home, I can guide her through what she needs done. Doing this usually earns a "Thank you so much my sexy nerd" comment. THANKS POCKETCLOUD. :)

This is one of the most useful apps I have, and it makes my life easier and helps me to do everything I need to do BETTER.

Pocket Cloud would enable me to pretend my rooted Nook Color is a datapad while controlling the main display in Artemis Bridge Simulator.

Pocket Cloud Pro enables me to access my work desktop computer from my tablet when I am in the classroom; it has already saved me from a few days when I did not my notes with me, but with it, I was able to access them and teach the class.

I also set up the PC companion up on my wife's computer; she is always asking me to help her with tech issues, and this way I can help her when I am at work.

The software is a great Android app, and I woudl love the opportunity to use it on a 10" Xoom. It would be even more valuable!

PocketCloud is my favorite app. I can't even imagine life before it. My schedule is so busy between school full time, work full time, and still trying to have a family and social life. This app allows me to access my beloved pc at any time from anywhere and it does it so well. Now I can download my torrents while on a break during class, e-mail my paper that I forgot to print for class to my teacher while I'm at work, record a show on tv that I forgot to set and shut down my computer from the car when my friends talk me into an impromptu weekend road trip. Who would have thought you could do all this on a cell phone five years ago? PocketCloud FTW!!

Anyone who says they have no use for any kind of remote access from a mobile device to their desktop is lying. And to have a program as easy to use and as fulfilling as PocketCloud makes any such arguments that much more invalid.

Having such a great program as PocketCloud will help me more and more as our Android devices become more and more powerful and numerous! No more having to go all the way across my house, or having to hope my wife is home to check something on my computer ever again!

PocketCloud will save my ass. There have been too many times that I have been at work and I forgot to email myself a file. I have the worst memory and, while at work, I constantly email myself or write myself notes of things I need to do or download on my home CPU. With PocketCloud, I can get these things done while I am still at work and my wife would be happy that I wouldn't take away as much time as I do from her while at home. In fact, PocketCloud will save my marriage!

Pocketcloud will give me a truly mobile workspace. Then I don't even need to go to work!

Since I have just applied to college, I think a tablet would be a great replacement for my notebook. I would also be able to have remote connectivity to my computer using Pocket Cloud. It is an easy to use, and solid app.

PocketCloud helps me out as a full-time college student. With the busy morning-rush and trying to get to school on-time, sometimes I forget that 7 page essay I typed the previous night, or that Latin study guide I typed up. When I forget to e-mail them to myself, I have PocketCloud which allows me to access my PC when I'm at school and realize I've left my papers at home.

Pocket cloud is already useful on my phone at the office. With a Xoom it would be even more useful with the larger screen. I might never go back to my desk :)

Definitely need one of these. I currently use it to do troubleshooting on my HTC Incredible but it's just a little too slow and screen is too small. Even though Wyse has made my life easier, this would definitely help. Save me Android Central and Wyse!

I work as an IT Admin at a K-12 school with two buildings. Pocket Cloud on a Xoom Tablet would allow me to access my pc, no matter where I am in the buildings, in order to help teachers quickly.

Pocket Cloud is an indispensable application! It works flawlessly on my DX and I cannot wait to have a Xoom so I can take Pocket Cloud even further! Thank you Pocket Cloud for getting me out of my office and helping me spend more time with my children without missing a beat!

I can't wait to win my precious (Xoom) so that I can put pocket cloud on it. Then i can control my work machines, my home machines, my tv, and just about any other electronic device i own from it. One device to rule them all! :P

Pocket cloud would allow me to pull up info and pics for customers. Much more convincing to show pics and info to seal the deal!

Well, I'm 16 years old and I constantly have to use PocketCloud... the main reason is for whenever I need to help my family members with their computer issues while I'm on the go, PocketCloud is what allows me to do this (I'm the only tech savvy person in my family). Without PocketCloud, I would have to drive to their house and help them with issues that they may be having which would cost me to waste time and gas - to big things that PocketCloud saves me, which in the end, saves me money!

Thank you PocketCloud for helping me with day to day issues and getting my daily things done easily and efficiently. Without this magnificent application, I would have wasted hours upon hours troubleshooting different issues that my family members have with their computers on a day to day basis, but with PocketCloud, the issues that they have are usually rememdied in just a couple minutes.

Again, thank you so much, Wyse Technology for developing this application, my heart really does go out to you.

Also, thank you Wyse Technology AND Android Central for running this contest. Without you guys, I wouldn't have the chance of winning a Motorola Xoom... which I desperately as this would allow me to use PocketCloud on a much BIGGER screen which would maximize my productivity.

So again, thank you Wyse Technology and Android Central for running this contest.


This would come in handy for me with school as my laptop died this would make a nice replacement for my old laptop I really hope I chould win this would make collage so much better for me

PocketCloud will help me keep all of my graphic design files for clients accessible no matter where I am!

Pocket Cloud on the Xoom would help me in several ways.

First of all, it would make it easier for me to get serious about developing for Android and contributing to the community. I could use it work on projects when not at my computer. I could even run them in the emulator on my computer from the phone. Pair this with some of the Android productivity apps and possibly a bluetooth keyboard and I can see my workflow improving dramatically. Also, the experience gained here will help me professionally in being a software engineer. I will be able to build up a portfolio of apps to show off when I start interviewing after graduation.

Additionally, I have been obese for nearly my entire life. At 19, I am working as hard as I can to change that and to improve my health. I try to run at least every other day and having Pocket Cloud would help out there too! I store most of my movie collection in digital format. With Pocket Cloud, I could access all these movies from my Xoom and watch them while I ran on the treadmill. It'd help out a lot for those days when I'm just not motivated.

Finally, the Xoom with Pocket Cloud would be indispensable for school. I normally store my school projects on Dropbox, and don't often forget to upload them, but when I do, it can be a disaster. I live 40 minutes away from school, so there is rarely ever time to run back home and get the files I need. Pocket Cloud would make it a breeze to access the file and upload it to Dropbox from my Xoom. This isn't just a matter of convenience, it could save my grade.

So, having a Xoom with Pocket Cloud would allow me to pursue a hobby that will also help me develop professionally, it will help to improve my health and it could save my grade in those classes where I just screw up and don't have the file. I'm not trying to be dramatic, but the Xoom with Pocket Cloud could drastically improve several important aspects of my life. Please give me consideration when choosing a winner.

Thanks so much for reading,

This will make my job so much easier. I do a lot of audits on the manufacturing floor dragging around a laptop on a cart. I can have it syc to my desktop and instantly upload, share, email and print my findings as I go. My current setup has me going back and forth with my cart numerous time. I can also take it to other facilities and tie it all together. I can connect to work from home while sitting in my family room and sent out that report instantly. It would be a life changer for sure. Thank you

I work in the healthcare industry. I have seen over the years how the new technology helps save lives that could not be saved before. Communication in a timely manner is one of the most critical issues faced by the healthcare teams. I want to try to implement new technology in the hospitals and clinics to make timely communication and access to the critical patient data easy and effortless, available to any team member anytime wherever they are!


Being a Network Engineer, I need to be connected to a lot of documentation and have access to any number of servers ALL the time. PocketCloud helps me keep connected to PCs and documentation. I am able to connect to a remote server and from there take control of the firewall or router that I need to reconfigure. And I can do all this remotely using my Android Galaxy S.

I don't waste time anymore booting up my laptop and connecting to VPN. PocketCloud saves me hours of time each week!

My son in 9 years old. I am always telling him how cool I think it is to live in the future (my phone does things my computer couldn't do just a few years ago and scientists are working on cloning a woolly mammoth!) And I've been stressing the importance of math and science and keeping up with technology so he can grow up and invent an affordable jet pack and complete my future-life. I think a new tablet (for him, not me) would be the key to me one day having a jet pack.
(I am quite serious; if I win it will go to him not me.)

Yes. Would love to win as i have my own business and it would make it easier to keep things organized, keep production running smooth.

The XOOM with pocket cloud would help me immensely as a student. While at the hospital during clinical I would be able to access all of my files on my home computer as well as utilize components of my laptop that a normal XOOM or any other tablet for that matter could do.

Take care Marines
When you are deployed or travel frequently, connectivity to loved ones is very tough! I can't tell you the number of times I have taken my Sailors and Marines from one mission to the next and have one of them ask to use my laptop, cell phone, etc. Communicating with our family and friends is what gets us through! We are so thankful just to hear a voice on the other end but in the off chance we could actually be able to see the person on the other end, WOW! Laptops are nice but this would just make things so much lighter and easier for me to just hand to my guys and say enjoy! That is what it would do for me.

While on vacation at Universal Studios, I had an emergency spreadsheet that had to be sent out within an hour. I used pocketcloud to remote into my server at work, and was able to create the file and send it out. It was a lifesaver!

I help run an online radio station and this app allows me to make sure my radio stays up and that my DJs are doing what they are supposed to do. Doesnt matter where I am, Ive got everything right there at my finger tips as if I was at my workstation.

This app has saved me a number of times when I forget a document on my home pc or work pc and need it on another device. I have recommended it to all my friends and I look forward more stuff from these amazing developers! If my name was Homer Simpsons, all I would say was 'Woohoo!'

For me I downloaded it just to test it and didn't know it would be this good. My actual real experience came when I left my laptop at home with my wife to do her school work and didn't think I would need it. I got to my brothers house and needed to show the designs I drew in visio 2010. I called up my wife and told her I would need my laptop which she put on for me and bam I was able to control my laptop from my Fascinate phone which I was able to also put no the big screen tv which made it even better. how sweet is that. Thanks Wyse for showing me the way to never miss out on an opportunity at work or play.

Ever since my girlfriend graduated and moved far away from me it has been hard for me to fix her computer when she has problems. It was a huge issue at first but PocketCloud came galloping to my resucue. I am now able to connect remotely to her PC and figure out exactly what is going on making both her and I extremly happy. Thanks PocketCloud!

Being a Systems Administrator requires a lot of on call time. When required, I have to RDP into various servers in my workplace to correct various issues. Having an internet connected device with PocketCloud installed would greatly ease this pain as I can have RDP access from essentially anywhere. Carrying around a bulky laptop is far from ideal. PocketCloud would be a time and life saver for me.

Working for Sprint requires that each computer must have a security key to access the system making it impossible to do away from the office. PocketCloud lets me log into my work computer from anywhere and troubleshoot my customers' accounts on the go.

I am a small business owner who is frequently away from the office. While much of my mission critical software operates from the cloud a couple of programs require an IE Browser interface from my PC so I cannot access these from my Samsung Captivate. Since finding and using PocketCloud I can access my PC from anywhere and use it to log in to my desktop and access apps otherwise not available from my android phone as well as all files on my PC and /network. It is a great mission critical app that works as promised!

Pocketcloud would help me be me... Technology is my life, however while being a full time student and working a limit amount of hours, i don't always have enough money to buy the newest and greatest. This would allow me to explore my hobby, my love and my future career. Being a student of technology based programs this will help me, be me

My answer is simple. It would allow my family to stay in touch better than we ever have. I have family in the military, and on both coasts. It is really difficult to get together and stay up to date with each others lives. PocketCloud would allow all of us to share photos, events and much more. As the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids do things, everyone could be part of it quicker and with greater easy!!!

I cant lie, I'd geek out with one, show it to everyone that's already tired of seeing apps on my phone, I'd prob even troll over on the apple sites and reply to all their messages with:

Sent from my Motorola Xoom with Tapatalk

PocketCloud has helped me maintain my integrity such that I won't make up reasons for how it will help me do things better. Seriously. I haven't found a need for PocketCloud to improve the things I do in my life. Well yet...

PocketCloud will allow me to use my desktop functions, like start a download, in front of my TV without having to go to my library/office to do it.

Well although I use PocketCloud very often One moment stands out that saved my but. two months ago driving in chula vista, California traffic came to a halt a dead stop. I looked around only to find it was a license check so when my turn came to show License Registration and insurance I did not have my insurance card in the car I forgot to print it out from the PDF on my PC. So after they pulled me over to the right I asked them if I could pull me tablet out and login in to show the proof of insurance he agreed so I logged in pulled up the PDF and even faxed using Ring Central a copy to his fax machine a police headquarters :) so I can say without a doubt WISE you saved my A__

Ray D

Pocket cloud will help me to be able to write papers (not having to haul an 8lb laptop) in that I won't have to be online at first to sync real documents like i do on Google Docs (still love Google Docs). But I could then use an actual Software writer - i.e Think something like Docs to go..and I could sync the .DoC to Pocket Cloud when I am connected - there fore I could feel good about writing my papers offline, and syncing when online. I will add that this XOOM will be the first true Ipad killer, IMO.

As a high school teacher, PocketCloud would allow me to instantly access student records, assignments, lectures, and class calendars, all on the fly. I would be able to make adjustments in class as I get feedback from students on scheduling and conflicts, and quickly organize adjust material.

Being able to prepare work for class and even grade anywhere would make life that much easier, and having access to all my home resources would eliminate a lot of the "I'll have it for your tomorrow" instances.

And I would be able to give parents a truly accurate report of their child's performance - at any time! By making everyone more accountable and being able to give instant feedback on just about everything can only help the teaching and learning experience!

Oh wow, I'm using it right now, I swear. I'm in my car coming home from school right now writing an essay for English from my Droid. I was just procrastinating and using PocketCloud to look up some Android news when I saw this article! Coincidence? I think not!
So, what do I use PocketCloud for? Well, I'm rarely home at my computer, so I do pretty much all my essays and homework from my phone. That way, when I do get home, they're already printed out and I just have to staple it. I have even used it to play full fledged computer games from my phone! I love PocketCloud, and I'm not just saying that cause I want a Xoom (ok, maybe a LITTLE). But I really do love PocketCloud, best app on my phone. Yup, it beats Angry Birds!

I currently am the IT director at a K12 district in southeastern ohio. The combination of the Xooms hardware with Honeycomb and Wyse's Pockecloud would have a tremendous impact on the currently daunting task of managing 750+ Windows clients. Even with a notebook, trying to keep mobile is difficult with an average battery life of 2 hours. Potentially with Pocketcloud, I could manage a great percentage of these users while not worrying about finding an outlet. On the merits Pocketcloud alone, I would gain the ability to manage tasks ranging from simple user assistance to extremely mobile virus removal and perhaps interacting with an interactive whiteboard without the use of another unneeded proprietary wireless slate. In short, my dream of effective and simple remote management of my constituents may be one step closer to reality.

Pocket Cloud will allow me to connect to my PC and allow me to restart those troublesome services and programs from the comfort of my own couch.

What an awesome media management tool! I tried to use PocketCloud but it wasn't working for me. I suspect the Verizon FiOS modem/router combo is blocking the connection attempts because I have the same problems with Winamp wifi sync and Swiftp over wifi.

When I move (2/28) I will have the network set up so I can fully use PocketCloud, so I can manage my media on the home computer from anywhere in the house. PLus it will be great to see on a 10" screen instead of my Incredibles 3.7" screen.

I travel almost all the time for my job and not having to whip out my laptop either in the car, the airport or the hotel will be fantastic! I plan on using my EVO's hotspot for constant connectivity as well. Not only is the Xoom a must have for me, the first app will be PcoketCloud!!

With Pocket Cloud and the Xoom, I could access my files on my home and work pc when in the field working. Plus the Xoom will be so much lighter than my bulky laptop I have now.

PocketCloud makes it easier for me and my son to work on both the desktop and remote device.

PocketCloud will help me remotely run my internet marketing website allowing me to be free from my home office. yay

As a web developer for a large interactive agency, PocketCloud has helped me in panicked emergency "working from home" situations where I need to make files on my work machine accessible so I can work with them from home. PocketCloud combined with DropBox is a life saver!

How could cloud computing on a Tablet NOT make you more productive?

First of all, right off the bat, no boot time on a tablet and no kid glove handling as much as a laptop.

Need to access some laptop or files while mobile?
Need to change a server setting at the office?
Need to do something on a computer that is not near you and would love immediate, secure access?
Forgot to finish something at work, and it's too late because you are on the bus or already in the car?

Pull over in the next rest area, or as you are in your seat on the bus, pull out your tablet Tap your Pocketcloud App.....problem solved. Save the gas from turning around to go back, or save the panic while in your seat.

PocketCloud reduces the size I have to carry to use a full performance personal computer. Instead of getting that laptop everywhere with me, PocketCloud enables me to use even my desktop PC just from the palm of my hand in a few hundreds of grams!!

I work in the IT department for a utility company. We currently deploy tough books ($5k a piece) to our lineman/meter readers. A tablet form factor using Wyse's PocketCloud would be much more cost efficient solution. They would be able to access their applications and data via our VMware view environment from the PocketCloud application. This would save us money(hardware, software, and device management) and reduce our risk since data won't be stored locally on the tablet.

Pocketcloud, will let me have one device for combined work and personal use. I will be able get work done, stay in touch with business partners, and still have fun with the device when I am traveling. Also I can easily log into the PCs of my family while traveling to fix their issues.

PocketCloud has saved me on various occasions. I have horrible short term memory and more than once I have forgotten files. Its great having access to my desktop in those situations.

I'd use it to access my home pc as I regularly start things downloading that i want to access that night. When i'm at work, i use my home PC to do my real internet browsing (like going to so it doesn't appear on my work's browsing history. :) It would be nice to have the Xoom.

As a construction professional having a tablet to use PocketCloud in the field would give a larger working surface to allow viewing bid or invoice documents from my home PC. It works great on my mobile device and the added real estate of a larger screen would make it that much more useable.
Thank You to WYSE for such a useful product.

I use PocketCloud on my ipod to remotely access my desktop, but I'd love to use it on something bigger like the Xoom.

PocketCloud would ease tension between me and my girlfriend whenever I go on road trips by enabling me to leave my laptop at home and just take my tablet with me, thus not depriving her of a computer. And believe me, anything that helps to keep a girlfriend happy (shy of diamonds) gets my vote any day!

I hate it when i have to reinstall every single app. I hope that the pocket cloud app can help me easily figure a way to backup and restore all on my phone even apps. The palm pre did that pretty good, they installed ALL apps. Google is alright with the contacts...but Google does nothing for free apps that were installed.

PocketCloud let's me access my home computer while I'm at work. It also helps me to connect my parent's computer and help them with problems they are having.

PocketCloud allows me to access any of my gigabytes of pictures and documents on my home computer from anywhere that I have cell signal or wifi. I just remote desktop in and send it to my gmail to view on my phone.

Once my laptops fixed pocketcloud will allow me to essentially take my laptop with me without having to actually bring it with me. I could just take my phone and with the pocket cloud app i could write and revise my college papers, open the files i need and find sources that help me all from my phone so that when i return to my laptop i could get started right away. It would make doing work on the go so much easier and much faster than it normally is. I would also be able to help my mother with her laptop problems from my dorm and not confuse her by telling her step by step instructions over the phone.

Pocket Cloud almost turns all tablets into a full on computer, what else could I or anyone else want or need!


How has PocketCloud helped (or will help) in my life?

No more copying items or having different interfaces between different devices (computer, phone, table, work computer, etc)!!! I can have my desktop or my data available from one place and access from ALL of these devices! And if i can do it on a XOOM tablet with the speed, video prowess, and best of all NO WIRES to sit on my coach at home, by the pool, on a break at work and not worry about using it for a 2 hours before i have to recharge, geek HEAVEN!!!! :-)

I am a college student who is very involved in lots of things outside of just classes. I am on the road a lot as well as just out of my apartment a lot. It is extremely helpful to be able to have my whole computer with me without having to take it out of the house! Thanks pocketcloud!

PocketCloud already helps me a lot, as using it on my EVO helps me in all sorts of ways.

-Restart the AudioGalaxy service and add music folders to make sure I'm streaming everything I want
-Move files that I need to my dropbox so I can download them directly onto my phone
-Play Magic Online :)

Once I get a XOOM, I figure that I won't even need to sit at my computer to use it-- the glorious full 10.1" display and the smoothness of Honeycomb will allow me to remote in and enjoy the benefits of a desktop combined with the portability of a tablet and the power of android!

Come on!! I just lost Jeff Fisher as my team's coach after 16+ years!. With cloud based technology by PocketCloud, I could drop photos of Titans owner Bud Adams looking like a jackhole onto my account at home and show them to all of my friends at work and (with LTE) around town too.

Being the "Chosen one" would mean a lot to me. I would absolutley represent the prize in the fullest capacity that I cold. Being a Military member I actually travel quite a bit. Whether it is over seas to Jordan, Germany, or across teh United States this Xoom will come in handy. Being able to have a Computer in your Pocket is beneficial in so many ways. I would be able to access all of my military accounts, transfer all of my documents, utilize streaming of phemoninal ability all without having to take the "bulky" laptop that I am currently using. AS you are probable well aware the military, like others, is on a budget crunch too. So being able to have access to a Xoom is of great rewards. Plus all said and done my wife would be able to use the Xoom as well. Her being a Cardiac RN she will be able to access all kinds of medical references while all in the palm of her hand, as opposed to having to go to a non-used computer to conduct researches. Our kids also, they would be able to conduct researches on school projects, sporting events and watch a movie now and then. So unlike most of the entries I believe this would not only benifit myself, but my family as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

I'm a 3rd grade teacher and use pocketcloud every day to update lesson plans. Having pocketcloud for the Xoom would help enormously and allow me to try some new fun stuff with the class!

Pocketcloud helps me to teach the youth of America. It bring the joys of youtube and other educational sites to my high school, as our school network blocks these websites.

I have a giant desktop at home and with PocketCloud, I would be able to access it from anywhere. Paired with the Motorola Xoom, I would be able to work on my side projects from virtually anywhere in the world. It eliminates the need to have multiple copies of files on different computers and it alleviates the need to have multiple copies of the same software on different platforms.

I would love to win a Motorola Xoom, but regardless I will be using PocketCloud on my next tablet for sure! Awesome!

I use it when I'm out on comic buying runs. Easiest way to access the information about my collection I have sotred on my desktop at home!

PocketCloud would allow me to actually remote into my PC at work on a screen (the Xoom) that's big enough to actualy be useful.

Working with music I could access music that's stored on my computer from anywhere. Pocketcloud could eliminate the hassle of having to transfer files constantly

Personally using this tool would help me, help my mom from anywhere even when im not at work or at home. Tunneling through to her computer to help her out would be a breeze for random issues she has. I also do consulting for a couple small business so providing support for them would be so much easier. Not having to lug around a 17in laptop, would help my back support! I think if I got this bad boy, I'd figure out a million other ways not to bother with my laptop anymore.

Pocketcloud gives me peace of mind. Wherever I go and whatever gadget I'm bringing and even if I lose my gadget, I know I still have my important files in a safe place, and I can access them anytime I need them. If that ain't cool, I don't know what is.

PocketCloud has helped me restart my email services from the road when traveling for work. Great tool to have, especially when dealing with the demanding VP's.

As a college student Pocketcloud would make bringing spreadsheets and files to class much easier. A lot of my professors want us to bring our computers to every class meeting and it can be a pain lugging my rather old laptop around. Its a beast and the battery wont even last a whole class period so the charger must come too.

So make a broke college students engineering classes easier!

Being able to RDP into my workstation from anywhere would allow me to spend more time with my family and less time waiting for my laptop to boot up and logging in there...

It would help my small business, especially while at trade shows/events. It would be nice to get everyone hooked up so my laptop didn't have to be used all the time!


What's pocket cloud and how is a tablet different than my evo other than it has a bigger screen? Pick me and show me why I should want one.

It allows me to connect to the servers at work from my phone without using my laptop.

With Pocketcloud I will be able to remotely access my desktop, multimedia, files and applications from my Android phone or tablet.It is very important for a person like me to stay connected at all times.

I could use it to video chat with my niece and nephew that I don't get to see as often as I would like. I would also use it to stream movies, music, and pictures while visiting friends and family. I am also a freelance systems admin and could possibly use it to do on the fly instructions for basic problems. I would also set it up on clients workstations so that they could also use their tablet to access important work related info for those times that they "have to have that document, presentation, spreadsheet". I would also have to give classes to clients on how to utilize the Pocket Cloud app, It would certainly change the way I would work, play, and live.

Thanks to the people at Wyse Technology for the opportunity to win an Xoom.

I am currently spinning off my own business with a co-worker, Pocketcloud and a Xoom would help me get files on the go wherever I am, which is particularly helpful in the engineering industry.

PocketCloud would be a great and cost-effective way for me to manage my clients for my I.T. consulting company.

PocketCloud makes the tedious process of working on my wife's computer, my parent's computer, and any of my friends' computers that seem to always break down, so much simpler and easier! No more do I have to say "Do you see the button? Can you click that and tell me what happens?" Now I can just log in and take care of it myself! PocketCloud rocks!

I use pocket cloud for work, sure makes it nice when I can tap in to my environment from home and make an changes necessary or even help out an employee on a saturday from the boat while out kicking it with the family. Also allows me to access my home servers from anywhere anytime.

priceless... priceless!!! I tell you.

Being able to remote desktop in to my servers or to pull up my workstation for invoicing when I'm on the road would be awesome.

PocketCloud will allow me to not worry about transferring files to a portable storage. If I forget my documents, I could just log on my home PC and E-mail it to myself!

PocketCloud has been great for me thus far. I use the free version to connect to my home computer while on lunch from school to manage my files. It's great to sit and brag to everyone that I'm currently on my desktop working on something, when everyone else is stuck with their school computers and files :P

As a college student using Pocket cloud has help me access files that I left behind in my computer. I can rely on this piece of software it is amazing.I have use other software but with pocket cloud I know that it will work when I need it to. When I am in the train I login and I can do research and save the files on my computer so when I get home I can login in my PC and have the files that I have save right on my desk top.By login on my Evo4G using pocket cloud I can access my browser and all the program right from my phone turning it into a super portable computer.I wish this software was available when I was in the service this could have save me from carrying my old laptop around. It is a great software that I love using.It has help me a lot while I pursuit my bachelor degreed. I love using this software it is my favorite.If I win the motorola XOOM it would help me with my school work because it has a bigger screen and it has a lot of power that can benefit me a lot.

PocketCloud help me with my college work so I can make it easier to work on the phone or tablet, among many other things for my entertainment, and the Motorola Xoom would help me do this better with the larger screen and very faster processor. Thank you very much Android Central and Wyse Technology for making this contest possible.

PocketCloud has allowed me control my windows PC during business trips to help my family back home feel more connected. Helps keep files I might forgotten in reach as well...... Its also my BIRTHDAY :)

Thanks Wyse

Pocket cloud would help me become productive anywhere there is a hotspot or mobile broadband service.

As an ecologist with pocketcloud, my macbook pro, DInc, and the Xoom tablet I'd be able to update files on the go whether it be a publication, data sheet, or a presentation. There are a lot of possibilities with education especially with a rugged case you could take the tablet outside and have access to information on your computer as well as the internet whether it be maps, bird calls, or some other wildlife pictures. As 3g and 4g networks get better and coverage expands the possibilities are endless and if you have ArcGIS software and GPS you could input data from the field as long as you have internet access, allowing you to create maps and input data on a full screen.

Well, I don't have PocketCloud yet, but as a system administrator for a mid size business and growing, it would certainly help me on the run as I have to visit users, assist clients, etc all while trying to login to servers, fix things, update things, maintain spreadhseets, and the list goes on. I primarily use my Droid 2 for EVERYTHING, from biz to pleasure, and the chance of having a tablet + pocket cloud...pure bliss!

As someone who often spends long periods of time away from home, having PocketCloud on a tablet as capable as the Xoom would be a dream come true. The ability to access the files on my desktop anywhere would free up a lot of time and make my time more productive.

The Xoom and PocketCloud could help me greatly, being a teacher and a student. I commute daily just short of 100 miles round trip on a motorcycle between schools and home. Laptops are extra weight on my back, whereas, the Xoom with PocketCloud could fit easily in a tank bag and allow me to bring my work and schoolwork with me without the extra strain on my back and shoulders. PocketCloud will also allow me to help my students no matter where I might be at the time.

nevermind the fact that pocketcloud allows me to play poker via my desktop and make some extra dough while Im waiting for the train, with the xoom tablet it will be so much easier to access invoices, market trends, and more on the go without having to lug around my monsterous laptop!

I am in student government at my college and PocketCloud will allow me to get out of the office and talk to the students while still being able to get the work done that I need to be in the office to complete.

Being able to access all of my home files while I'm at school or work would be incredibly handy.

Pocket Cloud is going to help me skip work without letting the higher ups know I wasn't in! Can't wait to try it!

Sadly, my company feels Android is still a security risk despite apps like this proving otherwise- but this would be a huge benefit to my wife and her company. We've been turning many of their employees on to Android and a few have picked up the Galaxy Tab. To have a Moto Xoom with Pocket Cloud would be a great tool for their ad agency.

I came upon pocket cloud accidentally while setting up my Dad's new Android phone. I was looking for some cloud storage apps so he could save his files in the cloud and access them on the go. After reading up what Pocket Clouds capabilities were in the in-app description I immediately proceeded to download the app onto the device and the client onto his computer. This app has proved to be such a life-saver. Both my dad and I have small businesses that require us to be out and about and have access to information on our computers so needless to say once I got pocket cloud linked to his computer I immediately proceeded to install it on my device as well. Previously I'd have to carry around my netbook to have all my documents accessible, and my dad would have to wait till the evenings to get all his office work done after all day in the field, that's no fun. Pocket Cloud has freed me from lugging around my netbook and having to look for a place to charge it, and it's helped my dad cut down his evening office workload significantly since he can now access his desktop from the field. Pocket Cloud has made things significantly more efficient and convenient for the both of us. Win or lose, thanks for making this great app! -PB

Pocketcloud will help me with two things: (1) allow me to fetch documents to/from my home computer when I'm on the go, and to (2) help troubleshoot my home computer when my family has issues.

Pocket Cloud will allow me to provide a higher level of support to the students and staff of the university that I work at, when I am away from my desk.

My partner and I are starting a new business to migrate SMBs from LAN's to the cloud. We have run a successful MS Network Integration shop for over 18 years (early days were Novell). We presently have a CR-48 and would love to have a Xoom so that we can demo the benefits associated with each device. Obviously, access to MS Office and LOB apps will be critical for Xoom users, so PocketCloud will be a critical component for the migration of all our MS-based clients.

I'm going to be honest with you. I don't know what Pocket Cloud is but I do know that I want to enter the tablet arena with an Android version. Xoom and away we go!!!

As a student, Pocketcloud helps me to be more productive by being able to access all of my files from anywhere at any time. This has saved me several times in the past when I forgot to print an assignment or needed to work on it when I'm away from home.

Thank You Wyse...

Also, a Xoom would be amazing for taking virtual notes, or reading virtual books, or being able to have the mixture of a highly portable device that is also very versatile. Please pick me... :-)

Because I work with HIV and substance abuse prevention and outreach among inner-city youths, PocketCloud would be an invaluable ally in our effort to save lives. We could garner and transmit confidential data immediately, identify services and refer clients to those services while we are on the street. Not only would the device look beautiful, it would fulfill a meaningful and needed service in our community...

I'm really looking forward to using PocketCloud in my real estate business. I spend lots of time on the road and having access to my computer back at the office for documents, contracts, files, etc. frees me up to be more on the road with my clients making money. If I win, I can't wait to tell all my other colleagues about PocketCloud too.

PocketCloud has helped me access my documents on the go, without the need to lug around a laptop!

The world is slowly transitioning itself to Cloud services, and Pocketcloud does a great job of making life easier for any technology user. The fact that your able to access your files on your home computer from any place in the world is a great feature, so forgetting to email that project to your professor you left on your desktop isn't the worst thing in the world anymore. Wyse Technology is doing a great job at the moment with Pocketcloud and with their commitment to hearing its consumers for suggestions to make pocketcloud better one can only assume that future is very bright for pocketcloud.

Pocket cloud will help my work out immensely. What a great tool to have in your pocket to be able to access my work files in a breeze. Tools are always needed and having the access of this tool will help my life be easier and be more accessible.

I'm a college student and I frequently need to access files on my pc remotely. PocketCloud would be perfect for getting to those in an easy and quick manner.

I am a sales person, so I need access to my proposals as well as other documents on the go, so PocketCloud combined with the Motorola Xoom will be a necessity in the field. With both of these tools available to me where ever and when ever I need them, my level of support to my customers will increase tremendously!

PocketCloud will make my life simple, I plan to sell my gaming desktop, 9lb laptop, and 2 netbooks for one of these simple yet awesome devices. I cannot wait to have one, I'll be the envy of all my family, friends and co-workers. The uses I plan for it will be helping me track locomotive repairs at my work, read schematics, navigate the web, I would also plan on using this in my car and for flight school.

Once again, Thank you.

The ability to access file from my home computer, on the xoom, while driving down the road would just make my life complete. I could prop the xoom up on the dash in front of my window and be able to do two things at once. Its not like I have anything else to do while Im driving now that texting is illegal.

This would be the perfect device and app combination. My work is moving to "Own Your Equipment" and a device like the Xoom with PocketCloud would be perfect for that. Thank you Android Central and Wyse Technology for the opportunity.

PocketCloud will allow me as a realtor to edit my offers and applications on the fly to send out immediately at a clients request.

This is how the next generation of realtors are going to handle their business.

Thanks Wyse Technology and Android Central for the opportunity.


Imagine this...A four year old little boy with his Buzz Lightyear back pack sitting on the side of the road after school waiting for Dad because Dad forgot to pick up little man. You see Dad was too cheap to upgrade his smartphone to the new software that would allow him to check his desktop calendar.

You see PocketCloud allows Dad the opportunity to view his work calendar remotely. God Bless PocketCloud. Now if God would only bless his 3" screen.

I think that PocketCloud would be a great help during my job search. I could access my laptop on the go with out having to be home, update the resume for each individual potential employer and send things out as soon as I hear about them. Motorola is really great and the combo would be unbeatable.

I am trying to get away from having to carry a bulky laptop to class everyday. With these two amazing products, this would help me to have less dependence on my laptop.

Wyse PocketCloud will allow our company test deployment for RDP from tablets instead of notebooks. Our main concern is the portability and ease of use. Xoom will also be more secure than portable computer, which allows virus infections. We are already using Pocketcloud on iPads for testing currently, however, Android OS will be a better solution for our company as some of our client portals uses FLASH enabled website and iOS cannot access. What we really want is the thin browser on the Pocketcloud client to access our office machines. Good luck everyone!

As a forgetful person, the Motorola Xoom and PocketCloud would help me in all the things I forget on my way to school. Let's say I forget my Big Project for English that I am supposed to turn in that day. The Motorola Xoom and PocketCloud would be able to help me remotely access my laptop and be able to email it to myself and print it first thing I get to school. I would love to have the Motorola Xoom and PocketCloud in my everyday life.

Currently, I am a customer service rep working at Verizon Wireless. I recently started using pocketcloud on my droid X and I am impressed. My goal is to be promoted to a retail sales rep very soon. Promoting the greatness of the application Pocketcloud and tablet will help fast track my goal to be in that role while simultaneously promoting revenue and growth for Pocketcloud.

By having the Motorola Xoom tablet with Pocketcloud running in front of me for my customers to see, I will be able to promote the AWESOME power this combination will bring to the table. Business folks make up a large percentage of our foot traffic. The primary target consumer would be business professionals who travel frequently and IT professionals. IT admin professionals would have tears or joy at such a sight! This would be a dream come true for them. Having the ability to troubleshoot someones computer on the go around the world would be a must have tool. This will also promote sales of pocketapp pro since most IT professionals manage multiple systems. Let's not forget about buisness folks who need go be productive on the go. The convience of being able to connect to a home or office computer remotely will save time, money and reduce stress. Not having to carry a briefcase would be an added perk!

If I am chosen for this honor, I will make it count. Not only would this device bring personal joy and a FANTASTIC tool for my career future, it will also help promote this wonderful application!

PocketCloud will help me connect remotely to my work PC to get work things done when on the go.

PocketCloud helps me spend more time doing the things that I want to do, and less time organizing, sorting, and storing.

PocketCloud will help me continue to be a gadget geek by posting me as the winner of the Motorola Xoom!

PocketCloud would make my life more entertaining as it would provide access to my pc everywhere I go. Having access to my music and videos would help boring moments go by so much quicker. Not to mention having access to my files at any time I need them would make life that much easier.

Pocketcloud sounds like just what I need to access my PC remotely. I can't wait to give it a try.

As a manager for a large company PocketCloud on the Xoom will allow me to access my office system when I'm out in the field on inspection to retrieve vital information.

I use remote desktop to make sure my headless file server is healthy and keeping my babies photos safe and backed up. Pocket cloud is the perfect product to be able to login on the go.

I have identical twin girls that are about to be born! As a psychology student I would love to perform a true twin study and let one learn on an Android based device and the other on iOS. That way we can prove once and for all that Android is the superior system! I promise cute videos/photos as well!

Ahh - PocketCloud - if only... This is what I do. I write - Fiction - Screenplays - horror. This is how I would use PocketCloud - I'd securely access my PC where all that great writing software is sitting, where all my ideas are stored - where, let's face it, my brain resides. Then I'd be able to continue a story, or maybe look up where I wrote that note about that idea, about a little town that gets a huge infection - in the town itself not the people. I would be able to see what my solution was to the missing character. Was he killed? Eaten? Disintegrated?

I could access what the last doc was I'd opened, before I left the office. I could see what the deadline was for a submission. I could then check my Quickbooks to see who hasn't paid me yet, and how broke I really am. I could even watch any flash based animation I was working on.

But here's the catch, I'd hate to do this via my tiny Dinc, but from my Brand, Spankin' new Xoom tablet! ah yes, if only ...

Love pocket cloud, beats out phone my pc by a long shot. Helped me stay connected to my job when I was in the hospital in December through my epic. I'm a IT assistant and being able to remotely log in to our company's server or my computer to troubleshoot or grab files is always nice. Being able to do it on a Xoom with a much bigger screen, twice as good.

Without a doubt, PocketCloud is my favorite application on the Android OS. I have the DroidX and my fiancee has a tablet. We both use the application for personal use to remote into our Windows PC. I am still amazed how quick I can accomplish tasks on the PocketCloud (very intuitive).

I am also the network admin at my work and I use the PocketCloud application all of the time. We are in the middle of a VDI implementation using VMWare View (my PC is a VM) and I love how seemless going back and forth between my Wyse Zero Client and my DroidX is. I actually get to stay in meetings and not have to rush out everytime a network hickup occurs. On weekends, I can just carry my phone to check on things at work (my fiancee thanks you).

Currently I'm juggling between being a senior at UF and working at Verizon Wireless as a sales rep. PocketCloud gives me the ability to access my computer at home from anywhere (which is a life saver for both school and work). The Xoom tablet is by far the best tablet to ever be released and with the hardware that it's packing it can easily keep up with most computers. But the question wasn't about the Xoom tablet, it was about what PocketCloud will help me do better. Put simply, it will help me manage my school projects from basically anywhere (because Verizon has the best network!) As for work, I keep my customers follow up information on my home computer, being able to access that when I'm not at my local store is extremely helpful so I can keep up with my customers and make sure they aren't having any problems.

Oh, and sudo give me a tablet?

PocketCloud would help me get things done related to my job. Halping to keep the streets safe in law enforcement...and to help family with problems

With PocketCloud I'm able to manage my crops and steer on Farmville from my HTC Evo and soon with Xoom.

We're running a hosted EHR program that users access via an RDP session. I hadn't heard of PocketCloud until now. Now that I have I'll probably look into if it would work for our needs, particularly since we are also looking into adding tablets for field use of the EHR system.

Being in Sales I have always been a Palm fan. Since the first Palm Pilot I have always owned one. I waited with great expectations for the Palm Pre. When it came out I was happy but still awaiting many improvements; and apps were not spoken of. I saw the I-Phone but said I am Palm Person. My wife bought a Droid. I said I am in sales and can't deal with the "Cloud". I was afraid of loosing my privacy and control of my data. This was the woman that would never look at my new technology items and said I don't need all that stuff. But when she got the Droid we would be watching TV and she would have it in her and texting relatives, playing games and saying of all things to me, "you need to check out this need app I downloaded." This from a woman whose last phone was a basic clamshell phone. So after waitibg for Palm and then seeing them sold to HP; I took the plung and bought a Droid 2. I can't believe I didn't switch sooner. Wow! the things I can do. I am fully commited to Android after almost 15 years. And wow! Is the PocketCloud great. It syncs everything and lets me be up to date wherever I travel.

tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better.

PocketCloud can help me reach my documents and files from my home laptop to my android. I am a photographer part time so I upload all my photos on my laptop at home. When I want to show my friends or family my latest photos i can easily pull them up through PocketCloud through my Android device. Pocket Cloud truly brings a desktop experience to my mobile or tablet device.

tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better.. honeycomb sweet. Would help me with work, home and everyday life. Would take advantage of every feature honeycomb has to offer.

I already use Pocket Cloud to rdp to my work computer from my Captivate when I'm out and about and an emergency pops up at work. I can do my entire job from my phone if I need to. That just rocks.

Wow, I'm completely blown away! I'm actually typing this message using pocketcloud from my Incredible. I had no idea that this kind of software was available. I have personally installed this on 4 of my friends and families Android phones and walked them through how to use it and they are as amazed as I am. This software will make it so much easier to help my wife when she is stuck on something, also, it will help some co-workers of mine when we have computer issues while I am away from work. An extra bonus is that the people who I showed this to will be putting the PRO version of this software onto several smartphones to help with inventory control as well as ordering and IT issues that arise several times throughout the day with their business'. Thank You so much Android Central for pointing this out, and Wyse for creating it. I look forward to a long relationship with PocketCloud. P.S. A Xoom Tablet would make this even better to use. Good Luck to ALL of the people who have entered this contest and Thanks again AC and Wyse.

The Pocket Cloud app allows me pretty much total access to my two computers at home or when I am on the Road. I use it to access work files that I forgot to bring to the office, it allows me to even correct problems w/ my two macs, plus family members computers as well. I also like to use it to remotely login to my mac and make it freak out and see my wife and mother in law get frustrated and blame thing on the mac. Pretty funny to watch them yell at the mac.

As a person who likes to go out a lot, Pocket Cloud would be very useful in case I needed a file on my computer that I forgot to put onto DropBox or something. I could just use the VNC client to upload the file to DropBox from my computer and the use it on my phone. It would also mean that I can easily keep things in sync between my two devices. Overall, I see Pocket Cloud as a useful addition to my life.

PocketCloud helps me and my family alot. My parents being technologically impared, i can help them when i am in school when they are working and need their PC troubleshooted. When I am in school it helps me sync my home w/ my classroom activities and assignments. It has saved me countless times.

This is my first post on this site, and to be honest originally this contest was the reason I signed up. I love the site though. I'm here 10 times a day at least.
Thanks for featuring this app. I have needed something like this for a while. I'm downloading the free version as I type, and will buy the full app once I have the money in the bank.
Anyways, I digress. This app will help me in my job (as a Security Systems Technician) once I learn all the programming with the systems we use. It will be helpful to be out in the field and still be able to access my PC from my pocket.
This will also be helpful the other things I do. Doing the accounting I do and etc. Plus I love being able use my PC's apps while on the go, or access docs I forgot (as I often do) to bring on my device.
Using this app on my Evo is going to help with my productivity at work, home, and on the go. Of course it would be better on the Xoom's screen and processor. ;)
Once again I'd like to thank Android Central for featuring it. I download just about every app you feature. Also the creators of the app, a big thank you to Wyse Technology for creating PocketCloud.


Being a student, I'm not at my computer all the time. But being able to access my laptop from my smartphone would be amazing. You have no idea how many times I have gone to a computer to print out a ton of notes or papers, only to realize I either left my flashdrive in my room or I forgot to email the documents to myself. PocketCloud would be a life-saver to me. I've already been using it to email myself things I forgot too. Being able to download a document and edit it on the go without needing my laptop or a usb drive is phenomenal, such a time-saver. This app is perfect for college students, I highly recommend it.

Well not too log ago I had a client to which I catering a party for and i forgot to bring the receipt or even email it it him interesting is without a receipt he(the client) is not able to pay due to the company policy and it was 127 miles away. Now imagine my dilemma 2:30 hrs aways no receipt in an other words no payment and I have already delivered the food , luckily I had pocket cloud i was able to login to my PC drag the receipt to dropbox and from dropbox I could just email it to the client and 5min late I got paid :-).

This would be great to have. I work in a small computer shop, and I am constantly going out to businesses and homes to help with computer issues. Being able to use PocketCloud to view certain things like our work order forms for clients, or even documentation on various passwords for our clients back at the office would be amazing to have and extremely convenient.

My job entails making entertainment deals all day at any given moment. Remote access on my laptop helps, but there are times when I don't have my laptop and need to pull up an agreement or deal memo. A Blackberry is great for email, but lacks the full access to my secured work files. My Droid is better for viewing documents, but there is still the issue of drafting or revising an agreement on the fly.

PocketCloud would allow me to pull over during my commute, close a deal with the information I need, and draft an agreement that I can swiftly send to the party I am negotiating with.

Pocket Cloud already is the way I can access my medical office electronic medical record on my Droid X when I am away from the office. The prospect of being able to use it on a Xoom tablet is very exciting and will open up many more possibilities to improve patient care.

PocketCloud has saved me so many times as a student. Many many times I've forgotten to print an assignment out, or forgotten to send myself an attachment. I'm sure that without PocketCloud my grades wouldn't be as good as they are now, and I'm very thankful for it.

what hack is pocketcloud is explain me
can not kiss Axx for what ever is free cause i never win any thing
keep me that way (looser) hahahaha


I am a big fan of Motorola and android! I am currently in college and a new Xoom would be very helpful in class and when I have some downtime at the campus. I have a bad back and carrying a laptop and school books around most days is a chore. I would be able to lighten my load. I was going to buy an IPAD but think the Xoom is much better device.

A Motorola Xoom tablet with Pocketcloud will greatly help me in my work as an event manager at a major performing arts center because of it's enterprise network connectivity and security. The tablet will help me show clients different event we've done while I'm in a meeting with them, and my IT department will be happy about the Pocketcloud app.

PocketCloud lets me easily remote to my computer and actually complete what I need to do without becoming frustrated. Also compared to other remote desktop apps, PocketCloud is more stable and more polish to the application.

Being the family "IT" guy, I love using this app to remotely support my parents' pc. It will be amazing to use this app on what is sure to be an amazing tablet!

PocketCloud will grant me the freedom to access documents from anywhere without the restraint of a laptop. Being a salesman on the go this is a must have app!

I work for a police department and I have been envisioning the cloud as a new way from officers to communicate with each other and new ways for the officers to access data.

PocketCloud will allow me to enter my purchases in to my money program when I make them. PocketCloud will allow me to retrieve needed documents and other files from my home computer wherever I am. PocketClound allow me to fix computer problems my sister have remotely. Once I get the XOOM and ProcketClund, I will find other ways to use the applications.

I can help my GF and my Dad with computer issues without having to be right there at their computer. Will help big time by saving me time and money on gas.

I'm near getting my bachelors and about to enter graduate school and all of my graduate books are in PC only format, pocketcloud would make it so I can look at my books from anywhere.

I work IT for a trucking logistics company. I use Pocketcloud on my phone to enable me to not have to carry a laptop with me when I get a call to log into my system at the office to work. I have the ability now to keep all my tools in my pocket and give my customers the best service I can while being able to enjoy not keeping a computer on me 24/7. Pocketcloud has been an indispensable tool that I have to get my job done. Working from a Android tablet will enable me to work even faster while helping other employees when they ask me about new Android tablets and how it can improve their ability to work after hours.

Pocketcloud helps me access my files from anywhere. As a college student, this makes my life easier since I can access files, and start working on them remotely. If I forget something that needs to be turned in, pocketcloud has my back. Also, it can help me access resources that are too big of files to carry on a mobile device. Pocketcloud + a tablet would just amplify the usage and productivity I get from this app, and higher productivity= more time to relax from the stress of being a pre-med college student.

Pocketcloud is going to help me big time by giving me access to all my music on the go without dragging my laptop around! That new XOOM will be the perfect portable media hub!!!

*fingers crossed*

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