Only three days left to enter to win a Motorola Xoom!

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is looking to be the Android tablet to beat so far -- check out of first look at CES. And if the rumors are correct, it could well be launched in the next few weeks on Verizon.

And that means it's time to give one away. We're teaming up with Wyse Technology, developer of the Pocket Cloud app, to deliver one unactivated -- and free -- Motorola Xoom tablet, running the Honeycomb version of Android. Hit the break for the full details and instructions on how to enter.

The contest details

First things first -- we don't yet know when the Xoom will be made available on Verizon. Rumors have it at mid-February, but that could well change. Also be aware that the Xoom will launch as a 3G tablet. Verizon has said it is expected to be upgraded to be LTE-capable sometime in the second quarter of the year.

The Xoom is being purchased and delivered by Wyse Technology, once Verizon makes the Xoom available for purchase.

You must be a U.S. resident at least 13 years old to participate in this contest. For complete rules, click here.

How to enter

It's simple: In the comments of this contest post, tell us how PocketCloud has helped (or will help) you do what you do better.

The contest ends at 7 a.m. EDT Sunday, Jan. 30. Wyse will cull the entries and choose a winner, which we'll announce later that week. Remember to answer the question. Merely replying "Yes!" or "I want to win!" will not get the job done. And we won't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do. So don't waste your time.

All that said, have fun, and good luck!


Reader comments

Win a free Motorola Xoom tablet from Android Central and Wyse Technology


PocketCloud made my work day 150% more efficient. I work for a state disciplinary agency where every bit of information I have access to is confidential. PocketCloud's security is what allows me to remotely access various criminal, civil and other investigative databases through my office portal without the concern that information may be compromised. Before PocketCloud, there was no way that the agency that I work for would permit remote access to these databases for fear of breaches of confidentiality. Currently, I use it on my Droid X, but if I had a Xoom it definitely would be more user friendly than it already is.

Since using PocketCloud, I no longer have to leave the room or ask others to leave the room so that can call back to my office and have my secretary feed me critical case-breaking information. Now while I am interviewing someone, I can simply log onto my portal while still having a conversation with them and get the information I need to either corroborate or refute what they are saying.


I will totally impress my non-tech friends by using pocket cloud, and the chicago will so dig me... plus I can conveniently review my research documentation on the fly anywhere and everywhere I need, to use a piece of obscure data while pitching my ideas, or add data if I happen accross it on the go.

As an engineer for a medical device company we do a lot of work with hospitals and doctors. Having this tablet and the ability to upload files and videos online to a cloud site will make our development process so much more streamlined and efficient. Right now it's all done by either email or through an FTP site. Being able to take the tablet right into the operating room and being able to access our data in this manner would definitely be beneficial.

I love using pocketcloud on my android phone. I am a dialysis patient and use it to access my home computer when i'm away from home at dialysis. I would like a zoom tablet to have a larger screen to use while at dialysis. Thanks for your consideration. Even if i'm not picked pocket cloud is great!

More often than not I don't need to have my work PC physically with me when issues come up. Having a tablet, which is more mobile and play time friendly, that can access my work PC for small tasks, e-mail, and grabbing documents will allow me to handle issues that come up during non-work hours a lot quicker.

Being able to access your home/work PC with out having it on hand is very, very helpful!

Pocket cloud and the Motorola Xoom will help me untether myself from my desktop PC. There's so many possibilities that I can hardly begin to list them.

Pocket cloud and the Motorola Xoom will help me untether myself from my desktop PC. There's so many possibilities that I can hardly begin to list them.

I have been using PocketCloud on my DroidX for a while now. It has helped me to be able to help troubleshoot problems on my families computers. I also run my own computer consulting business and have just recently talked a client into moving away from the idea of purchasing an iPad to use it with LogMeIn to be able to access their computer from on the road (they own a Limo company). Instead I set them up with a Samsung Galaxy Tab and PocketCloud. Now they can remote desktop their computer from anywhere to be able to print trip sheets for their drivers. This has helped them to become more productive by not needing to keep someone in the office to set up all of the trips. Now they are able to be a TRULY mobile business in every sense of the word.

Having a Moto Xoom would help me to keep track of all of my families computers while at the same time being able to demo to new customers how WONDERFUL PocketCloud is and how they can benefit from having it.

Thank you PocketCloud for making our Daily tasks in life easier.
We couldn't do it without you.

Working in the IT field, this would be a great tool to have... Being able to rdp into my work desktop or home desktop from a tablet with pocketcloud, besides being completely full of win, would be phenomenal if I wanted to travel some more and still needed to get work done on the go... please make it possible wyse!

I run pocket cloud on my EVO and would love to run it from an Android tablet.... I want this!

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This would change the way I live, work & play. Everyone would benefit from this but there can only be one winner. Hope it's me.

pocket cloud is great for my wife and i. when we each go off to work we're apart for more then 11 hours a day. its so much easier to share our media through out the day to keep in touch. pocketcloud helps us get through the day a lil bit easier. thanx!! winning a xoom would make it easy for us to face time chat seeing as how i don't have a front camera.

With the many roles I fill -student, training assistant at work, military fiancee, IT assistant, etc..- PC app allows me to keep organized and never feel like im forgetting anything. I have the ability to connect and get in remotely while im out training the field, or check my IT notes while in another office. With my boyfriend being stationed away from my home, im able to keep up with our home computers and not have to worry about missing a thing. With a new piece of tech such as the Xoom, id be more efficient and life would seem to flow a little easier. i already am the tech person at work and im always bringing the team up to speed, with a piece of tech that would help me so much... id be that much more awesome and efficient!


This would truly help a struggling Realtor by letting me spend more time on the road showing property instead of stuck behind a computer. Its an ingenious idea. Im excited at the thought of owning a tablet!!

hope for remote everything - 0 worries that I am not in front of my personal PC.


from downloading my favorites movies/music during the day to watch/listening when I came home in the evening

to remote developing

to remote debugging for customers

to remote helping my friends to manage their PC problems and more :D

to remote accessing and transferring files/programs between computers

hope this will be provided by PocketCloud .

Start testing now!

As a web designer and internet marketer, working from home a lot, it would be fantastic to be able to walk up to a client at Panera, Starbucks or where ever, and without having to start up a laptop; where I have already copied files over to from my desktop, be able to not only show a client their design layout from a tablet, but also make changes to the design, media files, etc it on the spot! It would also make me feel better if something where to come up that I hadn't planned on; and instead of setting up another meeting I can quickly access any files I need, which would be great if I am out and make a new sale or show a potential client some previous work on the spot.

No Waiting, No Rescheduling, No Need for Additional Meetings, It's On-The-Spot Access to Everything I Need.

PocketCloud has helped me to be able to remote into my company's computers while i am playing golf! on a tablet like the xoom it would turn it into basically a fully functioning desktop environment as well.

I love it! Every time my mother/father has an issue with their computers miles away, I am there to save the day without even leaving my home (i know, corny rhyme).

I work from home. I use a simular program to access my work machine while I'm off doing other things. I have Office Communicator on my machine so that my bosses can tell when I'm away from the computer. This program looks far more robust. Insead of just moving my mouse around with the other program to show that I'm online. I could actaully get work done with this app! It looks amazing.

Check out Whye's youtube video for Pocket Cloud.

This app + the Zoom I could get a lot more work done from anywhere!

PocketCloud will allow me (once I get my first Android device) to access my files and programs on my desktop computer from home. I won't need to lug around a laptop or netbook, I will even be able to run programs that simply aren't available on any smartphone out there. Thanks for the contest folks.

Pocket Cloud allows me to not have to carry my laptop to meetings all day at work.

At home it allows me to use my phone or my Gtablet to access my machines around the house without having to run around.

I am considering installing it on my brother's PC so when he has a problem I can remotely evaluate what is happening and fix it without a one hour drive to see what is going on.

Pocketcloud has made my bathroom breaks 100% more efficient. Managing my entire network isn't stalled when nature calls.

I have read similar reasons from other people but I do travel a lot for work so the Xoom and Cloud would help me stay on top of things and not get far behind and yada yada yada...typical answer.

Besides that, my boss has had an obsession with iOS for a while now and we use iPads at work. I'm not a fan and a lot of others are moving from the darkside as well. He's even started to second guess his loyalty and even our IT guys are pushing for android. If I were to show up with one of these bad boys it could push him over the edge so we go all Android and my life's work would be complete.

As much as I would love a Xoom and have been oogling over it since my first glimpse I noticed some military entries and think they should get the highest consideration for what they do for us and our country.

As a learning consultant for the largest not-for-profit health care system in my state, husband of 20 years, father of 2 teens and avid volunteer at my church, my Droid 2, Galaxy Tab, MacBook and work PC are all vital parts of daily life. Wyse PocketCloud will allow me to be more efficient and effective in all of those areas. My devices will be linked to one "cloud" and I will be able to share quickly and effectively without taking time from my family, work or causes!

PocketCloud will help me keep in touch with the files and programs that allow me to do my job from any location. As a DNS administrator over one of this country's largest networks, I have a lot of documents and files I need to keep track of, and to be constantly updating. PocketCloud will enable me to have access to them at all times, allowing me to do my job anywhere.

As the only computer literate person in our family, PocketCloud will help restore sanity to my life. I will no longer need to pack up the family and drive an hour and half to my mother in-law’s anytime there is an issue with her laptop. This would also help prevent the father in-law weekend pop-ins where he needs me to update software or fix an issue with his laptop. Thank you Wyse for a great product, and the opportunity to win such an awesome device.

With PocketCloud not only can I support my servers on the go I can also get my files when I need them! I am in school and tend to forget things when I am at class with PocketCloud I can get the files I need to get the grades I need! I also support multiple servers and being able to RDP them on the go will be awesome!

As someone who supports many users in my company as well as moonlighting as a tech support specialist for several companies, having the ability to quickly work from my tablet in a remote access situation with PocketCloud would be ideal!

I work for a online division of a college and PocketCloud has been a life saver on more then one occasion when I was out and something went wrong at work, allowing me to log into the server and fix things from my phone. It saved both time but also alot of headache and frustration for our students and staff. So thank you Wyse Technology!!

Wow! A free Xoom, that would be awesome! I would love this because it would make working from home so much easier! No more lugging around my heavy laptop! Thanks Android Central and Wyse!

First and foremost AC rocks, always great heads-ups and great contest. With a power house like the Xoom coming i really see apple and all othe tablet makers looking for their trump cards, lol. Now with the addition of pocket cloud to the Xoom, this will be bonkers. All android access,. all desktop access, what more would you want. I must say, within the last two years of my 27 years of life, i have lived the future. Companies like Wyse Technology and Motorola are really making the "Jetson's" happen, "ain't it cool".

I'm the IT Manager for an insurance agency and have been using logmein ignition to get to certain computers remotely but I definitely like the interface of PocketCloud better and look forward to trying it out. I have a Droid X which is big enought to make it possible to work but would really love to try it on a Xoom. Thanks in advance!!!

I already do so much work remotely, but it requires me to be on my specific work laptop - this would free me up to use the android devices that I love to access my applications from anywhere I have a signal! And with LTE on verizon right around the corner, it will be like sitting at my desk... can't wait!

As an IT professional pocketcloud is the number one tool I have for performing a quick troubleshooting without having to be on my laptop. For example, it has saved me several trips back to the office when I've needed to restart the services of an application or reboot a box. I also use it to VNC home when I need send a file from road.

getting to use a fully featured program like excel on my phone is huge. all the other spreadsheet programs are useless.

Wow, never heard of Pocketcloud before. That and a Xoom would be perfect for managing an HTPC in a Home Theater setup. I can't wait to try it out.

Running a local Little League is like herding cats, with Xoom Android powered tabled combined with the power of the Pocket Wise app would truly allow me to conduct business everywhere and anywhere while keeping all the cats entertained..

Pocket Cloud will help me because in my current position I do a lot of VB Scripting and my company haven't updated my OS to Windows 7 and the latest Office software yet.

I would use Pocket Cloud to remote into my windows 7 PC to write the script and test it while I am at work.

Of course, its also nice to stream Video, Music, and Access remote files. In regards to the performance im sure Verizon's 4g will make it all the easier to do all of the above.

Show me some love and knight me with the Xoom!

I really like using PocketCloud. Its like having a virtual external hard drive with you all the time. So yes I am enjoying all the benefits of the application.

One of the first apps I hunted down when got my captivate, about three weeks ago, was a RDP/VNC app. I tried a few apps that did RDP and VNC independently but none have held my appeal. I found that PocketCloud fit that requirement rather nicely. I use it in conjunction with work and home vpn connections to access all the servers/desktops I need to manage.

I sometimes get a call from a coworker that needs help finding a file on the server and if I could not get to a computer I needed remote access to one. It has helped in that sense. There have also been a couple of times I have gone out to lunch and gotten a call that a service has crashed. I just jump on the VPN and pull up the desktop if I can and try to evaluate and repair the issue, or know I need to cut my lunch short.

On the flip side I can use it to also control my home brewed media server/desktop with out having to break out a laptop when watching/listening to media.

I will also be honest in saying that I am still finding things about PocketCloud that I like. Not but a few days ago I looked at the settings and now I am trying to install the auto discovery into all the core systems I need it on. I am sure in the next couple of weeks I will want to move past the freebie version and on to a full paid app.

The Cloud would connect me to everything literally everything, with just on tap on my screen! And having a xoom would just be the icing on the honey ;) cant wait for this tablet to be released! i'd love me some honeycomb!

Pocketcloud app is the best app for transfering files from home or work to your phone or vice versa. So easy to use a caveman could do it (sorry geiko) . It takes my production at work to a whole new level thanks pocketcloud.

I am fortunate to have a very happy family with two young children and a wife that enjoys staying home to take care of the kids. I have battled cancer in the past and still have a few years yet before I can officially be declared a cancer survivor. I have a great full-time job, but having a single source of income has been difficult financially, and the cancer treatments wiped out most of our savings. In order to get by, I started doing IT consulting work for a local Children's Museum on the side. It doesn't pay much, but it helps with the bills. I've even donated my time there when their budget was tight. There have been numerous occasions where PocketCloud could have saved me the headache of finding time to get over to the facility to find the source of the problem and fix it, especially when I am swamped with work at my primary job. Add on a Xoom tablet that I can carry with me all the time, and the deal is even sweeter.

From the road or an airport, I'm able to access and even work on documents stored on my PC. Looking for that memo from last year that was saved or that spreadsheet that I thought we didn't need, I can access it anytime, too cool!

I would use PocketCloud to access my home pictures and movies so I can easily share and show them with whomever is with me at that time. I would also be able to have my daughter and son watch their digital movies without having to carry around DVD's. For business purposes, it would save me from using that blasted Citrix :-)

The Pocketcloud app would be a great too to have since I work at a PC support guy and support well over 75 computers at different locations and different shifts. It would make those 3 AM calls so much easier to be able to remote in fix the issue and go back to sleep....

PocketCloud will help my company have better turnaround time when it comes to us IT people being on call on the weekends.

As a mobile professional, Pocket Cloud would help me stay connected with both my home and work resources. This would give me the ability to better serve my customers in the workplace and stay more connected with them rather than tied to my desktop. Additionally, when not working it will allow me to connect to my home desktop and stay up to date with things happening there. Pocket Cloud could make me more productive and enable me to cut to cord with the desktop completely. It sounds like a great product.

Pocketcloud and the Motorola Xoom would definately be of great advantage to me as I travel to lots of seminars all over the nation. Belive me... A laptop in a backpack is not that trouble free! The tablet form factor would eliminate a lot of clutter. The Pocketcloud services are a great addition because I can access whatever I need where ever I am. Trust me it would be a welcome change in the equipment that I carry with me. I would love to win this tablet also because it is cutting edge rite now and I will be starting my own business in Q2 of 2011 and it would save me some outlay if I were to win the Xoom.

The convenience of the table with remote software would be second to none for my work. I am a commuter and do IT support, often remotely, which means dropping what I'm doing and either coming into the office or going to my desktop at home. The ability to do a few tasks from where I may be at a given moment saves me time, money, and from having to make quick arrangements to leave to do my job. It looks like a great package for a great many of us who read your website.

As an IT pro, I use PocketCloud as one of my favorite tools in my arsenal for resolving computer issues on both servers and workstations.

Being an network administrator, I am always on call. For that reason, I need all my data on the go. With PocketCloud, I can have all my network resources and documents wherever I am at. THAT makes me a more efficient and more valuable network admin.

Recent member, long time reader and fan of the site. I'm in sales, as an IT Account Manager and IT Recruiter. I have a work laptop but I'm unable to install 3rd party programs on it when I'm on the road, now every week visiting clients to build those relationships and help fill their openings. I share my home laptop with my girlfriend, who I hope to make my fiance this year. We've recently moved in together into a 1 bedroom and I've been trying to do everything I can to save up enough money for the ring. With the IT hiring being a bit slow since 2008, I've been trying to do everything from small website design, online playing poker online at night (micros since i've been doing well in the $4.40s on PS). Since my work laptop doesn't allow for me to install 3rd party software, I would love to use a tablet to remote into my home desktop when I'm on the road to continue to work toward being able to get her the custom ring which I had designed since a year ago.

Thank you for your consideration and keep up the great work on the site. Good luck to everyone in the contest!

I am away from my home desktop more than I in front of it. It is important to me to have an app like Pocket Cloud that allows me to connect to utilize the power of my home desktop. I can only imagine how much more I'll be able to enjoy remote access on a Xoom tablet!

Pocketcloud is a great app. Since I work for a very small company, it allows me to use my EVO to easily access all my home and business files anywhere, anytime. It really is an ingenious app that makes life/work so much easier and user-friendly.

Working full time, being a dad and a full time student PocketCloud would really help me access all my documents wherever I am.

The Multi-function touch pointer will be key in helping me navigate around What a great idea!

With the Xoom/Pocket Cloud combination I would be able to use the proprietary applications that are on my corporate desktop out in the field. The screen size on my phone places a severe limit on this's just not worth the hassle. This would allow me to provide quicker client service without having to call in to the office several times a day. My clients would appreciate it, I would appreciate it, and (perhaps most importantly!) my secretaries would appreciate it.

PocketCloud allows me to control all the PCs at home and help my daughter when she has problems.

I dont own one but it sounds wonderful and im sure with 2 children and 3 grandchildren it would really come in handy. Would love to own one, just went from a BB to a Droid X and will never go back.

I am a Sales Manager and a mom to three young kids. PocketCloud will help me work on projects at home and then finish them up on the road or in the office when I have some "me" time! So excited about PocketCloud and the new XOOM tablet.

I think the coolest thing is just being able to access your multimedia files anywhere. Also, being able to run different apps and programs doesn't hurt. I can't wait!!

I would love to use the Xoom and PocketCloud to keep me connected while traveling!

As I travel a lot with work, PocketCloud has made my life easier in so many ways. I no longer have to worry about copying all files I "might" need from my home PC, I can just use the app to access them from anywhere. As the company net books we use are pieces of junk, having the Moto Xoom would make life much easier paired with PocketCloud!

I use Pocket Cloud for many things at home and at work:

At work, I access one of the office PC's to start upgrades and change backups remotely. I use it to access my work computer from the road when I see clients so I can access their files and make small changes without needing to bring my laptop around.

At home, I find it even more useful! I control my home theater pc from my phone or tablet. It was much easier to set that up than to figure out some of these other programs - I just act like I am sitting in front of the computer.

Having a single program that works with Windows Remote Desktop and VPN is great! I have computers running both Linux and Windows and I have used it to access Quicken and pay bills, to check on a project that is compiling on a Linux machine, and start up my next Watch it Now movie from Netflix on the TV all from my comfy chair!

Pocket Cloud would let me access my home PC from work which I cannot currently accomplish due to IT policies.

I'm a high school teacher. PocketCloud enables me to roam the school, connect my phone to a projector, connect to my home vnc, teach a lesson using powerpoint and onenote, then disconnect and slip my phone into my pocket and move on. It was made me 100% mobile in the teaching environment. I dont know what I'd do without it. A nice tablet would only increase this functionality!

I left a file I needed to turn in for a class at home one time. Pocket Cloud helped get it off my computer and I turned it in on time. Thanks!

It will allow me to easily connect to my desktop at work while I'm in a meeting to look something up. Will also make it easier to manage our virtual test environment at work.

I don't currently have pocketcloud but after reading about it on there web site it sounds like a great program I could use to do all kinds of things at home the least of these being logging in to my home computer to fix something my wife is having problems with instead of trying to walk her through it on the phone (this doesn't work very well LOL). It would make my life much easier. Thanks for the contest.

I've used pocket cloud to access my laptop during training missions with the Army. Being able to show every detail of the mission to all troops involved is essential to success. We don't always have time to sit everyone down in an indoor environment to explain the details. Having a dual core tablet to pull up mission details instead of my tiny screened fascinate would be out standing, saving time, energy (carrying the chunky slow tough book POS), it also eliminates having to flip through pages of paper and passing around mission packets. Technology moves so much faster in the civilian world!!! Time to catch up MILITARY!! Hint Hint Motorola!

I like Pocket Cloud for when I forget an important document at home. It has saved me many of times with the boss!

It will help me deal with massive amounts of data that I need to get access to day to day. It will also allow me to be closer to my family by leaving them notes that aren't emails. I'll be able to help my children with their homework too.

Pocket Cloud has helped my wife to remotely login to her home pc so that it could be ready for a online conference when she got home with the kids from eating at a non-wifi chick-fil-a. My 7 year old son was thrilled to be part of an online lego builders group that is only available on a first-come first-served basis.

I am currently the General Manager of a Adult Amateur Football team. In our second season and based largely on hard work and volunteers we are looking for a way for me manage all aspects of the organizations. I need to be to communicate to potential sponsors with different kinds of media and informtion on the spot. As our organization grows we deal with many potential players looking to get involved with our team and I need a way to communicate using forms and documents that need to be signed. We currently do not have a home office so my mobile phone is struggling to manage content with Google documents.
As we continue our outreach programs, we are often showing our community programs what we do and how we work together often with news articles and pictures posted to the Web. Using a small hand held device does not really help us demonstate our relationship. We think if we can present material on a device that can be done in a presentation format our message would come agree better.
Perhaps having the Xoom in assocation with Pocket Cloud our small organization can grow into something bigger and allow our involvement in our community to grow as well.

PocketCloud will help me tremendously for managing my game servers when i am not in front of the server,so when one crashes i will be able to RDP into the server and be able to restart it. PocketCloud will also help me with work as i always have to RDP to virtual servers and to my work computer from other places at the University work at while i fixing problem with the network and computers around the campus.

I am a investigator and do a lot of work for new York state. I work in preventing all different types of fraud that is heavily affecting our economy and causing our insurance prices to be off the charts. Having a xoom with pocket would give me quicker, lighter, less suspicious access to data,backgrounds, and pictures helping me become much more efficient at my career and at stop these criminals from taking the money that people work hard to get. I would pay for it myself but paying for school as well really hinders my spending money. Thanks Android central for always keeping me up to date, love android and my evo !!

The Xoom and PocketCloud would greatly help me stay connected to my home computer and both of my work computers bringing my pesonal life and business all together. I would love this!!!!!

PocketCloud helps me when I'm on the road and I need to check on my servers. I can RDP to our public facing servers and repair small issues and make adjustments as needed, all without the need for a full blown PC. While it is usable on my Droid X, only having 4.3" of screen real estate is limiting. If I could use the expanded 10.1" of screen on the Xoom it would make my job so much easier.

As a graduate school student, I often need to access homework files from home, work, and on the go. Enter PocketCloud. Problem solved. The xoom's 10 inch screen will just make my life so much easier to navigate my files!

Alright, everyone else tells you how it will change their lives, honestly I can not even begin to imagine the changes that will occur if I have one. I will start with an unconditional surrender from Black Berry to Android based products. I have been off contract for about 4 1/2 months now, RIM has let me down, I am more than ready to make the jump. I have my eyes set on either the Thunderbolt or Bionic, preferably the Bionic but who knows when that will come out. Picking me will ensure that you gain a new Android customer. Thanks for the time.

Pocket cloud will allow me to keep track of the maintenance schedule and completion while on the road and away from my desktop. Just like the saying goes "to the cloud".

I use PocketCloud in conjunction with Dropbox and my phone file manager to get easy access to larger pictures. If I want to share a file or picture too large to be emailed, I upload it to dropbox remotely using PocketCloud from my phone and either download it to the computer of interest or to my phone and then share it via USB. This also comes in handy when I want to listen to something specific that I don't have on my phone. By using the file manager to delete items after I have finished with them, these apps allow me to use my home computer as a server.

This Xoom tablet together with Pocket Cloud would help me get my autoCAD drawings in sync with my office drawings when out on the field making minor/major changes. This would keep me in sync with my drafters as I make changes from out of town projects. Gosh I love technology now-a-days!

As an IT professional on the go, pocketcloud enables me to do more with simplicity. Being mobile is key to the job and pocketcloud just makes that so much more possible.

Well are so much we can do with the PocketCloud. First of all let's remember how offen we are on the way and want to access some info from the PC at home. Personally I had to call someone (if any) at home, and ask to send some of the files, per email. Once received might be that I can't open, due missing applicaitons. So, how easy is to access the file, as you see it there. On the professional experience, is even more benefic, especially for Sys-Admins.

Pocketcloud would help me out by allowing me to better assist my friends and family, with computer problems, from the other side of the country.

Pocket cloud would allow me to connect to my work and home PCs wherever I am. thanks Wyse!!!!

PocketCloud is a useful tool for me. I am on call for emergency service for my company. If a customer call after hours And needs machine parts because they have a breakdown, I can check inventory right from my Galaxy Tab. This is mostly effective because I almost always have my Tab with mesinc sinc it is more portable than my laptop. PocketCloud gives me a good case useful for the Tab, softening the blow of That $399price tag. Even though it great on the Tab,that extra real estate on the Tab would be awesome

I tried posting but I don't think it ever did so I am going to repost. PocketCloud would be a great addition to my tech arsenal. One of the difficulties that I find is trying to keep files synched. With PocketCloud I would be able to accomplish this by having access to the same file instead of having multiple versions of the files spread over 3 or 4 computer systems.

As an IT administrator, I am expected to be available 24x7 to keep the company going, should a problem arise with our IT infrastructure. Now I have a laptop that comes home with me everyday, so that I can connect in remotely in the event of a problem - the thing is, my laptop does not go EVERYWHERE I go. That is the beauty of PocketCloud - I've got access to my IT resources anywhere I go; because it is on a piece of hardware (my Android-powered smartphone) that I always have on me, with connectivity that I can always count on. With PocketCloud, there is nearly never a time that I cannot perform my IT duties.

Now with the advent of Android tablets, my remote work can become even more convenient. While smartphone have the obvious portability advantage over laptops due to their size, the screensize can be a disadvantage. (Thank you Wyse for desktop scaling/zooming in PocketCloud!) Now with Wyse PocketCloud on a powerful Motorola Xoom tablet, I could have the best of both worlds - the convenience of a smartphone-like portability, and the pleasure of a display that is easy on the eyes. Perfect!

I use PocketCloud to show customers of mine the awesomeness of being able to connect to my desktop from my android phone and it usually helps seal the deal for them when I show it to them. If I had a tablet it would be a hundred times better.

This will make my tech life so much easier...and will make me a better person too !

Wyse with a tablet will help me daily as i work for a major telecommunications company and maintain hundreds of desktops across the world. We do security adjustments, maintain software, and teach users how to use current software.

I work in the medical field and lugging around my laptop is not realistic for work all day. The Motorola Xoom combined with Pocket Cloud will allow me to have access to any files I need on my laptop and desktop with the increased mobility, and ease of a tablet. Whenever I need to be somewhere quick I can always have whatever I need right there with me.

With the greatest sincerity, the way in which such a magical combination between the hardware of a tablet computer and the PocketCloud software will lead to revolutionize daily technology, a leap forward not seen since Al Gore created the "Internets."

Seriously, as an IT consultant, to be able to have complete access to my clients networks on the fly without having to lug around a full and bulky laptop, all while patiently waiting through boot cycles, just to offer no more than a few minutes of support would be .... Priceless.

Pocket Cloud will help let me help out family members from a remote connection. No more driving for an hour to fix grandma's pc!

PocketCloud has helped me out on a few occasions, one of which was when I needed to remove a few pornographic movies from my desktop. I was 50 miles away and my little brother wanted to use my computer. I used Pocketcloud to login, remove the pornographic material and log out. My little brother was non the wiser. Thanks Pocket Cloud!

A tablet would make it a lot easier to not only remove unwanted material from my pc but to retrieve important documents to share with my friends :)

I just got done trying Pocket Cloud and I can say that I am impressed. Everything seemed responsive and functionality was excellent. I like the fact that Wyse has a free version to allow you to try it first. Looking over the Pro version, I see quite a bit more features and all very enticing for just $14.99. Compared to their competitors, Wyse has priced it just right. I've tried other free versions of RDP clients but none seem to work just right for my tastes. If the Pro version is anything like the free version from Wyse, I will be satisfied with my purchase. I tested this out on my HTC Evo and having the 4.3 inch screen is great. I can't imagine what this would be like on the XOOM. Being in the IT industry, RDP products are essential. So far I've used Pocket Cloud on my home PC and it has got the job done. I plan on expanding out to the servers here at my work place. That will save me quite a bit of time being able to remote into the server and troubleshoot. I can't imagine all the other features I will find out useful once upgrading! Thank you Wyse Technology for this opportunity to win a Motorola XOOM. I've enjoyed your product and looking forward to the future.

Being able to access documents on my home PC will be a lifesaver, great for presentations or quick information.

The PocketCloud App would be great for me since my employer does not grant me access to install anything on my work computer. I would be able to pull up any and all of my files from my home computer while at work!

Very cool contest! A big thanks to Wyse Technology and Android Central.

I work 6am -6pm Mon-Fri and 6am-2:30pm Sat. This would help break up some of the monotony during my shifts. With 3 kids and a wife I haven't been able to save (read: HIDE) enough green for a net book or personal laptop for myself. Being able to access the files from home would be a huge benefit.
Plus I am in the field at least 1-2 days a week away from home. Hotel TV sucks! Family Guy/Simpsons/The Office! Heck even listening to music would be great and the 8GB iPod is just not big enough.

Actually it would be nice to be able to run loading calculations and input measurements in the field instead of hand writting them and then typing them into the calc programs (excel spreadsheets) 1-2 days later at the office.

Pocket Cloud has helped me with my work. My company only opens up the sales queues to certain IP addresses, I was only able to get my home IP address approved, through the remote access that pocket cloud provides has allowed me to work on the go successfully. I love pocket cloud!

My fiance is in school out of town and has needed my help a few times. I have been able to use Pocketcloud on my Droid Incredible to help her with her powerpoints. I know I could have had her email them to me and let me help in that way but this was was so much cooler (and impresses her). I also want her to let me root her phone...I may do it over Wyse Pocketcloud as well and have her just plug up the phone. On a tablet, this would be WAY more useful! I hope I win the Xoom!!

As an IT guy, the Xoom and PocketCloud together provide the ultimate in portable network administration! RDPing and accessing my VM at home and work is essential to my business, and these two products together would give me the flexibility to work from where-ever that my family-man lifestyle requires! The only problem is... now my wife knows I can fix her computer no matter where I am ;)

I haven't used PocketCloud yet, but as a network engineer supporting hundreds of Wyse devices and managing hundreds of servers and terminal servers remotely for clients, a tablet and a good way to Remote Desktop to them with out need for a mouse and keyboard would be a leap forward, making tablets much closer to being a viable option for us and our clients. I've always been a fan of Wyse and their technologies, and we are currently testing virtual pc technologies with Wyse Thin Clients. To be able to get road warriors out and about with tablets would be a huge marketing bonus, and being able to test with a FREE one would be even better!

Pocketcloud for my iPad and Evo lets me access my work computer, which has one of the worst webmail interfaces in the world. It never functions properly so I use Pocketcloud to access files, check emails and even respond to them (it takes a bit longer but I can see Outlook unlike the webmail).

I am in sales and consulting and being that I have a 2 year old and a stay at home wife I am constantly on the go and having mobility is my biggest need. Being able to connect with my work pc, home pc and laptop through one device would not only make life easier and more productive I would also be able to access movies, games and other files while on vacation for my 2 year old. It's a win-win both personally and professionally.

Just having PocketCloud on my DROID; has saved my bacon more than once. One of my favorite stories is not work related. My ex-coworker was having huge problems with his new systems. I was unfortunately out of town, thankfully I was able to save his day using PocketCloud via my Hotel's WI-FI. PocketCloud is a must have tool in my book, and further more being able to show it off on a sexy Motorola Xoom... yeah I'd be spoiled. :)

What PocketCloud does: simple, connectivity. I currently use a competitor's software and I'm not 100% pleased with it. My research leads me to believe that PocketCloud is more than capable to do what I need it to do, keep me connectd no matter where I am.

While sitting at work, it could be so easy to grab files off my home PC to ensure that I don't forget anything. My Android phone (which already helps me tons by integrating productivity software with entertainment for the down times) would then allow me to keep that same connectivity while I travel. No more frantic panic as I try to remember every single file or print-out or customer information: I simply head out on the road. Then, when I need something, I just call it up. Simple as that. I can now work from home, from the office, or even from the road. It would make my job that much easier, and that much more productive.

I am a community banker, and as such I visit clients wherever it is convient for them: my office usually, but often times at their office, or occassionally wherever we can find an open table. I would be able to call up documents to take care of that customer right then and there, without all the hassle of having to find time for that customer to make the drive to my office.

It would make me better at my job, and allow us to have an edge on our competitors.

To tell the truth, I have no idea what Pocket Cloud even is. Never used it, never heard of it. BUT if they were to give me a free Xoom I would become their biggest freaking fan ever!!

Using PocketCloud on my Droid X offers me full access to all of the spreadsheets, charts and any other data on my office PC that could help me take care of my clients questions during a meeting. In the future when doing the same on an Android tablet... I will have every possible piece of information with me at all times without having to lug around a laptop.

PocketCloud will be a GREATLY needed asprin to my life, because my wife a.k.a. my headache can NEVER find files on the home computer (I clean the desktop weekly and I have 2 external drives). So all I'll have to do now is tell her that I'll call her back after I find them for her, instead of TRYING to help her find them.

PocketCloud would help me quite a bit when I do my job. I support many DoD projects around the globe and I have to travel to Naples, Bahrain, Japan, San Diego constantly. We are authorized to take things like this with us for work, however I do not have one. PocketCloud would allow me to access just about all of my work related files without having to have printed copies and lugging around mountains of paper. Being able to remote into my work computer and bring up the needed documents would be amazing. The 128bit encryption of this program meets the requirements set by my department so it is a win win. Would love to win!

The sky is the limit with PocketCloud, you always have access to the files that are important, simple as that. Having a Xoom would be fantastic because it is really too difficult to do anything on a little tiny smart phone, let's be real. This would be a perfect combination, Xoom Xoom!

I work as an IT consultant, contractor, and project manager. I'd make great use of both the Xoom and the Wyse Pocket Cloud in my work. It'd make me significantly more productive to pickup a tablet and have full access to my servers, my vms, my client servers, clients using the Wyse thin clients, as well as my own desktop to grab documents, update settings for clients, and even troubleshoot and resolve issues they are having.
As far as everyone else, pocket cloud would be a major benefit to many people because they can have remote access to all of their documents, pictures, and other files on their work and home computers from a tablet or other mobile device. There's no reason to have to go home to pickup a file. It'd also reduce the risk of viruses spread by flash drives which are more common that people realize.

Pocket Cloud is a great asset to anyone who uses a computer.
Thanks for the opportunity both AndroidCentral and Wyse.

Using PocketCloud paired up with the Xoom would allow me to offer unparalleled support for my company no matter where I am. Very exciting proposition.

This tablet with PocketCloud will allow me to be better connected to do work and home projects. Thanks for the contest. I hope I win!

Using pocketcloud will be amazing to have for sales presentations for business not only because I won't have to drag a big laptop around but because I will have everything on such a revolutionary device !!! Go pocket cloud

PocketCloud allows me to access my computer at home, when I need to access my files remotely.

This spring I will definitely be purchasing (if not winning) some type of tablet.
I’m tech support for a school district and have over an hour commute. I car pool with one other person and we need something sizable to VPN in to the district whenever there’s trouble before we arrive.
I didn’t know about Pocketcloud, I’m downloading it now to my DroidX so I can become familiar with it before getting the tablet. If it lives up to the reviews I see, PocketCloud is one app we will need to make the tablet easier to use.
Running it now on my phone...looks pretty nice...definetely putting this on the tablet.

Great system for using on PC's in a network enviroment from home to office. For example going to friends house his monitor goes out and needs to shut the system down before he leave. Wipe out the phone log in shut system down and then see the look on there face after is priceless.

My wife is pregnant. She will be delivering in about 2 months and I have been looking forward to the Xoom as a way for us to interact with our family in the hospital. We live across the country from any of our family so we won't have family with us when she delivers. The ability to use pocketcloud to be able to interact with my desktop to save videos, pictures, etc and the ability to use the video camera to skype with family will be so helpful and great for the time we are in the hospital.

PocketCloud combined with a Moto Xoom would give me the ability to remote in while I'm on the go and continue working on crucial tasks that I can't manage to take care of on my phone.

PocketCloud + XOOM = HAPPY BOSS!

PocketCloud has saved me from having to hunt down a desktop when we have a problem at the office. I can hop in remotely and take care of the problem immediately, which has made the people I support much happier.

It will let me access thousands of files on my computer that I won't know I need until I need it. Then of course when someone see's me using it they will be blown away by the coolness of Android and PocketCloud.

i am a network engineer for a company that has sites from Colorado to Little Rock and up to Baltimore. I use Wyse Pocketcloud to connect from my HTC Evo to various systems in order to troubleshoot issues when I happen to be out and about. This solution works great from my phone and I can only imagine how great it could be from a Motorola Xoom. Thank you Wyse for Pocketcloud and partnering with Android Central for this contest. You are awesome!

The app is just awesome even though I don’t use it much. But I can say it has a huge potential. If they continue to improve and adding features to it. The remote control feature is the key one here. I love that I can remote to my PC and edit/do my homework just like I am at home.

PocketCloud will help me with my graduate research, a large component of which involves RDC'ing into the lab workstations to use the software and resources located on that machine. Being able to take that on the go, in the palm of my hand, would make things so much easier and more portable!

I would love to show off your bad ass software on a new XOOM! My co-workers would be extremely jealous and I'd finally be able to get around my company's stupid Websense policy.

Because everything is better with PocketCloud and I want to be better at everything.

As an attorney working long hours and beginning to start a family, this will allow me to take continue working while commuting that way I'm not losing 2+ hours of worktime everyday. Being able to carry a liteweight device with full desktop functionality will be soo very valuable.

As an attorney working long hours and beginning to start a family, this will allow me to take continue working while commuting that way I'm not losing 2+ hours of worktime everyday. Being able to carry a liteweight device with full desktop functionality will be soo very valuable.

I am a real estate agent and constantly on the move. Carrying a laptop is not practical. For me, a tablet like the Xoom with PocketCloud would be a perfect alternative. I frequently have to call back to my office for information in files while showing homes. It's not always easy to get the info I need on the spot. Pocket Cloud would give me the instant access I need to all of the information stored in files on my computer. In my business instant access is critical. Buyers and sellers now expect up to date information delivered immediately. A real estate agent with that instant access will be considered ahead of the curve and as a result will be very sucessful. A Motorola Xoom and PocketCloud would be the tools I need to be more productive and as a result a top agent in my market.

I am a IT Manager who works in the financial industry, along with volunteering at my local church. I have an EVO 4G with PocketCloud from Wyse Technology. It has made me do what I do better in many areas of my life. Work and church.

One small example. I was directing the Christmas play last year. I was having a small practice with just a few of the main actors. The play incorporated videos that I created to go along with the acting. The actors needed to see the video and I needed to see the actors. With PocketCloud, I did just that. While standing side by side with the actors, I was able to use my phone to display the videos and play the music. Needless to say, the play went great, and PocketCloud played an important role.

PocketCloud cured my litter of kittens from cancer and dysentery. Thanks PocketCloud!

Although I have only been using PocketCloud a short time, it has already helped to save a life. I am a network administrator in a hospital, and a large part of my job it to ensure that radiology images get to the right place. A few night ago, I received a call while I was out to dinner with my family. A patient presented to the ER with a stroke and was being immediately air lifted to a larger hospital for emergency surgery. The normal protocol is to electronically transmit the CT scan images to the larger hospital so that the surgeons can have the OR set up and ready for surgery as soon as the patient arrives and not have to wait for an additional scan. However, on this night the hospital was not receiving the study. Before PocketCloud, I would have had to immediately go home and remote into the the hospital system or drive directly to the hospital. Luckily I had just installed PocketCloud and was able to remote into my work PC from where I was to troubleshoot and correct the issue. The surgeons were able to save the patient's life.

I live on RDP accessing desktops in 6 cities and 3 countries. Being able to do that from PocketCloud would save me a lot of time and allow me to work while I commute each day saving me over 100 hours per year.

Remote desktop would be amazingly productive on a tablet and PocketCloud would do great on my new Zoom they are gonna give me!! Thank AC and Wyse!!

As an on call network support person, PocketCloud enables me to be more flexible on the days when I am on-call. I used to have to be near my home in case someone calls for help. Now I am able to go about my business and spend time with my family at night no matter where we end up. If a call comes in, I can use Pocket Cloud to log in to the users computer and efficiently help them. With a Xoom tablet it would be even easier and better yet. thanks for the opportunity to try to win one!!! I hope it's me!

As a student, this would be the greatest combo I could think of. Not only could I use the tablet as a reader for digital text books but I could use Pocketcloud to email those forgotten assignments to me from my desktop (forgetting assignments happens more than I'd like to admit).

To me pocketcloud proves us that with the advancement with technology anything is possible. To see such a perfect app in a minority report style setting!

When I first got my android phone, I was looking for a RDP solution that would allow me to bring the full desktop experience to my phone, this beginning my quest. Enter Pocket Cloud beta. From the beta version of Pocket Cloud, it was obvious that the product developed was leaps and bounds above everyone else. It completely satisfied the need of being able to remote into my windows box from the other room (yes, I realize how lazy that sounds!) and quickly do a small task over vpn that I couldn't access directly from the phone. Now I use Pocket Cloud lite on a regular basis, and the only thing holding me back from buying the full version is the overwhelming issues inherently in Android when attempting to use any sort of PPTP vpn.

Finally, when I received my work iPad, the very first app that was on my list to search for was WYSE pocket cloud, and I'm quite happy to say that it is every bit as good on both platforms.

I look forward to using Pocket Cloud on a full-sized android tablet!

I use Pocket Wyse almost everyday. It just makes things a whole lot better and easier when I am away from my work computer. Whether I am out of the office or home after hours, my work computer is just an Android phone away.

I have used some other applications before but none that even start to compare to Pocket Wyse. This is by far the best application I have used and I would suggest it to anyone hands down!

The Motorla Xoom and PocketCloud while tethered to my rooted EVO will let me remote into my home PC from work and play World of Warcraft ALL HOURS OF THE DAY!!!!!! NERRRD RAAAAAGE!!!!!!!

Having clients spread out over a wide geographical area and also having a is not always easy to help my clients when they need it.

I've had instances where I was at my daughter's soccer game and a client called in a panic because their database server was having problems. Pocketcloud allows me to pull out my Droid X and fix those problems right there.

This makes the client happy, me happy, and my daughter happy because I did not have to leave her game.

Having a tablet to run this would make things even more convenient.

I travel constantly for my job. Remote desktop access would keep me connected to information on my work and home pc wherever I am. I can only imagine not having to carry the full laptop kit that has turned into a daunting workout. I also tend to have the effect of causing my friends to get the cool gadgets I impress them with. I would love to add Pocketcloud and XOOM tablet to the list of things I convince others to get!

PocketCloud along with the Xoom cures HIV. This is very beneficial to our well-being and safety! I also hear it has an app to promote world peace. :)

I honestly didn't know what PocketCloud was until this contest but now that I do I am very grateful. Going to work fulltime and school, sometimes my mind isn't at its best, and I often forget important things, i.e. my homework!!! With the accesibility to my PC that PocketCloud allows,(I love the play on the name btw lol) that forgotten paper is not forgotten at all.

PocketCloud would provide access to all of my work and school files which would allow me to complete all of my assignments on time as well as be more prepared for my business meetings and conferences.

PocketCloud is going to make my life a whole lot easier...printing on the go will be AWESOME! Having a XOOM will be beyond AWESOME!

PocketCloud would be able to help me as I do a lot of work on the road as I travel. Being able to print something to the office while I am en-route would be a great time save. Having this tablet would really downsize all that I must carry as I travel. I thank those responsible for allowing us the opportunity to win in this contest!

I'm a networking consultant and I've found that PocketCloud (I've been using it since the beta) is very helpful when it comes to remote administration. I've used it to check the status of services, reset users passwords and reboot a server that was misbehaving. Since most of my servers are remote, I can connect to servers the same way I would from my desktop. The only way to make it better would be to use it from a new Xoom :)

PocketCloud would be great to fix and maintain my Sister, Mother, and Father's computer issues on the road.

PocketCloud will help be get work done while on the train, to and from work. It will also give me more time to work on some side projects I've been meaning to get around to...

I use PocketCloud for issues with my brother and my mothers computers. They are always doing crap to them and I need to fix it. This way I can do it while I am not actually there...been a lifesaver.

PocketCloud on a tablet would be phenomenally useful in my line of work. I work in a location where my development PC is a few rooms away from the lab I remotely download/debug to. PocketCloud would allow me to manipulate breakpoints and see debug output without wasting time walking back and forth from my cube to the lab.

Even better, with the perpetual state of Snowmageddon in the Northeast this year, I could in theory get some work done from home rather than fight my way to the office, only to find the doors locked...

Well, i'm not currently using it, but if i had this tablet, i would use it to control multiple computers. thanks.

Wyse Pocket Cloud has been a tremendous help to me. I am on the road a lot of the time and most times need to remotely access Multiple computers (work, Home, Church, etc). Pocket cloud has really eliminated me needing to be on-site for files, programs, and computer maintenance. I have been using my HTC EVO to access these computers which , after so much of pinching and spreading, takes a toll on energy. Owning the Xoom will allow me to be more effective in the areas that I mentioned above. Please consider me as a contest winner.

In a mid-sized architecture firm that faces frequent, tight deadlines, we push on our IT infrastructure at all hours of the day, seven days a week. As the office's sole Systems Administrator, I need regular and reliable access to put out fires as soon as they arise. Much in the same way that having a cell phone and then having mobile e-mail were breakthroughs in my ability to serve the firm, so too has PocketCloud offered a huge step forward. Even though I could be contacted at all hours, my ability to resolve an issue still required proximity to a networked computer. Now with PocketCloud, I am finally free to roam - even take vacations without a laptop - knowing that the phone in my pocket gives me full server access.

PocketCloud could help me stream line my amateur radio setup and storm chasing.
I would love to develop Ham radio and storm chasing apps. Using a tablet while storm chasing would be massively easier than a laptop!

Pocketcloud seems to be an app that would be very useful for even your average computer user. I would love to be able to access files/remote into my computer when I am on the go. What if I forgot a paper for school on my home computer and I am in class? Now its no problem! Wish this was available for my Optimus S.

PocketCloud has helped me to do server management for my work, as well as log into my home desktop in a pinch. With PocketCloud and a Motorola Xoom, I will virtually be able to replace my laptop computer with the much more portable tablet form factor. When on the go, whether on business or on vacation, I can log in and monitor my servers, or check into my desktop computer at home.

The Motorola Xoom and PocketCloud will revolutionize the way I use computers. My current computers/desktops/laptops will become hubs and servers, and an information store that I can access locally, enjoying the portability of Android and the desktop computing power of Windows all on one device.

I use it to develop applications when I'm not near my computer. It is super handy when inspiration strikes and I'm on a bus, in the airport, or waiting in line.

The Dynamic duo, the Motorola XOOM and PocketCloud, how they would bring portability into my life. Right now I'm using the old Dell laptop at home & at work but if I could win the Motorola Xoom...WOW. Technology like this is PRICELESS, being able to connect to your phone and do things on the go! I could easily teach my dad about the computer, since he's been asking me for months. Maybe through this I start towards my dream of having my own Marketing business. I have a passion for technology! I hope I'm choosing the lucky winner!!!!

Pocketcloud will help me support the many clients i have while on the go. It will also allow me to turn music on for my dog while i am work, and mess with my wife and kid with the home pc/tv setup while i am on the road...

I'd love to extend the functionality of the tablet by being able to remote into my work computer using PocketCloud instead of having my work laptop on the coffee table at all times. This would be my ideal setup. Please help me out Wyse!

Certainly be easier than carrying a 17" Laptop on short trips

This would help me stay productive with full access to the PC when needed

Be Mobile, anytime, anywhere..

Pocketcloud allows me to do work and be entertained during my excruciating one hour train ride commute.

I currently carry a laptop to provide support to customers while I am away form the office. PocketCloud would allow me to provide better support from my new Motorola Xoom Tablet because I would not have to wait until my old pc boots up to connect to client sites. The Motorola Xoom looks fantastic and I cant wait for one.

As an Android Evangelist and Teacher in my community through Community Education, having Pocket Cloud combined with the Motorola Xoom is a match made in heaven. Having total mobility, and access to Printer Share, I would be a completely mobile office in one device. With great devices comes great responsibility, and I wear the badge of Android with pride (so much so I wore Android cufflinks in my wedding three weeks ago!). Even if I don't win, I will be planning on getting Pocket Cloud and proclaiming the name of Android to all the lost and wayward souls who have not yet experienced the rapturous joy that is Android.

Pocket cloud is pretty amazing. I just used it this morning to send myself a test I was working on last night at home. Logged right in without a problem and was able to navigate quite easily. I can see how this could be an everyday used program if I had a larger screen so I could see the whole desktop. I am amazed.

I currently use my color nook and the pocket cloud when I'm entertaining, I hook my laptop up to my tv and play movies or music where ever I am in the house. It's also awesome when I'm at work for presentations that I have to give. It gives me so much more control, and i don't have to be a the keyboard and mouse. I love this application. My friends get a kick out of it when i go over their houses and use it.

Being on the road all the time i use pocket cloud all the time on my rooted book to edit documents, transfer files, schedule recordings on media center, with some patience edit photoshop work going on, and even keep an eye on my dog through a web cam.

With PocketCloud the Motoroal XOOM goes from a powerful toy to a productive asset. Being able to access my computer from anywhere will allow me to increase my productivity. I will never be without a file on my computer and be able to work from anywhere.
Thanks Android Central for the awesome contest and Wyse Technology the opportunity to win a Motorola XOOM!

I'm on the road for work 3 out of every 4 weeks. Have access to my work pc files from and ultra portable device would make getting code changes, software updates, and presentations a problem of the past. I can't count the number of times I've had to drive back to the hotel to get and email attachment which cuts into the productivity of my day.

I have a full time job, but I also run a small online business. It's great to be able to use PocketCloud to fill orders / track shipments from work using my home computer no matter where I am. I feel secure knowing that all of my data is being backed up so no matter what happens to my tablet, I will not miss a step!

PocketCloud will definitely help me in the future. Even though I work in a kitchen, I am "the computer guy" at work.

I am soooo sick of having to leave what I'm doing to type something out for someone, even on my days off.....I get called saying "can you type this letter out for us really quick."

PocketCloud will allow me to be more productive, saving me time, and giving me less of a headache, so I can spend more time doing what I should be doing.

I am a mobile employee who has many times has to go into office to attend meetings. Being able to attend with a tablet which uses pocketcloud would save me time from having to pack up computer and hook up into the office. This is a great app and a tablet utilizing this great app would be a time saver and allow me to show off the great android tablet and application to my IT dept.

At our law firm we use remote desktop all the time to get from our laptops and home systems to our office workstations. I find almost just as frequently, now, I can use Pocket Cloud to the same effect.

On several occasions, I've been able to use Pocket Cloud from my Incredible to begin a data run and print a subsequent report which is waiting for me when I get into the office. I've also been able to "fix" cloud-based services that are stuck for some reason or another because of an improper log-out or program hang by remote logging in over Pocket Cloud and fixing the app on the workstation.

Since our profitability is based upon how we spend time (and which time we do and don't bill our clients), the result is that I am literally running two systems at one time, saving both time and money for me and my clients.

Highly recommended and well worth it.

As a healthcare Informatics Analyst, I am often not at my desk but need to get into the system rather quickly to troubleshoot issues that can affect patient care. PocketCloud would allow this to happen regardless of where I am at or what equipment I have available. That would be so great - no more dragging a laptop everywhere (including a run to the grocery store)!

pocketcloud will enable me to work on the road in the street all while looking stunningly awesome with my xoom nand making a few of my buddies in the ipad crowd look like fools...

I don't go to goes with me...whether I'm in the studio WORKING or on the road WORKING or meeting with a client and we're WORKING...The Pocket Cloud app and the Motorola XOOM will let me help my clients ANYWHERE I need to work. And when they see how well I can work with one, I can tell them how well it will work for THEM, too!

As an SysAdmin, it is a real drag to carry around a heavy laptop and related accessories when it comes time for rest and relaxation. The Motorola Xoom combined with WYSE's technology looks to be a winning combination that could lighten the load while providing the necessary tools to get the job done and have some fun on the side.

Between work, traveling and kids sports I am rearely at home. With the Xoom and Pocketcloud I would be able to have both work and personal files, information and everything else at my fingertips. This would give me more freedom and comfort in knowing that no matter where I am at or who I am with, I will always have everything I need right there. Also, as an engineer, I don't know how many times I went on site and realized I had forgotten a document or a needed file. Thank you for the opportunity!

Pocket cloud combined with a Xoom will allow me to use all my business applications in a form factor that is designed for "on the go." By combining the power of android, Verizon's mobile network, and my companies private cloud applications, I'll be able to get business done from anywhere at anytime.

Just discovered this app this morning and have installed on my Dell laptop and Droid X. I'm so excited to discover something to help access all my construction documents and drawings from the job computer while I'm in the field on my phone at the same time without having to travel back to the trailer.

I also plan on installing on my wife's laptop to help troubleshoot any issues (that seems to happen a lot) with her work and laptop.

Thank you for this great contest and story.

Currently I am serving in the United States Navy and attending community college at the same time. The pocket cloud would simply just make life easier while I'm away from home, or on duty. Combined with the xoom tablet, this tool would just make life easier. Accesing my files, and assignments through the xoom tablet and pocket cloud would mean I'm no longer attached by the cord of my pc.

If I had the XOOM and Pocket Cloud, I would finally "one up" my brother who thinks his iPad is the next best thing to slice bread. That, and it helps keep our small business more organized while one is out on the road and needs to make remote changes to invoices or contracts.

Please choose me, I reeeeaaalyyy want to "one up" my brother in the worst way! :)

In my job, I'm often on-call 24x7. I've been using PocketCloud for months to connect to my office PC from my Droid, and having that capability has been hugely helpful. Where I once would have had to unpack the laptop, power it up, and connect via an Air Card, I can now just connect with a couple clicks on my phone and get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Thanks Wyse!

I manage several retail sites and need to manage the computers at each store. This allows me to do it as I am traveling

I have just recently put WYSE pocketcloud on my epic 4g and on my Dad's droid x and we both think it is one, if not the most useful app on the market. My dad love's having it because he can access his work website, that only works on internet explorer, through his droid x which is so convenient not having to take his laptop with him when he travels. Me personally, I love it for the recreational purposes as well as the professional uses. I control my media player with ease and move files on my computer so that I can access them through a shared internet folder such as dropbox. It is also very nice for me fixing my family's computer when I am out of town at school. Now, if their computer is not launching a program or they need me to look at something they don't understand, instead of traveling two hours or trying to talk with them through the phone, I just tell them to log me in through the easy to use companion software and fix it wherever I am, even on 3g!! This app is truly a dream come true :-)

Having a Tablet would allow me to utilize pocketCloud even more since I wouldn't be restricted to a small screen and being able to leave a heavy laptop at home would be great!

The Xoom will become my extrememly portable, mobile and reliable "laptop". I will no longer be bound by bulky cases, or worse, batteries that seem to die much too quickly and at the most inopportune times like my current laptop.

Pocket Cloud will allow me to impress more of the couples I meet with, when they are shopping around for their wedding photographer, by being able to call up slideshows, picture samples of other wedding events, and to ability to view album designs from my home PC while I am either at the couples' home, or if I am at a remote location and not in my office. Imagine creating something on your home PC and it needs the 'extra horsepower' of a desktop to display correctly, yet being able to display it in your hand.

Pocket Cloud will also let me become less restricted by having access to my home PC anywhere in the world. It will allow me the ability to call up contracts, pricing options, to view my availablity and best of all, to edit my images all remotely on the Xoom using Pocket Cloud.

I just downloaded Pocket Cloud for my Evo 4g. I can't wait to try it with my HTPC, but i will definitely use it to access my main PC at home.

As a student, I have always been struggling with manging my usb drives and ending up losing my assignments. With PocketCloud, I will be able to access my data anywhere and anytime. even when I am in an environment without familiarly devices

With the advent of all kinds of mobile devices - having remote access to files and systems is becoming even more important, and PocketCloud really speaks to this need. It is a very effective and easy to use application, and it lets you use most of the features as if you have direct access to your computer at home. What I really like about the application is its mouse pointer which can be easily dragged around on your desktop and it has various features like: right click, CTL-ALT-DEL etc. It truly is remote 'control' and a lifesaver. And it will shine even more on the XOOM tablet :).

First off I'm a Father of 5 wonderful kids. I'm 35 my wife and I are the biological parents. PocketCloud is a great way my family members in California who are not that computer literate lol They're old school. They can see the pics and videos very easy. The XOOM would be great If I could afford it. I do have an EVO and its great but the XOOM would be a great tool on helping my kids learn and I never have time to sit down. We are always on the go this would be great. I tip my hat to Wyse for allowing my 68 year old pops see things he would have never been able to due to him being in California and my family living in Florida. Thanks for the memories.

My Parents are Deaf and live in a State far away. PocketCloud Pro would allow me to provide technical support for them from where I'm at, when I have the time . Saving them $$ paying for local support and freeing us up, givingus more time to visit when we are pysically together instead of wasitng those precious moments struggling with PC repair/education.

As a field rep for a large construction company, half of my job is sitting in front of the computer. Between scheduling, sizing, bids, billing, repair work, sub contractor scheduling, sometimes it seems like i all i do is park myself in front of it. The other half of my job is on the road. Site inspection, installation inspection, settlement walkthroughs, and most importantly business communication. The ability this tablet and the PocketCloud software would give me is unimaginable. To be able to talk to a site superintendent, be asked if and when material is going to be ready, when can we install, what kind of material is to be installed and then answer those questions right on the spot would improve my production, sales, and bottom line immediately. This would save me from saying "oh, let me check when I get back to the office" to 10 different people and then have to make 10 unnecessary phone calls that should have been answered right on the spot.

This would be perfect for what i do and how my company operates.

oh yeah, and "i want to win".

Thought i would throw that in there!

PocketCloud and the Xoom will allow me to access all the necessities i need when traveling for work. Being an IT Network engineer I always need access to my work utilities on the go and PocketCloud will make it that much more convenient and in style with the Xoom!

I would like to use Wyse PocketCloud to remote into my Wife's and Son's Mac and PC to help the resolve a sofeware issue or to allow my son to go to a given web site that he he locked out of.

I can do this with a laptop but that is heavy and not as easy to have near and use when I am also trying to take care of my little girl that is only 9 weeks old.

I use PC's Mac and Linux and to be able to take control and work on these via remote will be nice.

Pocket Cloud and a Xoom will help me never again be caught with my pants down (or more to the point, my spreadsheets missing) when I'm on the road for business. No more emailing multiple revisions or worrying about whether I copied the correct files from my business's sever - everything I need will be accessible all the time, anywhere.

Thanks AC I wasn't aware of PocketCloud. This is exactly what I am looking for. I was just setting up a system at work to remotely allow access (proxy) to my work network and by-pass some of the VPN issues I am dealing with on my EVO and rooted Nook. PocketCloud is the simpler solution to access work for me when I am on the road and allow me to spend time with my family. In my mind that is exactly what technology is for, to provide easier solutions for complex problems and free your time for what means most to the end user.

PocketCloud will allow me to appear to be on-line and available and working hard when I'm really at the pub drinking and shooting pool...or in the summer months at the pool.

The pocket cloud. Need I say more? Simple, intuitive and cutting edge. Makes my life a lot easier. I would love to experience its capabilities on the xoom!

PocketCloud on the Xoom would be amazing! Watching all the videos from my PC, anywhere would make the Xoom hard to live without!

Pocket cloud will make my job easy by allowing me to deploy at one place and work any where. Cloud computing is already a big thing in market and making it mobile is one more revolution in mobile platform.

This would allow me to continue my push for new clients in my Graphic Design firm. Allowing me to access key info at critical moments.

I am away from home a lot....either with Deployments or on one of my hunting adventures :) Pocketcloud and the Xoom tablet would allow me to stay in touch with my Wife and Son. In addition, I am a most forgetful person, pocketcloud would allow me to retrieve any documents I may require (that I forgot) while away.

Thank you Android Central and Wyse Technology!!

Truthfully I would like to have a tablet that dual boots Windows 7 and Android. I am not sure that I feel condient enough to go on vacation for a week without bringing a full Windows OS device. But if I can find a great solution to control my Desktops/PCs everywhere with a tablet I will go for it.

PocketCloud is definetly an app I would love to try out. I am glad they offer a trial because either way I am interested in it. That means a lot to me when a developer is confident enough to let people try out their software/app. Since I am debating between an iPad 2 or an Android tablet (like the Xoom, or one of those ASUS tablets), being about to remote desktop with ease is important and a huge deciding factor for my big tablet purchase.

Ggadget blogs is a huge part of my daily reading. They inform me on cool software for my computers. I don't like to wait until I get home to install software. Usually I just use my phone and control my computers, but the screen is not ideal for heavy use. With the Motorola Xoom and Pocketcloud, I can have the best of both worlds. A huge screen to control my computers but also still be able to take it with me wherever I go. I can leave my computers behind but also not be too far virtually with Pocketcloud. Also if I can mimic a Windows 7 tablet without needing to boot into it, then I will have found my solution.

We are moving towards the cloud and Pocketcloud is just one of the steps of getting there. Being able to control my PCs no matter where I am awesome. I would love to have the Motorola Xoom and Pocketcloud. Together they will make me stay productive and in the loop no matter where I am in the world.

being an entrepreneur, and trying to start my new biz being built around android (cross my fingers), i believe pocketcloud can help me in limitless ways as far as streamlining my biz, and helping me always have what i need regardless of were i am, and combined with the xoom the skies the limit.

PocketCloud has already made my life easier. My parents need more help everyday with simple issues and now I don't have to drive over every time they need to reboot! Thank you! A new Xoom would only make it more fun! Thank you!

Remote control my home PC from anywhere, remote control my work PC from home, and generally just take over the internet...

I use pocketcloud to have my PC on the go at work. Now, If I only had a bigger screen than my DROID.....

Hi, i am new to Android Central, i recently just switched from a black berry curve to a HTC Evo 4G, and am totally loving it. anyways i use Log Me In and like it a lot, but the android app is a little expensive. i have been looking for a free app that would work for me. and Pocket Cloud may be that answer. i am also in the market for a tablet. and have been very interested in the Xoom. If i were to win this tab i would be switching to Pocket Cloud for sure!

PocketCloud and a Xoom would be a great addition to my workflow. As a computer technician away from a wired connection a lot, I would be able to do almost half of my work (minor configuration settings and customer service or hand holding) from just about anywhere!

This would be sweet!

Wow, am I glad I read this post. I originally was just going to write a simple little blurb about how PocketCloud "might" be able to help me, but after installing it and setting up a couple of my servers over RDP, I'm going to be a PocketCloud user for good. It is dead simple and just works for RDP. It's fast and secure. And best of all, it's free. I may even shell out the $14.99 for the paid version, once I get a feel for the interface. Thanks PocketCloud!

Pocket Cloud would do wonders for my wife. This will help her in so many ways. She is an avid reader and with her peripheral neuropothy, it is hard for her to grip boks and such. What a great tool for her to have.

Pocket Cloud allows me to access client data from my home PC when I'm out on a job. I would love to win a Xoom tablet, I've been trying to figure out away to afford one when it comes out!!!

Being able to control and access everything anywhere in an efficient and secure manner is a dream that PocketCloud allows to be a reality.

Working in IT being on the go is part of the gig. Having a tablet handy with a remote app to get to your servers saves valuable troubleshooting time and can save the day without setting foot in the server room!

PocketCloud has been extremely helpful to me in my job. I work as a technician and have to do most of my work away from my desk, however I also need to log my work, keep track of reports, and manage my team. I've tried "borrowing" workstations in various areas (this rarely is as convenient as needed), or carrying a laptop (not feasible for long days just due to its weight). The best solution to date has been to use my Android powered phone with PocketCloud. It has a simple easy to understand interface, so I was able to set it up in minutes and with virtually one click I can be connected to my desktop! The best thing is that I've use several other RDP applications from my phone and this has got to be by far the easiest I've tried. I now have full access to all of my personal files, notes, and login pages just like I was sitting at my desk. Finally I have a working solution to unchain me from my desk! Now as wonderful as all that is, the one drawback is the screen size on my Android. To be truly efficient in my mobility I need that extra size normally afforded by a much heavier notebook or laptop device. Pairing the XOOM and PocketCloud is to excuse the pun a match made in heaven! Of course that doesn't even touch the things it helps me with in connecting to my home PC!

Pocket cloud is one of the most versatile applications on android. It shows just how powerful the platform can be and how useful. I use pocket cloud for access to all of my information and files on my desktop and laptop. When your android device can log on to your computer one worries a lot less about not having certain files or not having access to important information at inconvenient times. I am a full time college student who also works over thirty hours a week, pocket cloud gives me the freedom to access school work on my home computer and my laptop without having to carry either one back and forth to class and work. All I need is my android device. Without pocket cloud I would be less productive and probably not be able to manage my time as effectively. The pocket cloud application is a truly invaluable tool which any level user can find efficient as well as vital. Pocket cloud facilitates a mobile world and the only thing that could make this application any better is running it on a bigger screen like the Xoom!

PocketCloud help me while im travel to Russia, from Russia i have access to my compyter in Chicago =)

I will use it to access my architectural plans remotely while I am on the construction site. I would love to be able to do that from a tablet instead of my Droid X.

PocketCloud enables me to know I am secure while I am accessing my "stuff". While "secure access" is often taken for granted or assumed to be reliable, the richness of your solution will provide me a more meaningful experience from a work and personal stand point. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about your product and potentially leverage it on my new Xoom!

Using PocketCloud has been a big help. If i had forgotten to upload a file or finish a download, i could do it right from my Evo! It has also been used to assist family back home. This is a great app, and greatly compares to competitors on the market. Plus the free version is just as good! Happy with this app making my life much easier, thanks Wyse Tech!

I have been using PocketCloud to remote control my laptop while transfering family videos from VHS to PC whil being able to sit on my couch and "enjoy" them with my family. Just a few taps on my Droid X lets me manage the recording without having to leave the couch (at least until it is time to change tapes).

Thanks Wyse and PocketCloud!

The Pocketcloud will help me be more mobile from home to work. My job consist of taking the rail transit and traveling into the City. This would give me more connectivity and cure my boredom while commuting.

will save all my important data like contacts, bookmarks etc. on cloud instead of saving on a pocket device, so that I can access the data from anywhere and can easily get all my data back if I lost my device or started using a new one.

Pocket Cloud will deffinetly make managing and moving media files to and from my phone, as well as let me look like a tech guru infront of my friends.

It turns my home theater PC into a digital jukebox, Slingbox, and web enabled DVR with the click of a button.

I can access all my music, movies, and documents on the fly from anywhere, enriching both business and casual time, while making both more efficient at the same time.

When I first got PocketCloud, I used it for the basics.....changing the song on my iTunes from the living room, browsing the internet and using facebook chat (of course before the app was updated with chat), just screwing around, etc.

One day I was playing around at work and ended up monitoring our work computers from it. I could see exactly what all of our employees were doing in real time - it was exciting. I could tell if they were screwing around or not. (I work at a hotel).

Also - and this is my fave - their are so many times that I take the elevator up to a guest room to drop off a towel or a bottle of shampoo, and by the time I get up there, I have forgotten the room number. WELL, PocketCloud allows me to look that up really fast in the computer system to save me a trip back to the lobby.

Oh PocketCloud, what would I do without you? You are a Godsend.

Also, I really freaking want a Xoom, but I will never be able to afford one. College tuition is where all my moolah goes. It's a sad, sad story =P

Thanks for the opportunity to win Wyse and AndroidCentral!!!!

Remote access to all my documents and photos at home from my Android tablet! Yes, I want this!

I've never used Pocket Cloud since I still own a Blackberry. But if you give me a free Xoom I'll buy the paid version and make my girlfriend do the same! :)

Wow!!! This app is free? I just downloaded it on my Mac, which that alone is awesome that it will work on my Mac. So I was able to use my Droid X to go through my computer with ease. I love this app and what's great is that I will be able to access my computer from work and do things that I normally would as if I was at home. I store work info on my home computer as well and now there is no need for me to take two laptops to the office with me. Been going around all day yesterday showing people that I have my computer on my phone, its awesome. I love this app

As head of sales for a small business I am constantly on the road. PocketCloud has saved me a number of times already in the short time I've been using it. Super flexible, easy to use interface, and constant access to necessary documents - I love it.

Until seeing this contest I had no clue that pocketcloud existed. I have been looking for a way to connect to my server at the office. I now can easily access files on my desktop at the office and use the terminal emulator on it to access the server. I will definately be upgrading for the additional features!!! Oh and sign me up for a Zoom to install pocket cloud on ;)

Being a college engineering student, I find that I need to carry a laptop around with me all the time to do my work. I use PocketCloud on my phone to quickly access files if I forget to bring my laptop. Having a tablet and PocketCloud would be a fantastic alternative to carrying around my laptop everywhere I go.

PocketCloud is a must have app and will only get more popular as the tablet market grows. Having my desktop on my mobile device gives me the functionality and convenience of my mobile device along with all the use of my home computer. With the Xoom and PocketCloud working together, I will almost never have to carry my laptop again, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

I would utilize this at my job which is a church and we utilize technology in any we can. Would love to have the ability to remote in to my work computer or other computers around campus that I check on quite often.

Wow! I hadn't looked into Pocket Cloud, but now that I see this I will definitely start using it....if I have the Xoom to use it with. It would let me link to my desktop that I can then link to my work computer and pull up patient X-rays and CT scans when I'm on call and on the go. This would help tremendously improve patient care, and would also let me spend more time with my 2 kids because I could field calls while out and about! Please help make this a reality with the Xoom; I'll be buying the paid, secure version of Pocket Cloud.

I plan to use PocketCloud to wirelessly access my desktop PC's at home and at work. I could get great use out of this technology and plan to use it extensively!

PocketCloud has helped me many times, from RDP'ing into my home computer from work or vice verse. As well as RDP'ing into other family members computers when they are having a problem and trouble shooting needs to be done.

I could really use this for work. I am constantly needing items off my desktop and this would be a lot easier and faster than having to fire up the laptop.

In the world of door to door insurance sales one of the biggest problems is having access to all the documentation and information I need while at a potential customers home. Short of dragging a filing cabinet from home to home it has been nearly imposable to have the access needed. This is where Pocketcloud and the Xoom come in. Everything I need will be right there on an easy to access beautiful and easy to read tablet. No more fumbling through a large bag of docs or multiple trips to and from the office. I love Pocketcloud and will love it even more on the Xoom.

The remote desktop function has saved my butt so many times! I'd love to be able to do RD from a larger touch-screen like the xoom. I've used RD to get files I've forgotten, play tricks on people using my computer, and check software programs that just don't have capabilities on a phone platform. Fun and productive! Use it all the time and would love to use it on a new Xoom--might even ditch the laptop if it's good enough!

Didn't even know about Pocket Cloud before this post but did hear about Wyse before. Would love to win a tablet from them and then try out their mobile to pc software. Would also introduce my wife to it since she is a teacher and her having remote access to files of her students or even lesson plans would be a very advantageous to her.

Pocketcloud has been very useful to me since it was created. I travel a lot, so using it to view movies, and play music directly from my computer has been amazing. I feel that if I were to win this tablet it would just increase my pocketcloud use and make it an entirely different experience. I am all for these tablets as opposed to laptops just for this reason. If I ever need laptop functionality I can "jump on the cloud" so to speak. Thanks for hearing me out.

With PocketCloud I don't have to worry about leaving files at work. As long as I have my phone (or tablet!), I've got whatever I need, wherever I am. Having a tablet would just make it better, especially for remote control, as I would be able to see more of the screen...

I feel this is the final piece in allowing me to achieve greatness. Until now I've been merely impressive....the Xoom and Pocketcloud will catapult me into the next level of awesomeness.

pocketcloud has helped me afford to go to school. i couldn't afford college, and needed to work multiple jobs. i had some simple jobs to do from home on the computer, but also work 2 full time 9-5's. pocket cloud gave me the opportunity to work on my "home computer" when i had no other responsibilities or was on break. This gave me enough working hours in the day to make enough money for school. it allows me to get much more done, even be in two places at once. also, since i will soon be moving out of my mother's house, i will still be able to assist her with computer related problems even while not there by remoting in. it isn't much, but it's better than trying to explain it over the phone when she doesn't know what i'm talking about. so i guess in short, it makes it that i can work more efficiently and help family members even while not actually there.

Paying for itself in the FIRST WEEK of use, PocketCloud helped me salvage a client relationship by giving me access to my office machine when I was off site and away from another computer. I was able to immediately respond with an edited file rather than a "Please wait another hour and I'll get it to you when I get in." That hour made all the difference.

Pocketcloud will help me access by business documents on the fly without having to have a laptop with me all the time.

PocketCloud would allow me to help my in-laws with computer issues when I'm away from my laptop.

I currently use pocket cloud on my droid X. I use it when I was out of my office to be able to access our company asset management servers. I recently broke my hand slipping on black ice with all the recent Northeast storms. And the pocket cloud has help me behind belief. Being one handed for 4wks, working from home, a desktop or laptop has been hard to use. Access my work server from the pocket cloud on my Droid has been a great!!! I haven't needed to train a employee or temp to help me manager those servers, freed me from my frustration of trying to type one handed with one finger :-). More importantly, with being able to access my servers from the pocket cloud I was able to work from home without needing to use all my sick days and vacation time to cover my 4wk recovery.

Overall it has been a valuable app. A great app that can easily be used with one hand. An amazing feature if you are temporally injured or permanently disabled. Thank you Wyse for keeping this app great and one handed friendly. :-)

PocketCloud will help me complete my dissertation on syndromic surveillance and as an Epidemiologist I monitor the health of my jurisdiction and are required to telecommute frequently. The Xoom with PocketCloud would greatly help me monitor the health of my jurisdiction easier and maybe help save a life!

As an entrepreneur of small businesses that cover multiple locations (including two states), having the power and versatility that PocketCloud and the Xoom would afford me would be invaluable. I would be able to absorb information and affect real time change within my businesses. Thanks Wyse.

Wow this would be awesome! PocketCloud would make my day to day so much easier. I can not tell you how many times I have been woken by the phone saying something is wrong with the servers. Instead of pulling my laptop out and firing up VPN and RDP I could just slide my android Tablet out from under my pillow and be right where I need to be!

We're just implementing a sale application where our floor salespeople will be using a tablet to RDP into our Windows Servers. I've tested PocketCloud for Android (using my Evo of all things) and it works FANTASTICALLY!

The problem is we need a bigger tablet... something the size of an iPad (which has a great PocketCloud application). If the new Android tablets work as well as I suspect, that looks to be the go-to solution (Android 10" tablet with PocketCloud).

Excellent product by a company that knows remote computing as well as anybody. Highly recommended.

the cloud will transform a simple hand held cell phone into a full fledged computer, with full access to all of my files, thus giving me the option to ditch my laptop completely.

Pocket Cloud will help me get more work done on the road, and thus give me more time with family & friends on the weekends. And there's nothing more valuable than that!

I am a student in the medical field and I carry around a lot of physical notes as well as electronic resources. I currently rely mostly on my android phone and cloud storage to have access to my study notes stored on my home computer but it is not professional to pull out your phone in front of patients. With the xoom and pocket cloud I could not only access my notes any time but I would also be able to use the cloud to store patient education materials and videos which would allow me to better educate patients.

It will help me answer emails when not at my desk at work, since they refuse to support any mobile phones other than Blackberry or Iphone.

I have had the HTC Evo 4G since it's release in June 2010. Atlanta luckily has had 4G service and I actually was looking for a reliable RDP method earlier this month so I can check a few of my older Win 2003 R2 servers. So I actually was testing the free version of PocketCloud. I'm a mid-20's IT professional and go enjoy my weekends with friends throughout the nightlife of Atlanta.

Just last weekend as our accounting team was getting ready for their week data to be uploaded through 1 of our servers on a Friday night, the services on the machine had stopped due to an error on the machine earlier that day. We were on a train when this happened, and through PocketCloud's RDP I was able to remote into my machine, start the services, and allow for the financial data be uploaded properly without causing any headache.

Winning a Xoom would give me a much more reliable tool and further my own confidence that I could reliably track the status and log in to any of my other 34 servers from a completely remote location in case of unexpected emergencies.

Pocketcloud would be so nice to be able to work on Simulation software only on my work computer while I am in class or at home. It may even save many long nights at work if I could do some work on my projects while sitting in class. And that Xoom is awesome!

I own a mobile bar-tending business. I use this app to gain access to my contracts that I have stored on my PC. So if I was at a gig and my client thought there was a discretion I can pull up the contract and print them a copy. I could also see a use if I needed to make last minute updates to my website on the go.. But at the end of the day, it allows me as a entrepreneur to have an advantage over the others. As I'm sure you know, starting your own business isn't easy so if you want to keep a guy like me ahead of the times and make sure I have my competitive advantage than... Pick me pick me!! Thanks!

It sounds like a nice piece of equipment. I like the 1080 HDMI Output and the 32 GB of internal storage. The duel-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor should run pretty fast running on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). I really enjoy my laptop also duel core running Windows 7 and Nvidia Nforce 8800 GTS. Touch screen has always been something I'd enjoy to use on a regular basis. I utilized a touch screen system for an employee kiosk personal Information System back in the late 1990's.

GREAT STUFF! I would enjoy the speed beutiful screen resolution and has lots of fun playing around with a new Motorola Xoom Tablet!
Probably play some games after watching a few videos and maybe a quick movie! etc...

As a financial officer for a law enforcement taskforce, my day is never done. I get calls or emails after hours and need to remote desktop to access information on my desktop at the office. I've been looking into the Motorola Xoom and having the Pocket Cloud app from Wyse Technology would enable me to access my desktop even if I'm on the road. That is invaluable.

RDP and VNC would be excellent to have both as a remote user and in the office. This would make much easier as I'm not always at my machine to support remote users. Trying to help remotely on a 4" screen would not be nearly as easy as on a 10" screen.

Having PocketCloud would make it so easy to access my laptop when helping my dad or aunt with their PC questions and having the Moto Xoom in hand to work them out would just be cake. Downloading from market now.

I love pocket cloud, i use it if not daily then weakly because i store alot of files on my home computer and external hard drive that i need when i am out and about. I also use it to mess with my friends which is pretty funny. I am also using it to help build a completly Android controlled robot which if i do say so myself will have some pretty cool features and the xoom with pocket cloud is the missing piece.

I have recently started a new job, doing marketing for a small credit union. This place is so small that there is no room for me at the headquarters so when I meet with the CEO to talk about the projects I am working on the only way to show him is to print out a PDF of the form or bring the PDF on a USB drive as he does not have the software to edit the documents.

Using Pocketcloud would allow me to become even more interactive with the materials and edit on the fly instead of going back to the office and repeating the whole process. My productivity would sky rocket! I would ask for this sort of thing from the credit union but as we are a smaller institution, our budget is already tied up in other things. Thanks for creating such a great app!

PocketCloud will be the perfect app for my day-to-day activities. As most people nowadays I have multiple jobs and duties which means I operate multiple computers for different functions. Currently I operate a Win7 desktop at home for freelance IT and design work, a WinXP notebook at my full-time sales management career and a MacBook Pro for personal use. Currently I rely heavily on DropBox to access files from multiple machines including my Samsung Galaxy Tab. With PocketCloud I don't need to worry if I dropped a file in my dropbox folder, I can simply access any of my computers and presto! I will be downloading PocketCloud soon to test the features but it looks like it will be everything I need! The Xoom will replace my galaxy tab for business use, it's going to be an amazing device! I have been looking into using LogMeIn, but if PocketCloud does what it says it does, I will leave LogMeIn alone. Seems to be a very useful and cool app!

I use it to help my family solve small issues with our laptops when I'm not at home. It's also fun to confuse the kids when they are using the computer and all of a sudden it starts doing stuff by itself.

I work for a financial services company. I would utilise this to remotely access my work PC so that I administer our CRM system and our trading platform while away from my desk.

Well, some friends and I are going to start up an internet wrestling podcast soon. My laptop has been busted for years and don't have the scratch to get a new one yet. From what I have read on the PocketCloud app, I can access my home computer and do what I need to do away from home! Sweet! And that will leave more time for mom to use the computer for important things...
Like playing Mafia Wars... :)

Pocket cloud is one of the most versatile applications on android. It shows just how powerful the platform can be and how useful. I use pocket cloud for access to all of my information and files on my desktop and laptop. When your android device can log on to your computer one worries a lot less about not having certain files or not having access to important information at inconvenient times. I am a full time college student who also works over thirty hours a week, pocket cloud gives me the freedom to access school work on my home computer and my laptop without having to carry either one back and forth to class and work. All I need is my android device. Without pocket cloud I would be less productive and probably not be able to manage my time as effectively. The pocket cloud application is a truly invaluable tool which any level user can find efficient as well as vital. Pocket cloud facilitates a mobile world and the only thing that could make this application any better is running it on a bigger screen like the Xoom!

PocketCloud help me with my meetings on my work, on my university!
PocketCloud help me on my life!



PocketCloud will allow me to be a better help to all of my friends and family that are always contacting me with their computer issues. Also, I would not have to buy one of those locked down I*hones or I*ads. I would be able to rock with the best tablet and best RDP program out there.

I am self-employed and routinely meet with clients in the field. The ability to access my office pc and programs that aren't offered on android remotely would be a huge advantage and easily result in higher sales. I am not sure that I could continue in business without this...

I use Pocketcloud to access documents on my work computer so I can get things done while waiting to pick up my kids after sports practices. The Xoom tablet would allow me to be much more productive! Thanks Android Central and Wyse technology!

I would love the freedom and functionality that pocketcloud and the zoom tablet would bring. i travel frequently and being able to use my computer via my zoom with pocketcloud would jmake life so much easier.

I think this app would be very helpful to trouble shoot problems on my parents computer, even while on the go. I'm definitely getting the free version. Thanks!

Seeing how I am currently unemployed and a techi geek, I figure the xoom will allow me to look for a job while I look for a job on my laptop, droid x & xoom all simultaneously and of course increasing my odds of getting a job and have less time to surf the net and enter contests like this one. Never mind the OOOOHHHHH factor friends would have upon 1st siting of my xoom.

I would love to have a Xoom. I'm currently a grad student and having a tablet to read all of the papers I must read would save paper and be far more convenient. Furthermore PocketClouds ability to sync all of my stuff between the tablet, computer, and my laptop would be invaluable in keeping all my files up to date. This would help me learn far more during my time in grad school and help me throughout my professional career! An awesome contest from the best source for android information and an fantastic company which is helping innovate the way we connect!

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