Willy Weiner and the Tunnel of Doom

OK. Maybe it is.

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Thanks, @ryZilla124


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Willy Wiener and the Tunnel of Doom in no way is a bad metaphor for sex


Despite the fact that the Evil Doughnut Magician guy's face/mouth area is a total ripoff of the Japanese Doumo-kun, I-...
...well, wait..no...I want to play because of that too!

apart from the humorous graphics and theme, this app looks horrific. And the market page doesn't help much either. The video barely shows any game play scenes (or if it does the graphics are so bad you can't even tell), and the screen shots are just as bad. This developer needs to fix their market page.

No but I did notice the devil guy in the picture looks alot like Mr. Satan from South Park. I guess I'm not the only one though :-)

This game was so bad. I gave it an honest 10 minute try. Seriously, I hope this was a joke. I hope nobody pays money for the "full" version.