ClockWorkMod dev steps in to help actor root his HTC One

Star Trek: The Next Generation actor and all-round alpha-nerd Wil Wheaton is having trouble rooting his HTC One. Of course ClockWorkMod developer Koushik Dutta is going to help out with a limited edition, Wheaton-centric recovery image.

The story, from Koush on Google+, goes something like this --

Tonight, Wil Wheaton was trying to root his HTC One and failing miserably. He was able to get recovery installed, but couldn't figure out how to get Superuser installed through recovery (some issue with mounting, blah blah).

Tough bootloaders call for an even tougher recovery. I'm proud to announce the new Wil Wheaton Recovery. Wil Wheaton will offer to root your device if root access is missing.

That's no joke -- it's exactly what Wil Wheaton recovery for the HTC One does when you install it. Naturally, it's also decorated with a new background image featuring Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher himself (imagine him reversing the polarity or unleashing a swarm of sentient nanites or something).

No word on whether Wheaton's been able to use the new recovery yet; his last Google+ post from a few hours ago said he was "giving up for the night." If you want to try out Wil Wheaton recovery for yourself (HTC One-only, of course), you can grab the download link from Koush's G+ page, linked below.

Source: +Koushik Dutta, +Wil Wheaton


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Wil Wheaton recovery roots your HTC One, saves the ship, rolls eyes at adults


This recovery just gave the HTC ONE all the nerd & Trekkie credit it needed for HTC Nexus status.

I just can't wait for the explosion of gushing that is bound to flow from California this morning once he wakes up and takes to G+ and Twitter. Read about his troubles earlier this morning, and in no time at all I saw Koushik's response.

And this is why I absolutely love the Android community. You never hear stories about this in the Apple world... Great coverage as well, Alex! It all broke long before Jerry and Phil were awake. Can't wait for the follow up!

When I saw this, I literally bursted out laughing. Not only is this hilarious, but it's also hilariously cool. I'll definitely be downloading it and showing it off to everyone when I get my One tomorrow. Android is definitely amazing. And I hope Wil gets his One rooted :)

Will was such a dork when he first showed up on the enterprise. You just had to root for him back then because he was a little man on a big ship. Now were rooting from him. Haha.

This is hilarious. And is it bad that every time I think of Wheaton, I think of Big Bang Theory as well as Star Trek? His feuds with Sheldon are classic.

I like Wil, he is a funny actor on everything I have seen him on. He plays the Douche character very well.
I even have some Audible books that he has narrated, he is actually a very good narrator and fun to listen to.

So am i supposed to love Wil Wheaton because im a nerd or something? Because i dont. And Wesley was the worst character on TNG. All he did was bitch and whine and cause problems. And he supports the Big Bang Theory, so thats just another reason to hate him.

Stop being a debbie downer! If you hate it so much just ignore the article and move alone. Troll.

so its only ok to express an opinion about something if its a positive one? otherwise youre a troll? thats great. love the internet. o, sorry, was that too negative for you?

blipp: "so its only ok to express an opinion about something if its a positive one?"

Correct. You're also correct in assuming that you're trolling this article with your negativity and you are, by definition, a 'hater'. Carry on.

Why is it not ok for me to ask why everyone unconditionally loves Wil Wheaton and then say why i dont like him? I think you need to figure out what the definition of an internet troll is because its not "someone who expresses a negative opinion about something that everyone else likes". And if you really knew what a troll was, telling them to "carry on" would just encourage them to continue to troll. Which i guess you partly archived by me responding to you. Sorry to ruin your perfect vision of "your" internet

Blipp - I agree with you. I'm sick of seeing that Wheaton fella all over the internet. If he was such as good actor then he wouldn't be bothering with all this nonsense and would actually be making decemt films and tv shows for a change.

He's a male Felicia Day....

As opposed to what YOU contribute to society which is...what? Asinine comments on the Android Central message board? Way to contribute to society.

Blipp I agree with you. Not about Wil Wheaton - I happen to like what he does. But I support your right to express your opinion. I don't really mean that in a first amendment kind of way, cause that doesn't apply here, but just that you expressed your opinion under the rules and conditions set forth by Android Central (as I understand them) and therefore don't deserve a ration of crap just because it's a bit contrary.

The OP deserves all the crap he gets and then some. He wasn't just 'expressing his opinion' he was delivering hate speech directed at a FAKE character the actor played in two separate tv series but Blipp allowed his hate for fake characters to bleed over into true hate for Wil Wheaton, a real person. That is pathetic and if he can't separate the two then he needs to get slapped with reality. Hate speech is not necessary especially on a light-hearted and fun article such as this.

Does anyone know a polite way to educate someone that actors don't control the way a character is written? And Child actors have even LESS control than adult actors.

If so, perhaps they also know a way to explain that someone liking [or disliking] something one doesn't is a poor reason for hating someone. Really hate should be resrved for people one knows and have interacted with.

^ This guy nailed it. All of the hate the OP directed at Wheaton is unfounded and ridiculous. Express your opinion, certainly, but to be hateful towards someone for no reason is NOT 'free-speech' it is hate speech and Android Central should definitely NOT tolerate that.

So, let's get this striaght. It's OK to hate on Wheaton, but not OK to hate on the hater of Wheaton. Got it.

Simply awesome! Wil Wheaton is one of the true great nerds of our time. Reading through the comments was priceless! I also have the HTC One and I have been wanting an easier way to root. I will definitely be using this!

Rag week? You would know all about that wouldn't you. Now please stop stalking me on here. You're being a creeper.

I'm sorry but I tend not to reply to imbeciles and menstruating women - you fall into both categories. Bye bye Miss.

I'm frankly surprised that he even has an HTC One. He was loyal to crapple products back in his nascent blogging days. Go Wil!

If you read his Twitter, Google+ and Facebook feeds, you will know that he's left Apple a while back, as soon as he awakened to the glory and goodness that is Android. :-)

I think Wil is Pro-Android for his phone. I believe he still writes on Macs and he has written about his iPad.

Ah I see. I stopped keeping up with him many years ago. He was here in Austin for a TNG cast reunion convention back in October. I didn't even go to that lol.

I know him from Big Bang Theory dont watch Star Trek so wouldn't even know who he is without Big Bang Sheldon hates him.He must not be very smart took me all of 5 mins to root and flash twrp to my HTC One

Actually Wil Wheaton has done some pretty good stuff since his Star Trek days both on TV and the Web - his Table Top show on Geek and Sundry is a hoot. Oh, and dissing on Felicia Day isn't very cool either - she's a very nice person as those of us who have met her in person can attest to.

I like him in Eureka. He played his part to perfection and still had his dignity.
What he played in TNG was irritating cause of how it was done and it's frequency. Have to say though all around he is a very good actor that should get more parts.

As to his view of life and politics, I'll say it like Nero "We stand apart". :-)