Motorola Xoom Wifi

If you have been waiting for the Wifi-only version of the Motorola Xoom to launch officially, today is your lucky day. Of course, some places were selling them early, and one of our readers did some great hands-on time with his device, but the Wifi-only Xoom is now available to all to purchase. If you make your way out today to pick one up, be sure to hop in the forums and share your experience and everything else with us. [Motorola]

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NoobTube says:

Got mine after huge self debate... got the last one in BB

I got mine from best buy at 11 when they opened. There was a small line for 5 people all waiting for it. I am so happy with it.

S_C_B says:

I went to Staples this morning half an hour ago, when they opened. When folks said they were going to sell the Protection Plan HARD, they weren't lying!! The sales guy was pushy as HELL. The damn plan had a cost of $239.99. There was one couple in front of me. I walked to the side, and sneak called the Best Buy that was 5 blocks away. They guy said he would hold it for me. I couldn't run out of Staples fast enough!! I "xoomed" down the street and bought it from Best Buy. Cheaper protection plan and Reward Zone points!!

Now to set up my Xoom!! I shall return.

Freegoo says:

$240 it's insane, that's nearly half the cost.

norsairius says:

Anyone know if Sam's Club is indeed selling these for the $539 price tag that they were rumored to be selling it at?

jg274105 says:

Wanting to know this myself. I've made my mind up that I am buying a Xoom, and if Sam's is really selling if for this much it's a no brainer where to buy.

gregg37 says:

The one near me said they wouldn't have it. They don't have tablets at all.

norsairius says:

Thanks for the heads up! I was hoping to find it at this price :/

I saw it at Costco Sunday for $589, not close to $539 but it is $10 cheaper than most places.

ZDriver says:

BB 11am got mine

I wanted it from sams but the 2 in my area will not be caring the xoom. so Best Buy it was. They could not tell me a price because its not in their system when I asked.

Smokexz says:

I got the last one they had at Best Buy... so excited go inbox!

ibod says:

bought from the local staples which was empty. really tried to shove the protection plan down my throat, first the sales assistant then the manager at the till. ignored their pleas.
first thoughts are it's the heaviest 10" tablet I've used, very smooth operation and I wish there was a back button. nothing I can't get used to.

there is a back button -- bottom left hand corner has 3 software buttons: Back, Home, Last Used.

Ratz370 says:

You guys shouldn't feel so special, i've had my xoom for awhile. Only cost me $800 bucks lol

nory826 says:

Lol me too ! Launch day, february 24th . Best tablet I've had so far, I actually got rid of my I pad for it. The xoom is better than any tablet apple throws out there!

On my wifi xoom now. Best buy had 5 when I was there. Two were pre-orders and two others purchased. The seattle best buy didn't prep for it with order quantity

Got mine at costco this morning. They had 20 and only one other person was there st opening to get one. (scottsdale,az)

Now that it is in hand I can return my 3g xoom.

$589 with gel case and paying with american express doubles the warranty!

crxssi says:

Just got mine at Costco also at 5pm today

enjoylife949 says:

Got one at Costco too; Laguna Niguel, CA. They opened the doors at 9:55. No one in line so I was the first to get one. They had nine in stock before I took mine :)

grantew1 says:

Picked up mine this morning at Staples. Went to BBY and they didn't have any. wtf?

Can't wait to get 4GLTE on mine. So do they all have that titanium back?

strikethree says:

Well, this is the Wifi only version so you will either need a 4G hotspot or the $800 4G/3G version ($600 on contract).

I still can't believe you need to send your hardware back to Moto just to get the 4G upgrade.

Cubfan says:

Sam's will be the place for me when they get them. Can't beat the 90-day return policy.

quiverskeep says:

Got mine at Costco as well - posting from it... 589, used Amex, freegel case (not needed IMO). Going to keep this for a couple months until Sammy comes out and then choose between the two.

rkl says:

Flash 10.2 is up on the market. Works great!

eahinrichsen says:

Wow, good thing this came with Firefox, because the stock browser is crashy as hell.

AndroidGuy says:

How many actually bought protection plans with your Xoom?

Dhamp2g says:

Got mine at Costco 90 day return policy! Gonna return it when the xoom comes out.

BigCTM says:

I played with the wifi xoom today and am going to stick with the Ipad 2 for now.

I am a huge Android fan and honeycomb is fine. The main thing for me was the weight. Compared to the Ipad 2, this thing is noticeably heavier. Waiting for a lighter 3.0 tablet...

ZemogZemog says:

Bought mine ALSO. but I also bought a slingbox hd to setup with my Xoom. Its amazing i can watch live tv or on demand stuff, or netflix from my xbox. SLINGBOX and XOOM are a perfect pair. i returned my verizon xoom and got the wifi and sling box for the same price.

chubb says:

Got mine today at staples with zero pressure for the plan. Its official my nook is now retired the xoom is great. it does have some weight to it but ill get used to it, haven't had one problem yet. Also flash works unlike my droid2 which is nice just waiting for the SD slot to work.

chubb says:

Just benchmarked my xoom and got 1823 better than my droid2 on fission which was 1793. This is with no adjustments I am sure I can tweak it to get better results. My biggst problem is no sirius xm appcpain to listen to thru website otherwise lovecrhe xoom

chubb says:

Damn I just got 2180 on the bnchmark app NICE.

bganga says:

Picked up mine from Staples and sales dweeb plus his manager tried to sell me on protection plan and insurance. I told them that I didn't have time for that and to just ring up and charge my credit card.

Wookie Claws says:

Got mine are Costco this morning... think I got the first one. Loving it! Invisible shield didn't have a screen protector so i ordered one online. Gathers fingerprints quick, but otherwise I'm very happy with it :-)

deezus says:

Got mine on Friday and have had it with me everywhere I go. I only have one issue. A website I use for work will not display correctly, other than that I love this thing.

uchuujin says:

Got mine at the local BB with 2 other people at 11 am... and none of us got the warranty.

I love the grippy edge... I just wish the whole back was rubberized, or was grippier. I don't care if it's a pain to keep clean, it's easier to hold that way. (Or rather, it fools me into thinking it's easier to hold that way.)

AL_M says:

I also picked up my wifi xoom at BB. When I approached the kid at one of the sales stations in the computer area and asked if they had a wifi xoom in stock, he gave me a puzzled look and said. "I don't think that's out until April..." I informed him that this was the releae date and he should look into it. I walked with him toward the display area and looked in the glass case below the demo model and saw two blue boxes, and recognized those as the box the wifi model ships in and said, "that looks like them there" he said oh yeah. So I got mine. I have my girlfriends 1st Gen ipad to sit and obsessivly compare it to. I can come up with a list of pros and cons to each. But that is another story all together. In all, my 1st 24hrs has been enjoyable with the xoom.

KarbonKopy says:

Wow, I had the EXACT same problem.

KarbonKopy says:

Got mine yesterday morning. LOVE IT!

S_C_B says:

I've had it for a day now, and I must say that I really like it. I took back the ipad 2 last week, and I don't regret it. I need more 3.0 apps, though.

got mine at BB sunday -- town of 75k people, one BB, no Staples... BB only got TWO, I got the 2nd one - sucked for the guy behind me. Lovin' this thing - it's a beast !

S_C_B says:

U r lucky! Congrats.

Godwellz says:

I purchased mine on the 28th and purposely waited one week to comment. Allow this to speak for me...I AM KEEPING IT!! Well done, Motorola. Besides the price (and Staples sucky expensive insurance plans), I cannot make a complaint. Be warned though...not all of the apps have caught up with Honeycomb yet. Although, I am sure that will be rectified within a couple of months. The main ones I need are working fine, especially Documents to Go, Beautiful Widgets, Angry Birds and others.