Widgets are one of my favorite parts of the Android OS, whether a widget that enhances your productivity, or just displays useful information for you at a quick glance, they are very practical. WidgetLocker Lockscreen is a great application for users who want to add some additional functionality to your lockscreen, so you don't have to unlock the device just to view the information. Yesterday TeslaCoil Software released an update which brought many new great features, some of which include:

  • Custom Themes
  • Resizable widgets and sliders
  • Custom sliders of any style
  • Unread count via ADW Notifier
  • And the whole thing is much faster.

So, if you want to maximize the potential of your lockscreen, and make it truly your own, be sure to check out the latest update of WidgetLocker Lockscreen which is $1.99 in the Android Market.


Reader comments

WidgetLocker Lockscreen 2.0 brings many great new features


Doesn't having all of your shortcuts like mail kind of nullify the whole point of having a locked device?

Curious about that too. I can see widgets that do something like display your agenda view of your calendar, but what does having a GMail link on this screen do for you? Does it just immediately unlock the device (and wait for a security code if you have one set) and open the app, or what?

The point of a lock screen is so your phone doesn't do stuff in your pocket. Sliders are just as unlikely to activate, no matter what icon is on them, and WL still offers quick screen timeout, just like a normal lock screen.

KarbonKopy... How hard is it for you to scan the code and figure that out... Also,,, if it was FREE, they would have let us know in the Post. ;)

I use this and it's pretty awesome. If you have a pattern lock of something to that effect it does ask you for your password after you click the shortcut and prior to opening the application. I personally set all of my shortcuts up on sliders that way you can't just accidentally click something while it's in your pocket or something.

They need a free trial version now that we only have 15 min to test a product before the sale is final. I'm interested in this but worried about force closes with the locker and lag. 15 min isn't enough to test this. Bring a demo to the market

I hate this 15 min bullshit!

I downloaded a few games that require a large download 25-150mb!!

How can I download a try the game to see if I like it if i spend 1/2 to full time downloading?


Android newb here (just switched from iPhone) but what is that text clock/date widget? I like the layout. Thx.

The one there is probably "TypoClock". If the apps linked above can't replicate that look, just do a Google search for "typoclock" and you'll find it.

@dswatson83, there are a few text clock widgets on the Android Market which can be configured in many ways. I am not certain exactly which one is pictured here but a few of them that can do that are called: Minimalistic Text, Advanced Clock Widget and Make Your Clock Widget Beta, all three of those are free.

Widgetlocker is great! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to customize their device. I currently have a rotary lock slider on my Droid X. I also have the Beautiful Widgets 4x1 weather forcast on there.

The thing I like best though is having access to the notification bar without unlocking the phone which saves a few steps if you are wanting to quickly check a text or e-mail that just came in.

Haven't heard of this before but this app is great. I put the clock/weather widget on the lock screen and now I don't need to unlock to check the weather. Just started exploring it.

This app is awesome. You might have to play with the settings a little on the initial setup to get it working correctly for you.

I have an HTC Droid Incredible with CyanogenMod 7 and was having an issue with the way GO SMS pops up new text messages with the existing lockscreen. Using this app and adjusting its screen time out a little work it out so now new text messages pop up even when my phone is locked.

It also gives you quick access to your status bar for power controls and notifications without having to unlock the phone first.

Really like it! I am trying to figure out how to get my Handcent pop up to work with this app. The pop up window will appear, but when I try to access the message nothing happens.

I manually downloaded the EB13 build of Froyo on my Samsung Epic 4g, so I am now required to enter a password after my lockscreen because I receive corporate e-mail. It was annoying to have to do this if I wanted to toggle a simple setting. I downloaded WidgetLocker, but it superimposed another lockscreen on top of my original one, so I would have to unlock, unlock and then enter a password to enter my phone. For example, if I tapped the dialer app on my WidgetLocker lock screen, it would go to my original lockscreen and I would have to unlock and enter my password before it would go to the dialer app. Any non-root workaround to this to at least replace my current lockscreen with the WidgetLocker one?

What's with the shining sun image that appears after unlocking the device? Is there a way to disable it? EVO

EDIT: Got it - Settings > Look & Feel > HTC Weather Animations > Disabled

I downloaded this yesterday and I love it! It is exactly what I was looking for!
One small thing that I would like to include that wasn't in the review is that you can switch the wallpaper for the lockscreen without switching it for the background on your homescreen, I could never get my EVO to do that!!!!!!

Awesome app, first app I ever paid for and I am extremely satisfied!