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There's something sadly funny about seeing training docs for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus, nearly half a year after its initial launch in the rest of the world. But that's where we stand today, as Engadget's gotten its hands on some internal Sprint materials showing employees how to sell the thing. There's not much in the way of anything to tell you ​when​ it's coming, but obviously training's a pretty big step toward launch.

The one interesting thing we see is that LTE won't be turned on by default. On one hand, it suggests that Sprint's LTE network might not actually be up and running when the Sprint GNex launches.

But consider this: Even if Sprint were to flip the switch on its LTE network tomorrow, it'd still only be live in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Baltimore and Kansas City. Barring any new announcements, that leaves, oh, every city but those without Sprint LTE -- and there are a lot of Sprint stores in the rest of the country that will be selling the Galaxy Nexus.

So while it looks like Sprint will launch the Galaxy Nexus with LTE turned off by default, maybe it's not quite as crazy as it sounds. On the other hand, it doesn't do much to persuade me to to with Sprint's LTE network over more mature networks like Verizon, or even AT&T.

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Why it makes sense for Sprint to launch the Galaxy Nexus with LTE turned off by default


can't help it if it's mediocre comedy... especially if it's on the borderline where you ask yourself, "is he really that oblivious or is he trying to be funny"

If turning off LTE by default also means there isn't going to be new $10 data fee for those phones even if there's no LTE in your area, then I'm fine with it. #learnedmylessonwithwimax

When will you guys give up on the 10 dollar thing? The fee is for all smart phones. Its still way cheaper than any alternative.

Does turning LTE off result in better battery performance? How much time and battery does the Gnex Spend searching for LTE where there isn't any?

Seems to me it would just drop back to 3G fairly quickly. But if I'm wrong and it burns battery advertising for an LTE tower then this makes sense.

It drains a shit ton of battery, and it does not hand off quickly.

And about 95% of Sprint customers won't have a single chance of getting LTE at launch, so its best to keep it off anyway.

Are you saying that Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio make up 5% of Sprint customers? Living in San Antonio and having 4G for over a year, on 5 devices, I can say that quility and speed is great. I would check those numbers again.

As an owner of an htc thunderbolt without lte for 10 months after getting the phone i can tell you the difference is very dramatic. I still turn off lte if im going to be in a 3g area for awhile.

Strange how this can vary, I never noticed any difference in battery life on my Thunderbolt during the 7 months without LTE regardless of whether the phone had LTE on or off. From my experience, I believe it has a lot to do with signal strength and quality and not LTE itself. Case in point, my battery life actually improved once LTE went live as the signal is a lot stronger virtually eliminating signal loss or switching. :)

Tower density and strength really are the keys. If there are not enough towers and the signal strength is weak, WiMax will chew through a battery in no time... and I am guessing LTE will be the same.

It sucks needing to factor out 4g when picking a new phone for sprint. Evo 4g - no 4g, epic 4g - no 4g, EVO 3D - no 4g. Maybe its time for me to prioritize data speed and switch carriers...

Ive tried sprint phones and the data speeds are horrid i could deal with 3g on verizon 4g is awesome, i couldnt take the slow sprint speeds day to day, id mever use the internet

Maybe you`re luck in your area with VZW not Sprint. I had VZW, and I`m in the middle of what VZW claiming 4G LTE covered area, inside the building their signal worst than Sprint. And Sprint charging $79.99 and VZW charging $119.99 a month. I dropped VZW and went back to Sprint. I never buy a phone or jump a ship, because AC or Phandroid.com or and other website saying this and that better or worst. All the wireless carriers, each one has up and down, good and bad.
Maybe one carrier has better signal where you at, but the same carrier has worse signal somewhere else.
So lets not judging anyone that fast, think first, not after jumping the ship and throwing rocket on each other, all comes down as personal choice nothing more guys.

Sprint's 3g data speed here is pretty bad now. Years ago it was great. When I drive 100 miles away, into a Sprint 4G WiMax area, the speeds are blistering. But that does me no good when I am not in that area.

There are areas where Sprint has better coverage than Verizon, and reverse. It really depends on exactly where you are. Verizon will tend to have better overall coverage. But it also costs a lot more.

Sooooooo Sprint is going to Launch this phone with LTE in ZERO markets? then market the Phone HOW exactly? AS a 3G Device???? This will get messy FAST.

How is this any different than when Sprint launched the OG Evo that BTW two years later I still do not have WIMAX for? Yeahhhh.

one thing that really really pisses me off is the grammar and spell check police on the internet. really people?

Double spacing after a period depends on which style guide you are following. Capitalising the first letter of each sentence on the other hand is standard for all English.

In the supposed leak of the htc one x the city on the widget is Seattle. I wonder if sprints network is already active there! 4g signal looks full :)

Ok, so Sprint decides to leave the LTE toggle set to "off," when you first turn on the phone, due to the limited LTE markets up, and people all of the sudden think that Sprint will release this BEFORE LTE goes active???

Seriously? There will be SIX markets. Of course they don't want people to start off with their batter draining if they have no LTE access.

Hell, many people will leave 4G "on" just because they don't know any better and think that's how it's supposed to be.

Don't freak out, just yet...