Iron Maiden

Woe to you oh earth and sea, for the music companies send the beast with wrath because they know the time is short

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. I listen to it at least three times a week over Google Play All Access. Or at least I used to. When I tried today, I noticed it — as well as all my other "classic" Iron Maiden albums — were gone from the My Library page in Google Play Music. 

Thinking it was just a glitch, I jumped into the Play Store to re-add them all. That's when my heart was broken. It seems that all the Iron Maiden albums that I like (i.e. the ones that don't totally suck) have been removed from the Play Store.

Alex has confirmed that they are still available in Merry Olde England, but +Benji Hertel, developer at Lookout and noted Time Lord, has confirmed that they are gone from Rdio. This means it has to be some sort of evil twisted licensing deal gone awry. Or Qualcomm. 

Content providers, fix your shit. Deliver the stuff people want to the people who want to pay for it, or we'll steal it. It ain't rocket science.


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This is why content deals all suck


"Deliver the stuff people want to the people who want to pay for it, or we'll steal it. It ain't rocket science."

This^^ Well said Jerry!

I've said that for years.... Why did I have to play email war to get a movie that I was supposed to et with the purchase of a blue ray... And, i never got it!... We'll, i did but not via the code........

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yep, that sums it up. I've been debating cancelling all access, and I think this is the clincher. I really don't want to support the current system.
I'll go back to ripping cds.

Google has a great service still. There are a lot of content providers who are offering up their music through All Access. You are supporting them by keeping the service. For the ones who pull their content off the service, they are no longer getting paid so you aren't supporting them anymore anyway. I'm not going to condone stealing but at least choose your opponents wisely.

That is the perfect quote to all the companies who -want- to sell their content but are so greedy they won't accept reasonable payment agreements. They are too focused on getting as much from the distributors as they can and not focused enough on the customers who want the content. They should all see this. They are creating an environment for thievery. They really lose out when that happens.

So because it was hard to get music the way you wanted, you felt entitled to steal it?

All of these posts are hilarious and show the "entitlement" a lot of folks in the West have. If you can't get the music you want, the way you want it, for the price you want, you don't have the right to steal it.

^^ This is wrong ^^
yeah, when Napster started all those years ago, I was curious about it, but the BIGGEST thing I wanted was a way for me to copy MY CDs to a digital format to take with me.
I bought A LOT of CDs

Don't be stupid, you know I'm talking about the first one. TATTOOED MILLIONAIRE!!!

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I'm Pissed I can't get Lad Zeppelin on All Access, they sell it in the play store for $100 for every song they've made, but will not offer it to all access.

I've never liked buying download form of music or movies.
Just another reason to buy physical disks whenever possible.

Absolutely. This way i watch or listen to what i want when i want, and i rip them to my devices.

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No way! I want progress and physical disks are holding us back! They shouldn't even be an option anymore imo

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Because it's my space. If I want the physical media then it's not wasted space to me at all.

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True but I hate messy. People hoard shit like crazy drives me nuts. Do you have cassette tapes saved too? Get with the times man!

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Some of us appreciate the superior audio quality of physical media. I'm not going to buy a $1000 stereo system if I'm only going to use digital media on it. I'd play some vinyl or some cds and enjoy every little intricacy of each song.

"Get with the times man!"? What the fuck is that? Is it 1969 and you're the 18-year old draft-dodging punk and I'm the 60-year old geezer who lives next door complaining about all you hippy kids? Please. And why would you give two shits about what I "hoard" at my own house? You're certainly not paying my mortgage and I'm sure you're not one of my neighbors. We're talking about a few boxes of discs or cassettes or some vinyl. Not 137 cats pissing and shitting in a 700 square foot apartment.

I'm all for the cloud, blah blah blah. I've got about 12,000 songs uploaded to PMusic right now. I have a local copy of every single file as well. But my cassette player or record player won't crash and ruin all of my songs like a hard drive can. And nobody is going to hack into my LPs or CDs. And Nilla is right - there is a huge difference going analog on a nice stereo. And you don't have to be a pretentious audiophile to appreciate it.

I like putting the needle on the record, hearing it pop. I like having to eject and flip a cassette to hear the other 6 songs. Part of it's nostalgia. I'm sure you'll get it in 20 years when everyone has a WiFi antenna implanted in their head and songs are beamed straight into your brain. But you'll harken back to a time when you could actually hold your iPod in your hand and futz around with it while you listened to your music, or explore your whole library as you spent hours creating and loading your playlists. It's all the same.

Did you read? If you have the physical copy, you don't wake up one morning to find that something you PAID for is gone because of some digital rights disagreement.

What if the old technology is superior? Are you of the young generation which doesn't realize that MP3 is inferior to CD?

Have fun with your lossy digital files... I still like ripping CDs into FLAC to use through my computer. CDs are easier to use with my older car that doesn't support USB/Auxiliary. Also, vinyl is a load of fun and sounds great on my HiFi setup. There is no reason to get rid of physical music.

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To all the young kids, HIFI means Hi Fidelity and minimizes the noise and distortion so you can hear the accurate note frequencies

CDs don't have noise and distortion. Plus all of the lossy formats you are listening to come from the CD source.

So you have just admitted to liking the audio quality of a CD over an MP3 and then you state that you like vinyl as well. Last I checked, Most vinyl lovers absolutely hate CD's because apparently you "lose" something in the translation. I used to have a collection of vinyl and the only thing I lost in the translation to CD's was the popping and hissing inherent in a physical media that attracted dust the instant you took it out of the jacket. That squeal you hear when you put the needle down or take it off the record used to make me cringe. I have what you could call super human hearing. I can actually hear when a hard drive in my computer is beginning to fail, I hear dog whistles and my hearing test results in the Navy are off the charts. I hear frequencies that most cant. That being said, I cannot tell the difference between MP3, FLAC and a physical CD. All of this talk about quality differences is hogwash. Most people (and I would say 95% being a low number) cannot hear the difference between the different medias. It is my opinion that these perceived differences are really just personal preference. Yes, there are ways to analyse each audio stream and one could argue that one may be better than the other but my point is, most people cant hear it. I still have my old records but I havent played one in 20 years. I found a casette the other day in a box of junk and I have a stack of CD's that is close to 22 feet high (657 cd's). I have files in both FLAC and MP3 and I even have some in WAV. To me, the difference is so minute that I prefer to save the space electronically even though multi-terabyte drives are stupid cheap. So, while I still value CD's because of the same reason as you (older car that cant handle USB/AUX input)at least until USB/AUX input becomes standard fare, I personally consider vinyl as a waste of space and not worth the power it takes to spin the turn table.

Hope I'm not sounding condescending, but you probably didn't hear the difference because of the system you where using. And did not have a trained ear.

Vinyl tracks do not have to translate digital signals to analog like CDs do so you get a better sound. If you did not have a system that could handle the more dynamic ranges you where limited first by your system vs the digital range.

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The difference between records and CDs have nothing to do with converting digital to analog. If anything, it's about lost harmonics due to CDs cutting of frequencies above 22khz. DVD-Audio and the lossless codecs in Blu-Ray sample at a much higher rate than CDs and thus no harmonics are lost.

I feel you mate, had similar with Spotify, one day entire albums of my favorite band disappeared.
So I made sure spotify disappears from my pay list and hard drive.

There's no way to prevent this sort've thing from happening until the music/film/tv/etc industries get it through their heads that exclusivity and exclusionary practices aren't good for consumers.

This is what soured me on Spotify as well. I'm a fan of J-Pop stars Puffy AmiYumi - granted a more obscure group, but they've had six American releases - and Spotify had none of them, not even the soundtrack tie-in to their Cartoon Network show. After about a year, suddenly, a pair of albums I'd never heard of (Honeycreeper and Bring It!) showed up. Cool! I add them and listen to them. Then I get a Nexus 4, load Spotify, go to download those albums...and they're gone.

Google Play has the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi album and Honeycreeper, but nothing else, but that's still two more than Spotify. Even more baffling is that the 2nd and 3rd Go-Go's albums aren't on Spotify either? Huh? I switched to All-Access in June and dumped Spotify. I was always sick of all my downloaded music disappearing at random as well.

Well, get ready to dump All Access too then because as this story shows, the same thing is happening there as well. I have had multiple albums from various artist deleted without warning or notification. No indication that they are even missing. Except for me looking and seeing that they are missing. It is utter BS. Especially given the short time the service has even existed. Really? I am going through this BS just a few months in? Really?

Damn, that sucks. Solution: Move over here, Alex and I shall keep you company as you rock out to all the Maiden you can shake your head at ;)

Just to help me out here - you can still upload your own copies of Maiden, right?

It's just the All Access versions that were removed, correct?

This is what I've done and am still doing (got lots) so that these "deals" don't affect me. I feel bad for you man. No one should be denied Maiden!

"You take my music and I'll take yours too, You make a content deal and I'll run you through, so when your waiting for the next royaty check, we're off to piratebay there's no turning back!"

Totally agree. I started deleting albums that I uploaded and replaced them with GPM versions. Think I might slow down on that project just so I'm not stuck with going through the upload process all over again.

Major drag.

I feel for you Jerry, I'm currently uploading my own copy of Number of the Beast with Music Manager in protest. Might listen to it all day and silently chant Larry Page's name.

Cool, this was going to be my rant.... I understand the upset, but if you're a fan then you own the music already and just need to upload it.

I enjoy All Access because I can listen to anything and it's great for finding new music and impressing friends with having almost any given song that happens to come up in conversation "on" my phone.

Honestly, I think that if you like a song, you should buy it. They're only .99 and you don't have to buy whole albums. I HATE DRM, but All Access to me is the best of all worlds. My music and theirs.

For my own enlightenment, what's the point of taking music off of Google Music once you've uploaded it?

Also I hate this because it encourages piracy, when will these companies understand this? We're going to get the content one way or another, it's just a matter of do you want to get our money or not.

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Yeah, sadly, if we lose access to it, through a "paying" medium, then our next step is to, naturally, pirate said content.

The goal of pirating isn't to harm the bands, actors, etc, it is to teach the parent companies to be more fair in their pricing and licensing of content.

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Well for me, the goal of pirating is to get free stuff that I can't afford on my minimum wage job in high school. But that works too.

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Its evolution. These guys need to bend over backwards and make a great product or we take it. Its about time for the consumer to be in charge.

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This is why I buy the music that's important to me and use all access to supplement that. But I agree they need to get their acts together and removing music from your library and not informing affected users is inexcusable.

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Bingo. My brother has chastised me time and time again for buying all of my music instead of getting a Spotify subscription (or something along those lines). And it's incidents like these which just bring a mean smile to my face. Sweet justification. When you pay for an unlimited music service like All Access or Spotify, this is what you get. It's never going to change, and when you pay for these services, you're only encouraging this sort of crap to continue. This is why I buy the individual tracks or albums that I want. If I find new music, I listen to it a few dozen times on YouTube. When I want to take it mobile, or when I grow tired of keeping a YouTube tab open constantly, then I'll buy it.

I think that how you get your music depends on what kind of music listener you are. For me, the prospect of remembering to buy the 50 new songs I found each week, buying 20 and 15 year old songs I just got back into for $1.29, and waiting for YouTube to buffer my songs on the road or at the gym is not ideal. A $7.99 a month service alleviates the problem. This way, I don't need to burn a disc or remember to sync my phone to get access to new music. I'm thankful for the service and I'm thankful that legal music continues evolving. Subscription services are never perfect and content will never be perfect, but if it means some degree of convenience, I'm certainly willing to foot the small premium. Also, I save a ton of $$ per month without having to touch illegal music.

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Oh crap, I'm lost for words, what else is missing!?!?!?!

*runs like hell*

OK, at least my Pink Floyd is all there in the flesh...*checks pulse*...phew, I can breathe now and be comfortably numb.

Time to have a cigar, google you may still have my money.

Dear lord I need a life

Yeah that will go far, those teachers never leave us alone. Doesnt matter Daddy left it behind for me.

Such an amazing record, I'm sorry for your loss. Hope you can regain access to your Maiden collection ASAP! On the flip side, I've ripped their entire collection to MP3, and rock out that way!

I grew up on maiden! Like everyone else has said, this promotes piracy but I won't steal. So The only thing to do is buy physical CD's and rip till our hearts are content.

Dammit, just the other day I was listening to Fear of the Dark and When the Wild Wind Blows. Well I guess It's back to streaming it off youtube again. Probably cancel my all access subscription anyway, tired of bullshit like this.

Yeah I should just keep paying for less and less, cause it's not Google's fault. Just like if Netflix lost most of the things I like to watch. I should just keep paying, cause it isn't their fault Hell, I never even SAID it was Google's fault, but it is their service, and they're the ones I'm paying for it. I'd much rather complain to the record labels, but I'm not paying them directly.

Stop paying. No one is making you pay for these services that obviously don't meet your needs.

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I never said you should keep paying for the services. If Google and Netflix both lost most of their content, I would stop paying. However, just because I stop paying doesn't place the blame on them.

My comment was a simple reply, it was never targeting anything that you said, lol.

Wack ass music. Don't come to AC for this. Keep your musical preferences to yourself .

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As your phone replied to a post you didn't care for..... Not my phones fault though. My fault. I keep assuming all AC posts will have some type of substance. I more and more find myself heading to Engadget and other blogs because my assumption is wrong.

More and more musicans begin to avoid the music streaming services because they get paid like shit. There have already been a few articles about how few money they get from being listed on spotify and it will be the same on rdio, all access and other services with the same model.

So the question I have for the artist then, is would you rather get paid what you consider too little, or would you rather get paid NOTHING AT ALL. Because those are the two choices on the table right now. And I guarantee you that they are making more money from me playing their albums over and over again vs. me buying a CD and getting my income once and then I'm done. I'm listening to much more music now. I don't mean all new things either...but even things I own on CD that are sitting in boxes that I just haven't gotten around to ripping. They are making money off that. That's additional income to them over and above what I have already paid for the same album. Over and over again. Why would they not want that? If I rip my CDs I paid for long long ago, and cancel streaming music services that income stops and they make nothing. How does that help them?

I don't really like this argument and I never have. When artists stop pandering to the big record company culture, when big artists finally stand up to big record companies and demand more or go their own way, then artists will actually see progress in how they are paid. But even music's wealthiest artists continue with big record companies. So in many respects artists have no one to blame but themselves for being held hostage by the industry.

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They (likes of PRS and BPI/RIAA) will never learn even if those who want to be on the right side of the legal side of the law they are punished!. The PRS and BPI etc will always have an war on the consumer!

Can see why the likes of Spotify and Netflix will not be forthcoming about recent losses as that would be "harmful" negative news but are more than willing to brag when they acquire licensing deals!

The likes of the BPI and PRS and yes sometimes the artists (those that anti streaming) are have there size of blame for piracy even more so when if they not going to allow legal means!

What do these fools expect if people can not obtain legally (or overnight if they been doing so legally and then denied) - they going to search and obtain dishonestly!

As far as I concerned - once you make an licensing deal they shouldn't remove it! along with music services like iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and Video like Netflix should be clearer which licensing agreements there services are subscribed to (and geographically where).

Not willing to let Google off the hook quite so easily when they call the service "ALL Access". If they want to rename it to "Partial Access" or "Access per a record companies whim" then fine. But that isn't what they are calling it.

It's "All Access' to the content, while it is licensed to Google. The same principle applies to Netflix and Amazon. I've seen people "buy" movies and tv shows on Amazon, only to have them "vanish" months or years later. Amazon loses the license to provide those shows to the end-user. All Access is most similar to Netflix. Netflix loses content all of the time, due to the license - of a particular show/movie - expiring.

If you purchase digital content, or subscribe to a service that does so, you will always be subject to these kinds of licensing restrictions. The only way around this is to have a "hard" copy of the content: either a physical disk/cd/dvd or a downloaded copy.

But it's a different situation here then what you described. The service is only a few months old. Stuff is being pulled down already? Not good. Worse is that I was told by a Google rep that Artist can pull stuff at anytime. There is no contract. No expiring period like Netflix. Just things pulled without warning.

Not a good way to run a business. Music listening needs consistency. Not hassles.

Literally every problem associated with music streaming services is the record label's fault.

Do you think Iron Maiden doesn't want you to hear their music? Do you think Google wants things missing from their library?

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Actually, the artist really doesn't have much to say about the matter. The person who owns the rights to the music can pull it at any time. However, there is a rather distinct difference between Netflix and any music streaming business, namely that Netflix has proven that their streaming model is lucrative. Spotify, GPMAA, et. al., have yet to do so. Unless and until a favorable agreement is reached between the artists, the labels, and the streaming companies over what a "fair amount" is for streaming access, we consumers will be stuck in the weird quasi-access situation we now find ourselves in.

So, as I see it we have 3 reasonable choices: support the streaming services through the growing pains to prove there is a demand, until the interested parties hash everything out; not pay for streaming services and let that model fizzle and die as a failed experiment, which takes us back to the previous track/album purchase model with terrestrial radio for music discovery; stop paying for label-backed music at all, supporting independent and local/regional/national musicians directly via crowd-funding.

Piracy was a problem with the old model, which is why the new model rose up to begin with. And the notion that Google or artist have no input isn't really true either. No one is forcing anyone to sign contracts with record companies or publishers.

I just found out my nephew hasn't seen Star Wars, the original trilogy. I didn't have my DVDs handy, so checked Netflix, then Amazon. Neither had it for streaming.

We want one location for everything. Soon as I'm done with Star Trek TNG and DS9, I'm done with Netflix. And I doubt I'm signing up for Amazon.

You can't really blame Netflix for that. George Lucas was a greedy shit head and would never let them stream Star Wars for the price they wanted. If Netflix wants better movies, then they have to double or triple the subscription price, which would be suicide. It's all about expectations vs. reality. Netflix did just sign a content deal with Disney (who purchased Star Wars licensing) so maybe Star Wars could pop up in a year or two. For 8 bucks a month, there's a goldmine of TV shows and quality movies. If you're looking for blockbuster movies, then I guess you have unrealistic expectations for 8 dollars a month.

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Glad I saw this, I had been looking to email support about this. I was about to fire up some Seventh Son and noticed all of their stuff had been pulled.

I'm all for paying for content....but when they make it a PIA for me, I'm going to find it one way or another. As a younger man, I pirated music because I was cheap. Now I pirate it because they make it so damn difficult to ACTUALLY pay for it.

See i haven't downloaded music 80% as much since signing up for Google music.... Jerry is right!!!

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This is exactly why a lot of people like myself will never 100% trust any cloud. If it's not on my storage, it's not necessarily going to be there when I want it. It can be yanked, or the terms under which I get to access it can change at a moment's notice. Sure, I get to stop paying and walk away, but what about my content and the effort of transitioning yet again?

Forget it. I will carry my music around on physical storage until I get around to building my own cloud, and then I will access that.

160GB iPod classic FTW. And yes. None of the music on my iPod is purchased through iTunes. Who trusts them not to yank those songs? Amazon MP3s and ripped CDs all the way.

I see your point but you don't actually own the music on All Access, so this isn't really a "cloud storage sucks!!1!" type situation. Now if Jerry had uploaded his own IM albums to Google Play Music and they had deleted it that would be different. Not sure you know how iTunes works, their music is DRM free so if you buy it then it's yours, regardless of whether they keep selling it or not.

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How did you see my point when you only read the last sentence. ZOMG! I didn't know iTunes dropped DRM completely and you nailed me!

Read again. I didn't say cloud storage sucks. I said I will never trust it 100% in any situation where someone besides me makes the rules. Is it tragic when someone changes the rules and you have to transition? No, but it is a pain that I like to plan myself out of in advance.

My backup plans are rock solid. How is your contingency plan?

I like how you accused me of kissing the point and only reading your last sentence when that's exactly what you did with my reply.

My backups are fine, thanks for your concern.

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I read all of the sentences in your reply.
All of your sentences are true.
They just don't apply to what I said.

You just keep kissing the point.

>"Content providers, fix your shit. Deliver the stuff people want to the people who want to pay for it, or we'll steal it. It ain't rocket science."

Or buy it and own it and put it on your devices in a way that doesn't rely on the "cloud" for everything. This is why devices should have a reasonable amount of storage. It is available when you want it, how you want it, can't be taken from you, uses no bandwidth, has no restrictions, doesn't buffer or skip or degrade, you aren't being monitored, and it doesn't disappear.

Yea, all the people screaming about "THIS IS WHY I PIRATE" must have forgotten about the myriad of other places they can purchase their tunes. I'm not saying that this is right or the system works well but there are alternatives, if you're willing to use them.

All of that being said there is literally no real reason for this.

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I'm still holding on to my 15 dollar a month Zune Pass in hopes that MS makes good on them saying they're gonna make an Xbox Music app for Android.

My patience is wearing thin.....

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Jerry, you try being the good guy and that's how they treating you.
Moral of the story, don't be the good guy if being the bad guy isn't all that bad and it's free too.

They've got until two minutes to midnight to fix this or they'd better run to the hills. Holy smoke, I was born free and don't understand the evil that men do. Google, Google, hallowed be thy name, you bring us to the cloud where eagles dare but leave us with no sanctuary? Strange world.


You forgot about...say...500 songs or so to add to the paragraph! I won't hold it against you though!! :)

I'm a little confused. Are you saying that you purchased the Iron Maiden album through the Playstore and now you do not have access to the album that you legitimately paid for? Not even a refund??

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> Deliver the stuff people want to the people who want to pay for it, or
> we'll steal it.

What kind of "fuzzy logic" is that!?! So if something isn't available or available anymore, this legitimates the consumer to steal it???

Do you realize that this is about the same talk terrorists make use of? "Make the world like we want it resp. like it used to please us, or we will start killing people"...

I can understand your frustration and I would be angry too if my favourite music was removed from the stores, but stealing is wrong and even the best intentions don't make it right!!! So get a life and think about what you've written!

"So get a life and think about what you've written"

Says the guy that just compared stealing music to terrorism. Is this the terrorism version of Godwin's Law?

I just wrote they use the same rhetorics! If you don't get the difference, this is really not my fault...

You lucky guy!
I listened to this album so much, that I would FF the number of the beast( and even Hallowed be thy name when not in the mood) on a CONCERT if I could ;)

Best comments ever.. lol.
I've been burned by Netflix on some missing shows but haven't subscribed to any music streaming yet. Using free Pandora + iheartradio + Google music (free 20,000 songs) has me pretty well covered and not feeling like I need to drop $10 per month. I'd rather buy a CD a month.

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Jerry you couldn't be more timely with this post. I have been pulling my hair out with Google the last few weeks going back and forth with them as to why my music was disappearing.

It started with 1/3 of Erasure's albums disappearing. I can see no reason for this. All their work is on the same label. Why would some of it disappear but the rest stay. Then it happened to another artist (Goldfrapp) but this time almost all their work was deleted leaving behind some scraps.

Fast forward a few weeks later and an obscure single has disappeared from Faithless along with a remix of a single from another group. Nevermind that that group has dozens of different versions of the same song. No. That one mix just had to disappear.

None of this makes any sense whatsoever. Particularly on a service only a few months old. How can things be deleted already? I perhaps got my answer last night when a representative of Google informed me that "Google Play welcomes all artists who own distribution rights to sell content in Google Play, whether independent or platinum-certified. This means the Artist themselves have the right to remove their content without any notification to us. If this music is no longer available for All Access, this mean the artist has chosen to remove this content from the service."

If that is true I question why Google would enter a deal where artist can yank things literally at any time. No contract? No time period? Nothing? So Google gets left holding the bag with all the customer complaints (and associated expense of dealing with said complaints) when people's music goes missing and their playlist start looking like swiss cheese?

So at that point then, All Access becomes nothing more then a glorified radio station where some program manger decides what goes on the air and what goes out of rotation. That's great for radio which is free. Not so good for a service that I am paying for. And certainly not good for something called "All Access". Even worse is that when stuff gets yanked there is no visual indication. It just decimates your playlist instead. If something needs to come down, fine. But TELL ME. Gray it out. Put a red X through it. I don't care. Just let me know that something used to be there and now it's not. Give me a placeholder. Don't make me add it back to my playlist again and again if it keeps coming back. I don't want to go back to the drawing board each time.

These steaming services could be so good, but if this is how it is going to be, then they just are a half-baked concept and not ready for prime time. Still waiting for someone to come along and do it right I guess.

Take from them, everything! Jerry, this is exactly why you're becoming a folk hero on this site. Man crush over.

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Well..all I can say as far as my own experience with the play store and this issue in particular is that last month all Led Zeppelin albums (that didn't suck) all mysteriously and inexplicably vanished from the play store. I purchased Led Zeppelin IV so I of course called play customer service and got the padded answer that they had no control over the content and if a music company decides to pull content they have every right to do so...My advice is this..unless you upload your own content subscribe to these monthly music subscriptions at your own peril. Incidentally after my call..the albums came back but I could not play them in listen in point. I own something I can't ever listen to. I may ask for a refund if it doesn't change soon.

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"Deliver the stuff people want to the people who want to pay for it, or we'll steal it. It ain't rocket science."

Well put. Nuff' said!

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As a side note, I'm listening to old Iron Maiden on Pandora via an iPod at work...

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Didja ever notice that the streaming companies all advertise that they have more than 87 million songs available -- except the one album you want to hear?

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So I have a question to people who have tried other services...

Regarding Playlist: When an album or song is removed from Spotify, Mog, Rdio, Sony, Xbox, etc. do the playlist stay intact showing that you once had that item in your list, or do all traces of it disappear as if you had never added it in the first place? That is my biggest issue with this All Access problem. I want to know when things go missing. And I don't want to reinvent the wheel and recreate my playlist each time they come back again. That doesn't sound productive at all.

So do any of them work the way I want? First service I find that does gets my business.

On Spotify, I have found several times where songs have been greyed out and unplayable on my playlists. I'm assuming that means they're gone, but it may also mean that the link to a particular song was broken (Spotify will link multiple identical versions of the same song on different albums together). That said, I don't listen to much older/indie music, so I can't really say how often things disappear on Spotify. I will say that the service itself is one of the better ones, haaving had GPMAA for several months I moved back as it suited my needs better.

When tracks disappear from Spotify, you can still see them grayed out in your playlist. However, if and when they come back, they show up as if they are brand new tracks added to Spotify's library so you never really know when they've come back. You have to manually search, re-add to your playlist, and delete the old links. Having content temporarily disappear would be much less painful if Spotify would just utilize the same links as were there previously. Haven't been using All Access long enough to determine how Google handles this.

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I live in Denmark and on Rdio I still have all my Iron Maiden albums available. Maybe it's something only concerning the US?

Sorry but I have Zero sympathy. Someone in the US moaning about lack of content! Try living anywhere else in the world and looking at the content you can get but we can't. Audible in the US has 1000's more titles than in the UK including many titles from British authors and publishers that they won't let us have. Kindle, Netflix, Amazon video... Rant rant rant.

So finally we have a British band that we can get in the UK and you can't in the US.


Actually, "Rocket Science" is not that complicated either (see last century) ;)

Let's change that to: "that's not like successfully transplanting a brain"

hrhrhr XD

Tell that to the Russians who had a rocket blow up at launch recently. Rockets are still very tricky business.

People who are trying to moralise and say that it isn't right to pirate are missing the point. We as consumers should be strong enough to stand up to big business - if they want our custom then they need to fight for it. They should deliver it however WE want it.

All the big corps do exactly the same to their smaller suppliers - "give it to us cheaper or we'll go elsewhere or virtually steal it"

Why should we be made to jump through hoops to get what we want even when willing to pay? They should be make it as easy as possible for us.

I though the customer was always right?

I treat subscription music services the way I treat something like Netflix. I do not think of anything on these services as permanently available to me, and it could go away at any time. If it is something I want to listen to or watch on demand, I purchase it so I can have access to it whenever I want instead of relying on another service to provide it to me.

Very simple approach, and very effective approach.

"Deliver the stuff people want to the people who want to pay for it, or we'll steal it. It ain't rocket science."

I'm more proactive about that >.>

To all the people arguing that the Cloud is all that, and that we don't need physical storage, I say: Read this article & STFU.

Now to go listen to some Maiden sitting on my SD Micro... Cue Vincent Price.

Speaking of Google all access, has anyone noticed the degraded audio quality since its inception?

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So tell me again how I should ditch my CDs and burn my data allowance on streaming music?

Thanks, but I still have my copy of that album--and ripped digital files--to enjoy any time I want.