BBM for Android

App surpasses 5 million downloads — but did you use it before Android?

I'll freely admit I'm still trying to wrap my head around BBM. I was never a BlackBerry Messenger user in the past, and it's entirely possible I won't be in the future. But obviously someone is using BBM — the app passed into the 5 million to 10 million downloads category in Google Play in just its second day. There's no denying how impressive that is.

Those who know and love BBM continue to sing its praises. Those of us who don't are still wondering what the big deal is.

So, after the break, a quick poll. If you're using BBM on Android — as in really using it — were you a BBM user before Android? Or are you new to the game?


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Who's using BBM on Android?


I would like to try it out, but none of my contacts have it installed yet... Gotta get others on board, which can be a daunting task.

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Phil your title does not make sense with the poll. Your asking who uses BBM but then only give option to people who do use BBM

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hahha i ran into this issue as well... The poll should have 2 more options:

"I used BBM on blackberry (when those were cool), but I am not using BBM for Android, because... well, BBM and my relationship are over."

"I never used BBM... Not now, not ever."

I'd throw in a third additional option:

"I used BBM on BlackBerry, and I downloaded BBM for Android, but then I uninstalled it after I realized I no longer have any BBM contacts and never will because no one in the United States owns a BlackBerry anymore except the 69 year old guy down the hall with his 6 year old Curve and soup-stained tie."

Which is why you create an app for those that no longer use blackberry to use. Simple, right? Didn't realize there was a limit to how many messenger apps can exist. WhatsApp isn't free. Hangouts doesn't do mms, and no one I know uses it. They are mostly on iphones imessaging. Bbm lets those of us w/Android group msg/chat w/all of our iphone friends quickly and efficiently. Nice to actually see who's saying what in a group chat.

That sounds more like an issue with your friends owning mostly iPhones.

Also, no one was bashing the niche that cross-platform BBM fills. At least no one you were replying to.

"Hangouts doesn't do mms"
Neither does the BBM app. You know what does do MMS and that just about everyone with a cellphone has? MMS.

No it doesn't. MMS is a protocol where phones can send binary content to each other. If BBM had MMS a BBM user would be able to send a message to any phone that supported MMS without the need to install BBM.

What most of these apps have is their own protocol to talk to their own software.

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Every messenger app worth installing can share photos within the same app. MMS, in the way most of the world thinks of it, is sending photos via text (SMS). If BBM can send a photo to a person using SMS that is a cool feature. I just doubt that is the case.

You can send picture MMS in Hangouts too.

You should use the apps before commenting on a feature "Neither" has

I use hangouts and can tell you it doesn't support MMS, see my explanation above.

With hangouts you can only send messages to other hangout users.

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Did you know MMS & SMS its Network Driven?
If you don't have text messaging plan you can't use it, or the carrier charges you for every text you send.
You may have MMS but the person who doesn't gets the picture and if he responds to you he gets charged for a fee.

My wife has an iPhone, uses Google hangouts and we chat and send pics to each other within the app to each other all the time.

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That's why he said "You should use the apps before commenting on a feature 'Neither' has".

Hangouts doesn't have MMS but neither does BBM. Whoever he was replying to implied that BBM has MMS, but it's really just it's own picture messaging platform that can only be sent to other people with BBM.

Re-read the line of comments.
W_R_R said that Hangouts doesn't do MMS while he tried to talk up BBM.
I said that neither does BBM.
ReaganDee then said:
"You can send picture MMS in Hangouts too.
You should use the apps before commenting on a feature "Neither" has"
Which, in the context of the thread of comments, was not him saying that neither has MS, but sarcasm and insinuation that both DO have MMS and I didn't know what I was talking about by saying that neither App has MMS.

ReaganDee doesn't actually know what MMS is though or that neither BBM or Hangouts does MMS. As you said, they both have their own proprietary picture messaging platforms, which are NOT MMS.

none of you can are supposed to read the the whole answer not just the first three words of are too stressed out..this is what happens when everyone tries to win the post..knock it off

Anyone who EVER used or does use MMS is bonkers. Send an email! MMS is expensive, slow, limited and not really very reliable. Email is a global standard and free (over data).

Re BBM, why not use Hangouts, it's way way cleverer than any other chat client. And it works on the desktop!

How is MMS expensive? More people have unlimited texting than unlimited data.

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I got a Blackberry Q10. Came over from an HTC Amaze Android Jelly Bean. Love the new Blackberry OS10. Smooth as silk. Rhythm and rhyme once you get the couple of gestures down. Nothing like the old BlackBerry. I think people are still thinking the new BB is the same as it ever was. Not even close. iOS was never an option for me. Don't care for Apple. Owned an iPod and there's nothing worse than having something that's compatible with nothing else. They rip people off by making them think they offer something you can't find anywhere else -- and people fall for it.

This ... I used it way back years ago when I had a blackberry. Now Hangouts handles all of the group messaging that friends and I use to communicate. BBM is a year or two too late for me to jump into. Which is kind of Blackberry's M.O. at this point.

I would also like to try it out however none of my contacts have the app, now does using the bbm messenger make you a Republican or Democrat

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My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I got my old contacts but they either deleted me or something because my message was never replied to.

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I was able to jump the waitlist line via my old BB ID as well. I last used a BB handset only this past May. I got my old contacts auto-loaded as well, but didn't have that many that were actual BBM contacts to begin with (as opposed to texting contacts I texted via BBM and who did not auto-load, of course).

I had to re-invite the main friend I contact via BBM, but he may have deleted me as a BBM contact when I told him I was moving to Android.

Anyway, I'm surprised at the poll results. I would think it would swing a little higher to the previous user side. Interesting.

I also got access with my old Blackberry ID but didn't get any contacts. I must have not used BBM when contacts were backed up to the ID. My last Blackberry was on Nextel, over 2 years ago.

If you never upgraded to bbm7 which moved your contacts to the cloud and linked it to your blackberry ID then it has nothing to restore

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I had a BlackBerry before I went with Android devices. It's nice to have it again, not sure how often I'll use it.

Poll answers are insufficient. I never had a blackberry, but I'm using the app actively.

Honestly the only use I see is for people with existing blackberry users in their contacts. Otherwise why convince other non-BBM users to jump in? There's another client out there much better suited to android: Hangouts.

This. I've installed it and given it a spin, didn't know anyone with a BB, so I started messaging random folks who posted their IDs here. The app is okay for what it does, I simply don't see an edge over Hangouts here.

Last I looked, BB is still a hardware company. This app being on Android and iOS is one less reason to buy BB hardware. In four months, BB's market share fell from 5% to 3.2%. They can't fall much further and have any viability.

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That's exactly why I'm not understanding why everyone is so excited about this for. Its like Pac-Man is now released are people going to rush to it no because its old and hardly wants to play it anymore. Blackberry is old and not used much with exception of a few areas, so why the hype about an app that we already have through Hangouts and 14 other apps that are currently in the Google play store. Nobody has yet to give me an answer on this....?

"Why the hype?"
1. BB fanbois are fanbois.
2. Nostalgia... maybe?
3. Some people are stubborn, they simply don't want to give up their BB's and won't message any other way, this is a way to keep in touch with such luddites. It also gives them an avenue to switch to iOS or Android without giving up their oh-so-beloved messaging app, which according to one poster was Instagram before there was Instagram. I wish I was making that last bit up.

I have hangouts andnits not all l that great. Bbm is like any other messaging app butni think in a sjort few weeks when mire options come out many of you will not be saying this. But we stoll should see.

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Never owned a BB so this is my first go. Unfortunately I haven't been able to use it yet as my only friends geek enough to download it are still wait listed.
I am going into it with an open mind and just wondering what all the hype could possibly be about for a messenger service.

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The biggest problem is that it isn't fully cooked. Some of the features most apt to get people to use it and keep using it aren't rolled out in these cross-platform versions as yet. Its BBRY doing something half-assed again.

If you compare what the BB version of BBM can do to these cross-platform versions, it isn't even the same app, really.

I say all of that having used and liked BBM on BB a lot, but not having used video calling and such. I just understand the allure of some of the features for the masses, even if I don't want to use them myself.

I'm using it along with Whatsapp. I have a lot of contacts who don't have 4.0.1+. I thought i had found some hiccups with the app but turns out they weren't. Just wish it'd be a little more customizable but as a first release, it really does do the job as it should. No complaints.

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I was an uninformed almost-user. I thought I could try it out with non-BBM users. I will uninstall it.

Yes, I was a Blackberry user right upon till June of this year, then I changed to a Chinese android phone running Jelly Bean 4.2.1. Even here in Jamaica a lot of people are putting away their Blackberry for iPhones, Windows phones and Androids. Samsung even officially opened a store in Kingston Jamaica last month and the Note 3 was there in its first week of launch. We Jamaicans love BBM. I find myself not using Whatsapp so much now anymore.

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Fa real.. I made the switch earlier this year cause the I wanted the best out if my device.. jamaicans are making the switch as well cause bb dead right now... soon see the island turn completely to a android country within the next year

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I'm still waiting for my activation code email. 48+ hours and still nothing.

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It probably went to spam folder, took me less then 24hrs to get it. Check your spam folder or just keep checking the app itself

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You may not need it. Restart BBM and enter your e-mail address again. Some people have reported that they've been let in, even before getting the e-mail.

Same here hangouts is better in many ways, integrate's itself into the android system if you enable it especially forccontacts. I never asked any black berry user for there bbm because I never wanted not owned a BB. I just want hangouts text & MMS to be enabled, Google voice integration with the VoIP that's all no need to wait for pin or register for acces.

Does anyone else get a FC when trying to view a video in the app?

Also, whats with all the cookie cutter reviews? They all start with "thank you so much blackberry team. i was waiting this app.."

It's the only thing I really ever liked about bb. I'm using it and I like the fact its cross platform and world wide. I know hangouts is also, but not all my friends use G+..I know right!

Interesting. I have been paying particular attention to it for both data use and battery drain, Neither has done much to raise my attention since BBM install (Monday afternoon).

I'm on Vz with a Motorola RAZR Maxx HD.

Not mine. BBM is one of the lowest usages on both battery and data list.

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And that's the weird thing. If I look at what apps are consuming power, BBM is way down there, but battery life has definitely been decreased, with the biggest users being the screen and Android OS. It makes no sense.

No poll answer for NO?

Sent from the surface of the moon with my un-branded white LG Optimus G Pro on T-Mobile LTE; and yes we landed there.

BBM is still pretty famous here in India. So I have a large number of friends who still sport blackberrys. Even I've used one for almost 2 years. More than 100 friends already on BBM. Haven't received more than a few messages on whatzapp since the launch of BBM.

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Yeah, definitely need some more relevant poll answers for those that never had a Blackberry before but are now using the app, one for those who have never had a BB before and aren't using the app now, and one for those like me who have had a BB before, but never really used it then, and and am not going to use it now.

Yep it'll probably replace WhatsApp for the most part for me. Most of my friends and colleagues use it.

It was revolutionary and less so now but if I'm gonna have my messages go through a server and have to choose between WhatsApp's and BlackBerry, I would go with the latter.

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I was an old blackberry user and love the idea of a messaging app like hangouts or bbm. Unfortunately no one around me uses hangouts or bbm anymore. I did try to bbm but ive been waiting for a activation code for 3 days. Its exactly what I would expect from a lazy stupid company like blackberry.

I'm sticking to hangouts. It's enough for me. If I want to send secure messages I'll send it with wickr or just call the person.

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I don't get what the big deal is... I downloaded it but have no idea which contacts of mine have BBM since unlike other mainstream popular messaging apps it does not auto-magically add your contacts. So now I have to go around asking people 'hey do you have BBM'? 'Oh great send me your PIN and I will send you mine'! How is that convenient or easy? SORRY THAT'S A FAIL!

That's supposed to be a 'feature'. Marketing is the art of convincing people that flaws are somehow features.

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Well, it is a feature...or at least an added level of the app doesn't need your phone number, nor does the Contact. That *is* a good thing in and of itself.

I agree that the feature carrties with it the downside (and it seems a significant one to me as well) of not being able to auto-add contacts you already have. I still don't consider that a flaw in the traditional sense. It's more a trade off the way screen size/phone size and battery life are a trade off.

They should just make it so that your contact list shows who has it and then gives you the option to send an invite.

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I don't see the tradeoff, there's no advantage to it. It just sounds like BB and BB fans say 'security feature' any time a flaw is brought up. Apple and their fanbase point to 'design' or 'user experience' when flaws are brought up. (I even had one fanboi tell me that was why Apple didn't have copy and paste back in the day... he was well and truly hopeless).

Like with not having multiple device support, BBM fans say that's a security feature, so someone can't pick up your second device in the other room. With the ten different ways of locking your device (including fingerprints now), how is this a concern? If someone else can get into your device, you're already screwed (and an idiot, especially if you have anything that really needs security).

"as the app doesn't need your phone number, nor does the Contact."
If you check the permissions, the BBM App DOES have access to your phone number. And your contact wouldn't need to have your phone number, but if they do have it then being able to look them up automatically makes a lot of sense. And really, how many people do you message who don't have your phone number? Or your email address? It's just silly.

I figure I don't message anyone who doesn't have my phone number, but I also reealize that a lot of people have a much looser standard for who they include in their BBM (or other IM) Contacts list.

I don't think there's any question that there is value to being able to communicate with someone without giving them your phone number, and that there are seemingly a lot of people who communicate in such a way that it matters to them even if it doesn't to me.

Whether they could have the app still auto-load your phone's contacts who have BBM (which I assume is technologically possible) doesn't take away that the PIN system is a legit feature.

The PIN number is no more of a 'legit feature' than having it based on an email address like the vast number of IM apps do.

And if BBM is so security minded, why doesn't it require email verification at sign up? A new user submits an email to get an account, but they don't actually have to click on the link in the email to sign up, the email just has to be sent out. Once it is sent, you can put in your email address again and voila, you have a BBM account for that email address. Email verification is one of the most basic and fundamental of security processes online... And BBM completely breezes past it.

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I tried it. But nobody in my contacts have it install. Plus hangout is much better. So no

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Nearly all my friends have downloaded it...iPhone and Android users. I had about 30 invites yesterday and 10 today.

I used it when I had a blackberry. I'm happy to have it back. Unfortunately my iPhone friends are having issues getting it to work. :(

My wife and I (iPhone 5 & Note 3 respectively) are using it just because we like to test out new apps. Before that it was Whatsapp, then Text+, then Couple, now BBM. But the one we will always use is probably Hangouts because it's mobile- and desktop-ready. When Hangouts gets sms support BBM will be done.

I installed it and setup it up, but can not convince my friends to use this over whatsapp. I'd really like to try it out though properly

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I'm an "old school" smartphone user. I had the Palm Pilot (which wasn't a smartphone) leading up to a few Treos (which were smartphones). I had several BlackBerrys (that is not a typo. Blackberries are fruit). The Pearl, the Curve, the Bold. BBM was my lifeblood for years. But the web experience and apps were in the stone ages as tech was growing and advancing so I switched to Android and the OG EVO was my first.... (rolls a tear) So I was glad to download an official Android app for BBM. And though I have some hope for it, when announced I thought it was 2-3 years too late. Who really needs BBM when you have Hangouts and A ton of other IM clients. Even Yahoo and MSN Messenger were doing well at one point cross platform. The app looks like it was made in 2010/11 just like the BlackBerry Z10 (I think BB10 and the Z10 were actually slated for 2010 and there was going to be a big parade and marketing blitz on it but then NBA 2K10 came out with Black Mamba on the cover and they pushed it back to save face. Who can compete with the Mamba?!)

Used BBM marginally before we got rid of the BBs and the BES at work. I don't see a real need for it on the Androids and iPhones. There has not been any discussion of implementing it, so I doubt it will return. Have not installed it on either work or personal devices and do not know anyone who has.

My old bb username just gets stuck at "setting up bbm." I don't know anyone using it, so I guess it's no big loss.

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not many ppl that used to have a blackberry still have one so not me. maybe this would have been useful 3-4 years ago

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Just use hangouts and be done with it just let BlackBerry die gracefully already!

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First time user here. Even when I reviewed the Z10 and Q10 I did not use it since noone I know has a BlackBerry device.

It is working very well so far though from what I have seen.

Will I use it after Hangouts gets the big update? Likely not, but you never know.

Went from Android to BBM back in 2009. 3 Months later I went back to Android and have been using since. I hated it the blackberry, only thing I missed was the BBM so I am trying to use it again now but 24+ hours and still waiting for their email. Stupid waiting list smh BB

It's funny to see the reaction from first time BBM users that always used to hear people rave about it. They install it on their iPhone or Android and their reaction is... "THIS is what kept people using BB's for so long?!? Every IM app on iOS & Android does this, and BETTER."

But - but - but security!

As if anyone who needs secure communications relies on instant messaging.

Executives and government types might disagree, however there are other more secure IM apps out there like; Wickr Self-Destruct Messaging, and TextSecure - Private SMS/MMS.

I'm not sure what other purpose BBM serves other than being more well known than the other secure IM apps.

I can't speak for anyone else, but if I was messaging about anything secure for my work, through any messaging system, I would be fired.

I work for the Coast Guard and can tell you this: using an instant messaging app, to communicate any kind of sensitive information, is highly forbidden and is a quick way to end up in an unemployment line and/or jail cell.

Now, I can see business executives communicating, using BBM, sometimes. But again, if you have really important information to relay to someone, is BBM going to be your first outlet? Probably not.

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Why waste time on this when Hangouts works fine? I prefer to use Hangouts to texting since I can move the conversation to my computer/laptop/tablet.

Has anyone noticed the similar comments in the app review on playstore? I reckon RIM are playing a dirty game.

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Used it in the past but cannot understand why anyone would need it now.
I'm guessing that BB will now invent a smartphone with a touchscreen....or the combustion engine.

I've installed it, but no one I communicate with use it yet. If they don't adopt it, I will uninstall it.

Just got the invite to get in. Gotta get my wife and family on it now before I can start using it. It brought back some good memories seeing the interface again...

Sorry but all my friends just text. And I'm paying for it. So where is the plus side of BBM?

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Yeah I don't have a choice but to pay for unlimited texts (ie can't remove it from the plan) so I may as well make use of it.

It's so damned universal it makes no sense to load up the phone with messengers just to slap people with some characters.

I might add one if I had loved ones outside of the USA but the chances are we'd just agree to use Facebook.

My only contacts that use bbm are my parents, all my friends don't really care or have wp8

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Absolutely loved BBM on my old Bold. It was, and in my opinion, still IS the best instant communication service offered on any device. It's status', instant exchanges, and nostalgia won't be beat.


With the whole weird fake comments thing going on I don't really trust the 5 million downloads number means anything.

I am using it for the first time and have been working to get people on board. I am interested in at least giving it a try but here are my 2 major gripes. First you cannot install it on more than one device and use the same ID. Second, It doesn't work in landscape mode? Really? Am I missing a setting? We are not typing on the curve anymore with a hardware keyboard. people use the phone in more than one orientation. I hate typing portrait.

What are the benefits of BBM vs. Hangouts?

To use BBM in landscape mode, you need to install ultimate rotation control. This will allow you to use all your apps in landscape and portrait mode, because this application forces all the other applications to rotate.
I have BBM installed on a tablet and I can now use it in landscape mode.

Don't see no as an option but I never used BBM and I don't plan on using it nor do I know anyone that wants to. What I'm currently using works for me.

From my Note 2 to you

I got it but it's a lonely BBM world. None of my contacts use it. It's still running in the background & I don't know how much longer I'll keep it.

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Funny story. Everyone on my bbm came from my what's app. So there isn't really any use for it.

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I have downloaded it but I wish is could scan my contacts list and add contacts who have the app

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I installed it just to take a look. Everyone I know who used to rock a BB all use Android or IOS, and nobody seems interested in getting on board with BBM.

So I uninstalled it.

UH if they let 10 million people on at once you'd be bitching it was postponed again because they crashed the server. ANY smart company would do the same thing. Think about it before you make a stupid comment.

It's a good thing you uninstalled it. It's way too much hassle to put your email in, and then check the app again when you get an email in a couple days. Can't have that unused icon cluttering up your...nothing. Your comment is silly.

I'm an ex bbm user, so I'm trying it out, and would be open to whatever app is most popular among my contacts. Problem is, I've been having trouble with it on Android. I only have one contact, my wife, and we've only been testing for a few hours, but we're having a lot of issues with send receive delays. 20 plus minutes. At one point, one phone seemed to switch to the other user in the convo, froze up and self restarted 3 times. (by that I mean, in the convo, my own profile was shown at the top, instead of the profile of the person I was chatting with). So for me, initial impression is the app is a bit buggy and lags.
Nobody mentions messenger as a main option, I find that interesting. We use that almost solely. Syncs to desktop, tablet and phone, sms integrated, phone call within app (voip), syncs between Facebook, msm, Skype, (and maybe others), and have the pop head thing on my phone, access from any screen except full screen video. I like hangouts to, and look forward to their updates.

I have about 10 contacts and been using it now since the minute it was released. I have had no issues what so ever. I notice that somtimes it takes a few moments for a messaged to show Delivered, but when I asked the person, they were in their basement, I think it's a matter of signal.

I used BBM on my old Blackberries, but switched over to Google Hangouts...

Pretty much the same thing, but i know it wont crash like Blackberries servers do. Also its caked into Android so no extra c**p.. andddddd i have more people using it then BBM :P

I have a blackberry, but I envy you. I have a android tablet, and I can install google talk on my phone and hangouts on my tab and swap easily but I couldn't get more than one of my friends to use it, so I envy you. Oh well, all my friends are adopting BBM, only have 10 contacts on Whatsapp that don't have BBM

There was a time when BBM was the best way to chat with my friends and family worldwide. I now use Whatsapp to talk to all my friends abroad, but it is not the best app around. I wish they all used Hangouts, it's so much better. I still have some friends that have Blackberries, it's much cheaper to have a Blackberry plan than a regular data plan in Mexico (BIS plans also have unlimited BBM). I had to use Whatsapp to ask my friends to give me their PIN numbers though, which is ironic, don't you think?

Nope, used BBM ever since it was introduced on BB until I switched to Android. Now I use either SMS or Skype, too much of a hassle to convert back to BBM since my contacts list which was once over 60 people is at 0 now.

Wasn't a BBM user in the past, but I have installed it to see what the fuss was about. I only have very few friends on it, but so far I'm liking it.

I use it but not all my messages get delivered... It's pretty unreliable. Anyone else encountered this?

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This would have been a great bridge application 5 years ago when Andriod was just getting started and would have given the then RIM a chance to show service value.

Today it is just another novelty IM app.

That said, Blackberry was really innovative in its day and still remember the excitement of getting my first device. I thought it was amazing to be able to read my work email most anyplace in the country. Sad to see them fade away like they are.

If this was like 3-4 years ago then i would install and use it faithfully. But ow there are other messaging options out thats just as efficient as BBM. None of my contacts, well one, doesnt even know about bbm for other platforms.

Reconnected with old contacts and groups and it didn't take long for those to explode!

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I downloaded it mainly because a bunch of the other Techfools have and I wanted to see how it compares with just using Hangouts. To be honest, I'm not sure what it currently offers that is better than G+ Hangouts.

It has been about 5 years since I've owned/used a BlackBerry device with any regularity. Thankfully, my job no longer has that kind of leash on me. :)

I think the killer feature for Hangouts is the ability to respond from your computer or phone. I used to use BBM on a BlackBerry, but I miss the ability to respond from the computer now.

I was a Blackberry guy for about 10 years and never used BBM at all. I moved to Android earlier this year (love it!) and still have no interest in BBM. But, I certainly have nothing against those that do like it. One of the best parts of Android is that you can have things your way!

I used to use it years ago but like everyone else is saying I'm all about hangouts now. All my friends have hangouts and it works perfectly. Too late BlackBerry

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I waited patiently for the app to come back to Android, when it did I installed it..waited again to get the email and be able to use it...when I got to use it I realized I'm the only one on this thing and none of my family/friends uses it..and probably now I feel dumb

Whatsapp is better app than BBM
I download it to just try .. I will uninstall it after couple days ... I never own any blackberry device in past ...
Some of my friend own one but they are now on android or iOS ... So they have Whatsapp...

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I'm a former BBM enthusiast so I thought I'd at least give the new one a shot. It's definitely quick and I like the idea of the PIN (so you don't have to give out your phone #). But the interface just looks dated, like everything BlackBerry does. The chat boxes are unnecessarily large and take up too much screen real estate. Same with 'D' and 'R'. Don't need to be that big. I still prefer Whatsapp. Just looks cleaner and more modern. And the emoticon selection!

Im not sure dated is the right word for the interface so much as... conservative? Kind of boring? Maybe dated is the right word... in any case, I agree.

We have so many great apps to communicate with on Android why do we want/need this?

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There is a big difference though with BBM most messaging apps. With BBM you just give the other person your pin. You don't have to give anyone
your number or email to chat with them.
so far my only complaint is the smiley faces look too small.

Every now and then I resell stuff, upgrade a phone resell the old etc. What I love about bbm is that your pin is not your phone number. There was always something uncomfortable about giving out my phone number to potential buyers. It felt even more uncomfortable because I have whatsapp installed and that means for as long as that person has my number anything can be done with it. I prefer first contact being through bbm. I'm sure a lot of you say block the person but this is a cruel world and people have more than one phone numbers.

I waited a long time for BBM to go cross platform..As someone who used to stick up for RIM and be a total BB fanboy, seeing the BBM icon on my android instills a sense of mobile nostalgia. That being said, the wait list is driving me nuts as those who I have convinced to sign up are losing interest as they wait indefinitely for an email. I was able to gain access rather quickly and so far I've found ample shortcomings such as no support for copy and paste (unless im doing something wrong?) Emoticons are sized incredibly small in relation to text, making them hard to decipher at times (this is on my GS4 not sure if it's device specific). Also, Android version does not support zooming on pictures sent either directly or posted in groups, and those pictures that are sent directly are compressed so heavily it degrades the quality to the point where i was no longer able to even make out a face.

I will continue to use BBM for as long as the sense of nostalgia continues...rwally hoping for speedy updates though and for this waitlist nonsense to clear up.

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ZOMG why don't this app just die,!!

I used it before and missed it very much. Glad to have it back! Can't wait to see the next big feature update!

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I've been using it since 2007.
Really the only thing I miss from my BB (well that & the "phone calls only" sound profile) when I switched to a Galaxy S4 in May.

using it. never owned a bb device and never use bbm before. liked the fact that it doesn't use my personal phone number or email as identification. while the apps seems buggy, message do delivered faster, faster than whatsapp for me. whatsapp for real family and friends while bbm for random people, mostly chicks. google hangout? literally no one i knew use it, or even know what it is.

What am I doing wrong. I installed. Used my old BBM info, but it's been spinning and saying opening/setting up for 40 minutes. Is this normal?

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don't know anyone who has a blackberry or who uses this app so i don't really know what the point of it is. plus it seems you have to wait to be notified via email to even try it. bleh.

I downloaded BBM, waited 33 hours, and got my "front of the line" email. Did the registration, could not log in, and now everytime I try to get in, it takes me to the "you're in line, click this when you get an email" page. Clicking that just reloads the page. Total failure, in my experience. The point, however, is that I've deleted and re-downloaded the app 4 or 5 times, trying to get it working. I can't help but wonder how many opthers have experienced this, and how many of those "10 million" downloads are actually re-downloads.

just keep clicking on the "click here when you receive the email" thing and mine went through in a couple hours. The email came two days later. If you see the white screen do a force stop and that will clear it. once it's up and running it seems to work pretty fluid with no issues here on a Droid Maxx.

Part of the problem (for me) is that I don't have everyone or even a large majority using any ONE messaging program besides MMS. Some are on Hangouts, Kik, WhatsApp, AIM, Yahoo, MSM and yes BBM. I have already tried to convince friends to use some common messaging but as the messages HERE clearly show, everyone like what they like. Good luck in convincing MY friends in switching to ONE IM program. Its worse than herding CATS! - That is MY problem and not YOURS. I go to where my friends are because -duh- they are my friends.

If you don't like it... Great for you! I'm happy FOR YOU! Move on! If you don't want to move on, there is counseling for that ;-)

I just don't understand the hate and derision I see over this messenger. Its almost the inverse of apple fan boys/girls - people just have to hate it because its RIM/BB. Because its cool and the chic thing to do. And then to hate on the users of said app is just crazy.

How does ME (or anyone else) using any APP affect YOU? It doesn't! I don't care what YOU think of *MY* usage of *any* app and I could not care less about which app YOU use. If it works FOR YOU - then fan-freaking-tastic!!

The thing I liked about BBM are still there and some other messengers have caught on. I loved the ability to create different groups and have different media shared for those groups. Not only that being able to create lists and calendar events for each group made things very easy instead of trying to manage all of that in separate applications.

I made the jump to Android and do not regret my decision. There was no way I was going to get locked in iphone-hell and get stuck with the closed system and proprietary iEveryThing.

But if criticizing will help you sleep better at night and make you feel more secure in your insecure world - hate on and sleep well.

I couldn't have said it any better! I wish I could get this to work. It just keeps spinning and saying opening BBM.

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I had a blackberry before and i still feel BBM rocks its still the best currently using it on android. I do feel however Phill, android central, android police, androidandme , they all seem not to have anything positive to say, about this outstanding messaging service, Blackberry products may have failed but that no reason to go about with this seemingly vendetta against a great app. Just seems weird and fishy to me now, the guy the formerly worked at Blackberry that came up with kik is he paying you guys or something because i would like to know. They may have fell off but i do believe give it a months time and BBM will be king again.

Took forever to go cross platform.
Failed first launch.
Additional delays.
No contact list integration.
No multiple-device support.
BB made it not downloadable for tablets on Play.
Doesn't have any features that stand out from other messaging services.

So why exactly should anyone be praising this app as 'outstanding'? It does NOTHING that other apps available to Android and iOS users don't already do.

There's also the point that BB is making all this fuss about BBM... but how exactly is this benefiting the company in any way? Right now, this is just providing current BB users another reason to stop buying BB hardware.

i've had several blackberry's in the past back then i was a heavy bbm user hopefully more of my friend jump on board so i can really try it out on android

Why is bbm not available in the Google play store in some countries like mine??

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I have it installed, but with only one contact it's hard to test. I used BBM back in the day when BlackBerry was big.

Living it up in Ohio. Pin: 75C879CA

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I used BBM in 1999 when I had an 8330(curve).I cant see myself using it today though.I have no plans to install it.

I used it before and have it now but with only one contact so far. I don't want to refer people to an app if there is a line to start using it. I'm not sure if the end result is worth the trouble of getting set up yet.

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Early 2013, RIM changed its name to BlackBerry Limited, because their Research is no longer in Motion, with their last product being the Limited BlackBerry - RB

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Just install the app & sign up, it's as good or better then the others. Keep it as an alternative to Whatsapp, Kik, Viber, Kakaotalk. BBM may add those missing functions later (eg. voice and video conference). There's no harm leaving it on the device.

Whatsapp is good but sometimes it takes an hour or more to deliver messages, BBM does it in seconds 99.9% of the time. It may have some teething problems which may take a few days to stabilise. They just rolled out an update to (Android) today, so they are taking action to rectify issues.

I installed BBM but none of my contacts have it installed so it's useless at the moment.

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When I had a BlackBerry I used whatsapp, not just because it was cross-platform but because I thought it was better and less buggy than BBM. Now I have an Android device I'm even less likely to use it.

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I used to have BBM on my previous Blackberries back in the day but I never actually used it. I'll probably be the same here as I've downloaded ir but can't see myself using it. Might help if I gave my pin out but don't really want random people trying to chat to me.

Think I might have to put in some research in motion before I dive in again (just realised what I did there).

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My primary messaging app is... Sms. Using Sliding Messaging. Secondary app is Hangouts. Then Kik and or whatsapp. Trying to get my friends and family to install YET ANOTHER MESSAGING APP is ridiculous imho.

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