White Galaxy S II

British online retailer MobileFun has what seems to be the first official photo of the white Samsung Galaxy S II that was revealed yesterday. The white version, which so far has only shown up for pre-order at stores in the UK, will set you back between £410 and £500 depending on where you go.

Euros can pick up a white Galaxy S II from August 15. As yet there's no word on whether the US models will be available in white in addition to the standard black. Our fingers remain firmly crossed.

Source: MobileFun; via: Eurodroid


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White Samsung Galaxy S II pictured


But is not an iPhone, so who cares what a iPhone looks like, i want this sexy beast. i meant to reply to EL CANTANTE,HAHAHAHA.

sad but when i was looking at this post...my friend asked me..."is that the new iphone?" i gave them the weird look.

It looks everything like an iphone you idiot. A one color slab with one square hard button. Samsung and iOS are both pathetic in their own ways.

When it comes to the states with 4 buttons, what will it look like then??? A badass android device that I'll be rockin' bitches'!!

I bet Apple says the same when they're opening another lawsuit against Samsung.
But guess who buys most of their hardware from Samsung?

I agree, mostly because of the track pad thing. Just get rid of that or replace it with a trackball. They could also put in an earpiece slot that is larger like HTCs to change it up even more.

Why does a white Android phone beget excitement? I know with the iphone users it has been "you can have any color as long as its black" so when they get an iphone that is white it gets them all foaming at the mouth for one. However, Android users have plenty of choices. HTC makes some fine examples with aluminum bodies for example.

There's just something about a completely shite phone. We're all used to black, and silver, and aluminums. And with feature phones, colors like pink, red, blue, etc. But white.. it's just pure beauty, almost holy.

Not even close, boss*. I know what you're saying. But I've never said any phone resembles it this much. And its very common for South Korean companies emulate American designs. Car companies, appliances even!

Great eye, didn't even notice that. Please Dont come to the US, in that model. All phones from here on out Need NFC and a front-facing camera.

My biggest curiosity is what the new Nexus will look like, cuz that will definitely be my new phone. Sorry SGS2!

White phones look terrible, unless there is a white screen, a black area around the screen always looks better thats why 96% of devices do have it. The Red Inspire 4g is the only colored phone I would get.

Why continue to torture us Android Central? This is too depressing for us in the US. Just stop it already! We get it, Samsung Galaxy S II is an EPIC phone that we can't have yet because of the stupid carriers.

Don't you know the lawsuit whores at Apple are already adding this to their list trade dress claims and ITC complaints looking for something, anything, to stop the continued bleeding of cutting edge design slipping away from them. One damn sexy phone that is in native black, put that puppy in white here in the states and I'm changing carriers to sport that beast!

First of all if this looked like an iPhone . It would have one small circle in the middle with no left and right soft key buttons. It would have a small 3.5 inch screen and a slab of glass on the back with a fruit on it. Basically the only thing that makes it similar is the button in the middle, but it has additional keys on the left and right. The iPhone isn't the first or last phone to have a slab of glass in the front with buttons. People buy iPhones because of ease of use and 300,000 plus apps. Games are butter on iPhones with out duel core, and look impressive. People obviously want games on android so I'm hoping gs2 becomes the standard to build new games around. Hulu Netflix need to be there asap and high profile iOS games developers need to make the jump, not just gameloft.

I don't do Samsung but I would get this phone just to shine in the faces of my white iphone toting friends.

"Mine is bigger, better, faster, whiter, and runs Android!!!!!

That thing is Tooo white , its hurting my eyes !
Sorry guys , but I gotta say this : its still looks like an iPhone
Its not just the button , its the whole design
They should've gone with a different styling , than an iPhone-ish
HTC & Motorola phones DOESN'T look like an iPhone (well beside the BackFlip & the DROID Incredible)

Now the Million Dollar Question :
Will this phone stay white after few months in the real world like the iPhone 3G* ? or it will became Gray-ish brown , like the white Nokia E71* ?
(My Father bought the White iPhone 3G when it was released & its still white until this day without covers or cases , I can't say the same about my Mother's & my Sister's white Nokia E71s which suffered from discoloration in less than 5 months)

I've been waiting for a white phone on VZW forever! Agree it looks too iPhoneish but I'm a fan of white,now the white Fascinate looked too much like the 3GS. May look at replacing Tbolt or just use a 2nd handset when this arrives. Needs to be LTE though.Love the speed of my Tbolt.