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Expansys now selling the 16GB white Nexus 4 despite no official UK launch

The white Nexus 4, that most elusive of beasts, has reared its head once more and has appeared on sale finally, properly in the UK. Despite never receiving and official British launch, online tech retailer Expansys has a stock of the shiny white LG made Nexus 4 for sale. 

Expansys states in their listing that this is an EU product supplied with a UK AC adaptor, so that might go some way to explain where their stock has appeared from. And, since it's no longer available from Google Play in the United States anymore, there's no telling just how long they'll last. Indeed, the stock lists just 1-5 units currently available for shipping. 

The 16GB white Nexus 4 is priced the same as the black version, at £309.99 including VAT. If this is the Nexus of your dreams, don't hang about, it might not be here for long. 

Source: Expansys


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White Nexus 4 reappears, on sale at UK retailer


They stopped selling this in the Play Store the day before I was going to buy one. Had to settle with the black one :(

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It really is a beautiful device (pictures don't do it justice). Extremely glad I got one. The back is just amazing looking.

Hold on to that thought after it shatters on you, because you may as well be walking around with a carton of eggs in your pocket

nonsense. People break things, then blame someone else. Same thing happens with every phone. I've beat the crap out of my original 8GB unit, glass is fine on both sides.

But it's cool and edgy to hate what you don't have.


Well said. There's a rant in the N4 forums that still pops up where the OP explained how he pretty much threw his N4 on concrete, it shattered, and he demonized both Google and LG for refusing to replace it. Some people...

Got mine about six weeks ago. Just before they pulled the plug. It is pretty sweet. Very slick though.

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I was tempted by this but like you said Nexus 5 is about 2 months away. I rather wait for that to be honest.. Hopefully LG make with its specs being based on the G2. Jerry ypu guys know of any rumours about the new nexus?

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If you check the rumours online, seems like Motorola might have a go at the new Nexus.

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From what I've read, it seems LG isn't completely ruled out. The thing is everything changes day after day.. I'm praying its LG as from Motorola's record, their android smartphones are pretty shit..

Plenty of stock of the White Nexus 4 in Australia.

You ship me 12 Chromecasts and I'll ship you a white Nexus 4.