We interrupt your daily deluge of Android news and reviews for this special, semi-Android-related announcement. Unless you've been living under a rock today, you'll have noticed that LeVar Burton — yes, the LeVar Burton — and and his next-generation Reading Rainbow crew (yes, I went there) have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1 million. The continuing mission (yes, I went there again): Bring Reading Rainbow to the Internet at large. It's currently available on iOS, which is great. (My kids love it on the iPad.) And we're still waiting for it on Android (supposedly later this year). But The Web is still The Web. Classrooms are up next, with the goal to bring the curriculum to 1,500 classrooms for free.

Backing starts at just $5 and reaches $3,500 for dinner with the man himself, with any number of other packages in between.

I get that Kickstarter campaigns are a dime a dozen. Many are gadgets that come out far later than we'd like, and in a different form than we expected. This one just feels different, and I've watched it earn several hundred thousand dollars already today.

You can't really put a price on educating children. But if you've got a few bucks, I encourage you to consider this one. You can find more information here.

(Insert forced "But you don't have to take my word for it" line here.)

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vicw926a4 says:

I guess I have been living under a rock. Would you believe that I have never heard of the LeVar Burton or his kickstarter campaign?

David Horgan says:

Or Geordie LaForge?!

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vicw926a4 says:

I'm 0 for 2.

vicw926a4 says:

Thanks. I get it. My point was really that we all have differing interests, and are consequently ignorant of different things, so to suggest that one is living under a rock if he doesn't know LeVar Burton is kind of silly, IMHO.

fjitb says:

thanks for pointing out the obvious and for living under a rock, we all need someone to laugh at.

_X_ says:

Is that you Vic. Last we meet we were both living under a rock.

Btw don't get too bent out of shape, to say your not a trek nerd l nerd is by no means an insult

NealJ777 says:


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deuceja says:

You probably had cable when you were younger

~My $0.02~

Wobblin30 says:

I remember Reading Rainbow 30 year's ago, home from kindergarten.

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sam10100 says:

I loved Reading Rainbow. They even had a cool episode that showed some behind the scenes stuff at TNG.

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Mac58 says:

I loved this show! I really think what they are trying to achieve is great. I will most definitely be pledging

bull_thumper says:

Hmm, I'll wait for more data before I make this my number one priority and make it so. (And yes, I just went there.)

K White1 says:

That's awesome. I, too, loved Reading Rainbow when I was a kid. I wish I had $10,000 to pledge, so I can wear LeVar's Star Trek visor.

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sam10100 says:

I know. At best I can probably handle 3 digit donation. :(

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zackmack7 says:

I grew up on this show. I'll gladly donate to the kickstarter campaign. Reading Rainbow is such a great resource for kids

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SoCalBIGmike says:

Wow. This is awesome.

nikkisharif says:

This is great!!! I don't have any young children but I use to love Reading Rainbow and kids today would definitely benefit from it. I'm in!!!

mspace81 says:

This video was so awesome! I'm gonna donate. I'm all about reading. I love to read. I have been reading since I was age 3 and reading rainbow was one of my favorite shows. I always wanted to be on the show to talk about a book I read lol.

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