Messaging service WhatsApp has updated its mobile apps with support for one-press voice messaging. The new feature, activated by holding down the microphone icon, allows short message clips to be recorded and exchanged as part of a conversation through the instant messaging service.

Effectively a touchscreen-based push-to-talk feature, the new voice messaging button in WhatsApp records when it's pressed down, and to dismiss your own message you simply swipe it away. It's also possible to listen to voice messages privately by holding the handset up to your head — WhatsApp detects the change and switches speakers accordingly.

The new feature is rolling out on Android, as well as iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and even Symbian devices.

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WhatsApp updated with new voice messages


So now whatsapp can record voice messages the same way that i have been using facebook messenger to record and send my messages to friends? Stop the presses!

Yes. Shocking eh. And of course you could already send voice messages in Whatsapp with a few extra taps, using the paperclip icon. But that business of detecting that you've put it next to your ear, that's nice. That's the kind of extra thought that Facebook, even Google, don't often put in their apps.

Actually the new feature is quite different than the audio file sending feature avaliable until now. It just sent it as an audio file which the recipient had to download and play, while it was saved into the what's app voice folder. But today it's just streaming the audio straight from the web, and no need to download and clutter your phone. (Of course this is besides the other small features such as the speaker system and being able to know if the other party has listened to it yet).

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BBM has had this feature for years now. I'm still dumping Whatsapp when BBM arrives for Android. Main reason, even if you did not view a message to reply to it, Whatsapp tells the person when last you used the app. Among other things.

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Yeah, but BBM has dropped the user base to 'business only'. BBM tells the other person if you read the message, too... And it would be great if Whatsapp could give Android users the same option they give to iOS users: to turn the last-seen option OFF.

Yep. When BBM hits it's going to be hard for me to justify using WhatsApp. As a BlackBerry user from old, looking forward to it in a major way.

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I still believe they should have placed this elsewhere. The 'change' from Microphone to send button is not happening so fast, but you CAN type so fast (if only inserting a quick emoticon or only one letter), and it's very easy to hit the voice record button when you actually want to hit send.

I've been getting that error sporadically throughout the day for various downloads I've tried.

As for WhatsApp... if your friends don't use it and/or you don't have a large number of friends/family that you can convince to use it, it's a rather pointless app.

Not that the app is useless. It's crazy useful, unless you're like me and have exactly one friend who uses it, and he really only uses it to communicate with his cousin who lives somewhere in Asia.

Then, it's just an app taking up space and battery life.

So when someone sends me a voice message, it saves it to the phone or some kind of cloud storage? I don't want to have some junk on my phone. And I can't really imagine someone using this feature anyway..

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This isn't a big deal Whatsapp+ has had this as a feature for a while before the regular Whatsapp started doing it. Plus Whatsapp+ allows you to send music files and documents up to 15mb