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If you're not yet registered with the site, now's the time. How else are you going to win one when we start giving away these sold-out Series 3 Android Minis?

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ReversedEvo says:

I guess I'm late to the droid party. Darn.

Nikkgmm says:

I would absolutely freaking LOVE to have one of these!

And thank you.

me! :)

kmwrhayes says:

Just to be clear, I'd love a clear :)

eadavis says:

My series 2 guy needs a friend!

Bolt473 says:

DO WANT; Shut up and take my comment!
Mascots are features, too!

ayordan says:

This will be awesome for my office, to show it proud to all the apple suckers at work

jimj21 says:

Those look nice

HoldFastHope says:

Uhh, I want one?

ew.scott says:

I would like one please.

sacredzero says:

I'd love to have one of these... :)

Green_Laser says:

wow cool!
great addition to my office desk!

jdawg183 says:

Would love one of these puppies!

I work for a non-profit that can't afford anything, but would love to have one to help me. Thanks