If you haven't noticed from the homepage already there certainly isn't a lack of Android related news coming from this years CES event. While Phil and Dieter have been splitting the press events, Cory and myself have scoured the floor looking for all things Android while the team continues to deliver all the great news to you. We all know there has been a lot, and you probably missed some of it, so lets take a look back at some of what we have brought you, and if you are looking for an easy way to keep track of all the news, or want to go back and read it again, click here.

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icebike says:

What I've missed in the coverage so far is pictures of the angry mob waving their Nexus One's around the Google booth demanding Gingerbread.

chililvr says:

What about some Sprint coverage? Tired of hearing about the red one.

Mikey47 says:

Very obvious that Sprint ain't got jack at CES. :-(

EVO Shift is it and rather disappointing when you compare it to the other devices that have been dropping on other carriers.

Pretty sad.

Yea I concur, is Sprint even there at CES? Or are they saving the best for last?

noszero says:

Yes, what does Sprint have?

eric.atx says:

I am anxious to hear about sprint too.

Jonneh says:

Sprint saves all their good stuff for CITA or whatever it's called.

why no mention of the G-Slate in tablet news?

derryj3 says:

Where is SPRINT!! So the now network will be the last to dual core!? I hope they announce something soon.....

Evo or Epic 2 would make me very happy

hotpinkberry says:

?? is virgin mobile at CES??

slayerpsp says:

Sprint is blowing it big time might be time to switch to T-mobile i hate Verizon and att so its my only choice. my wife's contract is up in Feb ill take the hit on my account but if no duel core by June im gone