Sure we all know that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus event is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. local time Wednesday in Hong Kong, but what time is that for you? Confusion always sets in around event times, so we wanted to make this super simple for you.

North America

ADT (Halifax) 11 p.m. Tuesday
EDT (eastern daylight time) 10 p.m. Tuesday
EST (George Town) 9 p.m. Tuesday
CDT (central daylight time) 9 p.m. Tuesday
MDT (mountain daylight time) 8 p.m. Tuesday
MST (mountain standard time) 7 p.m. Tuesday
PDT (pacific daylight time) 7 p.m. Tuesday
AKDT (Alaska daylight time) 6 p.m. Tuesday
HAST (Hawaii-Aleutian standard time) 4 p.m. Tuesday

Hey, rest of the world. We didn't forget about you. Hit this link for a list of cities near you.

And we'll have more coverage than you'll know what to do with all day Tuesday and Wednesday. And remember that the event's being streamed at Stay tuned, folks.

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Reader comments

What time is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus event where you live?


This is less confusing?
Here let me help

Times for the US on Tuesday
Eastern: 9:30pm
Central: 8:30pm
Mountain: 7:30pm
Pacific: 6:30pm
Alaska: 5:30pm
Hawaii: 3:30pm

Android's twitter account says tune in 7PM Pacific time. For me in the UK that is 3AM. I guess I'll be waking up for that, cause I wouldn't miss it.

Lol....this is by far the funniest post I have ever seen on AndroidCentral....baring the listing just below this one about the size of the phone....anyhow...

I have never seen so much hype for an Android device before...this is cool!

Yay! For once in Hawaii I do not wake up to the news that happened at 4am and will get to watch it live online at 3:30 in the afternoon. I was excited when I found out about the Hong Kong announcement and figured it out myself.

Did anyone else read this and immediately think it was Tuesday and start wondering where they'd be when the event started tonight?

No? Well, alright then.

*slowly back out*

I hope. Unfortunately for me, this is the only day of the entire semester that I have a night class, and it starts about an hour before this event, what are the odds of that? If someone knows how to stream this on android, please share. I'm not sure if you can access live streams from the YouTube app, anyone know?

I went to in the browser and tried to view a live show and it says "live event playback is not supported on this client."

Depending on what browser you use you could set the user agent to desktop (I'm using dolphin browser mini and it appears to work here).

It's pretty cool we get to see the announcement before those actually at the event! They don't get to see it until Wednesday while we get to go to bed on Tuesday having already seen the presentation. I love time travel!

So let me get this straight... Motorola is going to launch or show off their ICS Motorola RAZR hours prior to the Samsung/Google Event doing the same with the Galaxy Nexus??

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but that doesn't make sense...

I'm exactly in Hong Kong at GMT+8, which is not good because I will be at school at that time. That still excites me though.

It's good to see someone using Daylight Time properly. I know it's just a pet peeve of mine, but Standard Time doesn't happen until next month (unless you live somewhere that doesn't participate in the arbitrary clock changing shenanigans). It's nice to see that this post even had MST for Arizona residents, such as myself. It just drives me crazy when people use PST,PDT,EST,EDT, etc at the wrong times of the year.