Fantastic artistic styling and simple gameplay are hard to turn down — and it's free to play as well

I have to say that I'm not the biggest mobile gamer out there, but when I find a title that I like I tend to sit down and sink a few hours into it. This week that game is BADLAND, and its simplistic gameplay and great design have me hooked. BADLAND reminds me a lot of the game Contre Jour because it's extremely simple in terms of both control and design — you tap or tap and hold to move your character through maze-like levels while avoiding obstacles, all cast in jet black with a colorful background providing contrast.

There's very little strategy at play here, really. And against my usual tendency to like structured games I actually quite enjoy it here in BADLAND. As you move through the first handful of levels it does get difficult, but there isn't a set way to do things — you kind of just float around and do everything by feel and impulse.

The goal of each level is to make it from beginning to end quickly and without being destroyed by one of the many objects swirling or hacking to get you. As you grab power-ups, the pace of the levels increases and decreases accordingly — and I've found that it's just difficult enough in the early stages to give you a sense of immediacy without being ridiculously hard. That's a tough balance — especially for a casual-level game on a phone — but something they've nailed here.

One of the best parts about all of this is that BADLAND is free to play for a good while before you're expected to pony up for paid versions with more levels. The developers don't gouge you with in-app purchases either — once you've played through your allotment of free games, you can pay just a few dollars to unlock all multiplayer functions and new levels. It's a small price to pay for a well-designed and fun game that you'll undoubtedly find yourself spending hours on.


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mathiasjk says:

The premium version is in the current Humble Bundle.

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jakeuten says:

it's so awesome! would recommend.

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Badland is also what I am playing this week. It is very addictive and done so well. Progress syncing across devices is great. Love the new Android playable character.


sdreelin says:

It's funny because I had this game for a little while but never played it till this week when everyone at Android Central talked about being adicted to it :-)

Now I'm addicted too......

cegc135 says:

I agree with you, this is what I've told some of my friends when I show them the game.

elcano says:

Am I the only one who think that Flappy Bird was a super-ultra-mega cheap and simple imitation of Badland?
I told my friends about Badland after the Flappy Bird fiasco and they kind of agreed.

BB_Bmore says:

Tried this the day the developer brought it over from iOS and I have to say it's indeed a good one!


xxjdogxx71 says:

Downloading it now cant wait to play

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You won't be disappointed.


NoNexus says:

That's what she said!

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

cegc135 says:

Totally awesome game!

rogue5 says:

When i first saw this title i loved the art style, but didn't think too much of the game itself. Now i need to try it.

Kyle535 says:

Want to make this game better?
Realize the fact that this is your very first struggle you ever went through as a sperm :) your welcome
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someguy01234 says:

Wow man, you ruined it for me.
android central app

For people who have this installed: are the ads in the free version intrusive, annoying, or an eyesore?

I would not know. Having a ad blocker on your phone opens you up to so many possibilities.

Kyle535 says:

Nope. Every once in a while it just asks you to buy or continue free, then one ad. And then you don't see any other one for a while

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ConTejas says:

Look at those software/on-screen buttons taking up SOOO much screen real estate!!

Looks cool, Andrew. Will take a looksy.

I got the premium version with the Humble Bundle, plus many more games!