AND ... WE'RE DONE! Winner will be receive an e-mail shortly.

We found a $150 Best Buy gift card under a stack of phones and decided it'd be better off in your hands. (We'd probably just spend it on more Lost DVDs anyway.) So, as to not make a big deal out of it, just leave a comment here on this post. We'll lock things up at 7 p.m. EST tonight, so get in while you can.

Update: Uh oh. So you all might have noticed that we're allowing anonymous comments again. That's good, insofar as comments go, but bad when it comes to winning stuff. To be chosen here, you're going to have to be registered in logged in. Otherwise, well, you're anonymous. And it's hard to send stuff that way. :-/


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We've got a Best Buy gift card to give you [contest]



****BEWM*** I'M blowing up yer site wif a comment. Yeah, $150 would be nice, but i'll probably just spend it on something stupid like hannah montana cds.. Though, it sure is nice to still be able to get near the top...

i would love that card so i can add some android accories for my phone. hook me up. :)


Just got my first Android phone today, a HTC Hero and just joined the site. I can has beginners luck plz?

Just a comment that much coin would allow me to buy a blu ray player so I could watch LOST DVDs.

new to android and new to, seems to me this is gonna be my new favorite site, sorry android was just too cool for me to resist any longer. long live

I love my moto Droid an I'm always on android central checking up on all the new items and I'm always useing the navigation on my phone and it would be nice to get a mount dock for the car so its not to dangerous as I'm driving lol I love android central an all the cool stuff that there giving away I hope ill win something on here lol

This would be awesome to have please please pick me. Ive got my kids Birthday coming real soon!

I speak on behalf of my poor Motorola Droid. It's been naked ever since it was left on my doorstep from the one they call "Big Red". It requires a data plan to stay alive, which despite the cost, I provide because this child is very special to me. However, the cold winter months are still upon us, and my Droid could use a coat to protect it. Just ask yourself, WWGD? (What would Google do?) Save a Droid. Please, donate today.

Long live

Not sure why I am entering, I never win anything....stupid Mega Millions and Powerball.

Phil you're awesome, so awesome you will select me for the gift card, why you ask because you're awesome.

do we have to post as verified people to be eligible?
just in case, i will be safe and do so. :)

Can't wait to get my android phone. best buy bucks would be most helpful!

Best Buy is just about to open in my town, so this would be perfect timing! :)

Sounds good to me... I could use the $150 to buy a droid for an iphone user to convert them over to our side.

If you find an HTC Desire under some BestBuy gift cards, will you give that away also?!
Count me in for the card please...

function message()
alert("I would love that gift card!!!!!!!!");

document.write("I LOVE ANDROIDCENTRAL");

OH man, I could really use a new 6120 cable modem .. this'd really help! C'mon Lady Luck! ;0)

I love Best Buy! I have been wanting a new HTC Eris or Palm Pre Plus for Verizon but my contract isn't up for almost a year. The full retail price of these phones is way to much for me to pay on a college student's budget. A Best Buy gift card would help out so much. Getting a new phone would help my life run so much smoother, and not to mention the phones are just so cool! Thanks for a great chance to win!

Oh this would be a a wonderful thing to win! Thanks for posting it on Facebook so I knew about it!

Androidcentral is the CNN/WSJ/NYT/ETC... of Android News!!!! Phil Nickinson is the Larry King of Android Central!!!!! Yey.... Now please send that Besy Buy awesomeness to me.

Does best buy sell the Droid car dock for navigation? If so that's where I'd start with my winnings.

searching through apps, with my touch screen poppin'
my fingers are quick! the texts aren't stoppin!
got my facebook, my navigation, and my skype
and to wonder how i thought i wasn't missing out on the hype!
oh Droid you are amazing, browsing at lightning speeds,
out of iphone and other "competitors", Android OS succeeds.
thank you motorola, thank you htc
three cheers for android central! my open development is free!!

Love my droid, best phone I have ever used. !!! Can not see going back to slow windows or even a BB now. Put my name in the hat too !!!

I promise to spend it on my daughter. She would love a Droid of her own for the apps to play with. :)

This would give me a good excuse to ditch the Pre and get an android phone. Count me in!!!

My droid needs a twin brother (err my wife wants one). That $150 would really help!

Oh yeah! I can use this to finally get one of those DVD players everyone is talking about since my VHS player is broken

My sick grandmother told me that owning an android phone is the number 1 item on her bucket list. However, without this card we'll never be able to afford it.... count me in!

Would love a best buy gift card, it would help get me a couple games i've been wanting

I will turn 50 next week and have decided to reward myself by replacing my Curve with a new Android phone (which model yet unknown), so $150 would go a long way to outfitting me for the next half century!

I will gladly take that sucker off your hands to clear up some space around the office..

Sign me up! I could use this towards accessories. I love this site and the forums. Best android community around!

OOOH! I could use a gift card. nothing like a nice new bluetooth headset to make a droid feel special!

If you don't give the card to me, I recommend keeping it and getting those Lost DVDs... I mean seriously, who isn't addicted to Lost?!

If I were to win a $150 Best Buy gift card, I'd buy a 16Gb or perhaps 32Gb microsd card for my Nexus One.

Android Central is the best!!!!!
(nothing official about it).
Please send me the tasty Best Buy awesomeness, I will trade my Droid for that!!!! *Conditions apply :)

man that card can come in handy right now...see i just upgraded to a mytouch and i need one of them cases or maybe a bluetooth headset, or how bout this skip sending me the card and just send me a nexus one..=D

I would not buy any Lost Videos but that would not be a bad thing. LOL. I would buy things to make my Android experience more wonderful then it already is(If that is possible). Thanks for having such a informative site. Willymakit 75. P.S. "YOU GUYS ROCK".

as much as I try to avoid BB, I'm always in for free stuff :)
I could always use it on the original Tranformers or GI Joe complete sets ;)

I'm in. Something electronic always needs replacing, plus both my kids love gadgets almost as much as I do...

I could totally use a gift card for updating my sprockets and cogs at home.

Just got my CLIQ yesterday. Just added Android Central to my feeds today. It's already awesome and I've only just begun. A Best Buy gift card would make it even awesomer.

I love my DROID! Best thing our company did was get these awesome phones and we are so much more productive with them. Long live Android!!

If I win it I will add another Android user to my T-Mobile account, there for increasing our Android community 8-)

Good Luck everyone

$150 will go a long way to help offset the cost of my new Nexus One from Verizon!

I just spent $1,500 of "real money" fixing my furnace, so a little gift-card money for a new phone would be much appreciated.

Pick me! Pick me!!! It would be one more reason for me to drive to canada to get an HTC Hero because AT&T takes forever to do anything and I am ready to feed my iPhone through a wood chipper! Love the site BTW

My wife doesn't let me go to Best Buy because everytime I go I spend tons of money on DVDs and stuff. She would let me go if I had some $150 gift card I won in a contest :)

I wanna be happy with DVDs and gadget goodness. help?

Ok im not doing a pick me but i love best buy alot and im looking to upgrade my computer this year and this will help me pay for it

It's like cash! Which is just as good as Money!

I know I could find something to buy with it.. If you have anything else that's laying around that you don't need......

Please enter me into the Best Buy gift card contest!

Thanks so much for giving it away to our community!

one time my ex-gf texted me saying if i called this number the first 100 people got a best buy gift card for free.

i was answered by "want to see how to keep an idiot entertained?"

Perfect! I've been looking for a way to make sure I'm not the last one on the planet without an Xbox 360 & this surely will do the trick! Thanks!

That would be cool to win a Best Buy gift certificate from the best website

I've never won a contest before, that would be sweet if I won. I could finally get my girl a droid...

I could definitely use some Best Buy cash, other than food they have everything I need to survive.

I could really used the gift card for my bday, I could finally buy an android phone.

Android market is growing and from the looks of things, Android Central community is growing too. Or is that just because of the giveaway? Lol.

Great site. I visit multiple times a day. Love your informative articles. Oh, and I'd like to buy my wife a DROID, so the gift card would really help with that.

Thanks for the contest!

This is great!

Thanks for this opportunity to win ... and to win so easily! I could definitely use the $150 to increase my "Geekability."

if you give me that... I may give you a nice blow. pop. Watermelon flavored, too. You know you love watermelon flavor.

Well I missed the Airtran 1 day $40 ticket sale yesterday, so maybe I'll hit THIS lottery ;-)

Android Central has becoming on my daily stops on the web, love reading articles, browsing forums and entering comments to in free things! Please pick me!

I'm new android (on Tilt 2) but like your additions Phil on WMexperts, listen to the podcast all the time and now android central podcast.

Best Buy gift card? Pshaw...who needs that? Certainly not I.

- Reverse Psychology Dave

I love Android. And bacon. Oh god, bacon flavored Android. Or Android flavored bacon??


Thats cool I Want in on this Contest, because Android's are the best thing since the light bulb.

Cliq user android is great wish updates happened faster( got rid of all my Idont products )

I just googled it and Google said I won the $150 gift card from ANDROIDCENTRAL.


Just got my sprint moment so this would help with accessories... or just let me blow more money at best buy :)

I've been following Android Central since the beginning. Just now created an account.

You know, I've got this LG Voyager with a dysfunctional touch-screen. And, my New Every Two has finally come to fruition. So let's do the math. Broken Dumbphone + Gracious Gift from Android Central + Free money from Big Red = A brand-new Droid in my pocket (well, on my belt would be more forgiving to the screen) to finally outdo my IT cohort.

I would love the chance to get $150 at Best Buy. In this economy, it would be a real blessing. Even $50 would be nice. Thank you.

The iPhone will soon be able to multitask. I hold the patent on multitasking. I'll trade you for a $150 gift card to Best Buy. Deal?

Wow...this would surely help me get some cool goodies for my android phone!! You rock Android Central!

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